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Deep divisions between the United States and China have derailed the APEC meeting in Port Moresby, with regional leaders failing to agree on a final communique for the first time in the summit's history.

Key points:
  • The US and China were unwilling to compromise, leaving other nations frustrated
  • Divisions between the "giants" threatened to dwarf any other progress made at APEC
  • But PNG insisted the summit had been a success that included "fruitful discussions"


The two regional powers clashed repeatedly over the language on trade in the final document, with Beijing angrily rejecting paragraphs that called for an overhaul of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and warned against unfair trade tactics.

The Trump administration has repeatedly accused China of economic coercion, and the two nations have already slapped competing tariffs on exports worth billions of dollars. 

Papua New Guinea's Prime Minister Peter O'Neill, who was hosting APEC, said there were disagreements between the two "giants" at the meeting, adding the "entire world is worried" by tensions between the nations.


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the mafias that run the world...

The world is not run through "democratic means". Most governments are twisted to hide the shop fronts of secret organisations that control them, including the neo-nazis and the neo-cons. The sociopaths rule and use psychopaths to do the dirty work. "Someone has to clean the sewers" but more often than not those in charge of this honorable work add more shit in the process. 


The Russian Mafia

The Skripal affair...

The Alexander Valterovich Litvinenko assassination

The Gennadi Bernovski assassination

Shot in the back, leg and buttock, Gennadi Bernovski managed to crawl back inside his Gold Coast home, screaming to his wife Svetlana to call the police.

But the 41-year old Russian immigrant died on the floor in front of his distraught wife before paramedics arrived.

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The Wahhabi/Sunni terrorism




Castle Bank & Trust was a Bahamian bank that was involved in tax evasion, as well as covertly funneling funds for the Central Intelligence Agency. The bank was founded in the 1960s by Paul Helliwell, a former member of the Office of Strategic Services, and Burton Kanter, a tax lawyer.

The bank was used by the CIA to funnel money for covert military operations, including those at Andros Island (Bahamas), a staging area for anti-Castro activities.

The bank had many clients, including celebrities, organized crime figures and wealthy business owners. Some of the most notable included John Fogerty and other members of Creedence Clearwater Revival, who lost most of their wealth when the bank collapsed, Tony Curtis, Hugh Hefner, Penthouse (magazine) and members of the Pritzker family (owners of the Hyatt hotel chain). Reputed organized crime members that were customers included Moe Dalitz, Morris Kleinman, and Samuel A. Tucker.

In the early 1970s, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service started an investigation into the tax avoidance schemes used by the bank. The investigation was called Operation Tradewinds. The IRS was able to secretly photograph a list of the bank's clients, after being provided with a bank executive's briefcase that was taken from the executive's apartment by an IRS informant. As a result of this information, the IRS launched a new investigation, called Project Haven, into the tax affairs of the people on the client list. A prosecution of one of those clients eventually reached the United States Supreme Court as United States v. Payner. Project Haven was later suspended because the names of the clients obtained from the briefcase was an illegal search. The Department of Justice also dropped its investigation for the same reason.

According to Wall Street Journal reporter Jim Drinkhall, the case was later dropped because of pressure from the CIA, which had been using the bank as a front to fund covert operations.


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Permindex (CIA)

Businessman Clay Shaw, head of the International Trade Mart in New Orleans, represented the United States on the board of directors for Permindex. On March 1, 1967, Shaw was arrested and charged with conspiring to assassinate President John F. Kennedy by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison. Three days later on March 4, the Italian left-wing newspaper Paese Sera published a story alleging that Shaw was linked to the CIA through his involvement in the Centro Mondiale Commerciale, a subsidiary of Permindex in which Shaw was also said to be a board member. According to Paese Sera, the CMC had been a front organization developed by the CIA for transferring funds to Italy for "illegal political-espionage activities" and had attempted to depose French President Charles de Gaulle in the early 1960s. On March 6, the newspaper printed other allegations about individuals it said were connected to Permindex, including Louis Bloomfield whom it described as "an American agent who now plays the role of a businessman from Canada (who) established secret ties in Rome with Deputies of the Christian Democrats and neo-Fascist parties." The allegations were retold in various newspapers associated with the Communist parties in Italy (l'Unità), France (L'Humanité), and the Soviet Union (Pravda), as well as leftist papers in Canada and Greece, prior to reaching the American press eight weeks later. American journalist Max Holland stated that Paese Sera's allegations connecting Shaw to the CIA eventually led to Garrison implicating the CIA in a conspiracy to assassinate Kennedy.

According to Holland, an "internal investigation" by the CIA's counterintelligence staff found that Clay Shaw had volunteered information to the agency's Domestic Contact Service from 1948 to 1956, but that the substance of the allegations were not true. It concluded that neither Permindex nor Centro Mondiale Commerciale were a front to channel fund to anti-communists, and that the agency had not solicited Shaw to use his relationship with CMC for clandestine purposes.

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The Pentagon




The Italian Mafia


The US "Deep State"


The City of London


Others... Including the IMF and the World Bank




The Chinese soft diplomacy

supporting the terrorists in china...


More to come.

smart phoney wars...


Behind the US attack on Chinese Smartphones

by Manlio Dinucci

Donald Trump’s attempt to re-balance the commercial flow between China and the USA does not correspond only to his aim of bringing de-localised jobs back to the United States. Indeed, the deployment of new transport and communications infrastructures is swiftly becoming a threat to the US position as leader of the world. The struggle centred around Huawei illustrates the way in which economic and military preoccupations inter-connect. Already, many States have observed that Washington is so far unable to decode this technology. Thus, as they did in Syria, they have entirely re-equipped their Intelligence services with Huawei material, and forbid their civil servants to use any others.

After having imposed heavy taxes on Chinese merchandise - 250 billion dollars - President Trump, at the G-20, accepted a « truce » by postponing further measures, mainly because the US economy has been struck by the Chinese retaliation.

But apart from these commercial considerations, there are also some strategic reasons. Under pressure from the Pentagon and the Intelligence agencies, the USA forbade the use of Smartphones and telecommunications infrastructures from the Chinese company Huawei, warning that they may potentially be used for espionage, and pressured their allies to do the same.

The warning concerning the danger of Chinese espionage, especially addressed to Italy, Germany and Japan, countries which house the most important US military bases, came from the same US Intelligence agencies which have been spying on the telephone communications of their allies for years, in particular in Germany and Japan. The US company Apple, at one time the undisputed leader in the sector, saw its sales doubled by Huawei (a company owned by its workers as share-holders), which moved up to world second place behind the South Korean company Samsung. This is emblematic of a general tendency.

The United States – whose economic supremacy is based artificially on the dollar, until now the main currency for monetary reserves and world commerce – has increasingly been overtaken by China, both in capacity and production quality. The New York Timeswrote that « The West was certain that the Chinese approach was not going to work. All it had to do was wait. It’s still waiting. China is planning a vast global network of commerce, investments and infrastructures, which will remodel financial and geopolitical relations ».

This came about above all, though not entirely, along the New Silk Road that China is currently building across 70 Asian, European and African nations.

The New York Times examined 600 projects which have been implemented by China in 112 countries, including 41 oil and gas pipelines, 199 energy centrals, most of them hydro-electric, (including seven dams in Cambodia which supply half of the country’s needs in electricity), 203 bridges, roads and railways, plus several major ports in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and other countries.

All of this is regarded by Washington as « an aggression against our vital interests », as declared by the Pentagon in the National Defense Strategy for the United States of America 2018. The Pentagon defines China as a « strategic competitor which uses a predatory economy to intimidate its neighbours », wilfully overlooking the series of wars waged until 1949 by the United States, including against China, to strip these countries of their resources.

While China is building dams, railways and bridges, useful not only for its commercial network, but also for the development of the countries concerned, in the US wars, dams, railways and bridges are the first targets to be destroyed. China is accused by the Pentagon of « intending to impose, in the short term, its hegemony in the Indo-Pacific region, and catch the United States off-guard in order to achieve future global pre-eminence », together with Russia, accused of wanting to « crush NATO » and « sabotage the democratic process in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine ».

This is the source of the « incident » in the Kerch Strait, provoked by Kiev under the command of the Pentagon, intended to sabotage the meeting between Presidents Trump and Putin at the G-20 (which is what happened) and force Ukraine into NATO, of which it is already a de facto member.

« Long-term strategic competition with China and Russia » is considered by the Pentagon to be a « main priority ». For this purpose, « we shall modernise our nuclear forces and reinforce the trans-Atlantic Alliance of NATO ».

Behind the commercial war lurks nuclear war.

Manlio Dinucci

Pete Kimberley

Il Manifesto (Italy)


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Canadian law enforcers have arrested a top executive at Chinese telecommunications equipment maker Huawei, heeding a request from the US. She is reportedly sought by the US for breaking trade embargo with Iran.

The arrest of Wanzhou Meng, Huawei’s chief financial officer and board deputy chair, has been confirmed by the Canadian authorities. The woman was apprehended on Saturday and is awaiting the bail hearing scheduled for Friday, Canada’s Department of Justice spokesman Ian McLeod told The Globe and Mail.

READ MORE: ‘National security risks’: New Zealand blocks use of Huawei equipment for 5G network

He refused to provide any details on the circumstances of the Chinese executive’s arrest, saying that she was “sought for extradition by the United States.”

Mcleod refused to elaborate on the charges that Meng might face in the US citing a publication ban, requested by Meng herself.

The Wall Street Journal reported back in April, that the US authorities have been probing the Chinese telecommunication giant since at least 2016 for allegedly circumventing Iranian sanctions and supplying US-origin products to the Islamic Republic.

The US Justice, Commerce and Treasury departments have so far refused to divulge any information on the reported criminal investigation into Huawei, or even confirm its existence. According to the WSJ, the company was served subpoenas by the Commerce Department and the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control as part of the investigation.

The Chinese company has likewise refrained from commenting on its legal woes in the US, that can further deteriorate its standing on western markets.

The news of Meng’s arrest follows a recent report by the WSJ that the US government has embarked on a mission to discourage its allies from using Huawei’s equipment which it considers a security risk. Washington reportedly offered its partners in Europe and Asia subsidies to buy non-Chinese equipment so they ditch Huawei or any other Chinese firm, such as ZTE.

The US’ crackdown on the Chinese firm, which is the world’s leading telecommunication equipment supplier, was exacerbated by the looming introduction of 5G wireless networks. Washington reportedly fears that the Chinese government might use Huawei’s technical edge to spy on and disrupt communications.

Washington's strategy seems to be paying off, with New Zealand blocking its top telecommunications firm from using Huawei equipment for its 5G network citing “significant national security risks.”

Australia banned Huawei from its 5G network over the summer, with the country’s spy chief voicing similar concerns over foreign entities hijacking the networks critical for healthcare, energy and other systems.

Huawei denies it is controlled by Beijing, and is accusing the US of unfair competition.

China has decried the arrest of Meng, urging the US and Canada to “immediately correct the wrongdoing and restore the personal freedom” of the Huawei executive.

The Chinese embassy in Canada issued a statement, saying that Bejiing “stongly protests over such kind of actions” as they “seriously harmed the human rights of the victim.” The embassy says the arrest was unwarranted since Meng was “not violating any American or Canadian law.”


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killing the competition...

It was a warm evening this past July when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shared a drink with the world’s most powerful intelligence network.

Spy chiefs from the Five Eyes nations had come to a secure resort in coastal Nova Scotia for an informal evening after intense talks in nearby Ottawa.

Trudeau, who’d spent part of the day pledging to fix a “death trap” highway in the Atlantic province, dropped in on the gathering to share some thoughts about geopolitical threats.

When he left, as the lobster dinner was being served, the conversation returned to a debate that began well before this annual meeting and would run long after it: should the agencies go public with their concerns about China?

In the months that followed that July 17 dinner, an unprecedented campaign has been waged by those present – Australia, the US, Canada, New Zealand and the UK – to block Chinese tech giant Huawei from supplying equipment for their next-generation wireless networks.

This increasingly muscular posture towards Beijing culminated in last week’s arrest of Huawei’s chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou, in Vancouver, over alleged breaches of US sanctions with Iran. Meng, the daughter of the Huawei’s founder Ren Zhengfei, was granted bail on Wednesday ahead of efforts to extradite her to the US.

As the spy bosses sat down to savour Nova Scotia’s famous lobster that evening with a glass of local wine, their recent clash with Russia was seen as a template for the power of working collectively. The British delegation led by MI6 boss Alex Younger – a man who signs official documents in green ink with a single letter “C” – had detailed evidence of the brazen attacks in Salisbury, where Moscow had used a military-grade chemical weapon on UK soil.


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We know the routine of bullshit: it would have been impossible for Moscow to use a military-grade chemical weapon on UK soil. MI6, the CIA and other five eyes spy agencies are about disinformation first. 


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agencies keeping us in the dark...

US afraid of chinese competition...

Alexander Lomanov from the Institute of the Far East in Moscow told Sputnik that the acute phase of the crisis has ended, and now everything depends on whether the United States would seek the extradition of Meng Wanzhou.

Earlier, the Supreme Court of British Columbia in Canada ruled that Huawei's chief financial officer should be released on bail. According to the expert, a statement by US President Donald Trump about the conditions for his intervention in the extradition case is rather "ambiguous".

According to Canadian law, the United States must send all the papers for the extradition of a Chinese citizen within 60 days; the deadline is 8 January. On 10 December, a judge confirmed that they hadn't received such a request.

According to Yang Mian, an expert at the Chinese Institute of Mass Communications, the Canadian side has chosen a "soft" way to solve a complex problem.

"There're a number of reasons, including a legal one, to solve the problem in such a way. The recently voiced position of the Chinese Foreign Ministry has affected the choice. We should stress, however, that Meng Wanzhou is only released on bail. Now, if the United States doesn't request extradition within 60 days, then she can be released outright. Right now, the case is still open. The US is accusing her of deceit, and violating US sanctions against Iran. However, I want to emphasize that these are unilateral sanctions; the United States is trying to extend its domestic laws to international relations. In short, the Americans now have the ball; we just have to wait and see what they are going to do", the expert said.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump said he would definitely intervene in the matter if it is in the interests of national security or helps in trade negotiations with China.

READ MORE: Second Canadian Questioned by Chinese Authorities, Canadian FM Freeland Says

According to Alexander Lomanov, this statement hasn't made the US' position clear:

"Trump said he would act in accordance with the interests of reaching a trade agreement with China. Trump's position seems twofold. He may think that having such a high-ranking hostage could be very useful in trade negotiations; or he may try to settle the incident and move towards the Chinese side. In short, the acute crisis is now over, but this doesn't mean that the problem has been completely resolved".

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said that "if the US officials and government want to make positive efforts to resolve this problem, we welcome it". At the same time, he confirmed an earlier assessment by Beijing that the detention of Huawei's Financial Director was a mistake from the very beginning.


The Chinese expert community considers the detention of Meng Wanzhou to be a final confirmation that the US is ready to use any leverage and will stop at nothing in order to prevent China from becoming a developed, scientific and technological power. This is what Alexander Lomanov said after having discussed the issue with Chinese colleagues. Breaching sanctions against trade with Iran is just a formal excuse.

In reality, Chinese experts are unanimous in saying that this is part of a general pressure campaign on Huawei in order to curb its development and the use of unfair competition methods. The expert also stressed that China recognized the fact that many countries have announced their refusal to purchase 5G communication equipment produced by this company.


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meanwhile in the alleged sky...

A Monday report from The Wall Street Journal revealed how a state-owned Chinese financial firm may be getting ahold of a U.S. satellite that uses restricted technology relied on by the U.S. military through a web of financial transactions and foreign investments.

While there are several laws that forbid exporting satellite technology to China, Boeing Co. agreed to build the satellite for an American startup company even after the founders told the defense contractor that the Chinese government was financially backing the project, according to the report.

Emil Youssefzadeh and Umar Javed, two Americans who founded the startup Global IP in 2008 with the goal of improving internet accessibility in Africa, realized they needed a lot of equity to get their project off the ground and the satellite into orbit.

In other words, the men needed to scrape up around $500 million.

Javed got an email in July 2015, The Journal reports, from executives at a state-owned Chinese financial firm, China Orient Asset Management Co., expressing interest in the satellite.

TRENDING: Starting Tomorrow, Gun-Owners in New Jersey Will Be Charged with Felony for High Capacity Magazines

Javed, a longtime executive at Global IP, was in Beijing days later meeting with the president of the company and Geng Zhiyuan, a man whose father was a leader in China’s military in 1979 and served as then-young official XI Jinping’s personal secretary, now the president of communist China.

The Chinese executives, whose company is owned by China’s Ministry of Finance, were in awe of the technology presented by Javed, and agreed to finance the project.

Youssefzadeh and Javed then presented their idea to Boeing in 2016, making them aware of the Chinese government’s involvement, and Boeing started production.

“I am baffled that Boeing would proceed with the project knowing about Chinese government involvement,” retired Adm. Dennis Blair, a former director of national intelligence, told The Journal. “They deal with projects like this all the time. They know the intent and letter of U.S. law in this area.”

Due to certain U.S. laws involving satellite technology, China Orient wouldn’t be allowed to hold a large stake in the company or satellite, so Global IP planned to receive China Orient’s money through a separate shell company.

Charles Yiu Hoi Ying, a Chinese businessman, set up a company in the British Virgin Islands and called it Bronzelink Holdings Ltd.

Global IP’s lawyers told Youssefzadeh and Javed that Yiu could invest the money coming from China Orient in Bronzelink because Yiu had a passport from Hong Kong, which is considered separate from mainland China under U.S. export controls, the report states.


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flagrant exercise in banditry...

This week President Donald Trump told Reuters that he was prepared to personally intervene in the Meng case “if it helps US-China trade relations”. That suggests the Chinese executive is being used as a pawn in the trade war between Washington and Beijing.

For months now, US government and media sources have been spreading scary claims that Chinese technology is posing a threat to national security by stealthily introducing spy software into homes and businesses. China has strenuously denied the claims as provocative nonsense. Significantly, too, US telecoms firms such as Apple which manufacture products in China have also come to flatly reject the claims emanating from Washington of Chinese government “spy chips”.

It seems obvious that this background of anti-China commercial propaganda is aimed at discrediting and disenfranchising Chinese telecoms firms from the US and other markets. Huawei phones, for example, are banned from sale on US military bases around the world.
Earlier this year, in testimony to become CIA chief Gina Haspel gave a snide comment in congressional hearings to the effect that she wouldn’t touch Chinese tech products with a barge pole, implying security risk.

The detention of Meng Wanzhou, the Huawei executive, which Chinese media have denounced as barbaric, fits this context of commercial competition. The alleged Iranian sanctions issue is merely a cover for her arrest. Even on its face, the detention of Meng is arguably a violation of international rights. But the real, underlying issue is the US using legality to pursue economic interests – unlawfully – which then makes the US and Canadian conduct even more odious.

We are witnessing similar hegemonic conduct by the US over and over. A few weeks ago, the Trump administration slapped sanctions on Russian and Iranian businesses for allegedly shipping oil commercially to Syria. Again, this was another instance of American authorities invoking their laws to apply extra-territorially on other parties whom they deem to be in violation.

The US has increasingly been wielding its legal definitions and measures as if it is the world’s judge and jury.

In recent years, American lawmakers have created a slew of legal weapons, including the Magnitsky Act, the Global Magnitsky Act, the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act, which give Washington the supposed power to penalize any country it deems to be in breach of its national laws.

The arbitrariness of US “justice” has got to the febrile point where Washington is threatening all nations, including its supposed European allies, with legal punishment if they don’t toe the line on its designated policy.

With regard to Iran, the Trump administration is the party that is arguably in dereliction of international law having unilaterally pulled out of the UN-ratified nuclear accord with Tehran – the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, signed in 2015 by the European Union, Russia and China. Yet Trump is threatening to impose sanctions on countries, including the Europeans, who continue doing business with Iran.

The same megalomaniac mentality is applied by the US towards Europe regarding its long-standing purchase of Russian natural gas. Washington is threatening European firms and governments with sanctions for allegedly “trading with an adversary”. But the brazen motive is to harass Russian gas out of its natural market, to give US Liquefied Natural Gas an abnormal competitive advantage – an advantage that defies normal laws of economics.

READ MORE: Submit or else: US gives China 90 days to accept trade ultimatum or face tariffs

Evidently, this is what it’s all about. The US economy is no longer viable as a global competitor on its own merits. Decades of chronic underinvestment at home and setting up businesses abroad by US capital have completely undermined any concept of American national economy. Trump is trying to reverse that through his nationalistic and demagogic appeals for “America First” and “Make America Great Again”. But Trump is striving to achieve that epic reversal, not through genuine economic regeneration at home. Instead, Washington is using and abusing legalistic cover for lawless attacks on the legitimate commercial interests of foreign nations.

Nevertheless, this flagrant exercise in banditry by the US is a dangerous Pandora’s Box. The arbitrary arrest of foreign business executives and bullying use of secondary sanctions will undermine the confidence of global business with Washington. Will European corporate leaders be next to be arrested for allegedly doing business with Russia or Iran?


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clean-shaven white males...


From Chris Floyd


There has been much throwing about of brains on the subject of anti-Semitism lately. But in the ceaseless and almost entirely cynical media-political imbroglio that has followed the “Benjamins” tweet of Rep. Ilhan Omar, I’ve seen nothing said about perhaps the most intense and thoroughgoing form of anti-Semitism in America today: an anti-Semitism that is not only prevalent but dominant in the halls of power at the moment.

This virulent anti-Semitism — which in at least one respect surpasses that of the Nazis themselves — is passionately embraced by millions of Americans. Its most prominent adherent right now — in terms of actual power — is the vice president of the United States, Mike Pence. (See note 1 below.) So we will examine Mike Pence’s beliefs as an exemplar of this growing brand of anti-Semitism.

Mike Pence believes, with all his heart, that every single Jewish person on the planet will — and should — burn in the ovens of Hell for all eternity … unless they stop being Jews and accept his own version of the Christian faith. There is no equivocating here. Pence is a passionate evangelical Christian. He believes that the Bible is the literal word of God, and that his sect’s interpretation of that word is true, correct and everlasting. I know his type of Christianity very well, for I was raised in it. There can be no question what Mike Pence, and millions of Americans, believe about Jews and their ultimate fate.

So let’s continue. Mike Pence not only believes that every Jew alive today will be tortured and tormented for eternity, but that every single Jew since the time of Jesus Christ is right now burning and writhing in undying flames — unless, again, they had cast off their cursed Jewishness at some point and become Christians.

Thus Mike Pence believes that every Jewish person killed in the Holocaust — with a few exceptions (see note 2 below) — is even now, right this minute, screaming madly with unbearable pain as they feel the fire searing into their flesh: fire that never stops lashing, flesh that never burns away. Mike Pence believes that almost all of the Jews killed in the Holocaust went directly from the torment of the gas chamber or the shooting pit into the fires of Hell, where they are even now undergoing tortures and abominations far worse than the Nazis could ever inflict.

It’s worse because there is no relief, not even for a moment. There is no chance even to lie down on a wooden plank for three hours in a bone-cold winter night after a back-breaking day of slave labor. There is not even the hope that your mind will break and you’ll lose conscious awareness of your situation, or that the torture will finally end at some point in the relief and oblivion of death.

There is none of that. No relief. No hope. No end. Only the unbearable pain of your entire body burning in flames, while you remain fully conscious, fully aware of every microsecond of agony. Forever. For millions of years, billions of years, trillions of years. This is what Mike Pence believes should happen to every single Jewish person who doesn’t renounce their literally God-damned Jewishness. He believes they deserve to suffer unending torment and pain … because they didn’t believe what he believes about God and Jesus and salvation.

The beliefs of Mike Pence about the eternal torment of Jews are the very embodiment of an extreme anti-Semitism. In its feverish vision of the ultimate fate of the Jewish people — an eternal Final Solution — it is even more brutal and cruel than Nazism itself.



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the CIA chinese/turkish capers...

The CIA is using Turkey to pressure China

by Thierry Meyssan

While Turkey has fostered economic links with China in order to solve its economic crisis, it has also publicly denounced the repression of the Uyghurs, basing its accusations on false information. Beijing sent a very cold reply. Everything is happening, now that Daesh has disappeared from Iraq and Syria, as if Ankara was once again running secret operations on behalf of the CIA, this time in Xinjiang.

For the last few weeks, the Turkish Press has been talking about the fate of the Uyghurs, the Turkish-speaking Muslim population of China. The political parties of the opposition, including the Kemalists, have been outdoing one another to condemn the Han repression of this minority and its religion.

This effervescence follows: 

- The report by the Jamestown Foundation on the « 73 Chinese detention centres » [1] ; 

- The Radio Free Asia campaign, which broadcast a number of interviews with ex-prisoners of the Chinese camps, and went so far as to pretend that China had outlawed the Coran (sic) [2] ; 

- The campaign launched on 13 November 2018 by the United States and their allies of the Human Rights Council in Geneva against the repression of Islam in China [3] ; 

- And the hearing, organised in Washington on 28 November 2018 by Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Representative Chris Smith (R-NJ), before the Congressional-Executive Commission on China, (CECC), on « the repression of religions by the Chinese Communist Party » [4]. Thus we learned that between one and three million Uyghurs are being submitted to electrical torture in the re-education camps. These accusations have been reprised by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.

It was in this context that the spokesman for the Turkish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Hami Aksoy, published a communiqué on 9 February 2019 officially condemning the « Chinesation » … of « the ethnic, religious and cultural identities of the Turkish Uyghurs » and the death in prison of the famous poet Abdurehim Heyit, who was serving an « eight-year » sentence of confinement for « one of his songs » [5].


The following evening, China published a 26-second video by the spurious dead man. In it, he declared : « My name is Abdurehim Heyit. Today is the 10th of February 2019. I am the subject of investigations into the suspicion of violation of national laws. I am now in good health and have never been abused 

On the following day,11 February, the spokesman for the Chinese Minister for Foreign Affairs, Hua Chunying, launched into a severe criticism of Turkey’s « errors » and « irresponsibility » [6].

While the imprisonment of at least 10,000 Uyghurs implicated in terrorist activities is attested, the number of between one and three million definitely is not.


Already by 1 June 2017 and on 13 December 2018, the Chinese had published two documents – one of them concerning Human Rights in Xinjiang, [7] and the other on The Protection of Culture and Development in Xinjiang [8].

However, the Communist Party doesn’t really know how to manage political Islam. It analyses the question from the viewpoint of a particular past, that of the Cultural Revolution and the outlawing not only of Islam, but all religions. After having established freedom in this matter, it is now witnessing the rebirth of the divisions of the Civil War, and the multiplication of jihadist attacks [9]. On 1 February 2018, it launched a new religious policy aimed at assimilating Islam by suppressing certain identity practises [10]. The members of the Party are obliged to provide the example by refusing to eat halal. Nonetheless, 24,400 mosques are open in Xinjiang for the 13 million Muslims.

For twenty-five years, Uyghur organisations have been clamouring for the creation of an independent state, first of all secular and now « Islamic » (in the political sense, not religious according to the Muslim Brotherhood’s definition of the term), in Eastern Turkestan (according to medieval title of Xinjiang). They were immediately awarded CIA support against the Beijing authorities.

- In 1997, the Turkestan Islamic Party (TIP) was created, and left the region to undergo training in Afghanistan with the Taliban and certain elements of Al-Qaïda. It quit political Islam and is directly funded by the CIA. 

- In September 2004,a « government in exile for Eastern Turkestan » was founded in Washington by Anwar Yusuf Turani. It is a reconstruction of the alliance between the Kuomintang and Taïwan, in the prolongation of the Chinese Civil War (1927-1950). 

- In November of the same year, in Munich, a world Congress of the Uyghurs was created, of which Rebiya Kadeer became President. It favours ethnic separatism. 

The latter two entities are financed by the National Endowment for Democracy, an agency of the « Five Eyes » group [11].

Serious rioting broke out in Xinjiang, first of all in February 1997, then in July 2009. The demonstrators claimed that they belonged to the Uyghur separatist movement, Kuomintang Communism, and political Islam.

Beijing calmed the situation down by offering the Uyghurs certain privileges, for example, dispensing them from obeying the one-child policy (today abandoned) [12].

The US campaign against the repression of the Uyghurs seems to be compromised by the investment of Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater, in the Xinjiang authorities [13]. Prince is not only the principal businessmen specialised in the creation of private armies, he is also the brother of Betsy DeVos, Donald Trump’s Secretary for Education. His security agents are apparently mercenaries working on behalf of Bingtuan, a Han militia in Xinjiang.

It so happens that during the 1990’s, when the present Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was the head of the Millî Görüs and Mayor of Istanbul, he supplied a rear base for various Islamist terrorist movements, whether they were Tatars, Chechens or Uyghurs [14].

The question must therefore be asked - is the Turkish declaration against the Han repression of the Uyghurs a simple interior stance in order to avoid being over-run by the opposition parties, or is it a new state policy which conforms to the former responsibilities of President Erdoğan in the CIA terrorist strategy ?

The East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) was very active during the war against Syria, with the support of the National Intelligence Organization (NİT). For many months, 18,000 Uyghurs (including at least 5,000 jihadist combatants) lived secretly in al-Zambari, a Syrian town on the Turkish frontier in the governorate of Idleb. They maintained their position with the help of the German and French special forces [15].

While President Donald Trump is preparing for a commercial struggle with Beijing, everything seems to be developing as if a reconciliation has occurred between the CIA and Turkey, aimed at planning further secret operations against China.

Thierry Meyssan



Pete Kimberley


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it's the chinese...

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - The real reason for the US withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) is China deploying 1,000 medium and short-range missiles preventing a US presence in neighbouring seas, former Russian Security Council Secretary Andrey Kokoshin told Sputnik in an interview Friday.

"Evidently, the main target of the United States in connection with their withdrawal from this treaty is China. China, according to US estimates, set up a system of medium and short-range missiles of more than a thousand units aimed at the waters of the South China Sea and the East China Sea. It does not allow the United States to enter these waters with impunity using aircraft-carrier strike groups… Accordingly, the Chinese army set up a significant group of high-precision weapons, primarily ballistic missiles, which are capable of hitting US aircraft carriers and US military bases in the region", Kokoshin said.

READ MORE: Next US President May Be Interested in Reviving INF Treaty — Ex-US Official

He also stated that the Pentagon is planning to create a demonstration laser as part of a future orbital air defence system by the US.

"The Pentagon has recently announced a special missile defence report. US President Donald Trump spoke on the same topic. This document, among other things, sets the task to investigate the possibility of creating space-based missile defence systems with the use of powerful energy-efficient and compact lasers in the future. In the near future, the Pentagon plans to create a so-called demonstration low-power laser", Kokoshin said.

If the United States withdraws from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty and deploys missiles in Europe, Russia will find an adequate response to this move quite soon, he assured.

"I'm sure that an answer will be found if the United States deploys new 'eurorockets', and quite soon", Kokoshin said, stressing that Russia had the required technical and strategical capabilities. "However, the general level of strategic stability would decrease significantly due to a new 'action-counteraction' cycle", he added.

Last October, Trump announced his country's intention to withdraw from the INF Treaty due to alleged violations by Russia. On 4 December, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that Russia had 60 days to start to comply with the agreement, or, otherwise, the United States could leave the treaty on 2 February.


Russia has refuted allegations of breaching the agreement, noting in turn that launchers on US defence systems in Europe were capable of firing cruise missiles at ranges banned by the accord.


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mike pence gets the clap...

Before US Vice President Mike Pence took the podium to address the sailors of the USS Harry S. Truman Tuesday, the members of the armed forces were reportedly given particularly puzzling instruction on how to welcome the VP.

On Tuesday afternoon, Pence traveled to Norfolk Naval Base in Norfolk, Virginia, to deliver a message from US President Donald Trump while also recognizing the 2,000-plus missions the USS Harry S. Truman and its 7,500 sailors have been a part of in the past year.

The vice president, via Twitter following his address, particularly applauded the the Truman Carrier Strike Group's "essential part" in crippling Daesh.

Prior to Pence's speech, however, it was an order regarding servicemembers' applause that took Twitter by storm.

According to WTKR-TV reporter Brendan Ponton, US Navy sailors toward the rear of the address were given a particular set of instructions in clapping for the veep.

Sailors being instructed to “clap like we’re at a strip club” when VP arrives (not kidding)


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Meanwhile the Atlantic does not like him much...:


No man can serve two masters, the Bible teaches, but Mike Pence is giving it his all. It’s a sweltering September afternoon in Anderson, Indiana, and the vice president has returned to his home state to deliver the Good News of the Republicans’ recently unveiled tax plan. The visit is a big deal for Anderson, a fading manufacturing hub about 20 miles outside Muncie that hasn’t hosted a sitting president or vice president in 65 years—a fact noted by several warm-up speakers. To mark this historic civic occasion, the cavernous factory where the event is being held has been transformed. Idle machinery has been shoved to the perimeter to make room for risers and cameras and a gargantuan American flag, which—along with bleachers full of constituents carefully selected for their ethnic diversity and ability to stay awake during speeches about tax policy—will serve as the TV-ready backdrop for Pence’s remarks.


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And Mike does not like other meddlers. The USA is Meddler number uno, don't forget it...


US Vice President Mike Pence has escalated Washington's pressure campaign against Beijing by accusing China of "malign" efforts to undermine US President Donald Trump in upcoming midterm elections and criticising its tactics in the South China Sea.

Key points:
  • Mr Pence said Beijing does not want Donald Trump to be US President
  • He slammed China for their treatment of Uighurs and bullying of countries over Taiwan
  • Mr Pence said China has masterminded "wholesale theft of American technology"


In what was billed as a major policy address, Mr Pence sought to build on Mr Trump's speech at the United Nations last week in which he alleged that China was trying to interfere in US elections.

Neither Mr Trump nor Mr Pence provided hard evidence of Chinese meddling.

"China wants a different American president," Mr Pence said in a speech at the Hudson Institute think tank in Washington, adding the US will continue to expose Beijing's "malign influence and interference".


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spits and spats...

The world's two biggest economies, the US and China, have been at odds with each other since US President Donald Trump imposed tariffs on $250 billion worth of Chinese goods, citing concerns that Chinese trade practices were hurting American companies while demanding an adjustment to the terms of trade between the two countries.

International Monetary Fund Head, Christine Lagarde, has warned that the US-China spat over trade represents a threat to the global economy. Speaking following the Paris Forum on the indebtedness of developing nations, the IMF Head said the recent "rumours and tweets" are not conducive to any agreement.

Lagarde added that it was imperative that the tensions between the two superpowers be resolved in order to avoid a slowdown in global growth.

"We in the IMF believe that it is imperative that trade tensions are resolved satisfactorily for everyone because today it is obvious that the tensions between the United States and China are the threat to the world economy", said Christine Lagarde to the press on the sidelines of an international conference in Bercy.

READ MORE: US ‘Stepping Up The Pressure' on China With New Trade Threats

According to the IMF chief, it is crucial to move towards the "adoption of a clear legal and regulatory framework" that will allow companies to continue pursuing their activities.  

Lagarde underlined that it was important to get rid of uncertainty in this issue.  


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if Paul Keating's name had been Christine Lagarde, he might not have had to be shot in flame by Scummo — and by his own party. Paul has had more balls than the lot of them.


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