Sunday 9th of August 2020

a bit of fashionista vacuity...


Kate McKinnon, Issa Rae and Sarah Silverman grace the cover of GQ’s new comedy issue, each with a few extra arms and legs, mercilessly mocking Vanity Fair’s epic Photoshop fail — but staffers at VF are failing to see the funny side.

The three comedians pose in glamorous gowns, but a closer look reveals there are extra contorted arms and legs added into the image. The cover parodies the 2018 Hollywood Issue of GQ’s fellow Condé Nast publication, Vanity Fair, on which Reese Witherspoon appeared to have three legs and Oprah Winfrey had an extra hand.

But Condé insiders say Vanity Fair execs are furious — because GQ apparently didn’t give them any advance warning about the hilarious spoof.

A Condé source said, “There is mass fury at VF today, the staff and editors are really upset. GQ is spoofing the VF cover which came out with all the Photoshop mistakes, the mysterious extra legs and hands attached to Oprah.

“But Jim Nelson, the editor-in-chief at GQ, never told Vanity Fair editor-in-chief Radhika Jones, or anyone else at VF, that he was planning this.

“They are being mocked by a sister publication, nobody told them in advance, and they found out about it at the same time as everyone else, when the GQ cover was released.”

The Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue caused a Twitter storm back in January as fans pointed out the strange errors in the Annie Leibovitz photograph featuring a host of A-list actors.


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up the ladder of a stitch-up...


This famous picture of Dior garments, found in my old stuff-box, illustrate how fashion is used to sell stuff. The war between Vanity Fair and GQ magazine sounds more like a set-up to attract more magazine sales... Meanwhile, there are real painful wars out there where people get killed.

May be I should not make the rapprochement, yet some people did with that other elegant opening:


According to our former embassador to Israel:

The violent protests and clashes on the Israeli-Gaza border were driven primarily by local factors. Though the split-screen viewing suggested otherwise, they were not directly aimed at the US embassy move.


And I believe that my grandmother was a world champion boxer... The number of Palestinian dead is now over 60... and little will change. Ambassadors will gleefully polish turds. Buttons will be sown on, dresses will lengthen o shorten, money will be made, and we sleep well at night knowing that our Donald will deal with Iran in a fair and reasonable manner with a few bombs. Meanwhile in Europe they're trying to revive an old decree used for trading with Cuba, to "politically" deal with the sanctions on Iran and leave their factories there:

The Commission "launched the formal process to activate the Blocking Statute by updating the list of US sanctions on Iran falling within its scope," the statement reads further.

According to the statement, the measures will allow the European Investment Bank (EIB) to support EU investment in Iran and could be useful in particular for small and medium-sized companies.

READ MORE: EU May Use EIB to Help European Companies in Iran Amid US Sanctions — Belgian PM

The measures will come into force within two months unless the European Parliament and EU governments formally reject it.


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The only problem here is that the Europeans are scared that Donald will bomb Iran, no matter what. This place them in a pickle. Well, it won't be the US that will directly bomb Iran, but a "rogue" Israel outing, bless 'em, or an adventurous Saudi Arabia. And why not Turkey joining in to revive the Ottoman empire. Just enough damage for the US to demand a "political" solution, "before things get out of hands" (a bit late you would say, but). Meanwhile the Ruskies will be occupied somewhere else because... Ukraine might start to attack Belarus, with the support of the USA, after a false flag event of course. Meanwhile the fifth and sixth fleet will be on sharpen-the-knives duty: everyone at their station, because if Iran does not bend to the idiot Bolton's will, it's open the gunwales.

Up the ladder of a stitched-up war...

Then, the arctic becomes another war theatre... and all this is obviously the "fault of the Russians"...


Ah, and I nearly forgot... Assange has been forgotten by the rest of the world...


The world of humans is an ugly hypocritical place, isn't it? It could be otherwise. 

trying to fool us with staged news...

Ukrainian officials announced on Tuesday that Babchenko, a veteran war correspondent, had been shot three times in the back as he left his apartment in the capital Kiev to buy bread. His wife discovered him lying in a puddle of blood and Babchenko died in an ambulance on the way to hospital, they said.

Ukraine’s prime minister, Volodymyr Groysman, promptly blamed the Kremlin for Babchenko’s “death” and suggested he had been targeted because of his professional work. To complete the picture, the authorities released a sketch of the likely assassin. It revealed a bearded middle-aged man wearing a baseball cap.

On Wednesday Babchenko revealed that this was all an elaborate special operation – a hoax, in fact. It certainly fooled the world’s media, which reported his death prominently, and prompted friends and colleagues to shower him with posthumous tributes. At the time when he came back from the dead writers were busy crafting his obituary.

The news that Babchenko was alive and the sight of the reporter prompted gasps from journalists at the press conference. Speaking in Russian, for which he apologised, Babchenko said Ukraine’s SBU had learned of a “serious” plan to kill him two months ago and warned him about it one month ago.

The plot originated in Moscow and from “government security services”, he said. “They [the SBU] showed me evidence and I understood that it was coming from Russia, probably from state security apparatus,” Babchenko explained. He added: “They suggested I take part in a sting operation.”


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I did not bite...

sicko in the headlines...

Vogue Portugal has apologized and pulled a controversial cover over claims it was glamorizing mental illness. The publication had first attempted to stand by the cover, which features a woman modelling as a psychiatric patient.

The magazine faced swift backlash on Friday after posting an image of the cover — one of four for its so-called “madness issue” on mental health —  to Instagram.

The image shows an anxious-looking model crouched in a bathtub surrounded by two nurses wearing old-fashioned uniforms, one of whom is pouring water over her head. The set is clearly designed to look like a shabby bathroom in an old-style mental asylum.

Many on social media took immediate issue with the aesthetics.

In a comment on Vogue Portugal’s Instagram page, Portuguese model Sara Sampaio slammed the shoot as being “in very bad taste” and said the images “should not be representing the conversation” about mental health.

Others said the imagery “harks back to archaic, traumatic therapies” while another said the photo shoot was “glamorizing mental health institutions.” British actress Denise Welch, who has penned a book about her struggle with depression, said that the cover was “perpetuating the stereotype of a poorly girl in a mental asylum” and questioned why no one “out of the whole editorial team” thought the cover was problematic.

Needless to say, online commenters were also angry about the fact that the magazine had dubbed its latest installment the “madness issue” with one saying it sent an “awful message” to people suffering from mental health issues.


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