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Charlie Chaplin was astute. He knew why Albert Einstein was feted by the crowds at the opening of "City Lights" in 1931. No one understood Einstein but his work and that of his fellow physicists had opened the doors to a new understanding of reality, which for many was still like fantasy and fairy tales. 

Einstein was well-known to be absent-minded and going to the patent office where he worked in his bright floral slippers. He then moved to the US to escape Nazism.

Thus the era of doubt about the physical world had been modified by the official birth of Quantum mechanics at the fifth Solvay Conference in 1927, in Brussels. The new certainty about uncertainty was phenomenal, but a lot of work and arguments had happened before getting there. The problem of black body radiation had been solved... A lot more arguments and theoretical work came along till the Higgs Boson affirmation. These are exciting times for sciences — except for global warming, which to say the least is avoidable in its most damaging development. Here sciences need to firmly push politics aside... Time is running short.



The USA is a nation led by a clown who used to be a real estate agent. Clowning is not his day job — selling or renting apartments is. This clown got the gig to head the world circus by default. The other candidate was a professional politician, those you really hate because they lie like you drink milk (or red ned like I do). Anyway, no need to grieve upon spilled milk (or red ned).

Merkel is a scientist leading a country where innovation has been quite unmatched, especially from the end of the penultimate century, the 1800s. Despite having to play the game of politics, the difference between Merkel and Trump could not be more startling:

USA is led by a clown, Germany is led by a scientist...

Most of the present technologies in our life rely on Germany’s thinkers. Most of our social relation are understood from a Germanic point of view in which “Die Mitte” is a political compromise that manages social issues and capitalism with a certain flair. 

In America, you are either at the bottom of the pile and have to fight like a gangster to get ahead or you are at the top and have to fight like a gangster to stay on top. In the middle is a blancmange of christian loonies that have never understood anything beyond the rattle-snake oil. It’s a miracle that the USA is so strong. Actually it’s only because of the gangster mentality that the USA is quite powerful, but on average the USA are dumb. They don’t make movies like “Dumb and Dumber” anywhere else in the world. Dumb luck and selling stupidity have been the quintessential ingredient of the successful philosophy of the US of A.

Germany was already on the road of observations and questioning back then with people like Copernicus (a Pole who was born and died in Royal Prussia — “Germania”) and Karl Marx. The Germanic language offered some precision into the formulation of answers. Things could not be half right or even 99 per cent right. 

When Planck invented the concept of “quanta” to solve a clever equation by Wien, He did not realise till later the scope of his “idea”. Planck was a gifted 19th century scientist who did not subscribe to the “atom” theory. He believed in the “continuum”. He had thus to rely on an other German (Austrian) scientist’s work, Boltzmann, to cut down into bits the “continuum” in order to explain anomalies in the Wien displacement law equation about black bodies radiations. 

Boltzmann, unlike our Andrew Bolt, deserves a posthumous Nobel Prize. His massively important work underpins everything we know about atoms this and that. Unfortunately, Boltzmann became depressed and hanged himself, for perceived lack of recognition from his peers.

Having landed the idea of Quanta in 1900 at a physicists' conference, Planck did not recognised the significance of his concept until later in his life. By then many other physicists had taken the concept on board to formulate Quantum Mechanics. It was not plain sailing because in order to formulate “exactitude”, experiments had to match the calculations. Say for example, the Higgs Boson discovery had to satisfy five criteria to 99.999 per cent. Though calculated in the 1960s, it was not until 2013 that this could be achieved. 

So, in regard to energy transfers, entropy and understanding the universe, a concept like global warming is child’s play — or it should be when we eliminate the politics out of the scientific data. 

Gus Leonisky

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albert and charlie

What I admire most about your art,  is its universality. You do not  say  a word, and yet ... the world understands you!

It's true,  but your fame is even greater! The world admires you, when nobody understands you!






chasing the nazis...


This internal Mossad study smashes a myth, rooted in public and media perceptions (think of works such as “Munich” or “The Debt” or “Eichmann in Jerusalem”), of Israeli spies as omniscient and omnipotent. After the Eichmann trial, with sensational testimony from Holocaust victims, people assumed that the Mossad would do everything in its power to trace, surveil and then capture or kill Nazis. The Mossad study honestly admits that didn’t happen. Spies did not turn over every stone and chase down every lead across the world. They had other problems.

The secret agency dropped the whole matter after one final, fruitless tracking mission in 1991, and the hunt for Nazi war criminals was over, according to the report. All in all, it yielded one war criminal (Eichmann) captured, one (Cukurs) assassinated and one (Brunner) injured. That is three out of 11 wanted men — an astonishingly low success rate for a nation that pulled off the destruction of nuclear reactors in Iraq and Syria, the Stuxnet virus that derailed Iran’s nuclear enrichment program, the assassination of Palestinian and Hezbollah terrorists, and other cloak-and-dagger successes.

The Mossad study also unmasks Israeli hypocrisy. Consecutive Israeli governments exploited the Holocaust’s memory. When it suited them, they invoked the deaths of 6 million Jews. Israeli leaders accompany every visiting foreign dignitary to spend time at Yad Vashem, as President Trump did in May, and prime ministers for decades told Holocaust survivors in Israel and abroad that the Jewish state was never going to stop demanding justice.

But ultimately, after capturing Eichmann and making the point that Nazi crimes were real, Israel’s leaders did very little to live up to their rhetoric.

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so Mossad deliberately failed?... They managed to get Vanunu, though. Here we must remember that more than 4,000 nazis scientists were spirited away by the US and Russia to work in their labs.  The two teams went different routes. The brain drain did not really affect Germany. The German thinking is to solve problems in a very precise technical manner. It's inscribed in the German language. English is the language of kings and clowns.


Notes from Leonbert Gustein...



A library makes me sick.

                  Friedrich Nietzsche

This outburst from the great (German) man came in the fear that the information in many books were inferior to his own intellect. The same realisation came on for our Albert. Early in life he was introduced to science by an older friend. Up to this point he was a happy child singing religious (Jewish) tunes on his way to school. The revelation prompted him to realise that the stories in the bible were rubbish. Like Einstein, I have already harped on about the need for imagination, but not beliefs. This is where someone like Meg Rosoff got it wrong. Fairy tales are okay as long as they do not engender beliefs. This has been the point of Richard Dawkins in regard to the illusions of religions.

Moving on, the need for someone like Einstein to climb on a soap box in regard to global warming is urgent. But as Einstein himself would promote the concept from street corners (he could not really access radio-waved microphones as these are hogged by the right-wing spruikers shock-jock straps), he would be sent to the gallows of neo-capitalism, interned in a loony bin for being insane or shot in front of a conservative religious firing squad led by the grand priests of denialism. 

The decision power of our modern societies is not in the hand of science but in the hands of ruthless ignoramuses, we call politicians. A case in point, the Australian government is under the spell of idiots — from Tony-Turdy-Abbott to Frydenberg-the-chauve and Turdshitt-the-vacillator. Because their arse aren’t on fire yet, they deny that their arse will be on fire soon — as they lit their own coal farts. STOP!

In sum, it can be said that among the important problems, which are so abundant in modern physics, there is hardly one in which Einstein did not take a position in a remarkable manner. That he might sometimes have overshot the target in his speculations, as for example his light-quantum hypothesis, should not be accounted against him too much. Because without taking a risk from time to time it is impossible, even in the most exact natural science, to introduce real innovations.

These were the words from Max Planck recommending Einstein for a membership to the Prussian Academy of Sciences in 1913. War was looming. All it needed was a spark — any spark.

Einstein's quantum theory of light was just too radical for many physicists to adopt. Yet it came to prevail. Hertz had posed the coordinates of a problem in regard to frequency and ultraviolet-light. I am sure that Heinrich Hertz, another German physicist, would have solved it eventually, but he died too soon at the young age of 36.

In these enquiring times, an equation was puzzling and leading to the so-called “ultraviolet catastrophe”.  

Einstein was born in Ulm, “the city of mathematicians”. His parents had a small electrical workshop but could not compete against the Siemens and the AEG giants. They moved to italy, while Albert eventually went to Switzerland and took on the Swiss nationality. He hated German politics — possibly less than Gustein hates the Aussie politicians. Albert spoke French fluently and eventually maried Mileva Maric (thereafter called Maric-Ajnštajn (Einstein), a Serbian physicist. She was the only woman among Albert Einstein’s fellow students at Zürich’s Polytechnic and was the second woman to finish a full program of study at the Department of Mathematics and Physics. Maric and Einstein were lovers and had a daughter Lieserl in 1902. Lieserl “died” (or was given for adoption — no one knows) in 1903 before Maric and Einstein’s marriage later that year. They later had two sons, Hans Albert and Eduard. They separated in 1914, with Maric taking the boys and returning to Zurich from Berlin. They divorced in 1919. Albert gave the cash from his Nobel Prize to Maric to raise his sons, one of whom was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Later on in life, Albert married his first cousin...

One of Einstein’s many regrets was that he did not study mathematics hard enough and often had to rely on friends to do the calculations for his theories. 

So Einstein had many critics, including the German politicians, yet he prevailed, despite not being understood by many. This is why I don’t hold grudges against scientists who don’t subscribe to the global warming theory. Not all scientists have the capacity to cross-over the divide of their specialties in this day and age when sciences have become far more complex from genetics to quantum mechanics — and the scientific focus tends to narrow the imagitive capability in sigular fields of expertise. 

Here we must say with strong conviction that democracy should not be left in the hands of politicians to manage. Politicians on average are liars, lawyers (argumentative about reality in favour of the law), ignoramuses, idiots with a neo-philosophy bias about life that is religiously archaic and retrograde. I know that “traditions” have been used to maintain a political continuum, but as demonstrated by Einstein, traditions, including scientific understandings,  are there to be changed, improved, challenged and replaced. So most politicians have no clue about the theory of global warming, though some of them will accept it, as they trust most scientists, while other politicians will dismiss the theory by using the information provided by pseudo-scientists who are deliberately non-expert in this field and full of hot air. Meanwhile, too many people still hold on to the theory of god, Eve and Adam, and to the flat earth reality. There is little one can do here, except try to make their progeniture understand that the bible is full of idiotic legends that do not make any sense and like Talmud, the older friend of Albert when he was 10 years old, give them fascinating scientific books where the reality is explained without pain and with enthusiastic understanding.

So what would Albert do about global warming? He would take only a few seconds to dazzle the crowd of illiterate politicians like Roberts and Smitho with a few simple equations writen in chalk on a blackboard. The result would be an astounding = YES, the theory holds and you better be afraid. VERY AFRAID.

The figures of electromagmetic waves resonate in your microwave oven at of 2,450 MHz — the wavelength of microwave oven radiation is about 12 cm and the quantum energy of a microwave photon is about 1 x 10-5 eV. 

For CO2 the major distortion is an asymmetric stretch at v = 2349 cm -1 (4.26 um) while it will have a double degenerated bend at v = 667 cm-1 (15.00 um). Under this influence, CO2 warms up like liquid does in your microwave oven. If you do not understand this VERY SIMPLE process, you are more dumb than Trump or a plank. And I did not mean a Planck who doubted Einstein quantum adaptation to lightwaves of Planck’s own quantum solution for a discrepency in a Wien equation.

Here the figures are telling. With 100 ppm of CO2 above the maximum natural concentration of 300 ppm, we’re in for major trouble. Unfortunately, there are pseudo-scientists who have no idea about the warming effects of CO2 and still pump the concept that CO2 is not a warming gas. These loonies would freeze their nuts off of course as without CO2’s warming in the atmosphere, the average temperature of the planet would go to minus 35 in a geo-jiffy. 

So PLEASE, you the morons politicians, be morons as much as you like, but trust the global warming scientists 100 per cent. THAT IS TO SAY ONE HUNDRED PER CENT... They are 100 per cent on the ball. Tell yourself that Einstein said so — or would say so. One does not mess with the genius of the century. 


Leonbert Gustein

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the relative sum of relative relativity...



On the centenary of general relativity, physicist Hanoch Gutfreund and historian Jürgen Renn published The Road to Relativity, a facsimile of Albert Einstein’s 1915–1916 German manuscript with an English translation and page-by-page commentary placing this seminal work in its historical and scientific context. Their new book, The Formative Years of Relativity, discusses in detail—yet deliberately without mathematics—general relativity’s development up to the early 1930s, focusing mainly on Einstein’s lectures at Princeton in May 1921.



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"It was formerly believed that if all material things disappeared out of the universe, time and space would be left. According to relativity theory, however, time and space disappear together with the things."

Albert Einstein



There's a wonderful family called Stein

There's Gert and there's Epp and there's Ein;

Gert's poem are bunk,

Epp's statues are junk,

And no one can understand Ein.



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