Wednesday 23rd of January 2019

latham finds love at last... pauline believes he will be a great addition to her trophies of loonies...


"This is a fight for our civilisational values. For free speech, for merit selection, resilience, love of country - all of them under siege from the left, and a lot of it is happening in state politics as much as federal," Mr Latham said.

"I’m in a position and a stage in life where I just can’t stand on the sideline talking about it, I want to get stuck in and play a role as a legislator."



Note to self: mention that all the "problems" of Sydney that Mark Latham has mentioned to Alan Jones have been 100 per cent created by the right wing government of the NSW Liberal (CONservative) party — not by the LEFT.


So, as a new loony of the One Notion Party, is Mark Latham going to act like a loony-slator rather than a commentator, a profession he became largely a failure at, for saying things he should not have.

meanwhile — australia, where the bloody hell are ya?


The baseball-capped “daggy dad” theme has become a common plague and irresistible to satirists. The vehicle with which he is travelling through Queensland with, painted in pure sky blue, has also featured on social media.

Videos are being posted in quick-fire fashion. As part of an announcement on “Working Holiday Maker visa changes to support our farmers and their local communities,” the prime minister is featured with strawberries and the improved lot of farmers who got through their “difficult patch”. (Does this man pun, or what?)

Morrison is openly searching for the slogans and words that are bound to feature during the actual election campaign:

“At this next election there’s a choice. You can trust a Government that can pay for Medicare because we’re running a strong economy.” 

Repetition is key, with “small and family businesses” being uttered with the frequency of a tic.

Quipped reporter Josh Butler:

'I would love to see the results of the focus group that found "repeated thumbs up", "novelty caps" and "saying fair dinkum" were PR winners.'

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Hitler was famous for his own style of baseball-caps...