Thursday 22nd of August 2019

fear, choleric loathing and disguises...


If the polls this week are anything to go by, the Morrison Government's border security scare campaign is working.

The question is, could fear be enough to win the Coalition the election?

"Every [boat] arrival in Australia is on Bill Shorten's head," the Prime Minister said after the Coalition's historic loss over the medevac bill.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton took it a step further, telling 7:30 "we have people that can come to our country from Manus or Nauru, people that have been charged with child sex offences, people that have been charged [with] or have allegations around serious offences including murder".

The Coalition hopes to reframe the election as a battle over border security, fuelled by the fear of asylum seekers swamping Australia's shores under a Labor government.

But a look back at previous elections shows scare campaigns can be hit and miss.

When fear works

Fear campaigns are as old as Australian politics itself.

In the 1950s, the Liberal Party would often claim that Labor would allow communists to take over the country.

That transitioned into a relentless campaign against the Labor Party giving too much power to trade unions — a line that continues to this day.

Fast-forward to the notoriously effective "Tampa" campaign orchestrated by the Howard government.

The Coalition's focus on border security following the Tampa incident won it favour with the electorate and the government was returned to office for a third term later that year.

But fear campaigning is not limited to the conservative side of politics.

Labor's 2016 "Mediscare" campaign occupied a large chunk of the election coverage, and polling found 50 per cent of the electorate believed that the Coalition would move to privatise Medicare if it won the election.

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Hello ABC! The "fear campaign" about Medicare was legit. Though Malcolm the-Brave-Blancmange was saying he "would not" privatise Medicare, the majority of his colleagues were planning to do it — and force him to do it in a under-handed way. Had the Liberals (CONservatives) won a better majority and controlled the Senate, Medicare would now be in private hands, or on its way to be...

and Scummo is fully bad-tempered, irascible, irritable, grumpy, grouchy, crotchety, tetchy, testy, crusty, cantankerous, curmudgeonly, ill-tempered, ill-natured, ill-humoured, peevish, cross, fractious, disagreeable, pettish, crabbed, crabby, waspish, prickly, peppery, touchy, scratchy, splenetic, shrewish, short-tempered, hot-tempered, quick-tempered, dyspeptic, bilious, liverish, cross-grained — in the picture above... while trying to appear like an authority figure... 

hello world shares...

Australia's US ambassador, Joe Hockey, asked embassy staff to meet with a corporate travel company before it lobbied for government work, even though the former treasurer is close friends with the company's chief executive and now a big shareholder.

In April 2017, Mr Hockey told Washington embassy staff to meet with an executive from Helloworld, the listed travel services company managed by Andrew Burnes, Mr Hockey’s good friend and federal Liberal Party treasurer.

The meeting was intended to help Helloworld understand the travel requirements of foreign affairs staff stationed in North America, to help it pitch a proposal for a commercial arrangement with the department.

The meeting in Washington in April 26, 2017 was arranged after Mr Burnes contacted Mr Hockey. The company's 2017 annual report shows Mr Hockey is one of Helloworld’s 20 largest shareholders, with a stake now worth more than $1.3 million.


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Was Joe Hockey moonlighting in Washington, like when he was the "representative" of North Sydney? And we let the morons get away with it...


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and be prepared for the Turdograph magic cover:

the daily horror telecrap show... who would have expected any less?...


Or the Austracrap "economic expertise". Note: your NBN has crapped...

don't trust this rubbish in this lousy paper. YOU want better faster NBN? YES? simple. don't vote for malcolm...


And the summit of trickle down shit:

same old smoke & mirrors ...

scummo flicks the fear switch...

Australia’s former race discrimination commissioner will warn voters to brace for a possible race-based election, declaring there is every indication that the Coalition government has already “flicked the switch to fear”.

Tim Soutphommasane will use the John Curtin lecture on Thursday night to argue the Morrison government is “already campaigning on fear, seeking to incite hysteria about asylum seekers and border security”.

“You get the impression that Armageddon awaits vulnerable Australians, and if this kind of scare campaigning weren’t bad enough, just ask yourself this – might the fear-mongering get worse between now and the election later this year? Could this be just a preview of a race politics put on steroids?

“If such appeals to fear are to win the government a fillip in the polls, we must anticipate the likelihood of an escalation in rhetoric. We must expect more naked and blatant appeals to racism and division.


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shutdown mode...

Paul Bongiorno  

Helloworld, this is free 

“No longer confident it controls the parliament of Australia, the Morrison government has shut it down for the next six weeks. And no wonder: it is reeling from revelations of cronyism, incompetence and profligate, unaccountable spending. Scott Morrison’s only defence was to accuse Labor of having its head in the “chum bucket”. If he is right, the bucket is his and he will have to do a lot of hard work to expunge the stench before the May election.”


Morrison ignored boat security advice 

“Pezzullo’s Monday evidence suggests the government was alerted to the repatriation issue well before Labor’s amendments were drafted and it did not act.”

Karen Middleton  


The government ignored security agency advice on amendments to the medivac bill, allowing it to accuse Labor of undermining border security.



Affairs to remember 


Perhaps once the Paladin contract story could have toppled a minister. This week, it was almost overshadowed by a parade of other scandals – the 2000 Centrelink robocall deaths; the Helloworld travel scandal; the revelation both Michael Keenan and Michaelia Cash refused to give witness statements to the Australian Federal Police over the Australian Workers’ Union raid tipoffs; the apparent leaking of security advice to The Australian, which was then misrepresented.




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... and the winner is...

While Scummo desperately hopes for one of them boats to come and infect the northern Aussie waters — to blame Labor and the independents for the MedVac — thus stirs more fear in the populace into voting for "Him", Miranda Devine today gets stuck into "our" Julie.

The Catholic girl of the DT (Delirium Tremens or the Daily Telegraph according to your political colour), Devine claims that "Julie Bishop is delusional". Of course. So is Scummo, the Chief of the Noah's Ark Society in the Shire. The MD's article explains the crooked mathematics of Julie's power base in her Party of defectors that included Pyney, to prevent Dutton getting the gig — now so overcooked by Scummo. 

And it's true, though a Labor victory is not assured, "Julie for PM" would have sailed through the composting mind of most of the populace: a shoe-in. Here we must pay our respects to Sammy J. once more about singing the country blues about Julie's shoes...

As mentioned before by Gus, "our" Julie sailed through the murky waters of the Liberal (CONservative) Party with brio (con brilliance) without ever showing any original idea that was her own. Her stature was about presence and this silent gnome-killing stare personality rather than intellectual content. She would have won the elections hands down.


Now Scummo has to do the hard work, which of course will be greatly helped by Uncle Rupe's DT (Delirium Tremens or the Daily Telegraph according to your political colour) with an article about the PM (presenting a smiling Scummo showing his upper teeth instead of the usual snarky bottom ones) pictured with family "to make literary issues a key policy" under another furphy DT article "This is spelling danger", designed to frighten the oldies into believing they will not be understood by their descendants because of word spelling, should they vote for Labor... Fuck! 

Meanwhile the DT will poopoo the said Labor till the cows come home with ridiculous articles and PHOTO-MONTAGES that will make him (Shorten) look like a monster, Hitler or an idiot. Meanwhile, the "independents" are given the rod on their back by the DT's Peta, the Catholic woman who was taught by Jesuits and some nuns who enthusiastically might have administered (well-deserved) corporate punishment...


Here we MUST quote Dr Samuel Johnson(1709-1784):

There is now less flogging in our great schools than formerly, but then less is learned there; so that what the boys get at one end they lose at the other. (quoted in Boswell's life)


As a female-ism counterpoint we must quote Eileen Arbuthnot Robertson (1903-1963):


The use of physical force not being favoured in girls' schools, I got away with my observations about the House with a whole skin, but that was about all that did come undamaged through this expensive potting shed of the English Rose. (The Old School)


Smoking!... Uh?... Boys?... The "potting shed"???


And we must congratulate Scummo who, in a desperate brilliant move, appointed a novice woman in charge of the $250 billion (or whatever figure you wish) budget for Defence. Lucky the "public service" administration can tell her what to do for the next five weeks till the next elections. Watch for the largesses in Scummo's budget, mind you... The ink could become invisble after you voted for him... now "with the most women in his cabinet ever in the history of Aussieland".

And please don't vote for the "traitors". see: and remember those traitors. DON'T vote for them... in more of the same crap ahead...



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Chinese-backed plans to build a massive new coal-fired power plant in New South Wales are reopening hostilities in the so-called climate wars.

Key points:
  • The Coalition and Greens are at odds over plans to build a coal-fired plant in the Hunter Valley
  • The planned plant would generate more energy than the nearby Liddell power station
  • Chinese state-owned CEEC, which has built power plants in Pakistan, India and Indonesia, is backing the project


The Greens say a "veritable army" is ready to stop the plant from being built.

But Coalition backbencher Craig Kelly calls the plan "fantastic" and is urging Prime Minister Scott Morrison to pour taxpayer subsidies into it.

"This is exactly what the market needs," Mr Kelly said, adding competition from the new plant would lower power prices.

"If the Government needs to underwrite it, if it needs a little bit of help, then that's what we should be doing."

Greens energy spokesman Adam Bandt says the plan is "madness".

"It will make the Franklin Dam campaign look like a Sunday picnic," Mr Bandt said, referring to the successful movement in 1983 to stop a dam being built in the remote Tasmanian wilderness.


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Craig Kelly is an idiot. Scummo is a Noah's Ark Society idiot. Most Liberals (CONservatives) are idiots. Voting for them is idiotic.