Friday 21st of June 2019

swimming with sharks repeat...


Damien Hirst's shark is considered one of the most iconic works of British art in the 1990s and helped make its creator the darling of the British postmodern art movement.

The massive tiger shark was caught off Hervey Bay in Queensland to the artist's specifications and then preserved in a formaldehyde solution. It sold in 2004 for a rumoured $12 million.

An inflatable Damien Hirst head with mask and snorkel remarks on the commercialism of that earlier artwork, The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living,  and is bound to become one of the more arresting images of this year's Sculpture by the Sea [Sydney].


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Hum... sorry to interrupt here... This big head was already displayed at Sculpture by the Sea in Perth earlier this year, as this picture by Gus Leonisky can prove.

But now that our royals have made "Rain In Dubbo" — a living sculpture of a "PRETTY Princess Holding an Umbrella over a Non-Struggling Red-Haired Prince, Delivering a Speech About Farmers' Struggle" — thus smashing the dry spell (as planned by the English Privy Council), in which farmers have been tearing their hair off, to prove the absolute power of the Monarchy over the republicans who would not be able to make a storm like this, we can only praise their "democratic benevolence" agenda which is the same as the previous heirs to the throne of Pommyland since 1900, in this country of extreme weather and of deluded CONservative politics. 

Note: the picture used in the Sydney Morning Herald was also taken at Cottesloe Beach, Perth.

the big dry turns into the big muck...

The Coalition government is bracing for its second leadership challenge in less than two months, with Nationals MPs counting numbers to potentially topple Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack within days.

The growing internal unrest inside the junior Coalition partner has infuriated the Liberal Party, which is fighting to retain its one-seat majority at Saturday's crucial byelection in the Sydney seat of Wentworth.

Former leader Barnaby Joyce, who resigned in disgrace in February after former staffer Vikki Campion became pregnant with his child, wants to reclaim the top job but has denied making calls for support.


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other exhibits from cottesloe...


Picture by Gus Leonisky

winners are grinners...

A Victorian artist has won the top award at Sydney's annual Sculptures by the Sea in Bondi.

James Parrett's work M-forty six won the Aqualand Award, worth $70,000, over 76 other artworks.

The artwork was described by Parrett as "an examination of circles and how they work together".

It will now be installed permanently in a public park in Mosman.

Independent federal politician Kerryn Phelps, who is expected to replace Malcolm Turnbull in the seat of Wentworth, announced the prize today.

"It's a wonderful exhibition … it's the richest award in the Southern Hemisphere for sculpture," Dr Phelps told the crowd.


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trick or trick... the scary thing is that scummo believes he is PM material...