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It's a crowded field with many candidates for the prize of Absurd American, but possibly the nation's top diplomat Mike Pompeo is a leading contender.

This week, the US Secretary of State continued his psychotic vendetta against Iran by accusing the Islamic Republic of threatening Europe and North America with its space program.

Iran tried to launch a communications satellite into space. It was unsuccessful on this occasion, but that's not the point. Pompeo said the rocket-type used for delivering the satellite could also be fitted in the future with a nuclear warhead.

Iran rebutted the speculation by saying it doesn't have nuclear weapons nor is it endeavouring to acquire them. Iran's claims have been verified by dozens of UN inspections. Besides, and more importantly, Tehran says it has the sovereign right to explore space and develop its own communication systems.

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Pompeo accused Iran of violating a UN Security Council resolution (UNSC 2231) which forbids Tehran from developing ballistic missiles for delivering nuclear weapons. Tehran rejects that it is in breach of the resolution because the space rockets are not technically designed for its non-existent nuclear warheads.

Here's the punchline. The UN resolution which Pompeo is referring to pertains to the international nuclear accord signed in 2015 by Iran and the five permanent members of the Security Council plus Germany.

The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), as it is formally known, was unilaterally abandoned by US President Donald Trump in May last year.

So here we have Trump's most senior diplomat Mike Pompeo condemning Iran for breaching the JCPOA which the US itself has dishonoured by walking away from.

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That's just one reason why Pompeo is a strong contender for the Absurd American prize. There's more.

Last week, he delivered a speech in Cairo where he enunciated a litany of falsehoods and oxymorons — all with a straight face. Among his astounding claims was his assertion that "the US is a force for good in the Middle East". Yes, this from the former head of the CIA whose country has caused millions of deaths from illegal wars of aggression, decimated whole societies and set up torture dungeons around the world.

Pompeo added — with apparent sincerity — that "the US is a liberating force, not an occupying power… We have never dreamed of domination in the Middle East."

This is while there are at least 2,000 US troops illegally occupying parts of Syria, and the Americans maintaining dozens of permanent military bases across the region.

But truth be told, this is not just about Pompeo. Pick almost any US politician or corporate media pundit and the prize for Absurd American is up for grabs by all of them.

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Take the latest claims in America's supposedly finest newspapers that President Trump is an agent of the Kremlin. The New York Times and Washington Post have both excelled in crassness by pushing the claim that Trump "has been working for Russia".

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was this week visibly mortified by the "stupidity" of the American media. He said the nonsense claims about Trump being an agent for the Kremlin represented an "absurd plunge in the standards of American journalism".

Moscow said it is becoming virtually impossible to even have a dialogue with Washington, such is the deterioration in American political culture and intelligence. To try to engage in a discussion would be like trying to have a conversation with an inebriated person.

It's just not possible. It's futile.

Here's another mark of American absurdity. This week, Washington reiterated it was trashing the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty because, it claimed, Russia is in violation of the treaty.

The INF signed in 1987 bans the installation of land-based ballistic missiles with the range of 500-5,500 kilometres. The American side accuses Russia of breaching the treaty, but has steadfastly refused to provide any evidence or details to back up its claim. Meanwhile, the US has actually installed missile systems in Poland and Romania which could potentially launch nuclear warheads on Moscow within minutes.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is correct when he says that the real agenda of the US side is to unilaterally rip up the INF. It does not have a genuine case against Russia. Thus, accusing Russia of violation is a pretext for the Americans to dishonour their legal obligations.

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The purpose is to give themselves a license to encroach offensive missiles against Russia. In that way, Washington calculates it will be able to pressure Moscow into submitting to its political and economic ambitions for global hegemony.

The Americans — at least the political class — are probably the most dumbass entity the world has ever seen. Their arrogance and ignorance, compounded by the brainwashing of self-righteousness and virtue, make them a truly irredeemable scourge on the world.

Mike Pompeo claimed in his Cairo speech last week that he keeps a Bible open on his desk in Washington DC so that every day he "can hear the word of God". Presumably, Evangelical Mike takes one with him on foreign trips too.

Now that is scary. Imbeciles believing they are empowered by God.

The views and opinions expressed by the contributor do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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holy wars and pagan rites...

A former mental health care specialist attempted to sue the Department of Homeless Security and his superiors at an Iowa sex offender treatment unit for religious discrimination and violating of his First Amendment rights.

A federal jury found on Wednesday that the Civil Commitment Unit for Sexual Offenders in Cherokee, Iowa did not fail to accommodate the religious beliefs of psychiatric security specialist Michael Mial, who claims to have been fired for signing his emails with the valediction "In Christ".

According to the Sioux City Journal, Mial was fired in April 2016, the same day his supervisors asked him to stop using the signature in internal emails, while also claiming that his Christian faith helped his patients.


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Meanwhile, the holy war on a holy-aircraft-holy-carrier:

On aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis, sailors will not only be welcome to attend run-of-the-mill religious ceremonies at the carrier's chapel, but also informal Heathen religious services known as a sumbel.

Heathenry is a modern Pagan religion with strong roots to Norse culture and mythology.

The latest development was recently revealed in a news release from the carrier, which introduced Aviation Electrician's Mate 2nd Class Joshua Wood as the Nimitz-class nuclear-powered supercarrier's Heathen lay leader.

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ISIS needs the US' presence to survive...

No war is over until the enemy says it’s over,” James Mattis, the former Marine Corps General and recently resigned secretary of state, is quoted as saying. “We may think it over, we may declare it over, but in fact, the enemy gets a vote.” Mattis’s statement was made in 2012, well before President Donald Trump, in a surprise announcement on December 19, declared victory over the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, better known as ISIS. 

“We have defeated ISIS in Syria, my only reason for being there during the Trump Presidency,” the president wrote. He later expanded on that sentiment in a video message, posted on Twitter. “Our boys, our young men and women, are coming home now,” Trump noted. “We won.” 

But a recent attack on U.S. forces in Syria, carried out by a suicide bomber which ISIS claimed was operating on its behalf, has led to an outpouring of criticism of Trump’s precipitous decision. “ISIS has claimed credit for killing American troops in Syria today,” Senator Marco Rubio tweeted in the aftermath of the attack. “If true, it is a tragic reminder that ISIS not been defeated and is transforming into a dangerous insurgency. This is no time to retreat from the fight against ISIS. Will only embolden & strengthen them.” 

While Mattis’s words were a cautionary warning about premature celebration, Rubio’s sentiments, along with those who share his point of view, miss the point of the ISIS attack altogether. The U.S. was on the verge of withdrawing from Syria, something Rubio and others believe would give ISIS a victory. Why, then, would ISIS attack American forces in such a high-profile manner, creating the condition for a reversal of Trump’s decision and keeping the U.S. military in Syria for the foreseeable future?

As far as military patrols go, the one carried out by forces assigned to the Special Operations Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve (SOJTF-OIR) in the northern Syrian city of Manbij on January 16 was as routine as it gets. SOJTF-OIR was authorized under Section 1209 of the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to provide assistance to the so-called “Vetted Syrian Opposition,” or VSO. A Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) intelligence specialist, accompanied by a Department of Defense civilian translator, was tasked with meeting with local personnel from the Civil Administration of Manbij and the Manbij Internal Security Forces, ostensibly as part of the overall coordination being conducted with the VSO in preparation for the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Syria announced by Trump last month. The intelligence specialist was accompanied by a small force of U.S. soldiers, tasked with providing force protection commensurate to the threat. 

The “threat” as it was, was two-fold. On the one hand you have the Turkish military and allied proxies on the outskirts of Manbij who are threatening to occupy Manbij in the wake of a U.S. withdrawal in order to expel Kurdish forces aligned with the YPG, a Syrian Kurdish political party Turkey accuses of being allied with the PKK, a Turkish-based Kurdish group designated as a terrorist organization by Turkey. On the other, ISIS, an Islamic extremist group which had, until 2016, occupied Manbij. Although ISIS had been driven from Manbij by VSO forces, so-called “sleeper cells” remained. This threat was real—in March 2018 a U.S. Delta Force operator and British commando were killed in a roadside bomb attack carried out by ISIS. 

But ISIS apparently was not a major factor in the security plan put in place by the patrol. The planned meeting took place in a popular restaurant located on the main street of Manbij. The owner had fled Manbij when ISIS took over, returning after its liberation to open this particular establishment, which became the “go-to” location for visiting dignitaries (Senator Lindsey Graham claims to have eaten there when he visited Manbij), and was frequented by U.S. soldiers during their “coordination” efforts with the VSO. If an ISIS suicide bomber wanted to pick one location in Manbij where he or she could be certain Americans and high-value local officials would regularly congregate, it would be this restaurant.

This is precisely what happened this week. Alerted by the tell-tale presence of the unique M-ATV vehicles used by U.S. special forces, flying large American flags, the ISIS suicide bomber waited until the Americans had entered the popular restaurant and sat down with their VSO counterparts. The bomber walked to the entrance of the restaurant, detonated a suicide vest carrying explosives and, in the resulting explosion, killed the DIA intelligence specialist, his American interpreter, and two other U.S. soldiers, and wounded three other U.S. soldiers. Eleven locals died in the bombing as well, including at least five members of the Manbij Internal Security Force.


Scott Ritter is a former Marine Corps intelligence officer who served in the former Soviet Union implementing arms control treaties, in the Persian Gulf during Operation Desert Storm, and in Iraq overseeing the disarmament of WMD. He is the author of Dealbreaker: Donald Trump and the Unmaking of the Iran Nuclear Deal (2018) by Clarity Press.

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In order for ISIS to disappear in Syria, the US troops HAVE TO LEAVE... Go Home! US go home!

le french ministre brings le cash to irak...

Following the Head of US Diplomacy, Mike Pompeo, his French partner ‎Jean-Yves Le Drian also made a visit to Bagdad. His visit coincided with the visit of King Abdallah II of Jordan. ‎

To everyone’s surprise, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs announced that France – while in the throes of a financial crisis – will give to Iraq 1,000 million euro (1 150 millions US dollars). This will go to participating in Iraq’s reconstruction following the war against the Islamic Emirates ‎‎(Daesh). ‎

The fact is that France is hoping to secure permanent military bases in Iraq so it can continue interfering in Syria after US troops are pulled out. ‎

Anoosha Boralessa


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the return of abrams...


Iran is cornered

by Thierry Meyssan

The United States are preparing to organise the « Greater Middle East » without their troops. They will probably capitalise on the errors committed over the last five years by Iran in order to create a Judeo-Sunni military alliance, dubbed the « Arab NATO » by the Press, who will be sent to fight the Chiites.

While the Pentagon is withdrawing from the « Greater Middle East » to invest in the « Caribbean Basin », the White House is getting ready to reorganise its allies in the region. To this aim, a « Ministerial to Promote a Future of Peace and Security in the Middle East » will be held in Warsaw on the 14 and 15 February. All the allies of the USA will be participating, but not their partners : neither Russia, nor China.

On 10 January, during a conference at the American University of Cairo, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo set the aims of the Ministerial : 

- to oppose the « Iranian regime » and its representatives » ; 

- to set up a strategic Judeo-Sunni Alliance against Chiite Iran [1].


The Return of Elliott Abrams

We can only be saddened at the confessionalisation of US foreign policy. It must be connected with the return of Elliott Abrams [2] to the State Department after 30 years of absence. This Trotskyite, rallied in 1980 to Republican President Reagan, is one of the founders of the neoconservative movement. He is also one of the initiators of theopolitics, the school of thought which allies Zionist Jews and Christians, according to which the Earth will know peace only when it has a world government based in Jerusalem [3].

Contrary to a popular idea, the neoconservatives are not the enemies of Iran, and not the friends either. They have always considered that it was necessary to maintain a balance between Arabs and Persians. This was why Elliott Abrams participated in the « Iran-Contras operation », which notably consisted of selling Israëli weapons via Cheik Hassan Rohani (currently the Iranian President) to Ayatollah Hachemi Rafsandjani (who consequently became the richest man in his country) in order to resist the Iraqi attack (which was also commanded by Washington). This operation was carried out without the knowledge of Congress, then condemned, and later amnestied by President Bush Sr.

During this period, Abrams was implicated in several massacres, in Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua.

The Trotskyites from the magazine of the American Jewish Committee, Commentary, who rallied, like him, to Reagan, intended both to combat the USSR in order to pursue Leon Trotsky’s struggle against Joseph Stalin, and at the same time to realise a world-wide coup d’état, if this idea even has any meaning. Elliott Abrams thus participated in the creation of the US Institute of Peace (which used the humanitarian platform to promote imperialism) and the National Endowment for Democracy (which orchestrated the colour revolutions) of which he is still one of the directors. This is how we should understand theopolitics, as a religious justification of a world-wide power grab.

The founding Congress of theopolitics was financed by the Izmaïlovskaya, a Russian criminal organisation of which, according to the Spanish Judiciary, Michael Cherney, Oleg Deripaska and Iskander Makhmudov were members at the time [4].

Under the presidency of Bush Jr., Abrams discreetly returned to the White House with Liz Cheney (the daughter of Vice-President Cheney). At the National Security Council, he supervised the coup d’état against the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez [5]. Acting a little late, he opposed the imbalance created by Washington which, by eliminating both the Taliban and President Saddam Hussein, enabled Teheran to impose itself regionally. He worked for the « Iran Syria Policy and Operations Group », and was then tasked with the « (Global Democracy Strategy » [6]. He was the main expert for National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice during the Israëli war against Lebanon in 2006.

The Warsaw Conference

The « Ministerial to Promote a Future of Peace and Security in the Middle East » will probably be co-presided by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and by the Vice-President of the Polish government, Beata Szydło, who has no competence in the matter.

Already, considering that the states implicated in the war against Syria will be awarded a privileged status, Israël is claiming responsibility for a number of anti-Syrian operations which it had so far refused to mention. Army Chief of Staff General Gadi Eisenkot has declared that the Hebrew state supported the jihadists from the beginning of the events, supplied them with a quantity of weapons, and had supported them militarily by bombing Syrian forces. All sorts of things that we have been revealing for the last eight years, and which are now official.

Worried about the outcome of the Warsaw meeting, Moscow has sent a high-level delegation to Tel-Aviv in order to probe Israëli public opinion.

The Iranian errors

It is important to keep in mind the fact that the United States has never fought Iran in general, but has always chosen its governors. Thus, in 1941, the US helped the British to overthrow Reza Shah in order to install Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. It was the US who, in 1953, forced the Shah to separate from nationalist Mohammad Mossadegh in order to impose Nazi General Fazlollah Zahedi. It was the US who, in 1979, forced the Shah to retire, and organised the return of Ayatollah Rouhollah Khomeini. Etc.

Contemporary Iran is imprisoned in its own contradictions, first of all the discrepancies between its public declarations and reality. The Islamic Republic unceasingly presents Israël and Saudi Arabia as its absolute enemies. However, the facts contradict the rhetoric from Teheran as much as that from Tel-Aviv and Riyadh. For example, the three countries fought together, in 1992-1995, alongside NATO and the Muslims of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Or again, the company EAPC, which currently manages the Eliat-Ashkelon pipe-line, is the joint property of Iran and Israël [7].

Secondly, even though they stand together against foreigners, the governors of Iran are extremely divided between the Supreme Leader (Ayatollah Ali Khameney), the President of the Republic (Cheikh Hassan Rohani), and the chief of the opposition (ex-President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who has been under house arrest for a year, and whose main collaborators were imprisoned after a series of secret trials [8].

At the end of Ahmadinejad’s second mandate, President Barack Obama attended secret negotiations in Oman with the Rafsandjani-Rohani team. The principle for the nuclear agreement was then approved. Ayatollah Khamenei side-lined the candidature of Ahmadinejad for the Presidential election by using Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati, and favoured the election of Cheikh Rohani, probably ignoring certain aspects of the agreement he had concluded with Obama. Cheikh Rohani was betting on his secret agreement with the US Democrats. He anticipated the cancellation of US sanctions, and promised a better life for his electors. Once he was elected, he dismantled the system that had enabled Iran to avoid the sanctions, then pretended to negotiate in Switzerland with the major powers the agreement which already been recorded with the USA alone. However, the signature of the 5+1 agreement was not followed by the lifting of sanctions. Since the Iranian economy could no longer avoid them, it collapsed. When Donald Trump entered the White House, he scrapped the agreement with Iran, plunging the Rohani team into panic. Rohani had committed the error of believing that the President would quickly be removed and that the Democrats would shortly be back in power. Iran rejected Donald Trump’s offer of negotiation and is today economically strangled.

Cheikh Hassan Rohani, who campaigned in 2013 by repeating ceaselessly that his country should no longer spend one rial to liberate Palestine and support Hezbollah and Syria, has undertaken nothing with his allies since his election. Progressively, the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution have stopped defending Syria and have only offered their support to Damascus in order to come to the help of the Chiite minority. For almost two years, Teheran has sent no ambassador to Damascus. It was only in 2018 that Iran sent senior civil servants of its government to Syria. They signed economic agreements which had been drawn up five years ago and which no longer correspond to the needs of the Syrian people.

Seeking to convince Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to withdraw the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution from Syria, President Cheikh Hassan Rohani reached out to Turkey (with whom his friends maintained excellent relations) and to Russia. And yet Cheikh Rohani had already negotiated with the United States and Austria for the delivery of Iranian oil instead of Russian hydrocarbons to the Europeans. In any case, the three countries have effectively expressed their points of view. However, the last meeting in Teheran with Presidents Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was a failure. It was immediately followed by a meeting between Russia and Turkey where their differences were settled without the Iranians.

Simultaneously, the economic and financial collapse of Iran does not allow the Supreme Leader to support Iran’s militia in Iraq and Hezbollah, which is no longer able to pay wages to its combatants. Only 60 % of their salaries were paid in January.

For several months, Israël has been bombing Iranian targets in Syria without the protection of the Russian defence. Over the last few weeks, Moscow has offered Damascus S-300 missiles which will enable Syria to handle its own anti-air defence. However, the Israëli bombing of the Iranians has continued. At the end of January, according to the Turkish Press agency Anadolu, two units of the Syrian Army were fighting one another. The first was supervised by Russian officers, the second by Iranians.

The Warsaw conference arrives at a time when US Democrats have regained the majority in the House of Representatives, but nonetheless, they will not save Cheikh Rohani. It is probable that his country will pay a hard price for its political incoherence.


Thierry Meyssan


Pete Kimberley



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