Wednesday 23rd of January 2019

politicians will be politicians...


The energy minister, Josh Frydenberg, has slapped down Tony Abbott and other conservative rebels, declaring that climate change is real and that was why Abbott agreed to join the Paris international climate agreement when he was prime minister.

Asked about Abbott’s provocative speech to a group of climate-change sceptics in London questioning the science of climate change – an outing that has been characterised by Labor as “loopy” – Frydenberg brought up Abbott’s own record in the top job.

“Climate change is real,” the energy minister told reporters. “We take our advice from the scientific experts. We believe we need to reduce our emissions. That is why Tony Abbott signed up to the Paris agreement.”

With the government backing off the clean energy target recommended by the chief scientist, which was opposed vociferously by Abbott and other government conservatives, voices are now marshalling against Australia’s participation in the Paris agreement.

Conservative Eric Abetz on Wednesday backed Abbott’s speech in London questioning climate change and declared Australian pensioners need to be put before “some Paris aspirational climate deal”.

Declaring himself an “agnostic” about the science of climate change, the Tasmanian Liberal senator said Abbott had made some “very valid points” in the speech to a group of climate-change sceptics.

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Turdy Abbott made not a single valid point. Abetz is an idiot.


they'll pay you to die of heatstroke...


The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) have announced that consumers will be paid to cut their power usage.

It's part of a plan to free up temporary supply during unplanned outages and extreme weather conditions — such as prolonged summer heatwaves.

So how will this impact you, and could you actually get a free day of electricity if you switch off your pool pump?

Here's what's been announced

ARENA will fund 10 pilot projects to manage Australia's electricity supply during extreme peaks.

These "pilot projects" will be trialled in three states — Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales — over three years.

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"Abbott agreed to join the Paris international climate agreement when he was prime minister.?"

That might have been his way to get a free trip to see the Eiffel Tower.


meanwhile, a queensland first...


The first of dozens of giant wind farm components have made their way to far north Queensland, forcing traffic to a standstill.

A special semi-trailer was sent to the region to transport the fan blades. Each one is 57 metres long — about the size of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. [Gus: or 7 metres longer than an Olympic swimming pool]

The blades were shipped in from the United States to Cairns last week and are now being driven up the steep and winding Palmerston Highway and onto the Atherton Tablelands, west of Cairns.

Construction has already started on the $380 million farm at the top of Mount Emerald.

Hundreds of residents and school children gathered to watch the first giant blade make its way through the tiny towns of Malanda and Walkamin on Monday.

Malanda resident Debbie Magnee was watching by the side of the road with her children.

"I think the wind farm is a good idea — anything to help with green energy, I support it — it's great," Ms Magnee said.

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remembering when malcolm...

deal breaker...

The shadow climate change minister Mark Butler says Labor won’t support the Turnbull government’s new energy policy if it dumps the clean energy targetrecommended by the chief scientist, Alan Finkel.

With the Turnbull government expected to press ahead with its new energy policy this week after consideration by the cabinet and the party room, Butler issued a clear public warning on Sunday that the loss of the clean energy target meant there was no prospect of bipartisan agreement between the major parties.

Butler said Labor had been prepared to keep an open mind on the clean energy target, even though it was not the opposition’s preferred policy option, because the model had been thought through by the chief scientist and endorsed uniformly by stakeholders across the community.

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getting away with murder......

A Clean Energy Target recommended by Australia's chief scientist will not be adopted, with the Federal Government instead proposing a new plan to bring down electricity prices.

Key points:
  • The plan will be put to the Coalition party room today
  • It would require three years' notice of closing a power station
  • Liberal backbencher Craig Kelly also suggested the Government delay action on reaching the Paris climate targets until closer to 2030


The details have not officially been released, but the ABC understands Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will argue his policy will lower electricity bills more than a Clean Energy Target (CET), while meeting Australia's Paris climate change commitments.

It is understood Cabinet last night also agreed to force retailers to guarantee a certain amount of so-called dispatchable power that can be switched on and off on demand, to avoid outages.

The plan will be put to the Coalition party room today and is likely to appeal to a group of backbenchers who favour coal-fired power and had opposed a CET from the outset.

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advertising on the BoM website...


This is one of the official website page for the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM). In the botton right-hand corner is an advertisement for one of those awful "comparison" websites. This has to be illegal: the BoM is Commonwealth property and government department should not have advertising. Imagine Adani advertising on the BoM website! Imagine Coca-Cola advertising on the Heath Ministry website! May be they do... I have not check this one yet...

hot and rising...

Environment and Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg concedes Australia's greenhouse gas pollution continued to soar last year, confirming that more than a decade of climate policy bickering has failed to curb harmful emissions.

Official data shows Australia's annual emissions have risen for the fourth year running. They were up by 0.7 per cent in the year to June 2017, to 550 million tonnes of carbon dioxide.

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Frydenberg is an idiot... Read from top... Note: the report in the SMH is idiotic as well. It forgets that during the Gillard government, with the price on carbon (Turdy's hated "carbon tax"), the emissions FELL quite noticeably. But like all the idiot media de mierda of this country, the SMH supported Turdy, then Trumble, in the elections... The SMH can slash its wrists... or give itself a kick up the bum.


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more bullshit from turdy... when it rains it pours... especially in company of nigel lawson...

frydenberg and "friend"...

The spokesman said Frydenberg and Freedman knew each other through the Australian-American Leadership Dialogue.

Roskam said Freedman, the US embassy in Canberra and the US consulate in Melbourne had approached the IPA about Pruitt’s potential visit. He said the organisation had welcomed the chance to “work closely with the world’s leading advocate for cutting environmental red tape”.

The emails released to the Sierra Club include tourist and dinner recommendations such as a trip to Uluru and breakfast at the Boathouse restaurant in Sydney, which Freedman said was owned by the former trade minister Andrew Robb, whom the ex-lobbyist described as “a good friend”.

Pruitt faces 11 federal investigations in the US, including into his spending on travel and his business relationships with lobbyists. Freedman worked on national security-related issues for Trump’s transition team but was removed after using a personal email address to conduct government business.

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to destroy the planet, well into the future...

Energy minister Josh Frydenberg has declared he would welcome the construction of a new coal-fired power plant in Australia ahead of meetings on Tuesday where internal critics of his electricity plan are expected to voice their objections.

Frydenberg used an interview with News Corp to send the positive signal about coal before Tuesday’s internal deliberations, with some Nationals still on the war path about the government either subsidising new coal plants or bankrolling the refurbishment of existing assets.

While economic modelling associated with the national energy guarantee assumes there will be no new coal built under the policy, Frydenberg said: I would welcome a new coal-fired power station for our country because it supplies reliable baseload power and it has served us well in the past and will continue to serve us well in the future.”


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Australia’s emissions over the past year were again the highest on record when unreliable data from land use and forestry sectors are excluded, according to new data from NDEVR Environmental.

If the country’s greenhouse gas emissions continue on their current trajectory, Australia will miss its Paris target by a billion tonnes of CO2, which is equal to about two years of Australia’s entire national emissions.

NDEVR replicates the federal government’s National Greenhouse Gas Inventory (NGGI) quarterly reports, but releases them months ahead of the official data. Previous NDEVR reports’ figures have been within 1% of the official figures when they are eventually released.

The latest figures include the first three months of 2018 and show Australia’s national emissions up to March were the highest since records began in 2002.

It projects that emissions for the year to March, excluding land use emissions, will be 556.9 m tonnes.


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