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The Western media is starting to get pissed off at the Russian media, especially RT... It is a race as who can promote the best fake news about the other and about the state of the world... At this stage, The New York Times is winning. 


But the West is not laughing. Even as Russia insists that RT is just another global network like the BBC or France 24, albeit one offering “alternative views” to the Western-dominated news media, many Western countries regard RT as the slickly produced heart of a broad, often covert disinformation campaign designed to sow doubt about democratic institutions and destabilize the West.

Western attention focused on RT when the Obama administration and United States intelligence agencies judged with “high confidence” in January that Mr. Putin had ordered a campaign to “undermine public faith in the U.S. democratic process,” discredit Hillary Clinton through the hacking of Democratic Party internal emails and provide support for Donald J. Trump, who as a candidate said he wanted to improve relations with Russia.

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The agencies issued a report saying the attack was carried out through the targeted use of real information, some open and some hacked, and the creation of false reports, or “fake news,” broadcast on state-funded news media like RT and its sibling, the internet news agency Sputnik. These reports were then amplified on social media, sometimes by computer “bots” that send out thousands of Facebook and Twitter messages.

To many Americans, the impression that RT is an instrument of Russian meddling was reinforced when its programming suddenly interrupted C-Span’s online coverage of the House of Representatives in January. (C-Span later called it a technical error, not a hacking.)

Watching RT can be a dizzying experience. Hard news and top-notch graphics mix with interviews from all sorts of people: well known and obscure, left and right. They include favorites like Julian Assange of WikiLeaks and Noam Chomsky, the liberal critic of Western policies; odd voices like the actress Pamela Anderson; and cranks who think Washington is the source of all evil in the world.

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the wisdom of ages...

From Laura D'Olimpio

Our society's obsession with reality television, gossip and drama may explain why we have entered a post-truth age, in which the emotions and sensations evoked matter more than the facts. An age in which larger than life, egoistical personalities count for more than intelligence or wisdom. An age in which we seek to be entertained rather than informed.

This appetite for infotainment and excessive emotional displays seems further propelled by Web 2.0 and the advent of social media, which duly feeds our constant cravings.



So are we seeking to be entertained rather than be informed?  What is entertainment and what is information?

Are rituals of the Catholic Church information or entertainment? A bit of both I would suggest. The next question is: is the information correct or fake news?

At this stage I would propose that to believe that our ancestors committed a crime against god about 6000 years ago, and that god was so disppointed with his best creation, the humans (apart from angels), he had to wipe them out with biblical floods and then 2000 years ago he had to send his son to be crucified by the humans so that the slate of the original crime could be wiped clean — is a bit of a stretch — especially for Lucy", our 3 million year old ancestor, all this in a 13.8 billion year old universe made of billion galaxies made of billions stars each, each star with their little planets zipping around — a universe that is expanding and that is made of little bits from atoms to protrons, and other trons and quarks and bosons and mesons... in a time sauce.

No, I can scratch my head, the guy nailed to a cross does not make sense one iota... So I will place this in the fake news basket and switch channels...

The wisdom of ages, my old age, is to enjoy life as much as possible, without destroying something that could annoy the neighbours or the next generations... Knowledge, imagination, entertainment is the combo of wisdom. All of these can be subjected to fakedom, especially knowledge: use with care. 


the truth is out there...




How ‘News’ Media Lie



I happened to be reading at Huffington Post on March 6th their truthful top-of-homepage news-report:

«Trump Forced To Water Down Executive Order On Immigration: The new order leaves out many of the most forceful points from the original one».  

And I saw there also a March 3rd headline regarding a news-event that I happened to have researched in depth (as will be summarized below), this headline being:

«Syria Rebels Want Trump To Know They’re The Ones Fighting ISIS: The Free Syrian Army is hopeful for more support despite the president’s praise of Bashar Assad».

That was from HuffPo’s reporter, Akbar Shahid Ahmed, who writes:

Speaking from Geneva after the latest round of internationally sponsored talks between the opposition and the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad, Maj. Issam Al Reis, spokesman for the Free Syrian Army, cited its push against ISIS in northern Syria, in collaboration with Turkish forces, and the rebels’ resistance against ISIS advances in the south as evidence that it’s ready for the U.S. to step up. …

«The regime is not fighting ISIS», Al Reis, a former officer in Assad’s army, said. He noted that Assad’s forces, which rely heavily on Russian jets and pro-Iran fighters, had captured and then lost Palmyra to ISIS before.

Analysts say Assad’s coalition has focused most of its attacks on the Free Syrian Army, which is relatively moderate and which the West considers an acceptable alternative to the regime, rather than on ISIS and the Syrian branch of Al Qaeda, which the U.S. and a host of other nations are committed to defeating.



Here are the facts, which I had reported and documented at the end of 2016, headlining «How Obama Overrode Kerry’s Agreements with Russia». I documented there that on September 17th, Obama’s forces had bombed the Syrian Army at Deir ez Zor, which brought to an end the U.S. participation in the peace-negotiations on Syria, "the sabotaging-event, which naturally caused Putin to instruct [Russia’s Foreign Minister] Lavrov to terminate all discussions with [Secretary of State] Kerry, because it displayed Obama’s unwavering determination to defeat Russia».

Back on December 11th, I had headlined what had led up to this sabotaging-event: «Obama & Erdogan Move ISIS from Iraq to Syria, to Weaken Assad», and I documented — based on reliable reporting in many countries, including a Turkish government site which even acknowledged — that Obama was working with Erdogan to leave an escape-route for Iraq’s ISIS terrorists in Mosul to relocate safely into Syria — to the key city of Palmyra via Deir ez Zor — and so retake Palmyra from Syrian government forces. This required first that Syrian government forces be ousted from Deir ez Zor which would be en-route to Palmyra. And this — Obama’s cooperation with Erdogan in their joint effort to overthrow Assad — is what actually had «lost Palmyra to ISIS,» as the (U.S.-Saudi-Qatari-Turkey created) ‘Free Syrian Army’ source that Huffington Post was quoted on March 3rd accusing against Assad. It wasn’t any failure by Assad’s forces; it was instead the success of the U.S.-Turkish operation — the operation that included Obama’s bombing Syria’s army at Deir ez Zor (which then was promptly retaken by ISIS). It’s not because «Assad’s coalition has focused most of its attacks on the Free Syrian Army». Assad’s forces were at Deir ez Zor, and in Palmyra, after having retaken both cities from ISIS — and now, because of Obama and Erdogan, ISIS again controlled both Syrian cities. HuffPo’s reporters are required to use anti-Russian — and this also includes anti-Syrian — sources for their ‘reporting’ (or propaganda). The solidly documented truth is that Obama and Erdogan were aiming to oust Assad; they were assisting ISIS in both Deir ez Zor and Palmyra (and actually all along the route from Mosul to Palmyra).

Furthermore, as I also had reported (and in this recent in-depth article documented extensively), «Russia now runs the peace process to end Syria's War», and that war has actually been between the U.S. aristocracy versus Russia, and not only (nor even mainly) between Bashar al-Assad versus ‘the rebels’, who are almost totally controlled by Al Qaeda, which in Syria (under the name «Al Nusra») is financed heavily by the Sauds who own Saudi Arabia, and by the Thanis who own Qatar, and armed largely by the U.S. government, and have freely brought new jihadist recruits into Syria mainly through Turkey.

Using liars as sources is routine in the press, but it’s done because the people who control those ‘news’media want their public to believe those lies; it’s not to be blamed only on the reporters and ‘news’-editors whom they hire. The ‘reporters’ and editors are merely doing their job. (That’s how they keep their jobs.)

As a mere blogger, Erik Wemple, headlined on 30 November 2016, «Lifelong Beltway media guy Jim VandeHei calls media a ‘scam’» and he linked to the euphemistic admission of this, by Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen themselves, that «Media is broken — and too often a scam». They were promising to provide an alternative, as they promised their readers (soft-peddling the harsh reality): «content they can trust — delivered way, way more efficiently. No bias. No nonsense». They think they can deliver it and make a profit doing so. That would be a novelty. It would certainly be a terrific thing to achieve, just as a perpetual-motion machine would be, but perhaps just as likely — which is to say: not. (And, of course, ‘non-profit’ and government ‘news’media are just as much controlled by the aristocracy, which controls the government. Anyone who trusts the ‘news’media has to be a person of faith, because only on that basis can it be trusted.)

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Eine der irritierendsten WikiLeaks-Enthüllungen besteht sicher darin, dass die CIA Cyberangriffe "unter falscher Flagge" durchführen und etwa Russland oder auch andere Länder als Täter hinstellen kann. 

In Bezug auf die UMBRAGE Gruppe der CIA, die auf den Fernzugriff auf Geräte spezialisiert ist, meint die Wiki-Leaks-Quelle, dass sie "eine umfangreiche Bibliothek betreibt und kontinuierlich erweitert.

In dieser Bibliothek werden auch Techniken erfasst, die aus Malware gestohlen wurden". Die Malware kann dabei auch aus anderen Ländern, wie zum Beispiel Russland, stammen. Werden die Enthüllungen in den US-Mainstreammedien deswegen so runtergespielt?



rubbish crescendo...

For some years now, people have been able to write any rubbish about Russia in the Western press and suffer hardly any consequences. This irresponsible approach has led to a feeding frenzy since Donald Trump won last fall's race for the White House.

Two years ago this week, Vladimir Putin died. On Twitter, at least.

And the false reports reached the pages of various news outlets, including web giant Yahoo. What made this 'fake news' more remarkable was how it was primarily spread by the so-called 'expert community.'

Others had different takes. Perhaps he’d been ousted in a palace coup? Or had a stroke? But my favorite made up report came from The Daily Telegraph’s Moscow correspondent, who insisted Putin was in Switzerland attending the birth of a new child. The idea of Putin going on secret paternity leave was deliciously preposterous.

All this hysteria served to distract from more pertinent, applicable, valid and authentic issues. Such as perhaps how obsessing so much over one political figure explains why contemporary analysis of "Putin's Russia" is so diabolical? Not to mention the fact that the head of state vanishing into the ether for over a week, without much explanation, might suggest a weakness in the Kremlin’s system. One which doesn’t augur well for the future transition when the President inevitably shuffles off into retirement.

You see, in the circus that is today's Western coverage of Russia, such serious topics are rarely discussed. Because everybody is wedded to sensationalism and looking to make their mark through hysteria. And this problem has multiplied since Trump won the US Presidential election.

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his roubles pay check is western media troubles...

The US media is “losing its mind” over a totally common and transparent practice, RT’s head of communications has said, commenting on disclosed details of Michael Flynn’s paid appearance at a conference in Moscow which was never a secret in the first place.

“This isn’t just a standard practice, this is a standard practice that is entirely transparent. It’s commonplace not just in the United States, but in Washington, DC, in particular,” Anna Belkina, said, adding there are scores of agencies in the US that specialize in connecting public figures with events such as the international conference hosted by RT in Moscow in December 2015.

The email exchange and attached documents, obtained by the House Oversight Committee and shared with the US media, include details of RT’s negotiations with Flynn’s speakers bureau — Leading Authorities— over the fee for his appearance.

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RT wins silver and bronze...


RT America has been awarded one Silver Medal and two Bronze Medals at the annual New York Festivals International Television & Film Awards.

Question more, win more!

READ MORE: RT beats BBC, CNN with 18 nominations in prestigious New York Festivals finals

RT America obtained three wins Tuesday evening at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino, not from gambling, but from the grand jury of the 2017 New York Festivals International Television & Film Awards.

A Silver World Medal for Direction: Promotion/Open & IDs went to the RT America program “The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann.”

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...and gold


RT has bagged nine medals at this year's New York Festivals awards for the world’s best TV and film work. The channel's series of special reports from Libya and a documentary on the water crisis in India received top prizes.

The RT network was nominated in 18 categories of the prestigious international television and film competition, and received awards in half of them – two gold, four silver and three bronze.

"Winning at international competitions has become a good tradition for us,” said RT's editor-in-chief, Margarita Simonyan.

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a photo that proves... nothing... except US paranoia and lunatic tendencies.


blame the russian propaganda...



Fox News host Tucker Carlson slammed Democratic Congressman David Cicilline, who claimed on Carlson’s show that RT is simply a “Russian propaganda" machine.

The confrontation starts off as Cicilline says the US should “hold them [the Russian government] to account and sanction them,” so that “Russia understands that America isn’t going to allow that.”


Host Tucker Carlson interrupted to ask: “Not to allow what exactly?”

Cicilline stumbles with his response, repeating instead a familiar refrain among politicians in the United States:“Russian RT propaganda” is to blame.

Carlson continues to press Cicilline: “You said RT is a problem. RT is a cable network. It’s a very left-wing one by the way. I don’t watch it, but… RT is a part of the American press corps. Do you think we should ban RT? What are you saying exactly?”

Cicilline does not give a direct answer, saying instead that “the Russian government, led by Vladimir Putin, engaged in a very sophisticated effort to undermine the election of Hillary Clinton.”

He then dwelled a little on the claim that “RT promoted propaganda, fake stories, that were then retweeted on the internet,” going on to slam the channel as “not a news organization.” The lawmaker, though, did not voice any facts to back up his allegations. Fox News’s Carlson seemed to disagree on this, too.  

“Ed Schultz works there! Larry King works there!”  

The show’s host then tried to fish out any answer from Carlson, asking: so should RT be banned if it’s such a problem?  

“It's not a question of should be allowed,” Cicilline says, adding, “They facilitated the release of stolen emails.” To this, Carlson retorts, “Well, so did the New York Times.”

Cicilline reluctantly agrees that “Russian propaganda can exist, but what we can do is protect our democracy from it,” prompting the question from Carlson: ‘How, exactly?’  

“We can punish the Russians for what they did,” Cicilline responds. “For having a cable network?” Carlson wonders, also asking what role Larry King, one of RT’s “lead anchors,” plays in “the Russian propaganda,” as put by Cicilline.

“I have no idea. I don’t know about Larry King’s show,” the senator says.  

In the end, both Carlson and Cicilline admit that Russia stories are quite exhausting, but Cicilline points out that“You wanna talk about Russia, because it's salacious and people watch your show because of it.”'


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“mimicking” other broadcasters...


The Daily Mail, the very symbol of journalistic integrity in Britain, has scored a major coup – it has revealed the location of RT’s UK office. We haven’t been able to confirm the number of investigative journalists involved in finding the address – presumably by googling it.

The biggest surprise to dedicated Daily Mail readers will be that RT is not operating from a hollowed-out volcano on a super villain’s tropical island, but actually from a gray, aging (cold) skyscraper.

The Daily Mail article, jumping wholeheartedly upon the now-speeding anti-Russia bandwagon in Britain, carries the breathless headline: “Putin’s lying machine: Revealed, how Russia’s spewing out ruthless propaganda from a Moscow-funded TV station – right next to Westminster.


But surely the real headline is in the opening line: “The 16th floor of Millbank Tower, and Vladimir Putin is pumping out truth — of the Russian kind.

The man himself is in London, writing stories about Universal Credit and Grenfell Tower. Now that is a story! Does he want tea?

Maybe he was using some of the “state-of-the-art equipment [which] allows for slick, sophisticated graphics that mimic the output of respectable international news broadcasters such as the BBC, CNN and France 24.” By state-of-the-art, we assume that means it uses electricity.

Doesn’t "state-of-the-art" sound sinister though, especially when you’re just “mimicking” other broadcasters. It will be news to the people (yes, real, educated, independently-thinking people) who work at RT UK that their stories are just mimics. The interviews they’re taking are just mimics. The editor who is shouting at them to meet a deadline is just an angry mimic.

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Russian State Duma on Wednesday passed in the third and final reading the bill require mass-media outlets operating in the country but funded from abroad to register as foreign agents.

The motion was prepared by State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin and the heads of all four parliamentary caucuses. It was drafted as a suite of amendments to the bill, allowing for websites of banned or extremist organizations to be blocked without requiring approval from the courts.

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if the russian media did not exist, we would have to invent it.

The CEO of the American agency that governs international broadcasting has made a powerful, if blatantly false, sales pitch for his fight against ‘Russian disinformation’… right after saying “any lie will do” for the Kremlin.

John Lansing, the CEO of the United States Agency for Global Media (USAGM), which supervises Voice of America and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, among others, raised the alarm over Washington’s favorite shadowboxing opponent – ‘fake news’ allegedly spread by the Kremlin – at a recent House Committee on Appropriations hearing.

He is worried his agency isn’t getting enough government money to fight “Russian disinformation.”


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this takes the cake...

RT has been fined £200,000 by the media regulator for breaching impartiality rules.

The Kremlin-funded news channel, formerly known as Russia Today, was found to have breached the British broadcasting code on seven occasions in the six weeks following last year’s Salisbury novichok poisoning. Despite the fine it will be allowed to retain its licence and continue broadcasting in the UK.

“Taken together, these breaches represented serious and repeated failures of compliance with our rules,” said Ofcom. “We were particularly concerned by the frequency of RT’s rule-breaking over a relatively short period of time.”

The serious breaches of the code meant the regulator had a number of ways of punishing the Russian broadcaster, including revoking the channel’s licence to broadcast in the UK. Instead, the regulator concluded it was more just to impose a substantial fine and require RT to broadcast a summary of the findings, in a form and on dates to be determined by Ofcom.

Ofcom said this was fair since “we have not recorded any further breaches of our due impartiality rules against RT to date”.

The channel will not have to pay the fine and broadcast Ofcom’s ruling immediately, since it is challenging the initial ruling through a judicial review. The case is expected to reach the courts by the end of the year.

Politicians had raised concerns about the tone of RT’s output in the aftermath of the Salisbury incident, although Ofcom has previously said this did not influence its decision to put the station under additional monitoring following the poisoning.

In total, Ofcom investigated 10 RT programmes broadcast between March and May last year, concluding that seven of them breached rules on due impartiality regarding matters of political controversy.

Two of the breaches related to programmes hosted by the former MP George Galloway, a regular presenter on the channel, who cast doubt on the link between the Salisbury poisonings and Russia. He has since lost another job at TalkRadio, after he was the subject of a negative Ofcom ruling at that broadcaster on unrelated matters.

Other RT breaches include incidents in which presenters failed to challenge interviewees over contentious topics and instead appeared to agree with their guest, and programmes and reports about the conflict in Syria that took a resolutely pro-Russian viewpoint without representing alternative views.

RT has previously argued it did not breach rules of due impartiality, partly since its viewers expect to see a pro-Russian viewpoint when they tune in to the station.

Despite the substantial media attention given to RT’s output, its British station has a relatively small reach of 332,000 viewers a week despite being available to most households on Freeview, less than pay-TV channels such as Horror Channel +1, Kerrang TV, and Total Country.


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WHEN WAS THE TIME YOU SAW THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA, including The Guardian, PRESENT THE OTHER POINTS OF VIEW that could be contrary to the government dictums? SAY NEVER and you would be right... Congrats to RT (Russia Today) for balancing the fake-news of MI6 on the Skripal affair with real alternatives.


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the ruskies are coming...

The Russians are coming — and this time they’re looking to recruit US journalists who have lost their jobs because of the coronavirus.

RT America, a newsgathering unit of Moscow-based media company RT, is looking to beef up its US staffing ahead of the 2020 election, a flurry of recent job postings shows. Formerly called Russia Today, it’s the same stateside operation that was accused by intelligence agencies of spreading misinformation in the US prior to the 2016 election.

In September 2017, RT was forced by the Justice Department to register as a foreign agent of the Russian government. At the time, RT representatives disputed the Justice Department’s findings but said they agreed to register to avoid charges.

Currently, the company is posting on journalism job boards under the name RT — without disclosing its Russian roots or its alleged ties to Vladimir Putin’s government.

One source who responded to an ad was called from a number in Moscow by a person identified as Igor Ogorodnev, the Web editor-in-chief in the US.

Ogorodnev told our source that he was interested in stories that can investigate the “rumor” that COVID-19 deaths are being exaggerated by US media outlets.

“No anti-Trump coverage,” Ogorodnev told our source. “We’re not The Washington Post.”

The source said Ogorodnev would only communicate via the encrypted WhatsApp messaging app.

Media Ink contacted Ogorodnev via WhatsApp on Wednesday and placed a conventional call on Thursday. Ogorodnev asked if he could call back on the secure WhatsApp line to “save money.”

He called moments later and said he had already checked out Media Ink’s stories. He said the recruitment drive is “an expansion and an upgrade.”

We asked him about the reports that RT is a propaganda outlet backed by the Russian government. As he comprehended that Media Ink was writing a story about RT rather than applying for a job, he said, “I cannot give you a quote. I hope you understand.”

He then sent an e-mail address, again via WhatsApp, for a press contact.

“Recruitment at RT is an ongoing activity, as with any global news organisation,” RT reps said in a Friday statement. “We look for the best talent to contribute to our network, and invite applications for all roles open.”

Some former RT reporters have accused the organization of spreading misinformation. The British government’s Ofcom has said that RT had breached its rules of impartiality and on at least one occasion broadcast “materially misleading” content.


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Read from top. As we know "the Western media is always impartial and never publish misleading material"... except on a few occasions. Sorry. The list of these few occasions is too long to place here, but read this site from 2005 and you shall count more than 35,000 articles — all exposing how the western media (and the western governments) have been bullshitting us. Good luck to the new recruits at RT.

satire is a dirty word for bellingcat...

Bellingcat, the UK-based enablers of Western narratives in Syria and Ukraine now fueling US race riots, selectively translated a satirical post from Russian social media shared by RT’s editor-in-chief to get her “canceled.”

On Sunday, Margarita Simonyan shared a Telegram post by Dmitry Steshin, a war correspondent for the newspaper KP, which purported to give “advice” to rioters in the US on how to make their uprising more “successful” along the lines of the 2014 US-backed coup in Ukraine.

Given that the post was entirely in Russian, it was obvious that the real objective of Steshin – and Simonyan – was to comment on the Maidan uprising in Kiev and the ensuing war in Ukraine. Not so, declared the self-proclaimed experts on “open-source” intelligence. Bellingcat selectively translated a handful of sentences from Steshin’s post and accused Simonyan of – what else? –  racism.

“Bellingcat accusing me of racism for a repost that used the Russian word for a black person is as baseless as me accusing Bellingcat of racism for calling me Russian, and not Armenian (I am both),” Simonyan said in response to the accusations.

Your ‘exposé’ is multiplying the stupidity in the world.

RT also responded to Bellingcat on Twitter, pointing out that they “missed the point” of the Telegram post, which was not aimed at black protesters in 2020, but satirized the 2014 Ukrainian unrest.

Indeed, Simonyan’s post starts with “good advice to black people of Minnesota from a journalist who covered seven Maidans and color revolutions” – referring to US-backed astroturfed protests that often escalated into riots for the purpose of regime change. Being in Russian, though, the advice was clearly not meant for Minnesotans.

While Steshin’s post might have used rough language, “humor norms vary by country. More so in countries not dealing with [the] burden of once being such enthusiastic African slave traders,” RT noted in a retort to Bellingcat.

Russia has no history of African slavery and has treated fairly the people of African heritage who ended up living there voluntarily, from the great-grandfather of the famous 19th century poet Aleksandr Pushkin to Chernobyl liquidator Igor Khiryak, to use a more modern example. 


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