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The unremarkable conclusion of the Mueller probe has been a heavy blow for MSNBC host Rachel Maddow, who by some accounts shed tears live on television as she came to terms with her indictment-deficient reality.

The MSNBC host, who has devoted countless hours of airtime to gossiping about the alleged ties between President Donald Trump and the Kremlin, struggled to keep her composure while discussing the end of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, which wrapped up on Friday without issuing any further indictments.


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Special counsel Robert Mueller's report on Russian meddling in the 2016 US presidential election did not find that President Donald Trump committed a crime but also did not exonerate him, according to a summary of findings released this morning.

Key points:
  • Mr Mueller found there was no evidence any Trump official knowingly conspired with Russia
  • He said he would leave it to Mr Barr to decide whether a crime was committed
  • Mr Barr said the investigation found there was insufficient evidence Mr Trump attempted to obstruct justice

Mr Mueller also found no evidence that any member of Mr Trump's election campaign conspired with Russia during the election, according to the summary of conclusion sent by US Attorney-General William Barr to congressional leaders and the media.

Mr Mueller, who spent nearly two years investigating allegations that Russia meddled in the 2016 election to help Mr Trump defeat his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton, concluded his investigation on Friday after nearly two years.

"While this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him," Mr Barr quoted Mr Mueller as writing in his report on the issue of possible obstruction of justice.Read more:

This Morning, on our "left wing" (it’s actually middle-right loony with expertise) ABC news, Joe O’Brien interviewed TWO trump detractors, including John Barron, who both sprouted that Russia interfered in the Presidential elections of 2016, without ANY PROOF, just quoting the same shit or about, the "Russian agents in St Petersburg" and their great efficiency to manage swinging some 75,000 votes in three states, that Trump won... Ohlala… If you’re not rolling on the floor from laughing, you have missed the entire saga which started way before the 2016 elections with the FBI, the CIA and the NSA spying on the “Trump team” — on Obama's secret orders.
Joe O'Brien is the host of ABC News 24's morning news program. Joe's extensive reporting experience covers everything from drought and floods to sport and politics. 

John Barron hosts The Drum and Planet America on ABC TV. He is the author of three books including Vote For Me about the American presidential election process, and is a Research Associate at the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney. John has written about US and Australian politics for publications including The Washington Post, and produced and presented documentary features The Party of Reagan and First Stop, Iowa which have screened in the US, China and Australia. As the ABC's Fact Checker, John kept politicians honest during the 2013 and 2016 Federal elections — or at least tried to (Gus: we've exposed him being often wrong about "the left".)
Then the bullshit came through… I guess John Barron is a right wing commentator, one of those who do not like Trump one ounce. John Barron is a Bush family lover, though. 

The other guy was from a website that promote the concept that Trump is in Putin’s pocket. Far from it. Trump isn’t in anyone’s pocket. He is annoying, even to the Rooskies and they knew this before the elections… Trump is there to accelerate the push for the BIG GAME that had become stagnant under Obama despite his little wars and had been messed up by Hillary trying too hard in the wrong places. TRUMP GOT ELECTED BECAUSE HE WAS SUPPORTED BY Rupert Murdoch. NOTHING LESS, and a little bit of NOTHING MORE.
Note that the News with Joe O’Brien online does not show this silly interview… but it shows a Joe O'Brien interview with Richard Painter (a Republican who also hates Trump, by the way) from the USA, instead.

Our cartoons are more accurate than any of these serious reports.

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The short version? Mueller is done. His report unambiguously states there was no collusion or obstruction. He was allowed to follow every lead unfettered in an investigation of breathtaking depth.

It cannot be clearer. The report summary states, “The Special Counsel’s investigation did not find that the Trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with Russia in its efforts to influence the 2016 US Presidential Election…the report does not recommend any further indictments, nor did the Special Counsel obtain any sealed indictments that have yet to be made public.”

Robert Mueller did not charge any Americans with collusion, coordination, or criminal conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia. The special counsel also considered whether members of the Trump campaign “coordinated,” a much lower standard defined as an “agreement, tacit or express,” with Russian election interference activities. They did not.


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not the end of the sagging saga...

Rule 6 (e) of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure prohibits Attorney General Barr from disclosing to Congress grand jury materials. 

False. The rule authorizes grand jury disclosures in aid of the congressional impeachment power. Thus, special prosecutor Jaworski sought court authorization to disclose a 55-page “Road Map” of evidence assembled before a grand jury relevant to an impeachment investigation of Nixon. Chief Judge John Sirica and the en banc D.C. Circuit approved (one judge dissenting). This Road Map was used in determining whether to prepare Articles of Impeachment against Nixon.

In sum, the Mueller Report will be only the seventh inning stretch of a nine inning game. House Democrats can keep this going if they want, and they probably will.

Bruce Fein was associate deputy attorney general and general counsel of the Federal Communications Commission under President Reagan and counsel to the Joint Congressional Committee on Covert Arms Sales to Iran. He is a partner in the law firm of Fein & DelValle PLLC.


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Democrats challenge Mueller’s findings on Trump, Russia
The closing of Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation has opened the door to fiercer political fights over the president’s judgment and power.

President Trump said “it wouldn’t bother me at all” if the Mueller report was released but said that decision would be up to Attorney General William P. Barr.

The Fix: Experts question Barr’s rationale for exonerating Trump on obstruction

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From Kit Knightly

To state my position clearly – I never believed, for a second, that the Mueller investigation would find any evidence of “Russian collusion”. And not simply because there isn’t any. I mean, let’s be honest, the powers that be “find evidence” of things that never happened all the time.

They “found” photos of Lee Harvey Oswald holding a rifle, and they “found” Satam al-Suqami’s passport in the rubble of the World Trade Center. They produced “evidence” the Russians shot down MH17 and poisoned the Skripals. There is “evidence” Assad gassed his own people. There was “evidence” Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction that could be here in 45 minutes. (Mueller himself testified to that).

The Deep State have made it more than clear that objective fact does not matter to them. When the CIA, the FBI or the Pentagon want the evidence, they inventfind it.

No, I was sure they wouldn’t find Russian collusion, because they didn’t really want to.

Firstly, it’s dangerous. However mad many of the leaders of the US deep state are, there are some who recognise that going to war with Russia is a bad idea. Publicly stating that Russia performed a coup in your country could lead to an international incident, a civil war, or even a nuclear holocaust. That’s not good for business.

Secondly, it’s an admission of weakness. The bedrock of Imperial power has always been an unwillingness to admit its own limitations. Finding that Russia had installed Trump would be admitting to a major defeat. They can’t afford to lose that much face.

Thirdly, and most importantly, they can’t take down one of their own. Trump might be crude, unpredictable, politically incorrect and lacking class…but at the end of the day he’s a billionaire son of a millionaire. He has been mixing with the elites all his life. He’s one of them, and sending down a member of the in crowd for corruption (or anything else) sets too dangerous a precedent. Trump has to be exonerated, it’s simply a matter of the system’s immune response protecting itself. (Not to mention he’s been President of the United States for over two years now, you take him to trial and who knows what he might start saying).

No, Trump was never going to be charged, let alone convicted. Mueller’s investigation has ended the way it was always intended to end – with a whimper, not a bang.

Do NOT make the mistake of thinking this makes it a failure.

Think about how our reality has been shaped by this investigation.

One, it has established as a “certain fact” in the mainstream media, that “Russian interference” is a thing that happened, even though to this date there is NOT A SINGLE PIECE of publicly available evidence to support this. The often cited “Russian troll factory”, the Internet Research Agency, is a small viral marketing firm that published anti-Trump ads. The “experts” tracking Russian “influence operations” are small-time paranoiacs with nothing but homemade infographics to back up their theories. The “research fellows” of the Atlantic Council are reduced to pointing to real people – be they retirees from England or internationally renowned concert pianists – and claiming they are “Russian bots”, because they cannot find any real ones.

The idea that Russia “hacked” the election, or launched a “campaign in support of Trump” is not even close to being proven, but if we embrace the Mueller report, then we are tricked into accepting that version of reality.

Two, there is the very idea of “collusion”. “Collusion” has no meaning under US law. It simply is not a thing, and yet we’ve all been talking about it for years. Letting “collusion” stand as a concept is a big victory for the establishment. It has no meaning, which means it can have any meaning they want it to have. Tulsi Gabbard can have “colluded” with Assad or Modi by defending them on US TV. Jill Stein can commit “collusion” with Russia by attending a meeting. They have invented an imaginary crime, that can be used to tar anti-establishment figures whenever they want.

If we embrace the Mueller report, we hand the corporate media more power to smear any political candidate, independent journalist or an ordinary citizen.

Three, if we accept Mueller, then we accept the concomitant affirmation of the idea that US institutions are trustworthy, that the FBI is inherently honest, that “Gary Cooper types” like Robert Mueller are the beating heart of US democracy. The narrative is running now that an accusation was made, a special counsel investigated and got to the bottom of it.

If we embrace the Mueller report, we lend credibility to a US system that deserves none. We put our trust in a body that has betrayed the public trust a thousand different times, and we accept the lie that the system is working as intended.

Four, Mueller has been a tremendous distraction. Don’t underestimate the value of that. Most of you will be familiar with the Karl Rove quote: “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality.”, but just as important is the less well-known end to that thought: “And while you’re studying that reality —judiciously, as you will— we’ll act again, creating other new realities.”.

“Russiagate” has consumed hundreds of hours of television, thousands of column inches. It has cost millions and returned nothing but sound and fury. It’s a chew toy, a scratching post. Something to get our claws and teeth into while our owners are busy.

And how busy they have been.

Think about all the issues knocked off the front-pages by “Russiagate” rumours and totally fictitious “smoking guns”. Venezuela inches closer to destruction every day. France is a couple of street clashes away from a second 1789. Trump has slashed infrastructure and welfare budgets, and increased military spending. Again. While every anchor in the country was talking about “the walls closing in”, the US has pulled out of an arms treaty and announced they have already built the weapons that the treaty banned. While the media hammer out the propaganda message that Trump is in Putin’s pocket, the US deep state has been winding the Doomsday clock up to 1 minute before midnight.

Finally, much like the “antisemitism crisis” in the Labour party, “Russian collusion” now exists as a concept that keeps everyone in check. Trump now can’t afford to meet with Putin, not without a chorus of “AHA!” from the punditry. Other political figures, those on the actual fringe (not the fake Trump fringe), have even more to lose. There’s no doubt that “Russian collusion”, or the like, will be used to file down a crowded Democrat primary field. Gabbard, Sanders, maybe even Warren, will doubtless face charges of being “soft on Putin” in one form or other. These McCarthyite smears force the Overton window closed. They control what people feel comfortable saying, even thinking.

All in all, Mueller has been very, very useful to the status quo. He’s a controlled reaction, like in a nuclear power plant, keeping public anger available as an energy to harness, whilst making sure it never boils over into a chaotic meltdown.

There is an understandable feeling of glee throughout the alternative media, emotions are high and “We told you so” always feels good to say. Those of us who have been dismissed as bots, Putin-apologists, useful idiots and “Trumptards” have been officially vindicated.

…but do we want vindication from a corrupt establishment? Should we take any value at all in an admission of “truth” from institutions who been shown to hold the very concept of truth in contempt?

The Mueller distraction has run its course, to the only the end it was ever going to reach. The Liberal cheerleaders who thought that OrangeManBad would be dragged out of the White House in chains might be tearful and angry, and in some ways that feels like a victory, but it’s only on the surface. Maddow and Harding et al might be temporarily humiliated, but their bosses are perfectly fine.

Every step of the way Mueller has been an exercise in narrative control, and every step of the way it has worked. And it is still working now.

They have reinforced convenient myths, stoked controversies from non-stories. Put “evidence” out into the public domain that was nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

They have shown that they have total control over the vast majority of public discourse. They can set the agenda. They can dictate terms. They can invent concepts, scenarios, even entire events, and we’ll happily argue over the details of something that never even happened.

“We’re an Empire now, and we act we create reality”. When we accept the Mueller report we are letting them create reality, we shouldn’t be tempted down that path because it feels like we scored some points for the little guy. If we buy into the hype around the announcement, if we let the myth survive that the US government has any interest in objective truth, then we’re playing their game.

I called the Mueller report a sideshow, and that’s just what it is. A fixed ring-toss game, with prizes that seem attainable but are always kept just out of reach. Hustlers always let you win the first one, to make the game look fair. Don’t fall for it. Pick up your money and walk away from the table.

It might FEEL like the good guys won, but that’s only because they let us. Next time they might not. The only real way to win is not to play.


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Former head of the CIA John Brennan admitted on Monday that he may have relied on “bad information” for his relentless attacks on President Trump.

Brennan — who once warned that “our Nation’s future is at stake” — told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that he may have been misled on the extent of Trump’s connections to Russia.

“Well, I don’t know if I received bad information but I think I suspected there was more than there actually was,” Brennan said. “I am relieved that it’s been determined there was not a criminal conspiracy with the Russian government over our election.”

The former spy chief was reacting to a summary report by Attorney General William Barr released on Saturday that states there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Brennan still maintained that there were inappropriate attempts to communicate with the Kremlin but said he was “not all that surprised that the high bar of criminal conspiracy was not met.”


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What a lot of Brennan bullshit...:  "the high bar of criminal conspiracy was not met." Does this mean there is a low bar in criminal conspiracies?


mueller report seen from the right-wing media...

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON, HOOVER INSTITUTION: Well, I think we have to realize that if Hillary Clinton had just won the election and she had not hired a foreign national to collect dirt on her campaign opponent, we wouldn't be talking today. The entire collusion narrative grew out of the disappointment of trying to explain the inexplicable, why she lost, and then the dossier transmogrified from insurance to help the landslide into a way to abort the Trump presidency.

Second thing, I think they thought collusion was separate from all these process claims and obstruction. And once the collusion narrative, I think most people thought didn't exist, once it failed, how can you really obstruct justice for a crime that didn't exist? If Donald Trump said something about the futility or the waste of the collusion narrative, it would be seen post facto as wise jurisprudence, trying to warn people don't to do something stupid. It's not obstruction to do it.

Finally, everything that begins badly ends badly, Bret. The idea that Rod Rosenstein, who had signed one of the FISA court writs that was misleading and had given the rationale to fire James Comey and been in this tragicomic circus with McCabe right before Mueller was appointed, some kind of palace coup, was going to be disinterested in a way that Jeff Sessions was not as the overseer was crazy.

And then finally, when this team was appointed, the left and the never-Trump right, they went giddy. It was the all-stars, the dream team, the untouchables, the hunter-killer team. The reason they did that is that Robert Mueller didn't exercise just basic caution. He could have just said whatever the law, the protocol is, I want an equal mixture of conservative and liberal lawyers. I want to make sure that nobody on this team has given either to the Trump campaign or to the Clinton campaign. I want to make sure that none of you on government devices, if you were working for the government, has said anything pro-Trump or anti-Trump.

And then finally, he could have said, just don't -- I don't want anybody in my team that's donated to either campaign. Had he done that at the very beginning, it would have been different. Now he has got a reputation of a Captain Ahab or maybe Inspector Javert right out of "Les Miserables."



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the art of the deal went as planned...


by Nancy O'Brien Simpson      25.08.2019 21:08


People all over the world are scratching their heads wondering what exactly happened with the big Mueller report and his subsequent sketchy testimony before Congress.  

Two years ago this writer was told about "a deal" between Mueller and Trump by an inside source close to the president.  The deal went like this...

Mueller could do an investigation.  Use all the time and money he wanted.  Get as close to the truth as he dared but when it came down to the wire, Trump and his family would be cleared.  Or, at least not indicted.  Everyone knows that when you have been a businessman at Trump's level you have made mistakes.  It goes with the territory.  And, there is no doubt that Donald Trump made mistakes that could be indictable along the way.  In the deal however, those were to be swept under the carpet.  As were any nefarious meetings of Don Jr. or Eric or any of his children. 

Mueller would need some meat to throw at his gapping media and anti-Trump people.  So Trump agreed he could take down some low-hanging fruit to make it look good and appease the left.  So Papadopoulos, Gates, Manafort, Flynn and Cohen could be thrown under the bus for the cause.

In exchange for a report that exonerated Trump at least to the degree he was not indicted Trump agreed not to go after Hillary, Comey, Podesta or any of that crowd.  However, his base was chanting, "LOCK HER UP!  LOCK HER UP!" and Trump needed to make it look like that's exactly what he wanted to do and was going to do.  

Enter Jeff Sessions who was the scapegoat.  "Jeff, I want you to hem and haw about Hillary.  Drag your feet.  Stall. And, I am going to call you all kinds of names and make it look like I want you to indict Hillary and Comey but you are just a damn do nothing and I am stuck with you.  Will you do that, Jeff?  I'll make it worth your while."  Something like this was probably said.

Sessions was probably not thrilled but being a loyal soldier he went along with it.  It makes one wonder in situations like this if people are bought off, if they are threatened or if they are blackmailed.  Maybe they just take the hit for the cause.  

Now we have ZeroHedge reporting today that Barr is refusing to act on pursuing anything to do with not only Hillary but also the soft coup played by anti-Trump agents in the FBI.  

"President Obama's FBI, ran by disgraced former director James Comey, knew about - but purposefully ignored - "highly classified" evidence in the Hillary Clinton email investigation before they downgraded their initial assessment of her crime from a felony to a "grossly negligent" mistake. 

As The Hill's John Solomon reports, a Senate staff memo updating an ongoing inquiry by Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) reveals that the FBI decided to back off their pursuit of this damning evidence "even though the agents believed access to the sensitive evidence was "necessary" to complete the investigation," writes Solomon."

Hillary obstructed justice when she "lost" 30,000 emails, bleachbit her servers and her staff literally hammered their devices to destroy evidence that might be incriminating.  But, it goes deeper, the FBI then got a FISA warrant to spy on people in the Trump campaign based on (of all things) that dossier that Michael Steele wrote that said Trump had paid prostitutes to pee on his bed.  They knew the dossier was fake but they presented it to the FISA court anyway because it was the only way to get the warrant.  Who paid for that dossier?  Clinton, the DNC and the group they hired Fusion GPS.    It goes deeper but suffice it to say they were in violation of the law. 

Senators Grassley and Johnson wrote Barr asking him to investigate this and he did not respond.  Again from ZeroHedge, "As a result of the findings in that appendix, Senator Grassley wrote a classified letter to DOJ on October 17, 2018, which remains unanswered. On January 15, 2019, at Mr. Barr's nomination hearing, Senator Grassley asked Mr. Barr if he would answer the letter, if confirmed, to which he attested, 'Yes, Senator.' On April 16, 2019, Senators Grassley, Johnson, and Graham sent a letter to Attorney General Barr reiterating the need for a written response to that letter," reads the note.   

Of course, Barr can't respond or do anything his hands are tied.  The Deal.  

Over the next two years, this writer watched "the deal" play out month after month, year after year. 

The Mueller Report came out and Trump was (miraculously) saved.  None of his family was indicted.  The low-hanging fruit were arrested.  Sessions took the hit as the scapegoat for Trump not being able to "LOCK HER UP".  And, now Barr will not go after Hillary and her people even with senators breathing down his neck.  He won't even answer their inquiries.  

It was a great deal for Hillary and Trump.  He did after all write The Art of the Deal.  

Ms. Simpson was a radio personality in New York.  She was a staff writer for The Liberty Report.  A PBS documentary was done on her activism for human rights.  She is a psychotherapist and political commentator.  

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Gus cannot verify the veracity of this story BUT IT MAKES SENSE...


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