Thursday 29th of October 2020

could scomo be as bad or worse than tony abbott?


This week the prime minister, Scott Morrison, was very much engaged in an exercise of answering the two questions most people are wondering about him: who are you and why are you here? When you find yourself the leader of a nation, it is generally good to have a reason for being there other than Morrison’s current explanation that he basically tripped into the job by accident.


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Could ScoMo be as bad or worse than tony abbott? This is a fair question...


Like Tony Abbott, ScoMo is a religious fanatic. ScoMo did the un-Christian dirty work on behalf of Tony, while minister for immigration and turning the boats back. Though I suspect that ScoMo is not as devious as Tony Abbott, there are chances that he is not as "intelligent" as Tony Abbott. Did I say "intelligent" and "Tony Abbott" in the same sentence? 

Here we must look at ScoMo being reactive in his political shit, while Tony Abbott is pro-active in his shit. This is a clear difference. While we knew what shit Tony Abbott was going to throw at us, there is little indication at what Scomo is going to do, unless there is some strawberries getting pins and needles on a plate. It's hard to argue with zombies — especially those getting out of a Christian cemetery because of a potato uprising.

the puppets in kanbra...

It can be hard to keep up with the leadership changes in Canberra, but for some it's really tough.

Puppet maker Hilary Talbot is forced back to the drawing board every time a government cuts the strings on its prime minister.

Her giant puppet heads have been a regular sight at protests around the country.

They were commissioned after the 2014 budget by activist Matthew Armstrong for a union-organised protest outside Parliament House.

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And by the way, as ScoMo goes after an issue like Bitzer goes after a bone, he got the Peta Credlin seal of approval in today's ST: This definitely means that Scomo is as bad as Tony Abbott — minimum.

what would christ do?



How times change! The religious structure was designed to infiltrate the governments rather than be purely "spiritual". 

At the time, Tiberius (16 November 42 BC – 16 March 37 AD) was Roman emperor from 14 AD to 37 AD, succeeding the first emperor, Augustus. It was not till Constantine, that Christianity and the Empire made a "power pact', by then completely flaunting the idea of Christ. It has not changed since. power and religion have run hand in glove, through wars and conquests. It's the same with the other mob, the Muslims. It feels better to claim that god is on your side when you massacre people. 


But Aussies do not massacre people... Yep, we supported the war on Saddam, we support the war on Afghanistan, we support the war in Syria, that on Gaddafi, the war on Yemen and we keep refugees in horrid conditions "to stop the boats". All this is done in the Christian spirit of course. Bullshit.



an incredible act of morrison doublespeak...

Phelps, a medical doctor and civil rights activist, said she had made a submission to the Ruddock review, which was established as part of the process of legalising marriage equality. She declared it would be “an incredible act of doublespeak to call this religious freedom, when what this is really about is using religion as an excuse to water down anti-discrimination laws”.

“If somebody on the basis of religion can be given a licence to discriminate and say that’s on the basis of my religion, then we are headed very much down the path of a religious-based rather than a secular government”.

Ruddock handed his report to the then Turnbull government in late May, but it has remained under wraps. Morrison has indicated in a number of interviews he will be taking a proactive approach on protecting religious freedom, but the detail of the prime minister’s plan is not yet clear.

This week’s Guardian Essential poll suggests Australians are divided about whether Australia needs a new law protecting religious freedom, with 37% of the sample supportive, 26% opposing the idea and 37% undecided.

In a wide-ranging conversation as the byelection campaign in Wentworth moves into high gear, Phelps told the podcast she was running because it was time to get an independent voice in the Sydney seat the Liberals currently hold on a 17% margin.


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abbott is an idiot...

An opinionator at the ABC, called Anthony Dillon — a post-doctoral fellow at the Institute for Positive Psychology and Education at Australian Catholic University — has the gall to tell us we should not discredit Tony Abbott and says:


"For many years, Mr Abbott has visited Aboriginal communities to sit, talk, share, and laugh with the people, and all for the right reasons — to better understand them.

Working in the academic space of Aboriginal education and psychology, I know that while education is obviously a focus to improving attendance rates, a holistic approach is needed if we are to see Aboriginal children thrive in school.

Having spoken with Mr Abbott about his new role and Aboriginal affairs in general, I know he understands the need to consider the broader contextual factors.


Immediately this presents a huge challenge to Mr Abbott and his team, which will require leaders working together — not attacking from the sidelines.

Perhaps most importantly, we need to stop seeing these children as "Indigenous children" and start seeing them as "Australian children" — our children.

While the hate campaigns for Mr Abbott continue, there will be little advancement in the education of Indigenous children, trapping future generations in a cycle of disadvantage."


With respect (actually none whatsoever for this silly opinion by Anthony Dillon about what Tony might do or not do for our Aboriginal communities,) Tony Abbott is a double dealing turd at all levels of his political life. He's the one who basically "confirmed" Terra Nullius to the world in regard to Australia:


He is an idiot....

Pastor Ray Minniecon, one of the organisers of Sydney's Invasion Day rally, said Mr Abbott was 'an idiot' after the former Prime Minister said the arrival of the First Fleet was a 'good thing' for Indigenous Australians.   

"He's an idiot, he doesn't understand Aboriginal people or the history of this country," he told NITV News. 

Mr Minniecon, a Kabikabi and Gurang-Gurang man from Queensland, said Mr Abbott will "not accept the fact the arrival of the First Fleet meant the massacre and genocide of First Australians."

Speaking to 2GB radio, Mr Abbott said the landing of the First Fleet was a 'good thing' for First Australians. 

"What happened on the 26th of January 1788 was, on balance, for everyone, Aboriginal people included, a good thing because it brought Western civilisation to this country, it brought Australia into the modern world," he said. 

The former Prime Minister's comments praising Australia day followed his Sunday tweet that stated: "This Friday I will gladly join millions of my ­fellow Australians to declare my faith in what, to us, is surely the best country on earth." 


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abbott ignoramus

abbott scottus


And not just Gus. Here's one from Moir:



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the CRASS crazies...

Asked who he meant by "the crazies", he listed the following top five 'crazy' Liberal MPs:

  1. Tony Abbott - "a singularly destructive human being"
  2. Peter Dutton - "obviously another one"
  3. Angus Taylor - the newly appointed Energy Minister who is seen as a champion of fossil fuels and a determined opponent of renewables. "Despite being very intelligent he can't get on the right side of events."
  4. (tied) Hard-right faction leaders Kevin Andrews and Eric Abetz
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Many of the rest of them are a bit less crazy, but mad lunatics nonetheless...

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yes, scummo is doing worse shit than turdy abbott...




Scott Morrison's political ad is a bizarre act of self-love as firefighters battle to save Australia

The prime minister’s promotional video was staggeringly objectionable and highlights his failure to lead

It really is hard to keep up with a prime minister who declares one minute disaster management is predominantly a state responsibility, and he won’t be running over the top of state premiers, and then, seemingly, five minutes later, calls out the ADF reserve, deploys military assets and procures more water bombers than anyone asked for.

This kind of plot twist is dizzying stuff in normal conditions, let alone in the middle of a disaster, when the prime ministerial norm is generally one of steadiness and consistency.

Perhaps it was Scott Morrison’s own demonstrable lack of clarity about what his government was, or was not, doing, in response to Australia’s catastrophic summer of bushfires that prompted his communications team to pump out a promotional video – on one of the most perilous days of the disaster – outlining today’s initiatives.

Perhaps the boss needed to be reminded, visually, with a soothing backing track called Live Tropical Beat, royalty free, complete with clicking fingers, or a simulation of clicking fingers, about what he’d said five minutes ago.

A visual aid to explain what the position was this particular minute.

Because the alternative explanation is Morrison, Australia’s prime minister, just issued a political ad – a little bit of humblebrag, a little moment of self-love, a short hymn of self-satisfaction – in the middle of the worst bushfire event we’ve seen in our fire-prone continent.

And that behaviour seems ... let me find the word ... wrong.

Yes, wrong is the word.


Utterly objectionable.

Objectionable works, because sensible prime ministers know that in times of national emergency, you show. You don’t tell, at least not with a crude bit of agitprop on the Liberal party website and pumped out on platforms.

You show. Show up, first of all, and you show leadership by actually leading. Not by telling people you are leading. Otherwise you are not a leader. You are an internet meme.

Dear Mr Morrison. You are the prime minister, not the Liberal party spruiker. We really do need you to understand that difference.


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Please, Katharine, do not encourage HisScumSelf to become "more PM like". He would grow taller by ten feet of glorious shit in the mind of the useless pricks at the merde'och media who would plaster his Waterloo as a Napoleonic victory on their front pages.


No, we only can demand that he resigns and go back to Hawaiiiiiii to finish his Hollidus interruptus. We demand a new election with a return to decency rather than expediency and deception as promoted by HisScumSelf — and by his troops of devious liars like Gus Taylor, who by now should be out of government, for using fake figures to damage the Council of Sydney, as well as getting his mates to collect cash (millions!) for water than may or may not have existed — and other turnipshit deceptions.



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