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the usefulness of knowing some useless things...


This is the beginning sentences of an article written in... 1939, by Abraham Flexner in an article called "The Usefulness of Useless Knowledge", issue 179, Harpers.. It has enormous resonance with what is happening in the world today. Some of the useless things we do, have gone into the area of the inane, but by and large we still seek beauty and contentment, despite the shit our leaders throw at us via their petty ideas designed to enrich the rich and fiddle with your poor innards to make sure you're in pain. For these morons, sadists and sociopath, leading means inflicting pain to make you react and become a slave of their intent.


“La vie, c’est chic!” say the French. Style is our bread and butter for being human beyond mere survival. Style and substance are integral, regardless of their importance. Though we place various loadings on the importance of non important things, some of these can become essential in the improvements we desire from life. Abraham Flexner was important in the USA for his “experimental Schooling”. He though that Colleges were not satisfactory. At this level nothing has changed much. In regard to lecturing more and more students, rather than interacting with the process of “education”, the system becomes like a sausage factory. One of the important premise in his first sentence is “wholly or partly”. This means that we can be interested in maintaining and improving civilisation by fighting for justice, equality and decency, while still indulging in artistic endeavour, beauty and useless scientific discovery.

A strange case in point here could be Pamela Anderson. She has been the figurehead of a somewhat vacuous show called “Baywatch” while being a campaigner for animal rights. He latest venture as a “good friend” of Julian Assange could leave a few people speechless. But she is far more adventurous in her ideals than most of us. “I adore Julian. He is a great man… My Julian is the most intelligent, interesting and informed man in existence”. Big words that many people will dispute but I won’t. Assange is the modern version of the German Code “breaker” with a view to expose the lies and methods of the Big Brother government which we elect despite ourselves, in a system created with a spirit of giving everyone an equal chance — as long as you’re not dispossessed, coloured, poor or sick.

Some people will criticise Assange for releasing documents that could place the life of our “brave” soldiers at more risk, especially those working undercover for the glorious CIA or the NSA. This has been a contentious point, though 99 per cent of the other “dumps” are clearly in favour of showing the nasty political cooks, we cannot be too choosy here.

Back to Flexner. He was instrumental in bringing into the USA a lot of pure scientists and thinkers, including Albert Einstein. His views were whether what we know or discover is useful or not, pure knowledge can appear useless, but in the long run be beneficial to humanity as long as the naughty kids don’t use it for devilish activities.   

The work of Maxwell and Hertz were purely oriented towards the goal of understanding the universe. According to Flexner, Marconi “was inevitable”, following these works. A bright engineer, Marconi applied the discoveries of Maxwell and Hertz into a practical idea: radio and communication.

We know the rest.

We make ourselves no promise, but we cherish the hope that the unobstructed pursuit of useless knowledge will prove to have consequences in the future as in the past. Not for a moment however, do we defend the Institute on that ground. It exists as a paradise for scholars who, like poet and musicians, have won the right to do as they please and who accomplish most when enabled to do so.”…

We know the rest: the military took over and we invented the atom bomb.

When observing nature from the bench on which I am writing  this short essay, I can see once more the magpie being “shadowed” by a couple of minahs. All are on the ground searching for food, but the minahs relay each other to make sure that the magpie is not up to mischief. The maggie could suddenly fly out and raid the minahs nest.  This is nature in need of protein. This is life.

Le “chic” is our interpretation and the manufacture of the useless – like adding feathers to our head, or elegant clothes to our body. Just for fun or to establish an arbitrary hierarchy. The gilded life of kings and queens was based on the cultivation of this “entertainment” chic — being one way to separate the nobles from the riffraff.  Since the inception of democracy, the rich still try to hog the “chic” and through a complex system of media, from TV to magazines, make sure we, the plebs, still dream about the “chic” (which is uselessly expensive) while being happy with the crumbs from the grind of daily life which brings the rich the ability to afford the more exclusive “chic”.

We know the rest… The magpie at the end of the article by Flexner says so. The Maggie has to live by being a maggie… But what are we but amusing idiots?

Gus Leonisky

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all for oil and oil for all...

The US media has been paying increasing attention to the unfolding crisis in the South American nation of Venezuela. As the US media has done elsewhere, it is attempting to portray the unfolding crisis as a result of a corrupt dictatorship fighting against a “pro-democracy” opposition.

In reality, it is simply a repeat of US-driven regime change aimed at toppling Venezuela’s independent state institutions and replacing them with institutions created by and for US special interests.

The “opposition” is comprised of US-backed political parties and US-funded fronts posing as nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) many of which are listed on the US State Department’s National Endowment for Democracy (NED) website.

The UK Independent in a 2016 article titled, “Venezuela accuses US of plotting coup as Washington warns of ‘imminent collapse’,” would even admit:

…observers of the region point out that the US has a long history of seeking to interfere in the politics of Venezuela, as well as elsewhere in Latin America. In addition to supporting those who ousted Mr Chavez in 2002, the US poured hundreds of thousands of dollars to his opponents via the so-called National Endowment for Democracy.

To understand America’s actual role amid Venezuela’s unfolding crisis, one must read policy papers produced by organizations called “think tanks” which devise and promote US policy.

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wahhabism insurgency....



From The American Conservative:


UPDATE: Sumantra Maitra levels with Britain. Excerpts:

I was born in India. I have seen Islamist terrorism far more than any average Westerner. Let me tell you something, which your media will avoid mentioning. The I word. There’s a difference between terrorism and insurgency. Forget all the predictable response. Forget suited apologists on TV blaming these outrages on colonialism, poverty, racism, rise of Islamophobia, Katie Hopkins, Alt Right, anything under the Sun, except the obvious. Forget Hijab wearing head bobbing Feminists blaming it on Israel and Palestine problem. Forget scripted responses, of political leaders who talk about the goodness of human nature or the evil of “international terrorism”, or ready-made laminated placards with I Heart *current city under attack*, forget the FB profile flags, hipsters “sending love and good vibes”, tea lights, candle marches, empty platitudes.


As someone, who originates from a country, at war with Islamist terrorism since the mid ’80s, let me tell you something which I have seen and which might come to the West soon. The primary duty of a state is to protect its citizens. Nothing else. Not policing alleged hate speech, not giving moral support to drug addicts, not investigating idiotic microaggressions. But to provide security to those who pay taxes. If and when a state fails to do that, the citizens take up arms themselves. And you can take it from me, you don’t want to see that in your country.

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why my heart stands with Julian...

Actress, philanthropist and activist Pamela Anderson has penned an online love letter to Julian Assange in which she decried his current situation and called on world leaders (and the nation of China) to petition for his immediate release.

“Thinking of Julian makes me wonder, what is the sexiest quality in a man? Surely the sexiest qualities in a man are bravery and courage,” Anderson wrote in the letter, entitled, ‘Why my heart stands with Julian.’

Throughout the letter she praises the WikiLeaks founder for his efforts at speaking truth to power and exposing the hypocrisy of world leaders, describing his standoff with US authorities as “an unstoppable force, standing up to an immoveable object.”

Anderson also described the US government as the “ultimate bully, a superpower, with 1,200 military bases all around the world.”

The actress-turned-activist also lashed out at UK leader Theresa May, calling her the “worst prime minister in living memory.”

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julian is a hero. the brits are bastards.

Actress-turned-activist Pamela Anderson has again appeared on UK television to express her admiration for “political prisoner” and “hero” Julian Assange, saying she fears for his health and worries he could die in the embassy. 

Anderson appeared on Tuesday’s installment of ‘Good Morning Britain,’ hosted by Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid. Having complemented the former Playboy model on her looks, and asked her if she had dressed up for his benefit, Morgan got down to more serious matters.

“He’s awful. It’s terrible,” said Anderson when asked how her friend Assange was doing. “They’ve cut off internet access. He’s a political prisoner in the heart of London. It’s very surprising. Cut off from everybody.”

Asked if she “feared he was going to die in there,” Anderson replied: “He could. He’s human and I don’t know who could tolerate this, he’s a political prisoner and he’s a hero so we need to support him.”


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Time for the British to let Julian go free. 

Time for the British to let Julian go free. 

Time for the British to let Julian go free. 

Time for the British to let Julian go free. 

Time for the British to let Julian go free. 


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