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enlightenment in the old school...

old scool

The furore began after one alumnus wrote on 24 August: “Great to have an Old Boy as PM – he will make a great PM.”

“Doesn’t say much about the science faculty that he is a climate denialist,” said one reply.

“I feel shame that our school generated such a bigot,” said another.

Critics said they opposed Morrison’s record on climate change, LGBT rights and his legacy as immigration minister that involved a hardening of Australia’s offshore detention policy under Operation Sovereign Borders.

“I did not know him at school, but I have seen this reprehensible dolt wield his powers to the detriment of us all,” wrote one. “Evil … Now I am very embarrassed to have gone to school with him.”

“You are definitely not talking on behalf of SBHS Old Boys,” said another former student. “His political actions are a disgrace to humanity and his Christian hypocrisy is mind-boggling. Hardly someone to hold up as a model of what SBHS turned out.”


On Friday night, after weeks of debate, one poster appealed for calm.

“Chaps, the posts I’ve seen recently in this forum have been bizarre and demonstrated our worst selves,” he wrote. “I joined this forum as a touch point for news about High, not to read a postmodern Lord of the Flies.”

In response, one commenter called him a “cunt”.

The current furore is not the first time that Morrison’s old classmates have objected to his association with the school.

In 2015, 300 alumni wrote a scathing open letter after Morrison was invited to speak at a school fundraising event.

Signatories, including the former supreme court judge Hal Wootten and journalist John Pilger, criticised Morrison for “flagrantly disregarding human rights”.

“In his capacity as Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Morrison was at best complicit, and at worst the chief protagonist, in advocating offshore immigration detention policies that violate the United Nations Convention against Torture,” the letter read.

Compared with other politicians and previous prime ministers, Morrison’s attendance at the public selective school also makes him somewhat unusual.

“I’m no fan of Morrison,” wrote one old boy. “But he’s the first Liberal leader since John Howard who didn’t go to a private school, so says something for diversity perhaps?”


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scomo opens fake doors...

Thank God we finally have a Prime Minister in this country who is willing to tackle the most pressing issue facing us in this nation: God and religious freedom!

"At the end of the day, if you’re not free to believe in your own faith, well, you’re not free."

~ Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Too right, Scott! People sitting around in their lounge rooms, pubs, sporting grounds this weekend are all bemoaning the fact that they are constantly being persecuted for their faith.

Oh wait. I think they were actually watching footy finals…

But! This is a serious situation, as our esteemed PM has said:

"Like anyone else, they should be able to do Christmas plays, they should be able to talk about Easter. That’s our culture. There’s nothing wrong with that."

Exactly Mr Morrison, it is sooooo wrong how so many schools are not allowing their students to celebrate Christmas and Easter.

Oh wait! No schools are stopping kids from celebrating Christmas or Easter? But they might?

Speaking of those schools:

"The narcs can leave those things alone. If you want to send your child to a Christian school, you have the choice to do that and you can go and do it."

~ PM Scott Morrison

Oh, so true, Mr Morrison, you should be able to send your kids to a Christian school. No-one should stop you.

Hmm.... oh wait! No-one is stopping anyone from sending their kids to a Christian school.

Anyhow, Mr Morrison is correct, even the National Council of Churches, in a submission to the Ruddock Religious Freedom Review, agree with him about the “growing level of intolerance” in the community:

'We are seeing more abuse of people because of their religion, both verbal and physical.'

It is horrible, absolutely horrible how these poor Christians are being abused, persecuted and often harmed just going about their own business in the streets of Australia.

Oh wait. Maybe that was Africans being beaten up by Melbourne diners? No wait? Might have been LGBTIQ kids during the Same Sex Marriage Survey "debate"? Okay, I can’t remember reading where Christians in Australia have been beaten up — must be the MSM! They must be hiding it from us!

Speaking of those LGBTIQ… Now that those people are allowed to get married just like the rest of us Christians, why should we be forced to marry them when we think same-sex marriage is sinful?

Oh wait. We don’t have to marry them. But they might shame us for being so-called "intolerant" if we don’t?

Speaking of intolerance. Those LGBTIQ and others will start forcing us to actually employ them and/or serve them in our Government (taxpayer) subsidised schools, hospitals, social services that we run?

Oh! That is right, we are protected under law and are allowed to discriminate against the godless.

But, those unions! Those unions our dear Prime Minister is warning about, those lawless organisations may start forcing us to pay our staff award wages and God forbid! May try to force us employ those godless types — or at least not allow us to sack those floozies who go and get pregnant out of wedlock?

Lawless, yes, let us speak of the law.

Do you know, that horrible socialist Daniel Andrews in Victoria is looking at making us break the sacred Confessional! Yes, he thinks his piddly "laws" about reporting abuse of children should trump our sacred Seal of the Confessional.


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a short heatwave...

Sydney sweltered through a short heatwave today, with the temperature soaring past all forecasts and hitting 34 degrees in parts of the city.

It's only the 10th time that Sydney has reached 30 degrees on or before September 15 in 160 years of weather record keeping, four of which have occurred in the past decade.


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hot and windy...

Does the Coalition really think it is on the right track ignoring farmers, scientists, tourism operators, firefighters, surf lifesavers, the Australian Defence Force and 73% of the Australian public on climate change? Simon Black reports.

IT'S NOT OFTEN that you see a politician spit in the face of their electorate as thoroughly as Member for Hughes Craig Kelly and Senator Eric Abetz did last week when they dismissed climate change rallies outside Parliament House.

But how badly these two politicians have this issue wrong demonstrates exactly how far the coal lobby has managed to burrow into Canberra’s corridors of power. So far, in fact, that these two honourable men would urge Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the rest of the Coalition to ignore the majority of Australians and their calls to transition away from coal, and take action on climate change.

On Monday, 10 September, Craig Kelly vomited out a response to the Greenpeace protest outside Parliament House, where we sent a cheeky message to the PM to turn his back on the coal industry and to take action on climate change.

Kelly declared:

“When the extreme green left get upset, it’s a good sign that we are on the right track.” 

He was supported in this idiocy by fellow conservative Abetz who said he took the protests as a good sign the Government were “getting people back on side”. Conservative commentators piled on saying it was “a good thing when these groups are throwing eggs at you.

Their message to Prime Minister Scott Morrison seems to be not to worry about this climate change thing, all this ruckus is a good sign.

But here’s the thing. It’s not a good sign. And the PM should listen. He should listen very bloody hard because the overwhelming majority of voters disagree.

In dismissing the people outside Parliament, Kelly deliberately ignored hundreds of farmers who were also protesting on the lawns of Parliament.

They were people like Charlie Grell who gave an impassioned speech to his elected representatives that farmers were “already feeling the impacts of climate change” and that “the time for debating is finished”.

His speech came hot on the heels of the National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) declaring that they had “turned a corner” on climate change.

NFF head, Fiona Simson, said there was

“ ... always going to be some outliers who are going to have some wild ideas [but] overwhelmingly, I think it’s got to the point where the science is very acceptable.”

And it wasn’t just farmers that Kelly is urging his Parliamentary colleagues to ignore.

Jo Dodds is a Bega Valley Shire Councillor who spoke about the “unprecedented” fires that had raged through her region earlier this year:

“Politicians say we're not supposed to talk about climate change … what has to burn before there's action, because 69 homes in my town wasn't enough.”


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IN regard to the very recent Bega Shire fire, It is "likely" that the fires were started by well-intended "firies" (fire-personel) who did not look at the weather chart (hot and windy) before doing a "burn off"... Nothing new. The Annals of Australian cartoons have plenty of those:





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hot hubris and stupid serenity...

In the cloud of toxic dust thrown up by the Kavanaugh hearings last week, two new Trump initiatives slipped by with less notice than they deserve. Both are ugly, stupid – and they are linked, though in ways not immediately apparent.

In the first, the administration provided the rationale for scrapping President Obama’s automobile mileage standards: because Trump’s crew now officially expects the planet to warm by 4C . In the environmental impact statement they say it wouldn’t make much difference to the destruction of the planet if we all keep driving SUVs.

The news in that statement is that administration officials serenely contemplate that 4C rise (twice the last-ditch target set at the Paris climate talks). Were the world to actually warm that much, it would be a literal hell, unable to maintain civilizations as we have known them. But that’s now our policy, and it apparently rules out any of the actions that might, in fact, limit that warming. You might as well argue that because you’re going to die eventually, there’s no reason not to smoke a carton of cigarettes a day.

Meanwhile, reporters also discovered that the administration has set up what can only be described as a concentration camp near the Mexican border for detained migrant children, spiriting them under cover of darkness from the foster homes and small shelters across the nation where they had been staying.

Not an extermination camp – these aren’t Nazis – but a camp that literally concentrates this “problem” in one place: a tent city in the middle of the desert. Schooling is not available there, as it was in the shelters they came from; instead the kids are given “workbooks that they have no obligation to complete. Access to legal services is limited.”

That camp is linked to climate change because, first, it’s in a desert. If you searched high and low across the North American continent, you could barely find a place hotter and drier than Tornillo, Texas, where in June the average high is 96F and where, as one climate data source succinctly puts it, “there is virtually no rainfall during the year”.

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