Tuesday 17th of September 2019

reviving the ugly past at the new york times...


"I don't care a straw for your newspaper articles, my constituents don't know how to read, but they can't help seeing them damned pictures." -- Boss Tweed


In 1868, Tweed became grand sachem (leader) of Tammany Hall and was also elected to the New York State Senate, and in 1870 he and his cronies took control of the city treasury when they passed a new city charter that named them as the board of audit. In full force now, the Tweed ring began to financially drain the city of New York through faked leases, false vouchers, extravagantly padded bills and various other schemes set up and controlled by the ring.


Born in New York City in 1823, Boss Tweed was a city alderman by the time he was 28 years old. Elected to other offices, he cemented his position of power in the city’s Democratic Party and thereafter filled important positions with people friendly to his concerns. Once he and his cronies had control of the city government, corruption became shockingly widespread until his eventual arrest in 1873.


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chicken afraid of the jewish fox...

The New York Times is probably the best newspaper in the United States, if not the entire world, but they have never respected editorial cartoons or cartoonists. While they have reprinted syndicated cartoons (I know this because they’ve reprinted mine), they have never employed a staff cartoonist, and for this, they are quite proud.

However, their international edition has made use of them for years, using syndicated cartoons and hiring cartoonist Patrick Chappatte. Now, after running a cartoon a month and a half ago that drew condemnation for antiSemitism, the Times has decided to stop running political cartoons entirely.

The Times would never ditch opinion columns over one offending columnist, which proves their disrespect for cartoons.

This news gained widespread attention after Chappatte, who did NOT draw the offending cartoon, published a blog post about the Times’ decision. Previously, the Times dropped using syndicated cartoons after the controversy and scolded the editor who approved it. Now, all cartoons have to go from every edition.


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To say that the NooYaurketymezzz is the best paper in the world shows how poor we are serviced by the print media on this planet... The only thing good about the NYT is that I think it was the only media that apologised for its coverage of the Iraq war... Apart from this, The NYT tows the line of the establishment that feed both the Republican government and its lackeys, the Democrats.

At this level, the New York Post is more accurate, though terribly slanted towards the ultra-rightwing hawks of the Republicans. Also, one has to admire "the images" (front covers) of the NYP (New York Post) designed to illustrate a point that a 20,000 words essay could not.

Trump isn't the flavour of the month at the NYT, even for the usually republican journos such as David Brook (Opinion: David Brooks. Marianne Williamson Knows How to Beat Trump. We need an uprising of decency). Tough titties. The only Democrat that could beat Trump at the 2020 elections is Pete, because he is bland and restrained despite a colourful active life — and he smiles alla Jack Kennedy...

changing sox at the NYT...

The New York Times was forced to alter its front page headline after it was savaged online by high-profile Democrats who didn't like how the paper framed President Donald Trump's speech about mass shootings.

The US newspaper got into trouble after print editor Tom Jolly shared a preview of Tuesday's front page. The headline on the story about the aftermath of the deadly mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio was 'Trump urges unity vs. racism.' Its sub-headline read as 'Condemns 'slaughters,' but says little of gun control.'

In a tweet, Trump had called for "strong background checks" on gun-owners but did not raise this point in a follow-up speech, focusing on other measures to prevent mass shootings instead.


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the NYT dies in the heart...

  1. Russi Taylor, the Voice of Minnie Mouse and ‘Simpsons’ Characters, Dies at 75 

    Ms. Taylor had done work for numerous animated series and also voiced Donald Duck’s nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie.

    July 28, 2019
  2. The World According to Mad Magazine 

    Grown-ups who worried it was a subversive influence on America’s youth were 100 percent correct.

    July 13, 2019
  3. Garfield Art Heads to Auction 

    Some of the original artwork for the comic strip, originated by Jim Davis in 1978, is up for grabs starting Tuesday.

    July 8, 2019
  4. Mad Magazine, Irreverent Baby Boomer Humor Bible, Is All but Dead 

    After two more issues of new stuff, “the usual gang of idiots” will mainly publish old material in future issues.

    July 5, 2019
  5. Of Comic Books and Couture 

    The relationship is no laughing matter. The two art forms have more in common than you might think, as a new exhibition makes clear.

    July 1, 2019
  6. Batman Through the Decades, in Black and White 

    A look at some of the highlights in a Batman exhibition at the Society of Illustrators.

    June 26, 2019
  7. LETTERSPlease, Gray Lady, Bring Back the Cartoons! 

    Readers urge The Times to rethink its decision to eliminate political cartoons from its global edition.

    June 11, 2019
  8. New York Times’s Global Edition Is Ending Daily Political Cartoons 

    The Times stopped running syndicated political cartoons in April, after one with anti-Semitic imagery was printed in the Opinion section of the international edition.

    June 11, 2019
  9. Infowars Agrees to Part Ways With Pepe the Frog 

    Matt Furie, the creator of Pepe, sued to stop its use by the far-right website. Infowars agreed on Monday, paying a $15,000 settlement.

    June 10, 2019
  10. Mysterious Chinese Political Cartoonist Badiucao Unmasked at Last 

    The authorities in China have moved quickly to censor the cartoonist, Badiucao, whose work uses bold — and critics say sometimes vulgar — imagery.

    June 4, 2019

heartless, headless NYT...

At this stage, we're not going to forget nor forgive the New York Times for the dismissal of its international cartoonists... Here are cartoons collected around the world by Chapatte about this unfortunate heartless stupid thing to do by the NYT:




American resilience:


Tornadoes: to the cellar!



Blizzards: stay at home!


Hurricanes: a kiss from Eva!


Shitstorms: sack all the cartoonists!




The press in a drawing minefield:





Yellow chicken:


jeff parker

jeff parker



Canary in the graphite mine...

ann telnaes.

ann telnaes.




Broken spirit: Falco...




Cold comfort:




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cartoonists of the world revolt... or at least draw something like "je suis against le new york times that feeds me"...


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a hurricane spoiling the NYT teacup...

These days, when a couple of bullying white guys gang up on two prominent women of color, they are likely to create quite a stir. This is especially the case when the women are darlings of the liberal media, not to mention Democratic members of Congress, and the bullies are the president of the United States and his ostensibly good friend the prime minister of Israel. 

So it has been with the flap pitting President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu against Representatives Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota. The quantity of mud slung on the opposing sides has been most impressive and no doubt a source of joy for the ratings-obsessed executives of our several cable news networks. 

But does this controversy have any real significance? Beyond the question of whether Ms. Tlaib will ever be able to visit her nonagenarian Palestinian grandmother on the West Bank, my guess is probably not.

Still, in those circles where a firm, fierce, unwavering, and unquestioning U.S. commitment to Israel ranks on a par with mom, apple pie, and supporting the troops as core American values, any suggestion of a threat to the longstanding, bipartisan pro-Israel consensus evokes panic. With the exception of AIPAC, few institutions are more sensitive to any hints of backsliding in U.S. support for Israel than The New York Times.

To follow [T]he [New York] Times’s coverage of this tempest in a teapot is to sense the anguish of editors yearning for the “squad” of which Talib and Omar are members to blossom into a full-fledged army of progressives while simultaneously desperate to prevent any such turn in American politics from undermining American support for Israel. 

President Trump, despised by the Times, professes undying love for Israel. Talib and Omar also despise Trump, but don’t even pretend to love Israel. For the nation’s leading newspaper, this poses a serious problem.

The necessary solution to that problem is to prevent the U.S.-Israeli relationship from becoming a partisan issue. For decades now, support for Israel in Washington has transcended politics. Along with raising military pay, it has been one of the few issues on which Republicans and Democrats, with a few brave exceptions, routinely agree. On an annual basis, Congress reaffirms that commitment by mailing another $3 billion check to Jerusalem.


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Time to reinstate cartoonists at the NYT.