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I have been trying to place a date on this very funny cartoon, published say between 1960 and 1980 in The New Yorker... 

pirates on the potomac river...


America: Who is driving good ship Lollipop?



"You are going the wrong way. You are driving the wrong way. You are going to kill someone!"
Some of you may recognize the lines. You may even remember the movie scene. Those words are practically synonymous with the comedy, 'Planes, Trains and Automobiles." Moreover, that sentence introduced the film's near denouement. The joy ride of two unlikely travel mates, salesman Del Griffith (John Candy) and New York ad executive, Neil Page (Steve Martin) was about to end; and in tragedy. Thrown together by fate, the two men combine their wits and resources to journey home in time for the U.S.'s Thanksgiving. 
In their haste to make the traditional Thursday family celebration, they take a wrong turn. Their rental car is headed the wrong way on the Interstate. On the horizon two massive semi-trucks in either lane are barreling down on them. Hence, the two concerned motorists travelling the right way on an adjacent road sounded the alarm.

Fate intervened again

As expected from Hollywood, fate intervened again. Human tragedy was avoided. Other than frayed nerves and a compressed car whose scrapes and dents could be easily 'buffed out', the two inept travelers emerged unscathed. Such a good result only happens in the movies though. Can we apply that same 'lucked out' experience to real life? How about on an aggregate national scale? Does that kind of good fortune happen in the global sense? You know the answer.

World history is replete with examples of nationalistic military 'misadventures'. Since time immemorial, millions, if not hundreds of millions of innocent peoples were killed through incessant warfare; all because miscreant leaders ignored the caveats of earlier civilization's prior hubris and subsequent need for conquest of new territory in the aggressor's search of much needed scant resources.
A preponderance of evidence suggests that the same misguided thinking dominates our modern world. Take America, for example. The U.S. is on top of the wealth heap. Been that way for quite some time. Many Americans have enjoyed the 'good life' for at least a century. Homegrown pundits declare that the 21st Century is all America's. In it, life will be even better. Americans will have more of the same: cheap consumer goods and technology, plenty of raunchy entertainment, rising securities and housing markets and 'free credit (for the first six months) to be had up to their eyeballs.

The Koolaid message

That is the Koolaid message their MSM keeps harping on them. The U.S. government seconds the 'good news'. According to the Obama Administration, the economy and job creation have turned the corner. Both are on the up and up. Not so fast! Independent sources reveal that the rosy scenario that Obama spews is far from reality. For many citizens America's economy has tanked: sunk to the bottomless depths. Just ask anyone of the 9.4 million unemployed.
What about the rest of the world? What do they say? How do Europe, Asia and elsewhere view Washington's pronouncement of 'Trust us. You are all better off with American democracy'? For sure, Russia and Red China both take umbrage to America's assurances. Albeit the Chinese, thanks to 'capitalism' and its foreign investment approach is America's brand new supply-side toy factory. With a stack of U.S. treasuries when stretched out would reach the moon, the Chinese are not only well-heeled but wiser for their partnership; they use the U.S. government bond toilet paper roll as financial leverage. Today, Beijing's vast stash of Dollar holdings has also translated into military advantage. Chinese fire power now challenges for hegemony in the Asia Pacific region.

NATO, America's vassal stooge

Russia, a late comer to the Western capitalistic business party model is not so lucky. The Federation is surrounded. America's vassal stooge, NATO with its military buildup, is threatening Russia's very borders and national security. Add illegal economic sanctions to the mix and it should be clear why Russia distrusts anything that Washington proposes as a 'thaw'. Russia need only comply with Obama's dictates; and then the situation would change. It would be business as usual; but only for America. That last frontier with its vast expanse of natural resources is ripe for the taking. The spoils of conquest are immense; worth hundreds of billions in dollars.
Who is driving the good ship Lollipop? That is one question all Americans should ask. Better question: Which direction is the country headed? The fact that presidential hopeful Hillary 'Del' Clinton has vowed to continue the same failed policies as Barack 'Neil' Obama portends more trouble ahead. In re, America's bubble economy is much more likely headed off the fiscal cliff. More macabre, the specter of war looms larger; a nuclear WWW III is almost a certainty if Killery wins the general election. No wonder the silent majority shouts now ever louder: "America, you're going the wrong way! You will get us all killed!" Nothing to laugh about....
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time for the yanks to stop changing the world...


The NY Times added: “Russia’s battlefield successes in Syria have given Moscow, isolated by the West after its annexation [sic] of Crimea and other incursions into Ukraine, new leverage in decisions about the future of the Middle East.

This is why Washington’s reaction to Russia’s breakthrough military cooperation with Iran in the Syrian war was weirdly downcast.

The US State Department described the more effective deployment of Russian air power in Syria as “unfortunate”. And it decried the closer liaison between Russia, Iran, Iraq and Syria as “doubling down” to prop up the Assad “regime”.

Russia had notified the US of its overflights from Iran through Iraq to Syria in accordance with their “deconfliction procedure”. But it was evident that Russia was not seeking consultation from Washington. Moscow had determined the plan and was going ahead with it regardless of Washington’s misgivings. 

American disquiet over the Russian-Iranian move was revealing. At first, Washington tried to quibble about legalities, claiming that the Russian military flights contravened a UN Security Council resolution barring “supply, sale or transfer of combat aircraft to Iran”. 

But as Russia’s Sergey Lavrov pointed out the arrangement involved none of these. 

These military aircraft are used by air forces after Iran’s authorization for taking part in the anti-terrorist operation in Syria after a legitimate request from its government,” he said on Wednesday.

Then Washington objected with the threadbare trope that the Russian air raids on Deir ez-Zor, Aleppo and Idlib were striking “moderate rebels”. State Department spokesman Mark Toner assured reporters that the Russian targets were not extremists belonging to Islamic State or Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (rebranded from Al-Nusra), but rather were “predominantly moderate” rebels supported by the United States. 

Strangely though in his press conference response to the Russian operations, US military spokesman for Syria and Iraq, Colonel Chris Carver said that he did not know where the proscribed terror groups were located in the targeted areas.

So how come the State Department knows it was “moderates” that the Russians were hitting but the Pentagon can’t say where the “terrorists” are?

While Russia is winning the war in Syria on behalf of the sovereign authorities with the majority support of the Syrian people, Washington is seen doubling down on double talk and double think in its collusion with terrorist proxies.


The US wants the Sunnis (Salafist, Wahhabis, ISIS) to take over secular Syria (and part of Iraq) and turn that country into a caliphate dependence of Saudi Arabia. This political demand by the US is not acceptable for the majority of Syrians. 99 per cent of deaths and displacement of people in this region has been due to the US "friendship" with the Saudis. It's time for the US to stop the bullshit.


answering to no-one... not even himself...

Evan McAllister was 23 years old when he fought in the Iraqi city of Ramadi in 2006. He killed men and buried friends. Eight years later, he watched the same city fall to the Islamic State.

To McAllister, a former Marine staff sergeant and scout sniper instructor, the war he fought was a harebrained mission planned by Republicans, rubber-stamped by Democrats and, in the end, lost to al-Qaeda’s brutal successor. The foreign policy establishment of both parties got his friends killed for no reason, he said, so come Election Day, he is voting for the man he believes answers to neither Democrats nor Republicans: Donald Trump.

“Most veterans . . . they see their country lost to the corrupt,” he said. “And Trump comes along all of a sudden and calls out the corrupt on both sides of the aisle.”

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«You have attacked our democracy. Your well-worn gamblers’ denials do not interest us. If you continue with this attitude, we will consider it an act of war.» This is what Trump should have said to Putin at the Helsinki Summit, in the opinion of famous New York Times editorialist Thomas Friedman, published in La Repubblica. He went on to accuse the Russian President of having «attacked NATO, a fundamental pillar of international security, destabilised Europe, and bombed thousands of Syrian refugees, causing them to seek refuge in Europe

He then accused the President of the United States of having « repudiated his oath on the Constitution » and of being an « asset of Russian Intelligence » or at least playing at being one.

What Friedman expressed in these provocative terms corresponds to the position of a powerful internal and international front (of which the New York Times is an important mouthpiece) opposed to USA-Russia negotiations, which should continue with the invitation of Putin to the White House. But there is a substantial difference.

While the negotiations have not yet borne fruit, opposition to the negotiations has been expressed not only in words, but especially in facts.

Cancelling out the climate of détente at the Helsinki Summit, the planetary warmongering system of the United States is in the process of intensifying the preparations for a war reaching from the Atlantic to the Pacific:

- After the landing of an US armoured brigade in Anvers, totalling a hundred tanks and a thousand military vehicles, a US aerial brigade landed in Rotterdam with sixty attack helicopters. These forces and others, all of them USA/NATO, are deployed along the borders of Russian territory, in the framework of operation Atlantic Resolve, launched in 2014 against « Russian aggression. » In its anti-Russian function, Poland asked for the permanent presence of an armoured US unit on its own territory, offering to pay between 1.5 - 2 billion dollars per year.

- At the same time, NATO is intensifying the training and armament of troops in Georgia and Ukraine, candidates for entry into membership of the Alliance on the frontiers with Russia.

- Meanwhile, the US Congress received with all honours Adriy Parubiy, founder of the National-Social Party (on the model of Adolf Hitler’s National-Socialist Party), head of the neo-Nazi paramilitary formations employed by NATO in the Maïdan Square putsch.

- NATO command in Lago Patria (JFC Naples) – under the orders of US Admiral James Foggo, who also commands the US naval forces in Europe and those in Africa – is working busily to organise the grand-scale exercise Trident Juncture 18, in which will participate 40,000 military personnel, 130 aircraft and 70 ships from more than 30 countries including Sweden and Finland, which are NATO partners. The exercise, which will take place in October in Norway and the adjacent seas, will simulate a scenario of « collective defence » - naturally enough, against « Russian aggression. »

- In the Pacific, the major naval exercise RIMPAC 2018(27 June to 2 August) is in full swing - organised and directed by USINDOPACOM, the US Command which covers the Indian and Pacific oceans – with the participation of 25,000 sailors and marines, more than 50 ships and 200 war-planes.

The exercise – in which France, Germany and the United Kingdom are also participating – is clearly directed against China, which Admiral Phil Davidson, commander of USINDOPACOM, defines as a «major rival power which is eroding the international order in order to reduce the access of the USA to the region and thus become hegemonic.»

When Trump meets Chinese President Xi Jinping, Friedman will no doubt accuse him of connivance not only with the Russian enemy, but also with the Chinese enemy.

Manlio Dinucci

Pete Kimberley

Il Manifesto (Italy)


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a platform for cooperation and exchange...

California, Russia, and the Future: A Special Event

Join Fort Ross Conservancy and the Kennan Institute for a discussion on how our shared history and the unique legacy of Fort Ross State Historic Park can be a platform for cooperation and exchange between Russians and Americans, even amid severe challenges in relations between Washington and Moscow.

Welcome, Dr. Gloria C. Duffy, Commonwealth Club President & CEO
Opening Remarks, Sarah Sweedler, Fort Ross Conservancy CEO



U.S. – Russia Relations

In a panel moderated by Matt Rojansky of the Kennan Institute, Edmund G. Brown Jr., the 34th and 39th governor of California; Anatoly Antonov, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the United States of America; Herman Gref, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of Sberbank; and Dr. William Perry, the U.S. 19th Secretary of Defense will discuss the current state of U.S.- Russia relations and assess whether and how enhanced communication, better crisis management, and more fruitful cooperation between our countries may be possible.


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Meanwhile the FBI...


On October 6, Russian MP Inga Youmasheva was arrested and interrogated by an FBI agent at the New York airport. After that, he offered to continue the dialogue in an "informal setting". The case scandalized the Russian political section.

On October 6, for an hour, an FBI officer interrogated Inga Ioumasheva, a former journalist now a Russian MP, at the New York airport. "She had arrived in the United States to go to the Fort Ross Dialogue Forum," Russia's ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov, told reporters on October 6.

According to the diplomat, Inga Youmasheva was reportedly arrested at the airport and taken to a private room where an FBI officer was waiting for her. Anatoly Antonov added that the questions were "absolutely incomprehensible, vague and unacceptable".

"In addition, she was invited to continue this conversation with the FBI agent in a different, informal setting," said Anatoli Antonov.

Antonov also pointed out that this was a political stunt by the FBI, about a member of the State Duma who has contributed a lot in recent years to the development and stabilization of Russian-American relations.


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