Thursday 4th of June 2020

no proof either...


It would have been inappropriate for Donald Junior to refuse to see the "Russian Lawyer". Whether he "loved it" or not, the allegations made were serious: "The DNC was financed by illegal means"... The whole thing was a pile of crap made up by an associate of the dog friends of a relative of cat that a "Russian lawyer" who has no ties with the Kremlin, had some info which was as reliable as the CIA's Saddam weapons of mass destruction

In fact it is highly likely that the dump of Hillary's email from Wikileaks came from within the DNC itself. Further more had Comey done his job, Hillary should have been charged, AND WE WOULD HAVE PRESIDENT SANDERS instead of the dork.

The whole thing was badly played by the DNC and the MEDIA supporting Hillary to the hilt...

the media deceived itself...

Now, with a fake bone in its muzzle, the US media is trying to bite its own tail by pursuing the "Russia interfered with the US Presidential elections". The media failed to make Hillary the Prez and it has become angry, more odiously odoriferous than a tank of rainwater in which a kangaroo died three months ago...



wikileaks knew it was rubbish...

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange tweeted he advised Donald Trump Jr to release the email chain related to his meeting with a Russian lawyer before the story hit the media.

READ MORE: 'Inane nonsense’: Trump Jr. releases Russian lawyer meeting emails

The New York Times had been reporting on the meeting between Trump Jr and Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya for a few days, and had contacted Trump Jr for a statement on the content of the emails it had obtained. Trump Jr released his email chain along with a statement Tuesday, which was seemingly a pre-emptive action to minimise the upcoming Times story.

Here's my statement and the full email chain

— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) July 11, 2017

According to Assange, he made contact with Trump Jr on Tuesday morning and advised him to release the emails to WikiLeaks. “Two hours later, does it himself,” Assange said.

(1/3) I argued that his enemies have it--so why not the public? His enemies will just milk isolated phrases for weeks or months...

— Julian Assange (@JulianAssange) July 11, 2017

(2/3) with their own context, spin and according to their own strategic timetable. Better to be transparent and have the full context..

— Julian Assange (@JulianAssange) July 11, 2017

“I argued that his enemies have it -- so why not the public? His enemies will just milk isolated phrases for weeks or months with their own context, spin it according to their own strategic timetable,” Assange explained. “Better to be transparent and have the full context but it would have been safer for us to publish it anonymously sourced.”

“By publishing it himself it is easier to submit as evidence,” Assange added. “He’s surely had advice and/or is confident on the facts. I’d argue that even the completely innocent need WikiLeaks.”

CNN journalist Brian Stelter tweeted a NYT source said it was “preparing to publish” the email story and Trump Jr’s people “asked for more time” and then “pre-empted” the NYT by publishing the emails.

Confirmed from an NYT source: "We were preparing to publish" story -- Don Jr. camp "asked for more time" to comment "and then pre-empted us"

— Brian Stelter (@brianstelter) July 11, 2017

The emails between Trump Jr and publicist Rob Goldstone about meeting with a Russian lawyer were sent in June 2016. Trump’s son was told a Russian government lawyer had documents that would “incriminate” Hillary Clinton.

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ready to testify...


Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya told RT she is ready to testify before the US Congress on her controversial meeting with Donald Trump Jr. during last year’s presidential campaign in America.

The attorney, who met with Donald Trump Jr. during his father's campaign for the presidency, said she knows who was behind the "mass hysteria" related to the meeting.

She accuses Magnitsky Act lobbyist William Browder of masterminding the disinformation campaign, aiming to harm her as revenge for a recent defeat he suffered in a US court in at the hands of a team of lawyers that included Veselnitskaya.



I have absolutely no doubt that this whole information [campaign] is being spun, encouraged and organized by that very man as revenge for the defeat he suffered in the court of the Southern State of New York in the ‘Prevezon’ company case,”
 she said.



Veselnitskaya was one of the legal experts who represented Cyprus-based holding company Prevezon, owned by Russian businessman Denis Katsyv, in its defense against allegations of money laundering.

The case, which was launched in 2013, ended in a settlement in May this year with no admission of guilt by Prevezon.

"He wasn't able to convince the court with his lousy human tragedy that actually never happened, about the fate of a dead man – who he only learnt about after his death," Veselnitskaya said, referring to the 2009 death of Russian lawyer and auditor Sergey Magnitsky in a Moscow detention center.

Browder, the CEO of Hermitage Capital Investment company, is a big name in Russia, known mostly for his business dealings there in the 1990s and his economic crimes. He was also the boss of the late Magnitsky.

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still no proof...


Earlier this year, as Donald Trump, then the president-elect, was trying to counter news reports that Russia had hacked the 2016 election to help him win, the head of the American subsidiary of a Russian conglomerate owned by a Russian oligarch with close ties to President Vladimir Putin made a huge donation to Trump.

On January 6—the day the US intelligence community reported that Putin had approved a covert operation to subvert the presidential campaign to assist Trump—Andrew Intrater donated $250,000 to Trump’s inauguration fund.

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The Intelligence community's "that Putin had approved a covert operation to subvert the presidential campaign to assist Trump", is a euphemism (akin to "Saddam has weapons of mass destruction") for rumours with no leg to stand on... So far we know that Trump troops had relations with Putin, we know that most of the USA population and the "establishment" hated (and still hate) Russia, that The Donald in his campaign for the presidency always wanted a "rapprochement" with Russian AND Putin, BUT THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT RUSSIAN INTERFERED WITH THE ELECTIONS. To the contrary, this desire of rapprochement should have scared the voters (primed by the media to hate Russia) away from Trump. Russia could not have interfered with the elections by any significant means, not even with "fake news". Mother Jones is just repeating hack and beans from a cold dish, with no sauce, that never existed.

The Democrats shot themselves in the foot and the idiot got elected. End of story. Read from top.

ah ah... here's a real proof: time travel...


Radio Sputnik is capable of things that you wouldn't expect from mere mortals. That's what three US lawmakers imply by saying that Sputnik's new FM station in Washington, DC influenced the recent presidential election - this despite the fact that the station started broadcasting only this summer, several months after Trump won the 2016 election.

The "the Russians did it" hysteria reached a new level on Monday when three members of the House of Representatives wrote an open letter to the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, openly demanding the Washington DC radio station broadcasting Radio Sputnik's programming — 105.5 FM — be shut down. Their reason? The three distinguished members of Congress — Anna G. Eshoo, Michael F. Doyle and Frank Pallone Jr. — are shocked that those bloody Russians "may be using our country's own airwaves to undermine our democracy." It's a pretty strong statement, especially when coming from elected officials. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, though. And they do their best, bringing up such damning proof as a media report: 

"An article published by the New York Times Magazine (9/13/17) titled "RT, Sputnik and Russia's New Theory of War" suggests that Sputnik, a radio network funded by the Russian government, was used as part of the Kremlin's effort to influence the 2016 presidential election. In Washington, D.C., listeners can tune their radios to 105.5 FM to hear Sputnik and Russian government's effort to spread misinformation to influence U.S. policy and undermine our elections. This means the Kremlin's propaganda is being broadcast over a licence granted by the FCC and the Russian government may be using our country's own airwaves to undermine our democracy."

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This will help the sale of Hillary's book... "Whatever, I lost..."


the magnitsky act disinformation...

The Magnitsky Act – Behind the Scenes from Piraya Film AS on Vimeo.

A 2 hour 32 min version of THE MAGNITSKY ACT – BEHIND THE SCENES had its world premiere at an invitation-only screening at Filmens Hus in Oslo, Norway, on June 25th, 2016. Since then, the film has been shown (and awarded) at several international film festivals. Personal copies have also been sent to hundreds of journalists, politicians and others who have expressed interest in the film, given the film’s high-profile political content.

However, more than two years after its world premiere, the film has not yet been released to the general public. It has not been broadcast on TV, nor been screened at cinemas, released on DVD or made available online. Many dissatisfied members of the audience have asked Piraya Film why they cannot see the film.

The answer is that an attack campaign was launched by the British financier Bill Browder (who appears in the film) against the film and the filmmakers while the film was still under production. This campaign was backed by, among others, individuals in the US State Department, CIA, various think tanks and human rights organizations, and included smear tactics in the press and in various other settings. The campaign succeeded in blocking planned screenings at the European Parliament and at a Norwegian film festival. The film was partly financed by several TV stations, and normal procedure for a documentary would be that these TV stations broadcast the film first. However, the involved TV stations were subject to both political and legal pressure, and have, until this date, not published the film.

One individual decided to leak his personal copy of the film to the internet in July 2018. We have worked hard to remove this from YouTube and various other sites, but we see that it is impossible to stop this illegal copy from spreading. With the film out like that, in an illegal manner and in breach of our copyright, we have decided to release THE MAGNITSKY ACT – BEHIND THE SCENES on Vimeo on Demand. We urge the public to support our work by seeing it here. With Browder as the main source of a disinformation campaign against the film and filmmakers, we have a need to counter the libel and defend ourselves through letting the public see the film.


There is the (illegal) version in Russian available in the comment section...

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