Wednesday 3rd of June 2020

who the fuck came up with that idea? she did...

the witch of the stadiums...

Stricter festival regulations in New South Wales have received some colourful, high-profile criticism from Californian rock band the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who described the rules as "outlandish" and "stupid".

Key points:
  • Red Hot Chilli Peppers bass player Flea took aim at the new rules at a concert in Victoria
  • The regulations require "high-risk" events to obtain a licence after drug-related deaths
  • The NSW Government says the deaths demonstrated a small number of events need to be safer


Michael Balzary, known professionally as Flea, did not mince his words as he addressed the crowd at a concert in Geelong on Saturday.

"Did they figure out that stupid shit in New South Wales yet? Trying to pass that law so it's impossible to put on a concert?" he asked the cheering crowd.

"Making it hard for people to go see live music — that's the stupidest f***ing thing I've ever heard in my life."

Fronman Anthony Kiedis then chimed in:

"Who the f*** came up with that idea?"

Flea replied: "Some f***ing outlandish shit they're trying to do.


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who is "dripping with arrogance"? she is...

Footage of the Sydney Football Stadium at Moore Park shows the interior being dismantled by diggers and bobcats despite ongoing legal challenges over its demolition.

Opposition Leader Michael Daley questioned the extent of the tear-down in the face of an injunction that was due to be lifted in the Land and Environment Court this afternoon, but was adjourned until tomorrow.

"I'm not an engineer but they're not ripping wallpaper off in there," he said. 

"The injunction hasn't run out yet and you can hear the bashing and smashing and destruction and crashing behind us now.

"There's a bit of explaining to do."


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Allianz quietly reverts to 'Ahhh...llianz' tagline - AdNews

Nov 13, 2018 - Allianz has quietly reintroduced its famous 'Ahh...llianz' tagline back into its ads after dropping it more than a year ago. ... Allianz appointed Cummins&Partners Sydney when it decided to abandon the Ahh..llianz tagline, replacing Mercerbell as its creative agency.



political footy and hermann göring...

The great searing issue of the New South Wales election is whether the Sydney Football Stadium should be torn down and rebuilt with larger corporate boxes, up-to-date facilities for Lord Moloch’s sports broadcasting and new toilets.

Most members of the trust that administers the SFS and the neighbouring Sydney Cricket Ground are old codgers who are well past their use-by date. The Labor Party has pledged to sack them all and find fresh old blood to run the show. Consideration might also be given to changing the corporate branding so the edifice is no longer called Allianz Stadium.

The German giant Allianz is one of the world largest insurance outfits and had a colourful history during the Nazi era, when many Jewish people were wanting payouts after their premises were smashed and their property stolen.

This was all too much for the Allianz chiefs at the time, who told Hermann Göring that if it had to meet all those claims the insurance industry would be in a state of shock and some companies might fail.

Any defaults would be bad for the whole insurance caper, so Hermann came up with a plan for Allianz to pay out the Jewish policyholders and then the Nazi regime would pass a law that fined the Jewish claimants the amounts they received in compensation, which would then be returned to all the insurers, including Allianz.

This is described as a “Mitläufer” – giving succour to the Nazi cause without actually being involved in war crimes or crimes against humanity.

Banking royal commissioner Ken Hayne discovered the company was up to other more recent tricks, such as misleading people over their pet and travel insurance policies. Quite so. Months after lodging a claim Gadfly is still waiting for his miserable payout from the Germans after Air Vanuatu left him stranded in the tropics with no escape.

There are those who are aghast at the thought Alan Jones will lose his gig on the trust, yet we only have to remember that in 2014 the then premier Fatty O’Barrell asked retired Labor MP Rodney Cavalier to leave his post after 13 years as chairman of the Sydney Cricket Ground Trust. In 2016 Mr O’Barrell himself became a trustee.


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Is Allianz a Mitläufer to the Gladys government's decision to build a bigger Nuremberg Stadium?



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Ahhh... and I nearly forgot... The merdoch press regaled us with a gloassy (yes I mean gloassy — glossy and gloating) magazine (or maggot if you prefer) on the 12-3-19 about the oilpoloi (yes I mean the oilpoloi — I could not have used the coalpoloi, but it does not sound right though it's more accurate) in the good old town of Syderney. All this of course, by mixing a few celebs and a few "lefty" power brokers to absolve and glorify the right-wing of politics presently headed to the polls for dealy sins — from demolishing perfectly good stadiums and about to invest in coal-powered power stations. On the cover, it looks a bit more balanced than on the inside, despite showing the coal powered smiling bogan for the shire, our PM, the estimable Scummo.

The photo-retoucher(s) for the Tele went overboard of course...


DTs maggot

throw gladys out...

The New South Wales government is anti-action on global warming, demolishes good stadiums for no reason, has destroyed koala habitats by relaxing laws on land clearing, has polluted and reduced the flow of rivers to the point of several massive fish kills, has destroyed Sydney's nightlife and its music venues, favours more cars over public transport, though it has invested in a few train lines and has also destroyed Sydney central business district with the construction of a 1929-solution tram line when modern electric buses and a restriction on cars in the CBD would have done a far better job, and by end of all this, this moribund CONservative government is ARROGANT beyond belief. Time for a change, even if it's not "for the best", it could not be worse.

Do yourself a favour. Throw Gladys out.


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cutting important services...

A service dedicated to providing free support to women forced into the family court system may be forced to close its doors after the New South Wales Government rejected pleas to extend its funding.

The Women's Family Law Support Service (WFLSS), located inside the Sydney Registry, has the support of lawyers, social workers and the Family Court itself.

However, the State Government will cease its funding at the end of the month.

Principal solicitor at the Feminist Legal Clinic, Anna Kerr, said WFLSS was an "essential service" for women, and that it had now been forced to "beg" for funding.

"This service provides a safe space they can go to where there is someone who can provide them with information about the court process, they can make security arrangements and [get] referrals," Ms Kerr said.


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