Monday 1st of June 2020

I made some unnecessary enemies and left too many friends feeling under-appreciated*...


friends, countrymen...
In extracts published by News Corp newspapers on Saturday, Mr Abbott concedes his government failed to rise to the challenges of "greater fairness, more thoroughgoing justice and deeper empowerment".

In what will be seen by many as another plank in his pitch to one day reclaim the Liberal leadership, Mr Abbott says he intends to learn from his failings in his "future public life".

The essay, to be published in the May edition of Quadrant, is bad timing for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, with his first budget just 10 days away and the election campaign looming.

Labor is already seeking to make mileage from it, with frontbencher Richard Marles saying Mr Abbott was "hijacking" the government's agenda with his "self-indulgent naval-gazing".

While Mr Abbott stands by his approach to same-sex marriage, climate change, asylum seekers and national security, he admits to failings on economic policy, including his expensive paid parental leave scheme proposal and his decision to abolish the debt ceiling.

However he largely stands by his deeply unpopular 2014 budget, saying there was a "moral purpose" to returning the budget to surplus because it would have allowed the government to create a better society. But he admits the government misjudged the public mood on spending cuts and he accepts responsibility for failing to properly sell the blueprint.

Mr Abbott says his decision to only include one woman - Julie Bishop - in his first cabinet was an "avoidable error". He also admits he misjudged how the public would react to his catastrophic decision to award Prince Philip a knighthood. He also regrets his decision to abandon changes to section 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act.

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* Gus understands this is the meaning of nepotism which is shown in the toon...


GetUp is not going to let up...

GetUp is gunning for the Abbott “resistance” – the Coalition conservatives it sees as the biggest impediments to those policies it wants to change the most. It’s a new take on the large-scale grassroots campaigns that will shape the result of the looming federal election away from the glare of the leaders’ campaign trails and the headline national polls.

Unlike its previous election interventions, the online campaigning community with a membership of more than 1m is no longer targeting the seats with the most knife-edge margins but rather Coalition seats with reasonably thin margins that are also held by MPs they regard as “hard right wingers holding back progress on our key issues”.

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Marc Anthony was the first emperor of Rome. Julius Caesar never was, as he rejected the offer of the tiara from Anthony. Later on after having fallen in love with Cleopatra and chased by Octavian, Marcus Anthonius committed suicide. Political suicide will do.