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love in the liberal party...

et tu, duttonuset tu, duttonus

Senior ministers stand by Turnbull as Dutton plotters sharpen knives

Two of Malcolm Turnbull's most senior colleagues have publicly backed him in a show of support as he tries to fend off another move from his rival Peter Dutton.

Key points:
  • Peter Dutton could launch a second challenge as early as today
  • Ten frontbenchers offer resignations to Turnbull, two have been accepted
  • Senior ministers Scott Morrison and Mathias Cormann reiterate support for PM


Mr Dutton and his supporters are confident they can replace Mr Turnbull as leader with another move as early as this week.

But Senate leader Mathias Cormann, whose backing is keeping Mr Turnbull safe for now, declared he would continue to serve him loyally.

"I support Malcolm Turnbull as Prime Minister," Senator Cormann said.

"I was very grateful when Malcolm invited me to serve in his Cabinet in September 2015. I have served Malcolm loyally ever since and I will continue to serve him loyally into the future."

When asked if he could rule out having any leadership ambitions, Treasurer Scott Morrison put his arm around Mr Turnbull and said: "This is my leader and I am ambitious for him."

Mr Turnbull's Government is in turmoil after 10 frontbenchers offered their resignations and Mr Dutton confirmed he was calling his colleagues to keep up his pitch to replace Mr Turnbull as PM.

"I'm speaking to colleagues, I'm not going to beat around the bush with that, mate," Mr Dutton told radio station 3AW this morning.


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Election, now! 

The two main Fairfax daily newspapers – the Sydney Morning Herald and the Age – both call for an early election, saying we’ve seen this move one too many times before. 

The SMH calls the “melodrama” in the nation’s capital a “low-budget remake” of the leadership disputes that have followed Australian politics like a mangy dog since 2010.

We’ve seen this movie one too many times before, they argue, and it would be better for everyone to cut short the “excruciating … screenplay”.

“It would be kinder to voters and more in the national interest if Mr Turnbull drove to Yarralumla and called an election a year early,” it says. 

“The big risk is that he might be shafted even before he got to the end of the driveway.”

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Of course Dutton might take the "leadership" but he will be booted out by parliament, as none of Malcolm's supporter(s) should help him along with any policies — as they would even be 100 times crappier than Malcolm's, and he won't get any joy from the other mobs...

Government will be overcome by fighting megalomaniac clowns...

"media"? jock straps? shock jocks?... ray laddle?

One of Peter Dutton’s strongest supporters in the media has stumbled in a tirade over the Liberal Party’s turmoil, provoking questions about the close links between the leadership challenger and parts of the media.

The questions came after 2GB host Ray Hadley told listeners of a text message he had received from a “Liberal Party MP” that attacked Scott Morrison, a potential leadership rival to Mr Dutton.

“Scott Morrison is now running around trying to put a ticket between himself and Peter Dutton together to try to challenge Malcolm Turnbull,” Hadley read.

“He’s told those he’s lobbying he won’t serve as my – as the deputy to Peter Dutton.”

The reference to “my” deputy led some listeners to think the text came from Mr Dutton, adding to the impression that the 2GB radio host was part of a political and media clique determined to force a leadership change at the top of the federal government.


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he should not be in parliament...



a "good bloke"...

Senior editor Michelle Pini discusses the latest incarnation of Peter Dutton, the "good bloke" and would-be PM, currently showing in most mainstream media outlets.

AFTER HIS FIRST FAILED ATTEMPT at toppling Prime Minister Turnbull, Member for Dickson Peter Dutton has taken himself off to the backbench, ostensibly to lick his wounds, survey his followers (this time on a calculator) and re-emerge as a stronger and more serious contender for the prime ministership.

This move has afforded Dutton the opportunity to reinvent himself from the humourless, hard ruler, void of empathy, to which we have become accustomed, into … wait for it, a “warm person” and a “good bloke”.

Many Australians may be shocked to think that this metamorphosis could be possible, given Dutton's recent actions as the Minister for Home Affairs.

However, as we ponder this possibility, the propaganda campaign to achieve this new public persona is well underway, deep in the hastily rewritten annals of the Murdoch press, as well as in more surprising crevices of the mainstream media (MSM), such as Fairfax and even the ABC.

Before we are swept away by the sheer brilliance of the MSM PR network, however, in the interests of the facts – and our sanity – let us take a short stroll through Mr Dutton’s parliamentary record.

Dutton's early speeches were characterised by themes with which he has concerned himself for most of his parliamentary career —people and groups which he termed, "the boisterous minority and the politically correct".

In 2001, in his maiden speech, Dutton said:

"The silent majority, the forgotten people — or the aspirational voters of our generation, as some like to term them — are fed up with bodies like the Civil Liberties Council and the Refugee Action Collective and certainly the dictatorship of the trade union movement." 

Stolen Generations

Dutton, then in opposition, boycotted Prime Minister Rudd's apology to the Stolen Generations in 2008 and offered to quit the shadow ministry.


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from manus with love...


Read from top.



the rabid dogs are foaming at the muzzle...

PM's supporters ridicule Dutton letter as leadership crisis comes to the boil


Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's supporters are ridiculing a petition calling for a fresh leadership ballot, despite some within the Peter Dutton camp sounding confident of victory.

The new bid to put pressure on the Prime Minister's leadership was launched last night, with a letter circulating asking for another party room meeting.

Supporters of former Home Affairs minister Mr Dutton have told the ABC they're close to getting the 43 votes they need to overwhelm Mr Turnbull.

"We've already had one vote, we saw that on Tuesday, I suspect over time we'll probably see another one," LNP backbencher Stuart Robert said.

But fellow backbencher Jane Prentice said the petition, as of last night, had just nine signatures on it.

"I haven't signed it and I haven't seen it," she said.

Just one Liberal is publicly claiming to have signed the letter — rookie senator Jim Molan.

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The rabid dogs are foaming at the muzzle... as one of the Sydney Morning Herald quotes (I think he made it up): "when parliament resumes many a village loose its idiot"

in the nasty country of megalomaniac turncoats...

To recap what just happened

Mathias Cormann, a key supporter of Malcolm Turnbull's, just stood up with his Cabinet colleagues Mitch Fifield and Michaelia Cash to announce they'd told the PM he no longer had the majority support of the Liberal party room. 
But the three senior members of Government asked the PM call a party room meeting to resolve the leadership crisis. 
Asked whether he thought Peter Dutton was the best person to lead the Liberal Party to the next election, Senator Cormann said yes.

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You know what?




Fourth: none of them care about you, nor the planet.

FIFTH: Michaelia Cash is a deceiving opportunist who should have resigned for having misled parliament.
Six: Mitch Fifield only exists because of Malcolm.