Friday 29th of May 2020

when he died, one knew for sure scummo was going to win...


There is a certain amount of counterpoint to Bob Hawke's death. This was going to impact Labor chances at yesterday's elections. As "the best" PM Hawke wasn't really. His death just before the elections would have cost 2 points to Labor.


Fraser was a better man. Keating was a better PM than Hawke. Gough Whitlam knew his days were counted and pushed hard for great reforms, including free medicare and free university education, but was possibly entrapped by the CIA, after having dumped Australia's support for the Yanks in Vietnam.


All the Prime Ministers of this country, Australia, from Edmund Barton (the White Australia Policy) onwards were flawed nonetheless — except possibly less for Fisher who did his best to hold the federation together (established old-age and disability pensions, enshrined new workers' rights in legislation, established the Commonwealth Bank, oversaw the continued expansion of the Royal Australian Navy, began construction on the Trans-Australian Railway, and formally established what is now the Australian Capital Territory — now known as Kanbra, the muppet show theatre set).


Despite her need to cajole many religious bigots in her party, Julia Gillard did a reasonable job considering the entire media, the Greens, a large part of her own party and the opposition led by a loony aggressive Abbott, were against her — for her butt size, her red hair, her clothes, her equitable views, her green penchant and her atheism. 

Abbott got there by default with the massive support of Uncle Rupe and by lying through his teeth. Both Abbott and Hawke were Rhode Scholars which means shit in a beer drinking contest. Abbott was (is) a loony A B Santamaria Catholic bigot who can tell porkies with ease and not even have to go to confession because, despite knowing he talks shit, he believes in it. He destroyed five governments in a short time, including his own. He had to be booted out of politics... Meanwhile John Howard has also been another bullshitting PM. His adventure with his mates Tony Blair and George Bush rank as the pits of deception in the whole of human history. 



You’ve got to admire the way the Nasty Party steadfastly wheels out Little Winston to wave, grin and hug people during election campaigns. He’s a reminder of things past and in a climate change election it’s good to be reminded that Winston for such a long time was a climate denier (aka sceptic). He resisted the Kyoto Protocol and stood against the implementation of legally binding carbon reduction targets. Howard himself vetoed an early version of a scheme to reduce emissions and his environment minister, Robert Hill, managed to negotiate an increase in Australia’s emissions.

By 2001 Howard’s cabinet decided not to ratify the Kyoto Protocol at all.

In the dying days of his government, in the face of drought and rural ruin, with mounting international pressure and nowhere else to hide, he was dragged to the lectern and announced an emissions trading scheme. It was too late for the voters, who said he was past his use-by date.

So, it’s no surprise Howard is the very man Tony Abbott wants in Warringah reassuring voters that the past was just so peachy. In the process the former PM spelt out his shrivelled vision for Australia to shoppers scooting through Warringah Mall. He alleged that Bill Shorten is “after your savings … I mean this is an insult to every successful small businessman who has worked hard, accumulated a bit and wants to leave it to his kids. I mean this is what this country is all about.”

It was marginally more revealing than Schmo Morrison’s vision thing last Sunday at the Nasties’ campaign launch: “It is my vision for this country as your prime minister to keep the promise of Australia to all Australians. I believe that Australia is a promise to everyone who has the great privilege to call themselves Australian.”

Is this the smell of death lingering in our nostrils?


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Yep, the death of Shorten's political ambitions... Hopefully we won't have any more zingers...

We must also add that Labor leader, Bill Shorten, was a bit not liked by a lot of people. Labor would have fared better with someone else at the rudder. But shifting him aside would have only added to the waltz of leaders in the fair dunny called Australia.

looking over your head...

I met Bob Hawke a few times... The picture at top is showing his eyes looking over your head, never looking at you directly eye to eye... Hard to make anything out of this.


And now the Libs (CONservatives) and the journos have the gall of calling Scummo, "the New Bob Hawke" because Scummos drinked beer while watching the defeat of the Cronulla Sharks and enjoying his "meerakle" political success, b(r)ought in by God Palmer... Scummo's policies are far rightwing rubbish while Bob was a pseudo-socialist.

the best comedy: je suis scomo...

He also argues the Gadsby pivot isn't new: "Dick Gregory did a similar thing. He gave up a lucrative comedy career in the 1960s because stand-up didn't allow him freedom to speak as freely as he wanted about black civil rights." 

There's another problem with labelling this new comedy wave as woke: it's very white. 

Popular local shows like Black Comedy and The Family Law, which showcase indigenous and ethnic minority talent, don't yet share the same international recognition as others.

Experts say this is possibly because audiences don't know enough about Aboriginal or Asian Australian culture to be in on the jokes. Either way, it seems there's still a way to go.

Dr Taylor says that reading the room in comedy is the privilege of modern times. "It's easier to laugh at a more equal society," she says.


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"Rotten rubbish bags" says Gus in regard to this "equality"... Our CONservative meerakle government is a comedy of crapstein and gets a great approval for being such at : "Je suis Scummo" is hilariously subtle...