Tuesday 23rd of April 2019

I know. gus is going to be hit for six with this toon...



Invictus Games

Follow all the action of Prince Harry's international adaptive multi-sport event for wounded, sick and injured service personnel, in Sydney October 20-27.


Please note that Gus Leonisky does not mean to be disrespectful of the brave soldiers, men and women, who have placed their life in danger on behalf of what is generally bad political will. Your bravery resulting in your injuries, physical and MENTAL (often questioning the value of what you did and the now devalued price placed by rotten politics on your veteran predicaments) shall be recognised forever. We salute you — but tell the political idiots who send you to war that they are the scums of the earth.



Out of the night that covers me, 
      Black as the pit from pole to pole, 
I thank whatever gods may be 
      For my unconquerable soul. 

In the fell clutch of circumstance 
      I have not winced nor cried aloud. 
Under the bludgeonings of chance 
      My head is bloody, but unbowed. 

Beyond this place of wrath and tears 
      Looms but the Horror of the shade, 
And yet the menace of the years 
      Finds and shall find me unafraid. 

It matters not how strait the gate, 
      How charged with punishments the scroll, 
I am the master of my fate, 
      I am the captain of my soul. 


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Note: my first caption idea for this toon was too cruel. I did moderate it myself.
It said: "Should we have more wars to increase the numbers of competitors in my Invictus Games?"
I could not let it pass...

feeling better now, deservedly...

It was a moment that cut to the heart of what Invictus means.

A pause in play unique to these Games. One that reminded everyone present of the emotional barriers that competitors here must overcome on a daily basis.

Wheelchair tennis player Paul Guest was comforted by his Dutch playing partner Edwin Vermetten at Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre, after the sound of a helicopter caused Guest's PTSD to resurface, momentarily leaving him unable to take his serve.

"I get all hot, I still feel the burning," explained Guest, a mine warfare specialist injured in 1987.

"I can still feel everything and smell everything. That very split second, it all comes back in my head."

In the interview room after the match, Guest explained how Invictus has given him a new purpose.

"It doesn't matter where I come. I haven't set my heart on anything, the only thing that matters is as long as I have done better than yesterday, I have won," he said.

"Last year, winning a Bronze in Toronto [at the previous Invictus Games] was great, but the biggest thing for me was when I came home and my six-year-old's teacher called me and said my son drew a picture with me in it."

Guests' wife and carer Michelle, by her husband's side during the interview, says her partner has made a remarkable comeback.

"There was a point where he just wouldn't come out of the bedroom, let alone the house," she said.

"I am really pleased, so pleased. That he is getting on and doing something, finally..."

"I just felt so useless," chimed in Guest.


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"our" royals we've come to "love"...

That's the trick. Prince Hairy and the Princess of Suspect have bid farewell to Sydney, that we are told by the Aussie press, "we've all fallen in love with". Excellent. My eyes are a-bleeding with joy.

To tell the truth, they are "nice kids" as told in reproach to a blue-rabid Mr Leonisky, mostly by the enamoured women folk... Not a foot was placed wrong. Not a dress left to be hunted down in the Aussie fashion stores. The star-dusted royal fairy tale has been deliberately told forever after, to swindle you away from your awful Republican ideals — and your irrational demands for peace. There will be more war veterans to come...

The Invictus games were a success in rekindling the war veterans spirits, which was a great thing, for which Scummo has had the bright (cheap) idea to give the returned services men and women a special discount card for the stores of scrounge-all — to give them discounts on their glorious everyday purchases. Piece a cake for a crappy government that has done everything so far to ignore, and often to despise, the plight of the war wounded.

Meanwhile, us, the oldies who were youngish in the 1960s, have to start again our protest march against the nuclear rearmament of the planet, now rekindled under the idiotic Bolton Doctrine. Our old PEACE-loving shoes are worn out and our old clothes on which the MAKE LOVE-NOT WAR labels and the NO NUKES words were embroided, are full of moth-holes. But we need them again, as our "friends" — and us — bomb the shit out of Yemen (and of other countries we don't know about in Africa) in preparation of the next "big one", either against the Chinese or Russia — or Persia. And while nearly 10 million people are about to be starved to death, while kids and wedding parties are being blown up by Saudi bombs (supplied by the industrious USA), of course we'll blame the Rooskies for this, as we are Star-and-stripists arse-suckers.

So the "nice kids", Royals with a good heart said nothing that could sway the new generations of brats understand the old warring ways that are returning to the mind of the psychopathic world leaders — ways that never left the patriotic platform in the "let's have another war for fun" to show we've still got it in our underpants — whatever it, is. 

Yes, they were, are and will be "nice kids". Prince Hairy did his cotton-wooled protected tour of duty in the hell-holes we created. The hell-holes still exist nearly 18 years later, because we've got our Western Will to impose on the planet. The will has changed name from the old "colonialisation and exploitation" of pre WW2 to the "US Empire" now, in which we play sidekicks, with our "nice kids", the Princes and Princesses of Windsordramia, showering us with star-dusted golden showers and more buns, possibly twins according to the female Aussie press, in the oven. Good luck to the "nice kids"...

But we need to wake up again. Our own kids have fallen under the witches spell, as the old drums of war are beating louder.

The only problem these days, is that street protests are a bother for kids busy with small mind-numbing tablets under their twittering thumbs.

A little big war might put a stop to this... Let's hope not.


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of royal buns in the oven and of kingdom's stewed prunes...

meanwhile in yemen...

A backlash prompted Facebook to stop removing posts featuring a photo of an emaciated seven-year-old Yemeni girl, which accompanied a harrowing New York Times report from the war-torn country.

The atrocities in Yemen don’t make poignant headlines in Western mainstream media as often as stories about chemical weapons in Syria or ‘Russian meddling,’ as the conflict usually gets sidelined in the press, but there are notable exceptions. ‘The Tragedy of Saudi Arabia’s War’ was the title of a grim report published by the NYT on Friday.

An image of a starved child named Amal Hussain was chosen by the journalists to illustrate the horrible death toll and suffering inflicted on the small Arab nation of Yemen by the armed intervention of its Saudi neighbor.


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Please note that YEMEN DID NOT ATTACK THE SAUDIS. The Saudis (the nasty little shit Royal Prince with the help of the nasty little USA) attacked Yemen to prevent democracy in Yemen.

a minute for the turks...

When Halee Isil Cosar stood for a minute's silence at her school Anzac ceremony in 1983, she wanted to ask for an extra minute to honour the Turkish soldiers at Gallipoli.

While around 141,000 Allied troops were killed or wounded in the Gallipoli campaign, the casualties on the Ottoman side numbered over 251,000.

So Cosar wasn't being disrespectful; in fact, she wanted to be twice as respectful.

"The legacy of Anzac to me, like most Australians, is mateship, loyalty and resilience. In both of my cultures, there are so many values that are similar," Cosar says.


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