Thursday 17th of October 2019

writing on the wall...

writing on the wall

I don’t do surveys… You know the type of "rate our service levels” for the delivery of a ton of bricks. It’s a bit like “were we good in bed?” question. Or imagine, as an artist, giving a survey to the purchaser of my pseudoneosurrealistical work.

Rate my work accordingly:
1) I had no idea about what was on the canvas
2) it perfectly fills a hole — or hides a crack — in my kitchen wall
3) I loved the colours
4) Was IT a plumber's bum crack or a fault in the fabric of the universe?
5) My kids could have done better but they’ve grown up
6) Reality is in the eye of the beholder
7) I had a lazy grand (I'm dreaming) under the bed and I hope to make a killing when you’re dead
8) I bought it as a gift for someone I hate
9) Interesting (whatever interesting means)
10) Aren't you dead yet?
Extra question:11) Tell us the reason why? 20 words max.

Picture at top: mural in Newtown. unknown artist(s)

compare the pair...

Rate the cartoon below according to the above criteria and compare Gus's Putin with Warren Brown's:




I drew (rendered with brush and ink) the face of Putin in 2001 and I have used the same plug (electronic scan) since then. see: I know the nose is far too long but this was deliberate...



New criteria:



1) Too blancmange.

2) Perfect if you live on the north shore


3) Love the KGB drawing. Gus' spooks look too much like potatoes. OMG, they are potatoes!


4) Is it a beard or armpit hair gone rogue on the fat bloke?


5) Winking Winks is lovely. Gus horse is a bit sarcastic (copied from Mad Magazine).


6) Lambie looks like a sheep with big eyes


7) The Prince and the Princess look too real. 


8) Where is Annabel?


9) Love the Warren Brown twins marrying each other with love


10) Pauline does not look evil enough.



11) Please explain