Tuesday 19th of November 2019

a tremendous godly creature stirs jealous passions...


The announcement that controversial TV evangelist Paula White will perform a special role at the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump has angered many Americans, especially Christians on the conservative right.

The Presidential Inaugural Committee announced on Friday (AEST) that Ms White would be one of six religious leaders participating in the swearing-in ceremony. The group will say prayers for Mr Trump, according to several reports.

Ms White, 50, who pastors a so-called ‘mega church’ with 10,000 members in Florida, was an outspoken Trump supporter throughout his campaign against Hillary Clinton, calling him “caring”, “compassionate” and “a Christian”.

The pair have known each other since 2002, and she regularly engages in hour-long prayer sessions with Mr Trump and his family, TIME reported. Mr Trump has described her as a “tremendous friend”.

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the prayer room...

Eric Trump is not the only member of his family who has come to rely on White, 50, a popular televangelist who believes that intercessory prayer can have an immediate impact on shaping events. After she saw Eric, she went to her room in the Trump campaign’s Cleveland hotel, where she spent the next four hours praying for Donald Trump as he prepared for his prime-time convention address. Then at the candidate’s invitation, she met the Republican nominee, his wife Melania and 10-year old son Barron for another circle of prayer in their room.


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but not a scientist in sight...

As Rush Holt, the Chief Executive Officer of AAAS, said in his editorial of 17 November 2016 "...decisions made with scientific input are more likely to succeed." But hell, we prefer to believe in fairies, gods of various kinds, economics and father christmas rather than understand how things work. We prefer tinsel to reality. Politics that calls itself "political science" is a massive deception heaped upon the people. Most of "political science" is based on creating fake parameters designed for people to accept a bad outcome such as a kind stick up the arse, while the rich get richer.


Even democracy is based on the most common denominator of the "majority" which is easily kept in the dark, is manipulated to believe in fairies and is forced to work for peanuts. No wonder financial elites that used to belong to royal clubs and despotic rulers love "democracy". In a kingdom, the ruler needs at least 66 per cent of support from his subjects.

In a democracy, all the plundering elite needs to do is convince no more than 50 per cent (sometimes far less due to the construct of the voting system) of the raging idiotic mobs, of the value of their "plans" (political and economic), while the intellectual elite do some instrospection as to why it is walking backwards in a circle on a deserted island.

So welcome to 2017, a year where science shall be at the forefront to tell us that playing with matches will set Rome on fire... but we'll try it anyway (burning down the place) because it's more fun to experiment with stupidity (no need of scientific input here) rather than be creative with insight.

Will we ever grow up? You know the answer to that question...

Six preachers at the inauguration of Dunny (sorry I meant Donny) and not a single scientist in sight.

jesus wants you to have four more years of donald...

Did Paula White pray for the reelection of President Trump at the opening of his massive campaign rally in Orlando?

Back in 2008, I heard of a prominent, black, mega-church pastor praying for the election of Barack Obama by name. In other words, he led his congregation in prayer that Senator Obama would become our next president. (Previously, he had prayed the same prayer for the presidential election of Al Gore.)

Did Paula White do the same thing last week? And is this how Christian leaders should pray? Should they pray partisan prayers?

As reported by The Christian Post, Rev. White’s prayer was quite targeted and bold.

First, she went after the “demonic networks,” saying, “Let every demonic network that has aligned itself against the purpose, against the calling of President Trump, let it be broken, let it be torn down in the name of Jesus.”


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