Saturday 20th of July 2019

when the hypocrite contortionist complains about the clown in the circus tent...


Alastair Campbell could not be happier to be in Australia next week.

“I’m really glad I am going to be there when the wretched charlatan Boris Johnson becomes prime minister,” he says. “I cannot believe it is happening. I cannot believe that is happening to our country.”

Campbell, who rose to prominence as former UK prime minister Tony Blair’s chief spin doctor, and is commonly thought of as the basis of Malcolm Tucker in The Thick Of It (although this is contested by Peter Capaldi) – has remained as outspoken on UK politics as you would expect of someone with his all-seeing reputation.

He has watched as Brexit has torn apart not just the conservative government but the country at large, and his own side of politics.

But on that, he doesn’t just blame the Tories.

“I think democratic politics is going through a very, very challenging period,” he says of the western world at large. “I think there are all sort of factors.


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Alastair Campbell is a bit disingenuous here. He should blame himself and Tony-Blair-who-should-be-behind-bars for having bullshitted about Saddam and his weapons of mass destruction. The public has been lied to and the public is starting to realise that the trapeze artists are monkeys with human suits.

how high? our scummo has been doing it....

“The faraway king would soon learn a timeless lesson about the people of this majestic land,” Trump said. “Americans love our freedom and no one will ever take it away from us.”

Three days later, history did not seem so cold or distant as UK-US relations, taken for granted since the second world war and cemented by Trump’s recent state visit, were shaken to the core.

A devastating leak of diplomatic cables led to an angry rebuke from the president and the resignation of the British ambassador. It also raised once unthinkable questions about whether the looming nexus of President Trump and Prime Minister Boris Johnson, arguably kindred narcissists, poses unique dangers to both countries and the world.

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Our Scummo has joined this circus with trepidation. Scummo is now in charge of shovelling elephant dung in the Trumpo circus. As Aussies, your duty is to sing along with the national anthem to inspire our shoveller in chief. 

beware of the boris bozo...

In all probability, the next prime minister of Great Britain will be Boris Johnson of the Conservative Party. Americans, like Conservative Party members, might think that Johnson’s charisma, un-PC irreverence, and firm pro-Brexit stance will make him the kind of energetic, straight-talking, patriotic leader that Britain needs. There is no reason to be optimistic.

As with President Trump, criticism of Johnson tends to focus on his private life, and, more specifically, his string of affairs. In fairness, one must admit that a disgraceful private life need not make for a disgraceful public life. Benjamin Franklin might have made the most of his status as a ladies man but his face still adorns the hundred dollar bill.

To say that Boris Johnson is no Benjamin Franklin is like saying that Adrien Broner is no Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Johnson’s public life, as a journalist and as a politician, has been marked by misbehavior, incompetence, and egoism.

Boris Johnson was a child of privilege. He rose up through Eton and Oxford to become a journalist for the Times. He was promptly sacked after fabricating a quote from his own godfather, the academic historian Sir Colin Lucas. Never mind. Johnson soon landed a job with The Telegraph, where his reports from Brussels on the EU’s bureaucratic lunacies stoked anti-EU feeling among conservatives, despite his often cheerfully indifferent stance towards the truth.


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