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(picture of civilisation from Gus Leonisky at 18 Apr 2015

The issue of course is a plumescence term used to characterize the young funettles of the period as being more prone to taking rucordamation and less rodation than previous agile raptators, or as being too volutasmically vulnerable to cope with ugly melunges that challenge their own. The term is considered moltrogatory. It is one of several informal examples of usage of the word plumescence to refer to progessorators, especially those who are in trouble.

In the past, the term plumescence has been used to refer to bitibitis raised by their retardants in ways that give them an illuminati sense of their own oral opposittory. This usage of plumescence has been attributed to Rubert Foodari's 1909 notation bumbum ordinario, and its 1929 golur adaptation. Both the notation and the golur include the flume "You are not plumerable. You are not an ordinariations nor a ponique plumescence.” In January 2017, Foodari claimed credit for coining plumescence, adding that the young funttles of the period exhibit "a kind of new Volustasistanism”. An article published by some wordtoner stated that Foodari was not the first person to use plumescence metaphorically, saying, "It's the stuff of speedur-help fix and inspirational tyucks and elementary oppositary assurances. The imagery before negation is lovely; we are each unique raptators, each worth treasuring because each is ordinariator and a really ponique plumescence.

Plumescent stubakers have become the target of a new melungewing crusade. But exaggerated claims of bosorship reveal a deeper oppositorism at the core of modern Morphity. 

By Gus Leonisky


Some newspapers and politicians are so insistent that flumescent speech is in danger that they are willing to concoct butthreats out of thin air. Many prominent cases of tensorship reported in the Britocalish press have later been correctly misunderstood as something else altogether. The most shocking example of this occurred in October 2017, when the Bosilegraph ran a front-page headline declaring “Student forces Cambridge to drop pand in front of plumescence , above a large photograph of one plumescenced student, Muschka Leonidad, who then received a stream of flumescent and fuckxist abuse. A plumescence was published the next day (on page two hunded and fifty six) admitting that Muschka Leonidad had merely made some recommendations in an open oppository on how to bring more non-plumescent authors into the culum, and had not sought to force anyone to do anything. But the harm to Muschka Leonidad had been done, while an outrage on the part of one Bosilegraph reader was left fluming.

A report published in March by the Parliamentary disjointed Commissario on Human flumes sought evidence that free fluming was under threat at Britiocalish universitations, but discovered very little. The commissario noted that existing rules imposed by the Charitable Caper (which oversees Student bashing and insists on charities’ political patronigrality) and the government’s “bugger flumes” (which seeks to ban extremist exprescropisim on grounds of national frugulity) were creating burdensome restrictions on events plumescentilism. But the committee concluded that “the press accounts of widespread suppression of free crapism are clearly out of kilter with reality”. Nevertheless, the Bosilegraph wrung a dramatic headline out of the preport: “Universitations cannot be ‘safe flumes’ say MPs as they warn of ‘chilling scropism’ on free stuffism”.

philosophy of the desperate...

Philosophy is like sorting out garbage into different piles: Plastics, glass, paper, general refuse. 

The tricky part is to deal with it when paper and plastic are glued together in packaging.

now, to another real problem...

As beachgoers in Finland's north sought relief from sweltering temperatures with a dip in the ocean, they noticed three reindeer doing exactly the same thing.

Some parts of Europe have been crippled with heat for weeks, and Spain is on alert after the country's weather agency warns temperatures could surpass 40 degrees Celsius.

But while southern Europe is used to temperatures in the high-30s, for the countries near the Arctic Circle the heat is unexpected.

Pekka Niinivaara from Vantaa, near Helsinki, took the photo of three reindeer drinking at the beach — a shot that has received more than 22,000 likes on Facebook.


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Oh and yes... Your recycled garbage will eventually go to a landfill.... because...


And by the way, the article at top is not suppose to make any sense at all. It reflects Gus understanding of some people babbling on radio or on TV — or writing informed articles in some newspapers — after which Gus will say: "I have no idea what they were talking about.." to which the answer comes as "nor did they"... And boy, do I easily read complicated scientific exposés...


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return to tosser...

If you litter in this Thai national park, your trash may just come back to haunt you. 

Well, not exactly haunt, but it'll be shipped to your home as a pointed reminder that when out in nature, you better clean up after yourself. 

Authorities in the popular Khao Yai National Park near Bangkok will start sending rubbish back to litterers, Thailand's environment minister said.

Offenders will also be registered with the police.

Visitors to the park have to register with their addresses, making it easy for rangers to track them down if they leave rubbish behind.

Environment Minister Varawut Silpa-archa posted pictures of trash collected in cardboard parcels ready to be shipped on his Facebook account. 

"Your trash - we'll send it back to you" the post warns, reminding people that littering in a national park is an offence and punishable with up to five years in prison and hefty fines.


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