Thursday 22nd of August 2019

the daily tinpotgraph does not like kerryn phelps... another good reason to embrace her...


Kerryn Phelps: How the member for Wentworth ... - Daily Telegraph

Oct 25, 2018 - EXCLUSIVE:
THEY aren’t in the league of Lucy and Malcolm Turnbull, but compared to just about everyone else in Australia they are filthy rich. Kerryn Phelps — set to replace the former PM as the federal member for Wentworth — and her partner Jackie Stricker own about $18 ...

The Daily Telegraph editorial: Phelps' medivac bill has serious issues ...

Feb 10, 2019Federal Parliament will likely vote this week on independent Wentworth MP Kerryn Phelps’ medivac bill. If ...

Daily Telegraph Editorial: MP's scheme is a boat booster | Daily ...
Feb 5, 2019 - Independent Wentworth MP Kerryn Phelps this week defended her proposal to allow the transfer of detained asylum seekers to Australia for medical reasons. Speaking on the ABC’s Monday night Q&A program, Phelps claimed her proposal would not diminish Australia’s border ...

Feb 18, 2019 - Turns out the polls show that Kerryn Phelps, Julia Banks and Rebekkah Sharkie aren't so Liberal, after all. My editorial from The Bolt Report.



Kerryn Phelps is not allowing an HIV rumour to ... - Daily Telegraph


1. Teen crims out of control in NSW juvenile justice centres. | Daily Telegraph · 2. Animal testing doesn't lead to medicines: time to stop it | Daily Telegraph.






Feb 17, 2019 - Liberal turncoat Julia Banks and Independents Rebekah Sharkie and Kerryn Phelps have been touted by the media Left as the kind of ...



The real thing to know about Kerryn Phelps is that she is caring. She cares about the planet and about people. Her introduction of the MEDEVAC bill in parliament was because she cares about human beings. This bill was sabotaged by Scummo, who as a Christian is hypocritical as all get out. He spent nearly 200 million of your cash to reopen the Christmas Island detention centre and sent not a single sick refugee there. All show and no pony. 

On the subject of climate change, Phelps is on the ball and I have heard of drink parties where hard-forged Liberals (CONservatives) have come to accept doctor Phelps views on this subject. "They will vote for her."


The Daily Crappograph will bag her as much as possible because the Murdoch media does not want Scummo to loose the next elections. All DT's hands are on deck to demolish Dr Kerryn Phelps who is openly gay, married to her partner for yonks, a decent woman and a straightshooter. SHE CARES. SHE HAS EXPERIENCE WITH DEALING WITH PEOPLE AND ISSUES. SHE HAS INTEGRITY. This pisses off the DT. Yes, she is a multi millionaire, but she lives in the most multi-millionaire electorate in Sydney, possibly on earth. She also cares about the arts and the ABC. Scummo and his ratbags, including the troops at the daily Tippergraph, hate the ABC and for them the arts is a world that lost an f a long time ago.


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voters of wentworth: vote for kerryn phelps...

Dr Kerryn Phelps does not need the job of being a parliamentarian. BUT SHE CARES. She knows she is going to get brickbats from the right and the extreme right media, including that rat bag the Spectator, where success is measured by the size of your bank account and your contribution to the destruction of the planet for profit.


So if you live in Wentworth and are thinking of voting for Scummo's "sharming" pooch because that's your Liberal (CONservative) tradition — given the savage self-absorption you may be about to let loose upon the nation with Scummo and his rabid crew — change and vote with your heart and mind rather than your wallet. THINK! Open your eyes. Sure, you could not really stretch your ideas so far as to vote for the Labor Party... Yuck!


So, vote for Kerryn, she is one of your own rich breed, but SHE CARES about the future. She has a conscience. And remember she was that doctor who saved your life when you were sick (possibly self-inflicted with rich food and booze). She knows that the future is not with digging more holes for petroleum, coal or gas. She truly is a HUMANITARIAN and a Hippocratic doctor. Scummo is an expedient hypocrite who used to be in advertising. 

forced to rebrand himself as a bullshit liberal...

Asked about the “modern Liberal” tag, Sharma insisted it was not about distinguishing himself from other elements of his party.

“It’s really just about who I am,” he said.

“In the byelection, there was a sense of, ‘we just don’t know who you are’. But now people know me a bit better and they know my views and outlook are forward- looking, pragmatic and focussed on the future problems.”

With just 1,000 votes separating Sharma and Phelps in the byelection, Wentworth is one of the seats the Liberals could win back at the election.

At Phelps’ campaign headquarters, the “modern Liberal” tag was met with derision.

“The self-described ‘Modern Liberals’ are attacking electric vehicles as a Soviet-style conspiracy yet say nothing about the Adani coalmine being approved by their own government. Bring on a climate change election,” Phelps posted today.

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As my Roman friend would say 2000 years ago: Sharma?: BOVEN DE STERCORE LIBERALI


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the battle of the posters on lampposts...

Independent MP Kerryn Phelps says "dirty tricks" are behind the removal of hundreds of political posters promoting her campaign for the federal seat of Wentworth in Sydney's affluent eastern suburbs.

Key points:
  • Campaign posters were taken down at Rose Bay, Bondi and Elizabeth Bay, Dr Phelps has alleged
  • Liberal Party candidate Dave Sharma denied removing them, saying his have also been taken down
  • A similar claim was made during last year's by-election in Wentworth by Dr Phelps, Labor's Tim Murray and the Justice Party's Ben Forsythe


Dr Phelps is fighting to retain the seat she won after a resounding 20 per cent swing against candidate Dave Sharma in the October by-election.

But on Friday night her posters were taken down in several locations along New South Head Road at Rose Bay, at Bondi and in Elizabeth Bay, Dr Phelps said.

"Well I think it's pretty obvious that there are some dirty tactics afoot and obviously in a grass roots campaign we rely on donations, we rely on volunteers," she said.

"For our posters to go up and then to be taken down … this happened in the by-election [and] it's happened again, it's incredibly frustrating."


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the grate diplomat...

Sharma does his best to explain modern diplomacy which is basically the same old neo-con crap using modern technology:


"There's no point in running dead or lying low when a controversial issue is unfolding."

And he [Sharma] contrasts Australia to Israel, the United Kingdom and Russia, which actively use social media to shape public opinion at home and overseas.

Russian diplomats in the UK used outlets such as Twitter to spread disinformation and muddy the waters after two agents poisoned former Russian spy Sergei Skripal in Salisbury.

Israeli diplomats have also taken to social media to mock Iranian leaders who continue to call for the destruction of their country.


When MI6, MI5 and the CIA run the show, you can be sure disinformation will be spread like rancid butter on your toast. Don’t blame the Russians for the confusion bathing the Skripal case. So far all we know from the Skripal saga, is that they’re not dead, have been prevented to talk to Russian officials about their ordeal, have not been see in public for more than a year — and had the poison designated by the UK, Novichok , been use, they woud be completely dead, with a bunch of other people. This sad story here has been kept hop-running by the British secret services, with more titbits of doubtful value falling down for the tree of porkies, from time to time, to keep the stint alive in the mind of the public. The subterranean spying activities on behalf of the brits against the "Russian Mafia” (unrelated to the Russian government) by Sergei Skripal have been swept under the carpet. 
Sharma is frothing up his self-importance in the oneupmanship of the diplomatic game, where he was a good dog named Fiddlestick, for Australia, designed to lick the arse of the Israelis, unless it was brown-nosing the same spot, which is equivalent...
The USA does diplomacy by Trump’s twittering about destroying Iran, and with Israel becoming more Nazi by the day and bombing Syria, one wonder about "diplomacy"… Ugly.
Vote for Kerryn Phelps. She knows far more than Sharma on all subjects, including diplomacy.

a modern neanderthal...

Sharma, in the Wentworth electorate, presents himself as a "modern" Liberal (CONservative). What is a "modern Liberal"? Good questions... The young Liberals manning the pre-voting booths claim to be aligned with the Menzies era, the glorious years of Orsstralyya... Kof kof... In those days, also manned by that pisspot Kerr, Menzies had it easy because women where at home, pregnant, barefoot and cooking in the kitchen. He admitted with an amazing pragmatism that "he never understood women"... He was a living fossil, like a smart Neanderthal, who since has died — but his species is still lurking in the Liberal (CONservative) smelly ranks.

Tony Abbott and Dave Sharma are also "living fossils" of the Neanderthal species, who need to be stopped from polluting parliament with obsolete views, despite the claimed "modernism" — which is like using a tricycle with square wheels on rocky roads for that other imbecile — he make money by burning rubber...

racist emails...

Wentworth MP Dr Kerryn Phelps says she has referred racist emails falsely claiming she is ineligible to stand at the federal election to the Australian Federal Police.

Key points:
  • Similar emails were sent during last year's Wentworth by-election
  • Dr Phelps described the new batch of emails as "very disturbing"
  • Her main opponent, Liberal Dave Sharma, condemned the "inciteful and divisive" emails


The emails were yesterday sent to an unknown number of voters and contained incorrect voting information and several anti-Semitic remarks.

They falsely claim Dr Phelps is ineligible to stand at the election because she is an Israeli citizen.

The independent was also targeted with obscene emails claiming she had AIDS during last year's Wentworth by-election, in which she narrowly beat Liberal candidate Dave Sharma.

Dr Phelps said it was the fifth round of vicious emails to have circulated about her, but said the latest attacks amounted to electoral interference.

"The content of the emails is very disturbing," she said.

"The problem with this kind of email is that it's an incitement to hatred, we know what the consequences of that could be.

"Whichever individual or group is responsible is trying to influence the outcome of an election and I think they should be investigated and brought to justice."

She said she was frustrated with the AFP, and claimed they stopped investigating the last round of emails after the Wentworth by-election.

"The Australian Federal Police need to take this seriously and I have asked for them to increase their efforts," she said.

Sharma condemns 'racist, bigoted' emails

The new emails — which contains numerous spelling and grammatical errors — claim Dr Phelps "is hiding" to "avoid jail from this fraud".

"Kerryn Phelps has been disqualified from election, she is a Jew and entitled to automatic Israeli citizenship," it read.

"This is very urgent, the voting card has been printed already, you will still see her name, but she is no longer eligible."


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we missed out by less than 2,000 votes...

Sharma, the fake "modern" Liberal (CON-CONservative) got elected by the rabid delusional right-wing rich dudes and dudesses in Wentworth, mostly by those in the exclusive burb of Vaucluse, bellevue Hilloes and Bubble Bay... Half the wealth of Australia could be concentrated in this electorate of Sydney Harbour. The former Prime Minister, Malcolmius Bullturnius. was a minnow amongst invested fortunes with a pitiful 250 million bux in the Cayman Islands. If you drive through most part of this area (except from Bondi which is somehow Green and rebellious Surfietown) the houses you don't see, are hidden by 11-car garages on the streets, while the houses, I mean the castle-ing mansions dribble down to the foreshore with exquisite manicured parterres and topiaries to their jetty where a ten story yacht await the next tide of climate change. 

Thus we salute Dr Phelps and her super-conservative supporters who nearly got her across the line. Many of her intelligent right-wing voters saw that her stance on global warming was the correct one, while the other rich personages might have been sorry to vote for Sharma by default — as they thought Scummo needed all the miserable meerakles he could get... Do I hear a rumour that they already regret their vote?... We shall investigate...


Meanwhile, did our little site start the demise of Tony Abbott, back then a year ago?...