Saturday 14th of December 2019

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‘The war in Iraq is a disaster, and Rumsfeld needs to be replaced. But don't just take our word for it - this reiteration comes today from a pair of recently retired two-star army generals with more than sixty years of military experience between them. They testified today in a hearing before the Democratic Policy Committee, called in absence of adequate official hearings in Congress.

Despite an open invitation to leaders, the only elected Republican to attend the hearing was Rep. Walter Jones, a self-described conservative from North Carolina, who has become one of the strongest critics of the war after originally voting to authorize it. 

Major General John Batiste said that he is a life-long Republican and was on the verge of getting his third star, but retired after deciding he could do more for his soldiers out of uniform than in it. "Bottom line, our nation is in peril, our Department of Defense’s leadership is extraordinarily bad, and our Congress is only today, more than five years into this war, beginning to exercise its oversight responsibilities," he said.

"Secretary Rumsfeld’s dismal strategic decisions resulted in the unnecessary eaths of American servicemen and women, our allies, and the good people of Iraq," Batiste added.’

Even More US Generals Blast Rumsfeld Over Iraq, Call For Replacement

Bushit policies only good for dunnies

From Al Jazeera

[|Bush denies Iraq terror claims]

Tuesday 26 September 2006, 23:04 Makka Time, 20:04 GMT
Iraq has been a battleground since 2003
US extends deployment of Iraq troops
Bush criticised over Iraq war report
UN: Human rights worsening in Iraq

George Bush, the US president, has rejected claims that a leaked intelligence report concludes the Iraq war has increased the threat of global terrorism.
"Some people have guessed what's in the report and concluded that going in to Iraq was a mistake. I strongly disagree," Bush said.
The National Intelligence Estimate report, excerpts of which were published by the New York Times newspaper last weekend, said that analysis by the 16 US spy agencies concluded the Iraq war had spread Islamic radicalism and made the overall terrorism problem worse.
However, Bush said that using the report to attack his administrations policies was "naive".
"I think it's a mistake for people to believe that going on the offense against people that want to do harm to the American people makes us less safe," he said.
'Political' leak
The US president, who said he would declassify parts of the report, also said that it was leaked for political reasons ahead of the US mid-term elections in November.
Gus: of course these are political leaks!... The world needs to know about the state of the presidential craphouse before making a decision to allow him to crap some more. And me think (not the only one though), he's done too much damage already. He should be impeached for lies, as clever as they were, they were porkies of unprecedented scale that have created much more grief in a world that already had enough...

An offensive country

“You know, to suggest that if we weren’t in Iraq we would see a rosier scenario, with fewer extremists joining the radical movement, requires us to ignore 20 years of experience,” Mr. Bush said. He added: “My judgment is: The only way to protect this country is to stay on the offense.”

Another president

From the BBC
Addressing the issue of terrorism, he [Bill Clinton] said it would never be possible to "kill, jail or occupy" all enemies. Instead he highlighted a need to create "a strategy to develop more partnerships and fewer terrorists".