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of lies, porkies and deceit...


I have been studying deceit for a long time, since I can remember, I think. Not that I am a liar or was a liar. I have lied a bit like anyone else. Possibly less. I have been lied to. A lot. Lying is one of the essences of humankind, like laughter. We even lie to ourself in order to motivate our laziness into superb action.


On a grand scale, governments lie. They always have. Sometimes it is for “our” benefit, often it’s a way to get away with murder. Often it’s a simple “massage of the truth” and to make us swallow the idea we’re useless barnacles on the butt of society. Lies sometimes come from our misunderstanding of something and from our wish not to appear to be an idiot. Thus we fabricate a story which could be plausible and forget the “caveats”. One lie leads to another, etc. Other times we wish to do something that is knowingly wrong. We lie about our intentions. 

Governments are experts at this and they train more and more professional personnel in this art form. Press secretaries are employed to express a twisted contorted position as if it was acceptably straight. Some ministers like ScoMo do it themselves. 

And there is “intelligence”.

In governments, “intelligence” is composed of two main parts: 1) assessing the information coming out of other government, secrets, lies or otherwise. 2) producing fake information for the consumption of other governments about their own capabilities.

“Intelligence” is very complex. In the USA, there are now 17 large “intelligence” agencies, including the CIA. They have clout. They know stuff. They are assigned an array of missions relating to national defense, foreign relations, homeland security and law enforcement. They work at deceiving others and avoid to be deceived. These days they employ a lot of personnel — over 5 million government employees and private contractors, to a cost of about US$100 billion. Most employees need special “clearance” and those who expose the dirt in this system shall be shot. Simple. 

Dithering Trump seems to ignore this “intelligence” gathering...

In the Age of Deceit, I exposed the USA as the biggest liars on the planet. This was 13 years ago. I still believe so. With varying degrees, after George W Bush and his lying neocons, Obama continued the lies in his own elegant smooth style. Now, the artful dodger Donald Trump does not “really lie" but appears so confused and so crass in his loony actions that he hides his real intentions well. He may not know what he is doing or saying, but this is beside the point. 

In parallel, the “Putin-Trump Inquiry” is also based on suppositions and possibilities that have nothing to do with the truth, but with creating a “circus show”, a bit like a comedy routine with a ventriloquist, in order to amuse a bunch of losers — the Democrats, who would lie with aplomb as well at this level, if given a chance.

Australian “intelligence”-ops has just been exposed for spying on Timor Leste, while negotiating a “fair” treaty, for an “unfair” result. This was really uncouth. Really bad. This was done at the time of one of Australia’s biggest duplicitous overseer on this score — a certain Alexander Downer. Alexander has recently been also outed as a principal actor in the “Putin-Trump” investigation. Possibly the major player in this saga, relaying “explosive information” gathered over a boozy night with an unreliable character. It’s not by accident. 

Alexander cannot be trusted by anyone anymore, unless they have rocks in their heads. In my view he could not be trusted back then in the Howard ministry. he was a liar. I still believe that Alexander has been a spy on behalf of the Americans, or at least an "American Pusher" — that is to say a guy who will do anything to make sure America comes first, even before Australia. I could be wrong. 

Both of us mainly go back to the days when every single day, Downer would claim that “Saddam has weapons of mass destruction”. Before this crazy war even started, I even flippantly counted 8,500 times that Downer claimed that "Saddam has weapons of mass destruction”. 8,500! I guess he believed he was like Paul Joseph Goebbels, the minister for disinformation in Hitler’s cabinet. Repeat repeat repeat repeat whatever, until people believe the bullshit.

I could not buy this of course. I knew through various means, as explained in various places on this site, that Saddam did not have any WMDs. None. Zero. I tried to alert the media about this then, but I got no reply. Nothing. Nada. Not even a niet.

So I followed the evolution of this fake news saga in 2001-02-03 that was going to lead to war against Iraq as a crude, yet powerful Double-Cross — a disinformation campaign that was using many tenticular avenues to promote war, while having no reasons for it. Alexander was one of these avenues: the foghorn. The relentless foghorn. John Howard was also bullshitting relentlessly. I don’t remember much about General Peter Cosgrove, but we’ll deal with him later on.

There were too many loose ends to the claim of "Saddam has weapons of mass destruction” and yet the media was lapping it up. Not a scribe was asking questions. The “intelligence was quite damning” was the line. End of story. When do we start bombing? The prospect of war was titillating for the media. At last, some Army glory and some courageous soldiers to ink the page with — a change from dogs being run over by a bus in Blandsville. 

It’s a simple as this. It’s frightening. That is the way much of the media operates, while claiming to know. And IT’S GETTING WORSE, especially in regard to Russia. 

There were a few hiccups in the Iraq disinformation campaign though. David Kelly in the UK was one of these hiccups, diplomat Joe Wilson was another one in the US and Andrew Wilkie in Australia exposed the simple fact that there was not enough “ticks in the boxes” for the case for war against Saddam.

By this stage, I already knew that all the information about the WMDs had been concocted. See other exposés about this on this site. I also had exposed my parallel deductions, as well: The simple fact that we were told that “Saddam’s WMDs were powerful, could hit Cyprus within 45 minutes and we did not know where they were hidden", should have send shivers down the spine of any military General geniuses. 

Warfare 101: one does not attack when one is in this “unknowing” situation. It’s suicidal. This is the result of the analysis that J C Masterman would have had to come to. So Masterman would have come to the conclusion that the information was bullshit, considering the eagerness for war from the protagonists — Bush, Blair and Howard — was building up like steam in a pressure cooker, with their Generals awaiting the starter flag like dogs going after a stick. 

The generals would have had to be in the loop of the deception, otherwise THEY WOULD NOT HAVE COMMITTED TROOPS TO ATTACK SADDAM, had he got those awful weapons as described. The losses would have been too great: Gus estimates about 15,000 troops dead by end of the first week.

The information I had from Germany and other countries in Europe had been scathing. This was going to be a war based on bullshit. Nothing new. Most wars are based on bullshit — or beliefs that have been frothed up to suit. Even Clinton’s war on Yugoslavia was one of those, eventually increasing the numbers of “victims” by a hundred factor, to make us swallow yet another war.

This is the privilege of self-righteous liars. They convince themselves. They try hard to convince us with their bullshit. We saw this with Libya and now Yemen, Syria, etc… Remember Colin Powell at the UN...

I have many books in various languages about “intelligence” and the psychology is quite precise about “manipulation” with adaptation of processes. Military Intelligence demands more than “hunches” in order to win. Re-reading Andrew Wilkie’s book, Axis of deceit, brings back to surface what happened at the time, in regard to his own Australian situation. I believe that, as an expert analysts, he could see there was not enough credible information to make a choice for war. He made a detailed SECRET report as to what such war would actually cascade into, including famine and terrorism. 

Yet Wilkie was surprised that no WMDs were found in Iraq. 

I was not surprised. I knew there was none. Even Hans Blix knew that.

But the fascinating part is that it is highly plausible that, after Wilkie had resigned from his office in disgust at the government’s warmongering, Alexander Downer passed on Wilkies’s SECRET report to the “press”, in this instance to the infamous Andrew Bolt, who HAD TO KNOW THE SECRET REPORT in order to write about it:

Wilkie, in his one  written assessment of Iraq, and in his real area of expertise, issued warnings that turned out with hindsight to be very alarmist… The war happened all right, yes there were no refugees, and [no] huge casualties. There was no flooding, no toxic gases from burning oil wells and no humanitarian disaster of any kind. Saddam did not unleash germ warfare or incite “mass panic”. Nor is there any starvation in Iraq… Wilkie, honestly using his judgement, got all that wrong. Yet he wanted us to trust his judgement on something he was not an expert in — Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. And to trust him above all his colleagues.

Here is a self-inflicted painful demolishing of Andrew Bolt’s own arse. 

History has shown that at least 5,500 US soldiers died in Iraq, more than 30,000 got maimed, and due to “not counting casualties” the estimates of this war resultant oscillates between 250,000 minimum and one million Iraqi dead. In regard to unleashing germ warfare, David Kelly, the expert in this area was certain that Saddam did not have any — and the only Anthrax that killed five people in the US came from a US lab. There were also a lot of refugees that fled to neighbouring countries — about 4 million people. So Andrew Bold was writing big shit. As well Wilkie was professionally fully versed in the area of weapons of mass destruction, contrarily to Bolt’s claim which was designed to belittle Wilkie — in support of John Howard’s CONservative politics. 

Another point that Wilkie had raised was the increase in “terrorism”. This became a sore point when Al Qaeda operatives blew up a train in Madrid and Mick Keelty, the Australian Federal Police Commissioner, pointed out the obvious link since Spain had been a participant in the invasion of Iraq. Of course, our Downer was “furious" and said that Keelty "was expressing a view which reflects a lot of the propaganda we’re getting from Al Qaeda.” Of course, General Peter Cosgrove sheepishly (?) sided with the government.

It is likely that the invasion of Iraq, was seen by Al Qaeda as an opportunity to strike, though Al Qaeda did not exist in Iraq, before then. 

So, is there more to say about Downer’s clowning? Plenty more, and plenty has been already mentioned on this site. 

Now, a chip of the old block, his daughter Georgina, is vying for an MP position, eventually joining the “Liberal (CONservative) government of her dad and grand-daddy, Sir John Downer.… 

May the debill help us defeat this dynasty that started with Alexander's own grand-daddy... 

Gus Leonisky

Your local bullshit analyst

and mayo...

But as the long byelection campaign for the South Australian seat of Mayo enters its final, fractious couple of weeks, one of the queue of Turnbull government ministers trooping in to support Liberal candidate Georgina Downer thought he’d discovered left-wing collusion in Nairne.

Small Business Minister Craig Laundy, a publican from NSW, came across a photo of Centre Alliance candidate Rebekha Sharkie - the woman who took Mayo out of Liberal hands in 2016, and who appears likely to regain it at the July 28 byelection - standing alongside two locals dressed up as Bananas in Pyjamas. In the photo, too, were Labor candidate Reg Coutts and Greens candidate Major “Moogy” Sumner.

Here, cried Laundy, was clear evidence of a left-wing Sharkie-Labor-Greens alliance that would “shock” constituents.


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why trump is correct...

Standing side-by-side with Vladimir Putin, United States President Donald Trump has refused to blame the Russian leader for meddling in the 2016 elections, casting doubt on the findings of his own intelligence agencies and sparking a storm of criticism at home.

Key points:
  • Donald Trump's performance denounced as "treasonous" and a "tragic mistake"
  • Vladimir Putin says allegations of election interference "complete nonsense"
  • US President says Putin is a "competitor" rather than adversary


On a day when he faced pressure from critics, allied countries and even his own staff to take a tough line, Mr Trump said not a single critical word about Moscow on any of the issues that have brought relations between the two powers to the lowest ebb since the Cold War.

Instead, he denounced the "stupidity" of his own country's policy, especially the decision to investigate election interference following the findings of US intelligence agencies.

A prosecutor announced an indictment three days ago of Russian spies for hacking into Democratic Party networks.

Mr Trump's performance at a joint media conference in Helsinki stirred a wave of condemnation in the United States, where the White House has struggled for months to dispel a suggestion that Mr Trump was unwilling to stand up to Mr Putin.


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Despite being "The Donald", Trump is not a fool. He is not as bright as he makes out, but he knows bullshit, by being an expert on 'manipulations" of intent himself. As more people (Russians) are found to spy in the US, etc, as Mueller finds more "proofs" (no real ones so far) of meddling by Russia in the US Presidential elections, the more Trump can smell the "Saddam has weapons of mass destruction" constructed deception from the "Establishment". He will weather the storm and eventually, having had Pompeo on his side, having worked at the head chef in the CIA kitchens, Trump might show the way the US people have been deceived by "The Establishment" and the major parties, the GOP and the Democrats. But he has to be careful as not to upset the traditionat US cronies...

The question is "who will get rid of him", not so much politically, but like a JFK. But unlike JFK, few would mourn him as a "hero". And of course the US "Establishment" would blame the Ruskies for it...

The malady of US deceit is barely starting... Trump is correct, unfortunately for some. Putin is not "bullshitting" the space. The US system is and Trump is aware of it.


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astute, not disillusioned...


Disillusioned voters find it easy to embrace a crossbencher like Rebekha Sharkie


This week Mr Howard was in Mayo, his former foreign minister's one-time South Australian seat, campaigning for Mr Downer's daughter Georgina.

When the Super Saturday by-elections were called, the Liberals thought they had a good chance to pick up Mayo, lost in 2016 to Rebekha Sharkie, from the Nick Xenophon Team (now Centre Alliance).

Ms Sharkie resigned in the citizenship crisis. The Liberals initially believed Ms Downer was an ideal candidate, despite her living in Melbourne.

But soon polling suggested another story — Ms Sharkie was leading Ms Downer 62 per cent to 38 per cent in polls last month.

Some Liberals talk about a two-stage assault on the seat, arguing that if Ms Downer doesn't win this time, she'll be well set up for next year's election.

Well, not if you look at the history. If Ms Sharkie can hold off the Liberals on July 28, she should be in a strong position for the general election.


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Why call the voters of mayo "disillusioned"? They are voting for the best person if they choose so. No disillusionment there. The possibility that Georgina is a chip of the old liar does not make them "disillusioned". It makes them "astute".



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a frydenmuck exercise...

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg says it’s a “muckraking exercise” on the part of the Labor Party. Indeed, there is much muck about, but that’s more to do with the notorious leak of government classified information that ended up in the hands of the Dutch philosopher and Herald Sun bloviator Dr Andreas Blot (BA-in-waiting). 

Opposition frontbencher Andrew Leigh has been pursuing the matter for two years or so with FOI requests in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. 

The leak was designed to discredit independent MP Andrew Wilkie’s opposition to Winston Howard’s calamitous decision to invade Iraq – a decision based on flawed intelligence, lies and hallucination. 

Wilkie had worked at the Office of National Assessments where he co-authored a report called “Iraq: humanitarian dimensions”. Someone, somewhere in the Howard government thought that if this report was given to a faithful government typist, such as Blot, then anti-war advocate Wilkie would be given a right Dutch tickle-up. 

The latest information to be uncovered is the transcript of interview between Frydenberg and Constable Plod of the AFP. This has allowed people to join the dots: Wilkie gives evidence about the Iraq War to a House of Commons committee in London. Frydenberg, a pantry maid in the office of then foreign minister Fishnets Downer, asks ONA for a copy of Wilkie’s report. In breach of security arrangements Frydenberg faxed the document on an insecure line to Fishnets’ home. Two days later, details of the classified report turn up under Blot’s hand in The Hun. 

Since then, careers have been advanced. Frydenberg somehow or other became treasurer and Craig Maclachlan, with whom he worked at the time, is doing great and noble works for Benito Dutton, helping to arrange visas for the au pairs of significant Australians and so on. 

Frydenberg hired top-notch lawyer Leon Zwier from Arnold Bloch Leibler to bloch the release of the interview. Alas, it emerged to show details of the rather pally chat between Plod and young Josh, who by then had graduated to be a factotum in Winston’s office. 

Frydenberg said he talked frequently to Blot, but Constable Plod could find no evidence that he leaked it to the renowned philosopher. The treasurer fought like a scalded cat to stop the release of the transcript of interview, but when it was published he said there is “nothing new and nothing to add”.

There’s plenty of muck and there needs to be more raking.


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