Thursday 22nd of August 2019

fighting the bastard...


Christian Porter took a calculated risk when he quit as Western Australia's Treasurer to pursue a career in federal politics and he's not hedging his bets now.

Key points:
  • Christian Porter was a high-flying WA MP before moving to federal politics
  • His safe seat of Pearce has become increasingly marginal in recent years
  • The ALP, unions and GetUp have spent large amounts trying to unseat him


He says there is no plan B if this Saturday's election does not go his way.

"That whole exercise [of leaving state politics] was very heavy with risks of a whole range of types," Mr Porter said.

"It had occurred to me that federal politics is often very tough, particularly with very large seats, particularly with boundaries being re-drawn, so anyone who didn't want to have personal political risk would not have done that."



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The media in Western Australia is awfully trying to make sure Porter does not loose his seat. About 99 per cent of media are propping him up, including the ABC (WA ABC which will take a massive whack behind the ears should the Libs be re-elected) with soft interviews that let him say whatever crap and LIES about Labor...

scummo, adman for his own lying boots

"in the best country in the world, I am the best PM you can have...with a surplus next year..." THE BULLSHIT from this advertising ex-expert is massive. No mention that when Australia was voted "the best country in the world" it was run by Julia Gillard, soon to drop more than 10 ranks under Tony Abbott... Scummo's little lying mate of the north shore...

robolink strikes again. get rid of unchristian porter...

A Sydney woman battling mental health issues has told how she is “surviving off the charity of friends and family” after an apparent Centrelink bungle left her with a $3,500 welfare debt and no income for more than two months.

Charlotte Coulter, 29, told Guardian Australia she was wrongly kicked off the $276.55-a-week Austudy payment in March because Centrelink failed to process a doctor’s certificate.

Of the $100 a fortnight her cash-strapped mother can afford to send her, Coulter, of Parramatta, is forced to pay $20 every two weeks to Centrelink despite having no formal income. She said she entered a payment plan out of fear that her case would be referred to a debt collector and is adamant she does not owe the money.


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Porter was the "inventor" of that system as the uncharitable and unfair Abbott, Turnbull, Scummo governments. THROW SCUMMO OUT.




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