Sunday 21st of July 2019

this is going to be painful...


YES, TONY ABBOTT, even deep dark depression is treatable with positive supports, exercise, counselling and medication.

But leave it under-treated for too long and it can debilitate for life.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), combined with Medicare, can provide those essential supports and structures. Austerity breeds depression. The Margaret River family shooting proves that those beyond the reach of timely NDIS support flounder. 

The current upswing in employment is largely due to the increase in casual workers flooding into the disability sector. Many of the jobs are not full time or permanent, but they are there.

It was political foresight that established this dynamic opportunity even as other industries faced crushing cuts. NDIS providers like HireUp have offered flexibility and the difference is showing.

More people with disabilities are accessing the wider community. More people are acquiring life skills. More folk have made new friends.

As a mum of two boys with high functioning autism spectrum disorder born in 2000 and 2003, I fast became an isolated, worried wreck. No DNA testing was available and diagnosis took years. No help was on offer. I was unable to sleep much, let alone work. Identifying therapists, taking my sons to specialists and worrying about money became my whole life. 

Wrangling those two was like juggling a bag of monkeys. On our way to preschool, the supermarket or specialists, members of the public would comment on how disruptive they were. The first thing folk do is blame the mother.


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Please don't say that my mind is like a steel trap. I work a lot with "coincidences" between the present and past happenings. Whatever can be related to the past events is only due to my excellent filing system that goes beep-beep-beep with a red flashing light on top of the cabinet(s). So I need to open the drawers and there it often is: the offending Turdy has done it again. But this one article at top, despite the warnings from my filing system, took a while to extract from the sediments at the bottom... These days, I do pdfs of such reports for further referencing. This article goes back to the days when I was filing hard copies. Too much madness in the world to do so nowadays

Thankfully the other guy is now running a charity apart from other directorships. Turdy is still a backbencher ... Since 2015, Brogden has been the managing director and CEO at the AICD. He is currently the Chairman of UrbanGrowth NSW, the Broken Bay Institute and Lifeline and has served in the roles since 2012. Brogden also currently serves as Chairman of Furlough House Retirement Village, a role which he has held since 2011....Note that Turdy was willing to apologise if "it would make people feel better"... WHAT A DORK! What an apology!... Turdy has no sense of humanity, only about saving his own arse, very very awkwardly...

other former polies do community work...

I was going to say that Turdy (Tony Abbott) should resign from parliament and contribute to the community rather than destroy it, as has been his modus operandi when he was PM (you can say this (PM) as if you were sucking on a lemon — or in his case a raw onion...). Someone could correct me and say that Turdy is a Bushfire brigade volunteer... Sure, he's the one who starts the fires by being an ignoramus of global warming, and a very dedicated denialist at that. So I say retire Turdy, go and live in that nice village for retirees, Furlough House Retirement Village, run by that nice guy Brogden. You might learn something. 


the sick and the infirm are ripping off tony abbott...


Abbott's NDIS comments tell you everything you need to know about the character of the Liberal Party. Compassion is too expensive. People using NDIS are ripping off the system. Presumably the disabilities are faked? Australia, we can do so much better than this mean spirited govt.

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