Friday 18th of January 2019

a certain arrogance...


The administration of US President Donald Trump relies heavily on the support of followers of evangelical Christianity as a “motivating force” behind their policies, and that could prove dangerous to global stability, according to a recent report by The Guardian.

During a Thursday speech in Cairo, Egypt, at the American University in Cairo, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, himself an avowed evangelical Presbyterian, referenced text from the Christian Bible and noted that a copy of one is kept on the seventh floor of the US State Department, in his office. 

"This trip is especially meaningful to me as an evangelical Christian," Pompeo — a former American businessman with deep ties to the US religious right wing — said.

"I keep a Bible open on my desk to remind me of God and His Word, and The Truth," Pompeo declared, noting that the US "will not retreat [from the Middle East] until the terror fight is over," also stating that the Trump administration has "learned that when America retreats, chaos often follows."

Pompeo's belief in the Christian evangelical version of ‘truth' is noted by many to be at the heart of what makes the Trump administration a danger to global stability.

According to a recent report by the Guardian, the "apocalyptical Christian vision of the future" held by many US evangelical Christians is deeply linked with Israel and the world's Jewish population. This belief, known as "premillennial dispensationalism," or "Christian Zionism," directly impacts US foreign policy in Palestine and Iran, according to the current political evangelism personified in the policies of the Trump administration.


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This is nothing new in US administrations. ALL THE PRESIDENTS have relied on the religious mobs to do things that were hypocritical, subversive and dangerous — using the Christian "moral superiority" as a weapon. Remember the very "Methodist" Hillary going to bomb other countries contarily to the "teachings of Christ".

In his book A Certain Arrogance, George-Michael Evica (himself a religious man) explains in detail how many religious institutions were used by the CIA to do clandestine ops in other countries. He also explain how Lee Harvey Oswald was set up to become the "fall guy"...


the college "non"-connection...



Oswald and Albert Schweitzer College by Greg Parker (with permission and thanks)

On March 4, 1959, 5 days prior to be being promoted to Private 1st Class for the second time, Lee Harvey Oswald completed an application to attend the Albert Schweitzer College in Switzerland. The application was lodged on 19 of March, with a $25.00 registration fee being made on June 19. August 17 found him applying for a dependency discharge from the Marines which was duly granted on the 28th of that month. Exactly one week later, Lee applied for a passport, listing his occupation as "shipping export agent", and the purpose of his travel as attendance at the Albert Schweitzer College, Churwalden, Switzerland, and at the University of Turku in Finland. He also stated his intention to visit Cuba, the Dominican Republic, England, France, Germany and Russia as a tourist.

His application to the college gave the names of two fellow Marines as people who could provide references; James Botelho and Robert Calore. Neither were called to give testimony before the Warren Commission, though Botelho did provide an affidavit on June 3, 1964. Unfortunately, this statement provided no information concerning any discussions Oswald may have had with him on this matter, nor any indication that he was contacted by the college.

Such was not the case however, in the affidavit supplied by Dennis Call who had been stationed at Santa Ana with Oswald. Call related in his statement how, "On one occasion, Oswald remarked to me that he had been awarded a scholarship to Albert Schweitzer University and that he planned to attend, remarking that they taught English [Call likely meant 'German'] at Schweitzer." Was this perhaps, Lee's way of saying he had assistance of a type which couldn't be openly stated?

Another of his Santa Ana Marine acquaintances, Henry Rousell Jr, recalled that prior to studying Russian, Oswald had studied German. Although Germany was on his itinerary, the main language of Switzerland is also German. Proof Rousell's memory was accurate is found among Oswald's notes which show a clear, though perhaps rudimentary, effort to teach himself this language. All of this suggests that Oswald did, at least initially, believe he would be attending the college. A further entry, "[illegible] F.R.G. Tempelhofer Damm." suggests a possible rendezvous point in West Berlin was also on his original itinerary.

The relevance

As history indicates, Oswald did not attend the Albert Schweitzer College, but instead, made his way to the Soviet Uniona where he was to stay for about two and half years. What then, was the purpose of this college application?

From Chapter VII of the Warren Commission report:

At his own request, Oswald was transferred from active duty to the Marine Corps Reserve under honorable conditions in September of 1959, 3 months prior to his regularly scheduled separation date, ostensibly to care for his mother who had been injured in an accident at her work.

As an inactive Reservist, Oswald could be called up in a mobilisation any time during the balance of his enlistment (3 months) and therefore could not leave US shores without a legitimate reason. One reason recognized as legitimate by the authorities was "education".

How Oswald found out about this obscure little college has long been regarded as something of a mystery. Not even the Swiss authorities could locate it easily in 1960 after being contacted by the FBI. This contact was the result of Marguerite, Lee's pertinacious mother, contacting the State Department, concerned when mail for Lee had been returned undelivered.

The answer to the mystery may well be found in his relationship with Kerry Thornley. Thornley - a noted right-winger - was, at the time he and Oswald served together, attending the very left-wing church of Unitarian led by Stephen Frichman (1).


The Albert Schweitzer College was owned and operated by the International Association for Religious Freedom (IARF). According to its website, The IARF began in 1900 as the International Council of Unitarian and Other Liberal Religious Thinkers and Workers on May 25th in Boston with the stated aim of "opening communication with those in all lands who are striving to unite Pure Religion and Perfect Liberty, and to increase fellowship and cooperation among them." Religions within the association include Unitarian-Universalists, Buddhists, Humanists, Muslims, Shintoists, Sikhs, Quakers, Greek Orthodox, and Old Romans. It is the oldest interfaith organization in the world, and has attained NGO status with the UN.

According to Richard Boeke of the IARF, the college had between 25 and 30 students at the time he visited in 1964. He also relates how US students brought in marijuana, and that "the college was in a bit of trouble with the Swiss." Two or three years later, he continues, the college was moved to a location near Geneva and a director was imported "who liked to live well". On a second visit, Boeke found no students there whatsoever.



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