Tuesday 23rd of April 2019

latham finds love at last... pauline believes he will be a great addition to her trophies of loonies...


"This is a fight for our civilisational values. For free speech, for merit selection, resilience, love of country - all of them under siege from the left, and a lot of it is happening in state politics as much as federal," Mr Latham said.

"I’m in a position and a stage in life where I just can’t stand on the sideline talking about it, I want to get stuck in and play a role as a legislator."





Note to self: mention that all the "problems" of Sydney that Mark Latham has mentioned to Alan Jones have been 100 per cent created by the right wing government of the NSW Liberal (CONservative) party — not by the LEFT.


So, as a new loony of the One Notion Party, is Mark Latham going to act like a loony-slator rather than a commentator, a profession he became largely a failure at, for saying things he should not have.

meanwhile — australia, where the bloody hell are ya?


The baseball-capped “daggy dad” theme has become a common plague and irresistible to satirists. The vehicle with which he is travelling through Queensland with, painted in pure sky blue, has also featured on social media.

Videos are being posted in quick-fire fashion. As part of an announcement on “Working Holiday Maker visa changes to support our farmers and their local communities,” the prime minister is featured with strawberries and the improved lot of farmers who got through their “difficult patch”. (Does this man pun, or what?)

Morrison is openly searching for the slogans and words that are bound to feature during the actual election campaign:

“At this next election there’s a choice. You can trust a Government that can pay for Medicare because we’re running a strong economy.” 

Repetition is key, with “small and family businesses” being uttered with the frequency of a tic.

Quipped reporter Josh Butler:

'I would love to see the results of the focus group that found "repeated thumbs up", "novelty caps" and "saying fair dinkum" were PR winners.'

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Hitler was famous for his own style of baseball-caps... 


don't vote for the "small" parties...

Apart from a few small political parties, such as the Socialists, most "small" political parties are from the extreme right, fascist and culturally very narrow minded:


This include


— PUP and its new incarnation under Clive Palmer who is a liar and a climate change denialist.


— One Nation or One Notion, which has been joined by this walking bully Mark Latham in NSW, presently using illegal "loans" from the Queensland branch of this nutty party — and got cash from Alan Jones.


— "The Shooter and Fisher" party or whatever name they use.


— an array of "independents", most of whom are related to the Liberal (CONservative) party in order to increase the chances of that party to win.


All these small parties and independents are there to HELP the Libs win back government. Remember the Laurel and Hardy routine of Abbott and Palmer...


The "Greens" cannot be considered a "small" party and tend to go with Labor.


Meanwhile, Daley — the Labor leader for less than half a year — is impressive and far far better than Gladys. 



we salute you, hugh...

My name is Hugh Hunter. I am 15 years old and I live on a farm in Gunnedah in regional NSW. This Friday, I am joining hundreds of thousands of students around the world to strike from school and call for urgent political action to stop the climate crisis.

Our message to politicians is simple: if you care about us, our kids and their kids, then please treat climate change for what it is – a crisis – and take urgent action to stop it.

That means stopping Adani’s monstrous coal mine, saying no to all new fossil fuel projects and rapidly transitioning Australia to 100% renewable energy by no later than 2030.

My principal doesn’t want me to join the strike, and I do see his point of view. But it wasn’t until I heard about the school strike that I felt I could do something about the climate crisis. When I walk out those gates on Friday I will be creating hope for myself and my generation.

I am only at school for another two years but I will be feeling the effects of climate change for the rest of my life.

It’s not only Gunnedah that is grappling with climate change. I see the impacts everywhere: the crippling drought that is pushing farmers to the brink, sea levels rising and increasing catastrophic events, yet still many people deny it is happening. The evidence is everywhere, and ignoring it isn’t going to make it go away.

But this crisis isn’t just about us. It’s about the people and countries that are too poor to change or don’t have the right to ask for it. These are also the people we are standing up for because we all have to share this world, and at the moment some countries are suffering the worst when they contributed the least to the problem.

The climate crisis is not a vague future threat. It is here and it is hurting people right now. The cause of all this is short term thinking.

Our government wants what they think is good for Australia; however, this means profits come first and it seems that not much thought is given to the repercussions and long term impacts.

I have friends and family that work in coal mining, and I don’t want to risk their livelihoods. But our governments must put in place strategies to transition to 100% renewables immediately. We have the sun and the space for renewables – and they don’t risk our water, communities and climate the way that fossil fuels do.

In NSW, 14 new and expanding coal mine projects are in the approvals pipeline. This includes one right near me on the banks of the Namoi River.According to analysis by Lock the Gate these projects would together produce more carbon pollution than Adani’s mega mine proposed for Queensland, and contaminate our valuable water sources. Meanwhile, politicians are discussing the Narrabri Gas Field which is likely to open up our farms to more across the state.

Why are these projects and Adani’s coal mine even up for discussion? Communities like mine are already grappling with climate change. Us young people shouldn’t have to go to bed each night worrying about how much worse off we’ll be if all these new coal and gas projects go ahead.


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