Wednesday 23rd of January 2019

the charm offensive...


Holy mackerels!

the king napoleon bonaparte does delicious syderney...

French President Emmanuel Macron likely had food on the brain when he thanked Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and his "delicious wife" Lucy for their hospitality.

Mr Macron, who arrived in Sydney last night, gave a joint press conference with Mr Turnbull at Kirribilli House on Wednesday afternoon.

He mostly switched flawlessly between French to English as he was quizzed by reporters from both countries.

But at the end of proceedings, Mr Macron proved it's not so easy to give a press conference in your non-native language.


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slip of the tongue?...

Malcolm Turnbull has assured reporters his wife Lucy found the French President's description of her as "delicious" both flattering and charming.

Emmanuel Macron's use of the word raised some eyebrows yesterday, when he ended a meeting with Mr Turnbull in Sydney with the following comment:

"I want to thank you for your welcome — thank you, and your delicious wife."

Mr Macron's brief visit is only the second time a serving French president has been to Australia.

His use of the unusual term "delicious" to describe Mrs Turnbull attracted a flurry of interest amid the discussions about trade and strategic interests in the Pacific.

Today Mr Turnbull insisted no diplomatic drama had ensued.

"Lucy was very flattered and she has asked me to say that she found the President's compliment as charming as it was memorable," he said.


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Would it be possible that little napoleon's love for older women took the best of him? It is well know that many French people find older cheese "delicious"...

The Daily Telegraph could not hold fire about the "cheese-eating grin" to anyone crossing little napoleon's path... including our Gladys Berejiklian who does her best impression of a tough guy, in a feature article of the SMH with breezy whiffs of lovely floral Nazi curtains... And by the way, though the latest "MCONnect" branch has just been approved — the WestCONnex being similarly built to Hitler specs of driving autobahns in Germany, except underground — some NSW-people are questioning the lack of plans for the exits. Hey, I will say, NO PLANS FOR THE EXITS have been drawn, except THAT THE EXITS ARE ALREADY NEARLY COMPLETED, especially that at St Peters... They are digging night and day, concreting during the lunch breaks and bulldozing whatever looks like a tree or a house.

while the cat's away in syderney...

Since 2nd May, the Ecole normale supérieure has been occupied by students and by many people outside the school. A monument to the dead has been vandalized, the walls covered with tags. RT France has joined a student on the spot.

The prestigious Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS), located rue d'Ulm in Paris, has been overtaken since May 2nd. It joins other totally blocked campuses like Nanterre and Rennes 2 as well as others partially blocked (Limoges, Nantes, Marseille, Lyon 2, Paris 8 and the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales). This movement of protest against the policy of the government castigates the ORE law which implements in particular a form of racist selection at the entrance of the university in certain sectors, the law asylum-immigration voted in the Assembly at the first reading on April 22, and a protest in defense of the railway public service.

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delicious faux-pas of deliberate napoleonic proportions...

French President Emmanuel Macron has laughed off an Australian newspaper’s front page mock-up of him as ‘Pepe Le Pew’ after a linguistic faux pas saw him call the wife of Aussie PM Malcolm Turnbull ‘delicious.’ 

Macron made the tongue-twisting fumble at the end of an official visit Down Under. While speaking alongside Turnbull, Macron took the opportunity to thank the PM and his wife for their hospitality.

Speaking in English, the president said: “I wanted to thank you for your welcome. Thank you and your delicious wife.” In his defense, it appears likely Macron probably meant to say “delightful.” The French word “delicieux” can mean both delicious and delightful, but that didn’t stop worldwide jokes at Macron’s expense.


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The problem with little napoleon is not his slippery use of language, but his use of weapons on Syria — possibly to hide the fact that France has supported Daesh and to engross himself with big bully boy DumbDumb of the USA. Unlike Pépé-le-Pew, little napoleon's charming looks, his playboy lines for ladies and relaxed attitude, hide a calculated devious hypocritical character who will manage to say contradictory concepts in one sentence and make us not realise it. It's the art of the spruiker selling seconds and damaged goods on street corners for more than they are worth.

All the synonyms for the English words "delicious" (delicieux in French) would be mostly "diplomatically" inappropriate, even the word "delightful". In fact the gaffe may have been deliberate as to distract the media notice the double talk of this macroleonic menace. Maybe Lucy Turnbull, usually tough, decided and clever, had "deliciously" melted in front of the charming young spunk who favours older ladies — like some French people love mature cheese.




a president for the rich...

French President Emmanuel Macron intends to scrap a 30 percent "exit tax" on top-earners who transfer their assets outside of France, in a bid to boost the attractiveness of the country for foreign investors.

The levy was introduced in 2012 under former rightwing president Nicolas Sarkozy to try to dissuade wealthy French entrepreneurs or investors from moving their money or assets out of the country.
 At the time, many millionaires were fleeing France for neighbouring jurisdictions with lower income tax rates such as Belgium.
 Macron told Forbes magazine in an interview published Tuesday that he would scrap the tax next year.
   "People are free to invest where they want. If you want to get married, you should not explain to your partner, 'If you marry me, you will not be free to divorce,'" Macron told the magazine.
   "I'm not so sure it is the best way to have a lady or a man who loves. So I'm for being free to get married and free to divorce."
   The move could prove controversial for Macron, who has been labelled the "president of the rich" by his opponents after introducing a series of measures designed to encourage entrepreneurs.   
These included scrapping a special wealth tax on high-earners in this year's budget and creating a "flat tax" of 30 percent on all financial income including dividends.   
Macron insists that he needs to lower the country's tax take, one of the highest in Europe, to make the country more attractive for investors as he seeks to lower unemployment from its current rate of around 9.0 percent.

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I suppose our Trumble loves it...

pépé le pew for a select few...

For several months, members of a “small group” (Saudi Arabia, the United States, France, Jordan and the United Kingdom) have been trying to eliminate Russia from the UN Security Council.

In the same vein, France has just proposed amending the by-laws of the OIAC, the organization tasked with checking the application of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons – amendments which will lead to changing the meaning of the Treaty—.

The idea is that, since Russia is challenging the Atlantists version of the Skripal matter and the events in Eastern Ghouta, the OIAC might settle issues on what happened and then pinpoint culpability without Russia.

Up until now, the mandate of the OIAC permits it to fact-find but not to go on to make a declaration as to culpability. The organization makes its decision on the basis of a qualified majority.

The French proposition is that going forward, decisions should be taken by a simple majority. This would automatically empower the Western powers and them alone.

Anoosha Boralessa


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