Saturday 16th of November 2019

the new trump protégé, boris johnson, was accused by rivals of trying to dodge media scrutiny...


(LONDON) — One of seven contenders to replace British Prime Minister Theresa May quit the Conservative Party leadership race on Friday, as front-runner Boris Johnson was accused by rivals of trying to dodge media scrutiny.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said that after the first round of voting it was clear he did not have the backing to win. He came fifth in a vote Thursday among 313 Conservative lawmakers, with 20 votes.

Johnson, a former foreign secretary, won Thursday’s ballot with 114 votes, more than the next three candidates combined.

Hancock did not say whom he planned to support.


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a tinpot trump...

BORIS Johnson has been branded a “tinpot Trump” who will lead to Britain to ruin as PM by France’s leading newspaper.

In a scathing attack Le Monde - the broadsheet of choice for the Paris political elite - said the Tory frontrunner lacks “logic or beliefs”...

It said his premiership “would be a calamity for his country and for Europe” and would turn the UK into a “hostile” neighbour hellbent on deregulation.

The paper also laid into Mr Johnson over his threat to withhold the £39bn divorce bill, saying doing so would have “incalculable consequences”.

In the piece, entitled “Boris Johnson leading Britain? No thanks!” the establishment broadsheet offered a withering assessment of the Tory MP.

It fumed: “He makes a mockery of his own country by his amateurism, his levity and his lack of knowledge of the issues.

“The economic catastrophe resulting from a No Deal does not scare him. It is this man who wants to take the helm of the distressed ship Britannia.

“For the EU, Johnson’s rise to power in London would be tantamount to the installation of a tinpot Trump across the Channel dedicated to sabotaging it.

“The UK would no longer be content to cultivate its European malaise, or even hinder the development of the EU.

“It would become a hostile principality based on social, fiscal and environmental deregulation.

“We must stop seeing Boris only as a jester.

"His entry at 10 Downing Street would be a calamity for his country and for Europe.”



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the view from sydney...





cartoon by Martin Rowson...

an empty chair says nofin' strategy...

Boris Johnson is charging towards Downing Street in a campaign based on saying nothing — and it's working.

Key points:
  • Australian spin doctor Lynton Crosby, known as the "Wizard of Oz" is believed to be advising Boris Johnson's campaign
  • Mr Johnson infuriated his No 10 rivals by refusing to take part in a live television debate
  • He has a history of making gaffes, including comparing Muslim women who wear veils as "letter boxes"


Dubbed the 'submarine' strategy, the Conservative leadership is Mr Johnson's to lose, so remaining under the radar is a safety net. Say nothing and you'll say nothing wrong.

Behind the scenes the political strategy is being credited to non-other than Australia's own Lynton Crosby, the spin doctor dubbed the "Wizard of Oz".

While he's not officially onboard Mr Johnson's campaign, he is reportedly advising from the sidelines.

Known for so-called wedge politics, where divisive debate on issues like asylum seekers dominate, he helped former PM John Howard in his four election wins before shifting his attention to the UK.

He helped Mr Johnson win two terms as London Mayor and assisted in securing David Cameron's election victory in 2015.

Sir Lynton, who was knighted for his work in politics, also advised Theresa May during the disastrous 2017 snap election, which ended with the Conservatives losing their majority - one of the few blemishes on his CV.

It has been said that Mr Johnson has been dreaming of becoming PM since a young age, and it was Sir Lynton that helped coordinate his failed run during the 2016 Conservative leadership race, where Boris-backer and current leadership rival Michael Gove backflipped and instead decided to run himself.

They both ultimately failed and Mrs May was elected leader unopposed.


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