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NATO demolished the state because...


Seven years ago, on 19 March 2011, the war against Libya began. It was led by the United States first through the Africa Command, then through NATO under US command.

In seven months, about 10,000 air strikes were carried out with tens of thousands of bombs and missiles.

Italy was involved in this war with fighter bombers and air bases, tearing the Treaty of friendship and cooperation between the two countries.

Before the naval and air attack, tribal sectors and Islamic groups hostile to the government had been financed and armed in Libya, and special forces infiltrated, in particular from Qatar.

NATO demolished the State which, on the southern shore of the Mediterranean, had achieved "high levels of economic growth and high indicators of human development" (as the World Bank itself documented in 2010). About two million immigrants, mostly Africans, were employed there.

At the same time, with its sovereign wealth funds, Libya made possible the emergence of independent economic agencies of the African Union: the African Monetary Fund, the African Central Bank, the African Investment Bank.

According to the mails of secretary of state Hillary Clinton, US and France agreed to block Gaddafi’s plan to create an African currency, as an alternative to the dollar and the CFA franc imposed by France to 14 former African colonies.

Once demolished the State and murdered Gaddafi, the spoils to be shared in Libya is enormous: the oil reserves, the largest in Africa, and big natural gas reserves; the immense Nubian water table, the white gold which in perspectite is more precious than theblack gold; the Libyan territory of primary geostrategic importance; sovereign wealth funds, about 150 billion dollars invested abroad by the Libyan state, «frozen» in 2011 by the UN Security Council.

Out of the 16 billion euros of Libyan funds, blocked in the Euroclear Bank in Belgium, 10 have already disappeared without any drawing authorization. The same big robbery takes place in other European and US banks.

In Libya, energy export revenues, which fell from $ 47 billion in 2010 to 14 in 2017, are now shared among power groups and multinationals; the dinar, which previously was worth 3 dollars, is now traded at a rate of 9 dinars per dollar, while consumer goods must be imported by paying them in dollars, resulting in an annual inflation of 30%.

The standard of living of the majority of the population has collapsed due to lack of money and essential services. There is no more security or a real judicial system.

The worst condition is that of African immigrants: with the false accusation (fed by the Western media) of being "mercenaries of Gaddafi", they were imprisoned by Islamic militias even in zoo cages, tortured and murdered.

Libya has become the main transit route, in the hands of human traffickers, of a chaotic migratory flow to Europe which, each year in the Mediterranean crossing, causes more victims than the NATO bombings in 2011.

The Libyans accused of supporting Gaddafi are also persecuted. In the city of Tawergha the Islamic militias of Misrata supported by NATO (those who murdered Gaddafi) have carried out a real ethnic cleansing, exterminating, torturing and raping.

The survivors, terrified, were compelled to leave the city. Today around 40,000 live in inhumane conditions and can not return to Tawergha.

Why are those members of the left now silent, while seven years ago they called in a loud voice for Italian intervention in Libya on behalf of violated human rights?

Manlio Dinucci

Il Manifesto (Italy)


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war and peace in the media...

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america has no moral authority...

Tony Benn would be 93 years old today, and in tribute to greatest Prime Minister Britain never had, we publish this video, showing at once how right he was in his predictions, and how little the political scene has really changed.

He cites America fabricating a pretext for war in the Middle-East, the dangers of acting outside the UNSC, the hypocrisy of supporting Saudi Arabia whilst condemning alleged human rights abuses in other countries and the vile hate propaganda creating a fever for war in the press.

He talks about America’s history of brutality and the consequent lack of moral authority, the profit of the military industrial complex and their real motivation being oil and energy supplies.

He was speaking in 1990.

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more bogus claims from an insane potus ...

US President Donald Trump says there will be a "big price to pay" for a chemical attack against a besieged rebel-held town in Syria where medical aid groups reported dozens of people were killed by poison gas.

Key points:
  • Syria has denied government forces launched any chemical attack
  • Last year, the US attacked a Syrian air base in response to a gas attack
  • A top Trump adviser said the US would not rule out another missile attack


The Syrian state denied government forces had launched any chemical attack and Russia, President Bashar al-Assad's most powerful ally, called the reports bogus.

A joint statement by the medical relief organisation Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) and the civil defence service, which operates in rebel-held areas, said 49 people had died in the attack late on Saturday in the town of Douma. Others put the toll even higher.

The United Nations Security Council is likely to meet Monday afternoon over the chemical attack at the request of the United States and several other members, diplomats said.

Writing on Twitter, Mr Trump hit out at Russia and Iran for their support of Mr Assad's government.

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For a few weeks now, Russia has warned about fake "gas attacks" set up by some rebels. At this stage, there is as usual "no independent" assessments of the "circumstances". It's another case of "Saddam has weapons of mass destuction" at a different level to give the moral authority for the US to bomb Damascus. The USA has lost all senses, all common sense in their Empire fascist views, now propped by that most dangerous man in the world, John Bolton.

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ISIS is Finished So We Should Leave Syria Now

Instead Donald Trump’s team is inflating the threat, worried he’ll rush away from war.




Syria and the Cult of Resolve
Apr. 8 2018 2:25 pm 

If Trump does what Graham wants, he will be trampling on the U.N. Charter and the Constitution again.




In John Bolton, Trump Gains the Swamp

The idea that Bolton will help Trump beat back official Washington is absurd.



Bolton’s Terrible Ideas for Syria
Apr. 5 2018 10:00 am 

It’s a terrible plan that would mire the U.S. in new open-ended conflicts for no good reason, but then what else would you expect from Bolton?




Whatever war the USA are going to do, the Syrian people will suffer some more. The USA are on the side of the bad guys in Syria. Why don't they recognise this? Because that would make the Ruskies victorious... and this is unacceptable in the mind of the idiot generals in Washington.



All wars end with winners and losers. The seventeen years we have just lived through in the "Greater Middle East" is no exception. Yet, while Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi have been eliminated and Syria is winning, the only real losers are the Arab people.

At the most, one can pretend to believe that the problem concerns only Syria. And that in Syria, it is circumscribed to Ghouta. And that in Ghouta, the Army of Islam has been defeated. Yet, this episode will not be enough to declare the end of the hostilities that have ravaged the region, destroyed entire cities and killed hundreds of thousands of men, women and children.

Nevertheless, the surviving myth that "civil wars" spread by contagion [1] allows the 130 states and international organizations that participated in the "Friends of Syria" meetings to shirk their responsibilities and to hold their heads high. Furthermore, since they will never admit failure, they will continue to perpetrate their abuses in other theaters of operation. In other words: their war will soon be over in this region, but it will resume elsewhere.

From this point of view, what has played out in Syria since the US declaration of war nearly 15 years ago - i.e. when the Syrian Accountability Act was passed into law in December 2003 - will have shaped the world Order that is currently emerging. Indeed, while almost all the states in the "Greater Middle East" have been weakened or completely wrecked, Syria is the only one still standing and independent.

Consequently, the strategy of Admiral Cebrowski, designed to destroy the societies and states of non-globalized countries while compelling the globalized ones to ensure the security of the US military, allowing it to plunder the raw materials and energy sources in the destroyed areas, can not be implemented by the Pentagon either here or in any other region. Ajouter footnote de ton article! [note: this means footnote coming]

Under President Trump’s leadership, the US Armed Forces have gradually ceased to support the jihadists and have begun to withdraw from the battlefield. This does not mean they have become philanthropic overnight , but simply realistic. This development should mark the end of their interventions against foreign states. [Gus Note: stop dreaming, Thierry: the USA are going to stay in Syrian under any fake pretext they can create]

In the spirit of the 1941 Atlantic Charter in which London and Washington agreed to jointly control the oceans and world trade, the United States is now preparing to sabotage the trade of its Chinese rival. Donald Trump is reforming the Quad (together with co-members Australia, Japan and India) to limit the movements of the Chinese merchant fleet in the Pacific. Simultaneously, he named John Bolton as National Security Advisor, whose great achievement under the Bush Jr. Administration was to involve NATO Allies in the military surveillance of the oceans and global trade.

China’s grand "silk road" project on both land and sea is not likely to materialize for some time. Now that Beijing has decided to move its goods through Turkey instead of Syria and through Belarus instead of Ukraine, we should expect "disorders" to erupt in these two countries.

Already in the fifteenth century, China had tried to reopen the Silk Road by building a huge fleet of 30,000 men under the command of the Muslim admiral Zheng He. Despite the warm welcome received by this peaceful armada in the Persian Gulf, Africa and the Red Sea, the undertaking failed. The emperor had the whole fleet burned and China withdrew into itself for five centuries.

President Xi drew inspiration from this illustrious predecessor to envisage "the Road and Belt Initiative" but, like Emperor Ming Xuanzong, he could be led to scuttle his own initiative, notwithstanding the risk of losing the huge amounts already invested by his country.

For its part, the United Kingdom has not renounced its plan to instigate a new "Arab revolt", a scheme which in 1915 served to bring the Wahhabis to power, from Libya to Saudi Arabia. However, the so-called "Arab Spring" of 2011, which this time was meant to install the Muslim Brotherhood in power, was snuffed out by the Syrian-Lebanese resistance.

London intends to exploit the US "pivot to Asia" strategy to recover the influence it wielded during its former empire. The UK is poised to leave the European Union and has directed its armed forces against Russia. It has tried to secure the largest possible number of allies by manipulating the "Skripal case", but has suffered several setbacks, including New Zealand’s refusal to continue playing the docile "dutiful Dominion". Logically, London should redirect its jihadists against Moscow as it did during the wars unleashed in Afghanistan, Yugoslavia and Chechnya.

Russia is the only great power to have emerged victorious from the Middle East conflict, thereby achieving the goal set by Catherine the Great to gain access to the Mediterranean and save the cradle of Christianity, the bedrock of Russian culture.

Moscow is now expected to enlarge the Eurasian Economic Union, to which Syria applied to join in 2015. At that time, its membership had been suspended at the request of Armenia, reluctant to introduce a state at war into the common economic space, but now the order of things has changed.

The new world balance has been bipolar from the moment Russia unveiled its new nuclear arsenal. It is very likely that the world will be divided in two, not by an iron curtain, but by the will of the Western powers who are already in the process of separating the banking systems and will soon try to do the same with the Internet. On the one side, it should be based on NATO and, on the other, no longer on the Warsaw Pact but on the Collective Security Treaty Organization. In a period of about thirty years, Russia has turned the page of Bolshevism and has shifted its influence from the center of Europe towards the Middle East.

In a pendulum movement, the West - the former "free world" – has morphed into a set of coercive and falsely consensual societies. The European Union is endowed with a bigger and more oppressive bureaucracy than that of the Soviet Union. And Russia becomes once again the champion of International Law.

Thierry Meyssan

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Meanwhile the USA will stop at nothing, to prevent peace... Read from top.

beelzebub with the flax hair...

A-list film director Oliver Stone has attended a press conference at the 36th International Fajr Film Festival (FIFF) in Tehran, where he delivered a rant on US foreign policy.

When Iranian journalists asked Stone who he would compare US President Donald Trump to in cinema, the three-time Oscar winner picked a graphic metaphor – Beelzebub, the biblical demonic figure.

READ MORE: Demonizing Putin Unlikely to Relieve International Tensions — Oliver Stone

Stone went on to slam the political course the United States has taken, particularly in the Middle East.

“The wars continue because America says to itself, ‘ha, well we made a mess of Iraq maybe, but you know what, that works. Because if we make a mess out of Syria and we make a mess out of Libya, and we have terrorists everywhere, and we have migrations of massive amounts of people, it’s okay. It’s okay. We’ll wreck the Middle East. […] And it doesn’t matter who’s president whether it’s Mr. Bush or Mr. Obama, or Mr. Trump,” the director told reporters.

He proceeded to say that the United States would “break any treaty it has to, to get what it wants,” adding that “we’re doing something that is outlawed internationally, we had no permission to invade Iraq from the UN, we did it, and we continue to do this.”

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continuing the shit started with obama/hillary...

Despite the good will of some of the participants, the Paris conference for Libya did not have the desired effects. For Thierry Meyssan, this can be explained by the double language of NATO and the United Nations, who are pretending to want to stabilise the country while their actions in fact continue the Cebrowski plan for the destruction of state structures. The spectacle in Paris was steeped in a profound ignorance of the particularities of Libyan society.

Since the annihilation by NATO of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, in 2011, the situation in Libya has deteriorated alarmingly: its GDP has been halved, and entire groups of the population live in misery – it is impossible to circulate in the country; insecurity is ever-present. Over the last few years, two thirds of the population have fled overseas, at least temporarily.

Writing off the illegality of NATO’s invasion, the United Nations is trying to re-stabilise the country.

Attempts at pacification

The UN is represented by the UNSMIL (United Nations Support Mission in Libya), which is an exclusively political organisation. Its true character was clear from its inception. Its first Director, Ian Martin (ex-Director of Amnesty International), organised the transfer of 1,500 Al-Qaïda jihadists, registered as « refugees » (sic), from Libya to Turkey in order to create the so-called « Free Syrian Army ». While it is true that the UNSMIL is now directed by Ghassan Salame [1], it is still under the direct command of the Director of Political Affairs for the UN – none other than Jeffrey Feltman. This ex-assistant of Hillary Clinton at the US State Department is one of the masters of the Cebrowski-Barnett plan for the destruction of states and societies in the « Greater Middle East » [2]. It is Feltman himself who supervised the diplomatic foundations for the aggressions against Libya and Syria [3].

The UN begins with the idea that the current disorder is the consequence of the « civil war » of 2011, which set Mouammar Kadhafi’s régime against its opposition. However, during the NATO intervention, this opposition was limited to the jihadists of al-Qaïda and the Misrata tribe. As an ex-member of the last Libyan Arab Jamahiriya government, I can testify that the initiative of the Atlantic Alliance was not a response to the Libyan conflict, but a long-term regional strategy for the whole of the Greater Middle East.

During the general elections of 2014, the Islamists who had fought the ground war on behalf of NATO gained only mediocre results. They then decided not to recognise the « House of Representatives » (based in Tobruk) and to constitute their own assembly (based in Tripoli) which they call the « High Council of State ». Considering that these two rival assemblies could form a bicameral system, Feltman set up the two groups as equals. Contacts between them took place in Holland, and then the Skhirat (Morocco) agreements were signed, but without the assent of both assemblies. These « agreements » instituted a « government of national union » (at first based in Tunisia) designated by the UN.

In order to prepare the general and Presidential elections and the elaboration of a new Constitution, France, taking over from the efforts of Holland and Egypt, organised a summit at the end of May between the four men presented by the UN as the principal leaders of the country, in the presence of the representatives of the main states implicated on the ground. This initiative was energetically criticised in Italy [4]. In public, the discussion was political, while in secret, work was being done to define the structure of a Central Libyan Bank which would wipe away any sign of the theft of sovereign Libyan funds by NATO [5], and centralise oil money. In any case, after the signature of a common declaration [6] and the usual hugs and kisses, the situation on the ground suddenly turned sour.

French President Emmanuel Macron acted from his experience as a business banker – he gathered together the main Libyan leaders chosen by the UN; examined with them how to protect their respective interests with a view to creating a government which would be recognised by all; verified that foreign powers would not sabotage this process; and thought that the Libyans would applaud this solution. However, since Libya is totally different from Western societies, nothing of sort occurred.

It is clear that France, which had been, together with the United Kingdom, a spearhead of the NATO attack on Libya, is now attempting to recuperate the dividends of its military intervention, of which it has been deprived by its Anglo-Saxon allies.

In order to understand what is happening, we have to step back and analyse the way that Libyans live in terms of their personal experience.

The History of Libya

Libya has only existed for 67 years. At the fall of fascism and the end of the Second World War, this Italian colony was occupied by the British (in Tripolitania and Cyrenaica) and by the French (in Fezzan, which they divided and attached administratively to their colonies of Algeria and Tunisia).

London favoured the emergence of a monarchy controlled from Saudi Arabia, the Senussi dynasty, which reigned over the country from its « independence » in 1951. Of the Wahhabite religion, it maintained its territory in a state of absolute obscurantism, while favouring Anglo-Saxon economic and military interests.

It was overthrown in 1969, by a group of officers who proclaimed true independence and expelled the foreign forces. At the level of interior politics, in 1975, Mouammar Kadhafi drew up a programme called the Green Book, in which he promised this desert people that he would satisfy their most important dreams. For example, while every Bedouin nurtured the ambition to possess his own tent and his own camel, he promised each family a free apartment and a car. The Libyan Arab Jamahiriya also offered water [7], free education and health care [8]. Progressively, the nomad population of the desert settled along the coast, but the links of each family with their tribe remained closer than their relations with their neighbours. National institutions were set up, inspired by the experiences of the utopian Socialist phalansteries of the 19th century. They set up a direct democracy at the same time as they co-existed with the ancient tribal structures. In this way, all important decisions were first of all presented to the Tribal Consultative Assembly before being deliberated by the General People’s Congress (National Assembly). On the international level, Kadhafi swore to resolve the secular conflict between the Africans, Arabs and black-skinned people. He ended slavery and used a large part of the country’s oil revenues to help the development of the sub-Saharan countries, notably in Mali. His activity woke the Western powers, who began to create aid policies for the development of the continent.

However, despite the progress that was made, thirty years of Jamahiriya were not enough to transform this African Saudi Arabia into a modern secular society.

The current problem

By destroying this régime and once again raising the flag of the Sanussis, NATO has set the country back to what it had been before 1969 – a collection of tribes living in the desert, cut off from the world. In the absence of a state, and without a supreme leader, the population has fallen back on their tribal structures. Sharia, racism and slavery reappeared. In these conditions, attempting to re-establish order from the top down is ineffective. On the contrary, it is indispensable to begin by pacifying the relations between tribes. It is only when this operation is successfully concluded that it will become possible to envisage democratic institutions. Until that time, everyone’s safety will be guaranteed only by their tribal membership. In order to survive, Libyans will therefore refrain from thinking autonomously, and will always refer to the position of their group.

The repression brought to bear by the inhabitants of Misrata on the people of Tawarga is a clear example. The Misratas are the descendants of the Turkish soldiers of the Ottoman army, and the people of Tawarga are the descendants of the ancient black slaves. Working with Turkey, the Misratas participated in the overthrow of the Jamahiriya. As soon as the Sanussi flag had become mandatory, they turned on the black people with racist fury. They accused them of all sorts of crimes and forced 30,000 of them to flee.

It would obviously be very difficult to find a personality comparable to Mouammar Kadhafi who would first of all be recognised by the tribes, then by the People. But in reality, this is not what Jeffrey Feltman is looking for. Contrary to the official declarations concerning an « inclusive » solution, in other words a solution which integrates all the components of Libyan society, Feltman has imposed, via the Islamists with whom he had collaborated in the State Department against Kadhafi, a law which forbids a post in public service to anyone who once served the Guide. The House of Representatives has refused to apply this text, which is still in force in Tripoli. This strategy is comparable to that of the de-Ba’athification that the same Feltman imposed on Iraq, when he was one of the directors of the « Coalition Provisional Authority ». In both cases, these laws deprive the countries of the majority of their elites, and force them into violence or exile. It is clear to see that Feltman is still pursuing the objectives of the Cebrowski plan, while he pretends to be working for peace.

Contrary to appearances, Libya’s problem is not so much the rivalry between its leaders as the absence of pacification between tribes and the exclusion of Kadhafists. The solution can only be negotiated between the four leaders united in Paris, but only within and around the House of Representatives of Tobruk, whose authority now covers 80 % of the territory.

Thierry Meyssan

Pete Kimberley


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west is still interfering for no good reasons...

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi has just published a brochure presenting his programme for the Libyan Presidential Election.

At a time when there is no legitimate political authority in Libya, four personalities, which rely on support from the countries that destroyed the Libyan State, have undertaken to organize legislative elections and a presidential election on 10 December 2018 [1].

The tribes which constitute the foundation of Libyan society have vociferously called for elections to take place, provided the Gaddafistas can participate in them. This is something that the Western Powers want to prevent at all costs. This explains why the International Criminal Court continues to charge Saif al-Islam Gaddafi of different crimes. Their evidentiary basis? Nothing but Western press cuttings. Yet an international arrest warrant against him is still very much in force.

Several opinion polls carried out in Libya show that Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, the second son of the assassinated Libyan Leader Muammar Gaddafi is by far the most popular political figure in his country. During the time of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Said al-Islam represented his father and demonstrated that he had genuine negotiating and leadership skills.

Anoosha Boralessa




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john o brennan's baby...

The Disposition Matrix, informally known as a kill list, is a database of information for tracking, capturing, rendering, or killing suspected enemies of the United States.[1] Developed by the Obama administration beginning in 2010, it goes beyond existing kill lists and is intended to become a permanent fixture of U.S. policy.[1] The process determining criteria for killing is not public and was heavily shaped by National Counterterrorism Director and former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director John O. Brennan.[2]

Though White HouseNational Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), and CIA spokespeople have declined to comment on the database, officials have stated privately that kill lists will expand "for at least another decade", if not indefinitely. One official stated "it’s a necessary part of what we do".[1] Paul R. Pillar, the former deputy director of the CIA’s counterterrorism center, has stated, "We are looking at something that is potentially indefinite".[1]

The database's existence was revealed in a three-part series published by The Washington Post newspaper. It noted that as of their publication, the number of civilian and militant casualties resulting from U.S. drone strikes would soon exceed the number of people killed in the September 11 attacks.[1]


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