Friday 21st of June 2019

news is the raw sewage of history being made... history is merely fluid prejudice... history is bunk...

  1. Dutton camp demands PM call meeting to set up three-way leadership battle

    A noon showdown for the leadership of the Liberal Party today may seal the political fate of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and decide who becomes the next prime minister: Peter Dutton, Julie Bishop or Scott Morrison.


  2. LIVENation's top lawyer to deliver advice on Dutton as PM waits to pull leadership trigger

    Malcolm Turnbull is waiting for a petition with the names of 43 MPs who want him out of the leadership, as well as advice from the Solicitor-General on whether Peter Dutton is eligible to sit in the Parliament, before he'll call a party room meeting for a leadership spill. Follow our live coverage.

  3. How will a new prime minister be chosen and what time will we know?

    A bunch of men and women in suits are set to walk into a room and decide Australia's future. This is how a meeting will go.



  4. OPINION: 
    The Liberals are giving us the messiest leadership challenge in Australian history

    This Liberal spill is one for those who believe that Australia can have its Brexit and Trump moments, and that Mr Dutton is the man to deliver, writes Frank Bongiorno.

  5. OPINION: 
    A Dutton win would give the conservatives a stranglehold on the Liberal Party's throat

    Fundamentally, the ballot for Liberal leader is about the sort of face the party wants to turn to the Australian people, because any of the candidates would probably lose the election, writes Michelle Grattan.



    Turnbull has just strapped a bomb to himself and dared them to come get him

    The Prime Minister's demand to see the names of those seeking a spill is classic, back-to-the-wall Malcolm Turnbull — looking for legal loopholes and delaying tactics and never giving in, writes Annabel Crabb.

43 idiots and not counting...


Queensland Liberal MP Warren Entsch has indicated he will be the 43rd signature to the leadership petition — but only if it is needed.



when god tolerates its own devilish existence...

Turnbull made a deal with the devil. Now the devil has called time


The pact Malcolm Turnbull made with his factional and ideological Satan, the Liberals’ conservative confederacy, was simple.

PETER HARTCHERPeter HartcherAdd to shortlist

The Liberal Party is teetering on the brink of extinction


In its current state the Liberal Party cannot even organise an assassination, let alone run the country.


Not even Rudd at his most furious can match the ferocity of Turnbull


The Prime Minister, damning what he calls an insurgency from the right, has threatened to leave the Liberal Party in flames if his enemies win a spill motion.


of fools and oafs...


"With the flannelled fools at the wicket or the muddied oafs at the goals..."


                                                              Rudyard Kipling — The Islanders

the curse...

Malcolm Turnbull’s sudden exit as Australia’s prime minister has resurrected a popular internet meme which honors all the world leaders who demanded that Syria’s Bashar Assad “must go,” only to been shown the door themselves.

A supporter of the US-led ‘anti-terrorist intervention’ in Syria, Turnbull had on several occasions called for a regime change in Syria and for a transition from Mr Assad and from his leadership.

Now, it’s Turnbull who’ll be packing his bags, after being usurped by fellow Liberal Party MP Scott Morrison on Friday. But was Turnbull’s ignominious exit the result of poor polling and a rebellion within the party? Or is Bashar al-Assad harboring some weapons-grade meme magic?


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This of course is tongue-in-cheek report... Not even "fake news". The reality of what happened and will happen in Australia is explained here: funny? why oh why? in press fuckdom...

the degradation of social constructs...

...The war against welfare states

Needless to say, this is a perverse and pernicious misinterpretation of historical facts. The Atlantic Charter, declared by U.S. President Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Churchill in 1941, set out the principles of the post-war order, which included the "advancement of social welfare" and working "for a world free of want and fear." A year later, the British Beveridge Report on social welfare met such popular support that a reluctant cabinet felt compelled to accept it. When the war ended, the people promptly replaced Churchill's government with a Labour one to implement its recommendations.

Three years later, the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, inspired by the Atlantic Charter, reflected the Zeitgeist in Article 25: "Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and wellbeing of himself and his family including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood." Welfare states were thus established or extended after the war. They have now been under concerted attack since the 1970s. Governments across the Western world are still deregulating, imposing austerity and attacking unions to further increase business profit margins. The emergence of leaders like Trump around the globe signals an intensification of this tendency.

Worried by the popularity among young people of politicians like Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders who oppose these tendencies, however, the corporate and media sponsors of the attacks on the welfare state now seek to discredit the social democratic platform by disparaging it as historically fascist. That is also why they attack reputable sources of news like the ABC, and why they seek at once to discredit universities as "politically correct" and to pervert their mission by inserting into them privatised think thanks espousing Hayakian*[sic] ideology. So, too, they proffer the perverse thesis of fascism-as-socialism, finding ready adherents in right-wing corners of the twittersphere and in business circles.

The collective ignorance displayed by this revisionist commentariat is proportionally related to the outlandishness of its historical interpretations and its sophomoric ignorance of the recent history of Western civilization.

The revisionists likely neither know nor care that the monument erected to the German strikers who lost their lives confronting the Kapp Putsch was ritually destroyed by the Nazis in 1936. But others do. Whether those who remember the past can confront the slow-motion putsch against welfare states and the historical experiences of the catastrophic twentieth century that spawned them remains an open question.

Matthew Fitzpatrick is Associate Professor of International History at Flinders University. A. Dirk Moses is Professor of Modern History at the University of Sydney, and the author of German Intellectuals and the Nazi Past.


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Gus: presently, the workers in Germany are the best paid and the most motivated in the world. They contribute to the success of that country. Their unions are still some of the most powerful unions in the world.

In the 1970s, in the American sphere, the underlying theory amongst the ruling/management class went that workers should be "lean and hungry" to want to work in order to minimise the "welfare" status. Food stamps are exposed like a social pillory... In the end, workers become "fat (lazy) and hungry" at the same time because of food "management" as touted by advertising for profit to satisfy the "freedom of choice" desired by the free marketeers.

There are a variety of dynamics which are due to the language, the traditions, education, religious beliefs and the media's influence (media relies on ADVERTISING of free marketeers product for its survival). Between these, the relative general psyche of a nation will develop a synergy of political sentiments in between "pure free markets" and "social welfare" state. Historically these will shift in the general moods, because of some unhappiness and some abuse in both possibilities. 

One of the important factor that has attempted to break the resurgence of welfare state being even considered in parts, is the "fat and hungry" corporation which do not want borders for their global empire. The end game is not about people (entire populations) but about profits (for a limited exclusive number of rich people). This game is managed by clever lawyers who under the pretence of "free markets" will push consciously or carelessly for ruthless policies that will degrade the environment (often under the guise of "improvements" — gardens, golf courses, etc), lead to deforestation and a planetary poisoning with toxic chemical that are "necessary" to create products to sell (plastics, chemicals, artificial hormones). Globalisation as planned by such lawyers accelerates the destruction of the planet. As well, the capitalist system which underpins the free marketeers demands growth to exists. The natural limits of the planet can be modified by humans but with hidden costs to the sum-total of the bio-sphere, including global warming.

Several factors thus came to the fore. Global warming is the main "bête noire" of these "free-marketeers". They cannot accept that their actions (usage of fossil fuel, etc for profit) are actually interfering with the HEALTH of the planet. Another factor is the apparently confused (but extremely well cultivated by corporation and corporated governments) boundaries between TERRORISM and SOCIALISM. 

Under the grand plan to "tackle terrorism" (war on terror, etc), the system of corporatisation  (free marketeers "for some" — the rich), the neoconservative forces will actually use TERRORISM to fight SOCIALISM. This can be seen in all the little wars such as Libya, Syria (where the US even sponsors Al Qaeda) and others we don't hear about. 

We need to be alert and more intelligent about what we do. Our social constructs have been ad hoc for the last 4000 years with the feudal system. This is the kingdom thinking that has morphed into the corporate world. The social equalisation is not perfect yet as we all are at various stages of "understanding", of will and of abilities. 

This of course is also complexed by the generation gap and the cultural gaps — and money (or the lack thereof) is seen as the motivator of ideas. There, the quality of the natural environment becomes forgotten to our detriment.


Hayakian*: should be read as Hayekian.

Friedrich Hayek is a famous economist born in Vienna, Austria, in 1899. He is well-known for his numerous contributions in the field of economics and political philosophy. Hayek's approach mostly stems from the Austrian school of economics and emphasizes the limited nature of knowledge. He is particularly famous for his defense of free-market capitalism and is remembered as one of the greatest critics of the socialist consensus.

Friedrich Hayek is the co-winner of the The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel (the Nobel Prize for Economics) in 1974. He died on March 23, 1992.

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