Monday 21st of August 2017

should he come in summer to aussieland, pruit-pruit could get more warmth than he expects at the coal face...


A climate science critic and one of the most controversial figures in the Trump administration will soon tour Australia in a visit environmental activists are likely to target with protests.

Key points:
  • Critics accuse Pruitt of trying to weaken the EPA
  • Liberal backbencher Craig Kelly says Australia should welcome Pruitt "with open arms"
  • Greenpeace says visit could spark protests and is not helpful for Australia as it tackles climate change policy


Lawyer Scott Pruitt was last year handpicked by Donald Trump to head the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Critics accuse the former Oklahoma attorney-general of trying to weaken the EPA since assuming his role as administrator in February.

The ABC has confirmed the Republican politician is scheduled to fly to Australia this year, joining other Trump administration figures who have already made the journey, including Vice-President Mike Pence, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Secretary of Defence James Mattis.

Federal Government backbencher and climate change sceptic Craig Kelly has welcomed Mr Pruitt's impending visit.

"The head of the EPA in the United States of America is a very high ranking and prestigious position and if he's got time amongst his busy schedule to come and visit us down in Australia we should welcome him with open arms," Mr Kelly said.

"We'd be interested to hear exactly what's happening in the US, hear from Mr Pruitt — he's right at the coalface there."

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According to Gus' own measurements, it would be best for Pruit-Pruit to come to Australia NOW or before the beginning of October. Last year, in this hot country of the mad loony denialists — including those above — the average temperature for Summer was 3.8 degrees ABOVE AVERAGE, with days that were HOT and humid above 40 degrees Celsius. In New South Wales bush-fire-land, temperatures were in excess of 47 degrees Celsius. This year is likely to be warmer still.


heatwaves from hell...


Ten southern and central European countries have declared a red alert after heatwave ‘Lucifer’ caused temperatures to skyrocket over 40C, with scientists warning that the extreme heat could end up killing 152,000 people a year by 2100.

Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, and Serbia are on red alert, European forecast network Meteoalarm said on Saturday.

Florence’s famous Uffizi Gallery was temporarily closed on Friday after the museum’s air conditioning system broke down, ANSA news agency reported.

It's another #hot day in southern & eastern Europe - temps into the low 40s in parts of #Italy, around 6C above average

— Weather Co Europe (@WeatherCoEurope) 2 августа 2017 г.

Greece, Spain, Bulgaria, France, Macedonia, Slovakia, and Moldova have issued orange alerts to stress the potential for worsening weather conditions.

At least two people have died from the heat, one in Romania and one in Poland, Reuters reported, adding that many more have been taken to the hospital for sunstroke.

“In two hours of my shift today I saw four people fainting on the street and complaining of heat exhaustion,” a traffic warden told Reuters in Belgrade.

Authorities in Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, and Croatia advised people to stay indoors to avoid the heat, with temperatures expected to stay around 40C (104F) next week.

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