Wednesday 15th of July 2020

god’s grand failure was to create us in His (god is a male, though some of us have tits) own image...


Humanity is not homogenous. This is why we often disagree with each others. Sometimes we disagree for the sake of having an argument, but overall we are in a crap-pickle for seeing things with a different eye. Whether we find grit or shit at the bottom of our cage often stems from our education, culture, influences from peers and the age of the captain.


Bigger challenges are coming our way, socially, scientifically, politically and naturally because there are more of us. Most of these challenges are also due to what we do and what we believe. We tend to forget reality as we spin gross fantasies that satisfy our learnt angsts. And we weave these fanciful stories in our social structures to give us a traditional foundation. The evolution of these into incredible narratives, because we want to believe anything stylistic in order to make sense of who we are, is amazingly stupid.

Sciences have put a dampener on these illusions, though we still accept untrue structural values to stay together, welded at the hip with icons and sacred images. And we argue, while huddling like raw peanuts in an underground shell. Take the debate between the secularists and the religious mob, for example, or study religious sect versus the old traditional beliefs. It’s a matter of bums on seats, and of “acceptable” relationships: family, marriage, sex while thinking of England, profit without usury, pretty frocks on Sundays — and death in pain, dedicated to the glory of eternal life. Suffering is essential, while joy is tolerated, as long as it's attached to the resurrection of the son of god, after having been crucified to redeem our sins. Anyone who believe this grit should have their head examined for brainwashing… and for being completely loony.

The religious mobs now decry the loss of morals — which to say the least were only acted in some of their adherents’ mind, often idealised as the perfect pure way to live: toil, olive oil, pray and only wage war on occasion when asked by chosen leaders for their sociopathic climb, while paying your taxes with accepted deductions. Asking questions can only hurt your thoughts of Paradiso and fear of hell…

Yes, these days the youth isn’t much interested in going to church and the ship of the state is therefore going to sink in secularism, is sinking in artfulness, has sunk in the rubbish of voting for Trump and will not surface again, unless we pump god’s bilges and fight the socialists, the Russians and the Chinese. These morons are trying to destroy the stylistic comfort that we may have barely acquired after having cultivated 2000 years of loony beliefs, with the Mayflower’s grim Pilgrims landing in Plymouth, New World, and umpteen wars of religions. Onwards Christians! Onwards Muslims! Long live the battle of Tours...

At least, the Muslims impose severe penalties to those who do not accept the loony beliefs: mostly death, sometimes imprisonment, plus more brainwashing than what we hate to see being done by the Chinese to the Uighurs. We in the religious West, we befriend those who kiss our arse best, the Sunnis Saudis, despite being the most criminals of the Muslims. We also have become pissweak with religious and moral matters because we’ve come to accept secularism as a unifying social sauce for all the different Pentecostal systems that we have extracted from the original lie. 

Yes, the original sin was the original lie. We lie to ourselves and to each others. Humanity lied to its individuals, not because it was sinister, but because we forgot — or did not want to — to look at the real world we live in. 

Science came in.

However, “attempting to understand the forces driving Jupiter's atmosphere is like trying to predict the pattern cream will make when it is poured into a hot cup of coffee,” says the press release that accompanied the recent Hubble images of Jupiter, the god almighty. This means there is still much work to be done. Yes there is much work still to be done to eliminate beliefs, not only by deconstructionism, but in reconstructionism with artful joy. 

As intelligent people discover that too many delusions are at the core of our behaviour, we tend to go a bit wild and become somewhat senseless, especially when we’re young and easily drugged. We old farts have been on the piss since day one anyway. So we turn to statistics to evaluate the damage. Just as an aside, the drug ICE is a bad one. It’s not going to make us believe in satan or god but it going to distort our senses and our perception of reality with frenetic self-destruction. Death can occur early.

So some people refer to the ideals of those who escaped the repression of other religious movements, the Pilgrims, back then 400 years ago. The necessity of the escape made them ready to steal someone else’s patch... But this was okay, because of godly righteousness firmly planted under the dutch head-gear of the reformation. We could not go wrong with toil, family, marriage, sex while thinking of England (or of windmilled-Holland), making clogs, profit without usury, pretty frocks on Sundays — and death in pain dedicated to the glory of eternal life. What else do we want? A smart phone? Jokes on the tele? The joy of sex? 

And we have barely touched yet on the drastic changes we’ve done to the planet under instruction from god: go multiply, plant some GM crops and milk the cows… 

Bustling(? we are told...) Christine Lagarde (former French Minister, former President of the IMF) has now been appointed President of the European Central Bank (ECB), inheriting from Mario Draghi, the former Goldman Sachs man —  an expansive monetary policy: money spent without return and the savings rate down to zero. ZERO...

This is likely to colour our pants:

Savings and old-age provision are reduced to not much by the zero interest rate policy.

Saving money for bad times no longer pays off. The money is thus invested in real estate, shares and bonds in order to maintain value.

This fuels a speculative bubble on the stock market and the real estate market. Prices no longer reflect values and zero does not pay your grocery bills unless you remortgage your abode.

Unprofitable companies barely survive on bad loans. Bankruptcy come when low interest rate policy ends. This is why central banks are on tender-hooks. And there will be major problems on the mortgage market as soon as interest rates rise and the value of properties falls.

But enough about economic troubles. What about making something tangibles, like food and fridges? What does god think about electric cars? Better than farting donkeys, aren’t they? 

So, is religion going to help us with its manipulative delusioning to solve the price of fish?... 

Say three Hail Mary to get absolution for your sin.

The head of the Australian Reserve Bank has told Parliament with a brilliant cliché that "all options are on the table" to stimulate the Australia's economy, potentially even cutting interest rates to zero or to negative levels and implementing unconventional policies such as quantitative easing.

What? WHAT? ZERO? More ZERO? Are we that desperate to destroy the planet?

Sure, any religious person would say that an economy is not a society — for this you need churches and bell-towers to attract customers... Before this, you need devotion, obedience, some flagellation and a bit of cash to pay for the stained glass windows... Any religious enterprise cannot survive without cash which — with the generosity of our good self — is tax free. Fancy that. Yes I know they give cash to the poor...

The best real estate in many cities is thus owned by churches where most of them have planted their indoctrination houses they call private schools. Here we have a bit of trouble because of secular laws that prohibit discrimination of teachers mainly. Gays beware… But for many years the privileges of religious beliefs has been anchored with sharing beds with kings, queens and tax exemption.

And regarding privileges... a reminder about the robbers of lands mentioned earlier:

The religious persecution that led America’s founders to flee England for Holland more than 400 years ago remains alive and well, linguistically repackaged in blithely ironic claims of “Christian privilege.” 

The tactic isn’t new, but with the advent of social media, casting oneself as a victim, alleging unfair “privilege” on the part of an ideological foe, is disturbingly effective.

Persecutory efforts begin with words, but rarely end there. And leveraging the largest social platform in the world to suggest Christians are loathsome creatures bent on abusing others isn’t exactly subtle.

As Greek Orthodox writer Elizabeth Economou astutely noted, those who “push #ChristianPrivilege conveniently and arrogantly ignore #Christian persecution throughout the ages.”

We must say that most of Christian persecutions happened before Constantine. After this is was plain sailing with the pope's armies apart from a few hiccup like Luther who hated the jews and the Muslims — as well as the Catholics, who were stacking gold, like scrooges with pointed hats. Recently, the major problem for the religious mobs isn’t that they are persecuted, but that they are IGNORED. This is far worse than being crucified...

But in the end, the future of this planet is more and more linked to what we do to it under various guises — be it the loony religious dictum of "multiply and be fruitful by drinking protein rich cow’s milk", with the Koch brother manufacturing plastics by the vortex load — and dumb US presidents ignoring global warming. 

We swim in alterations to our genes due to chemical oestrogen and in the decreasing sustainability of the planet. That crippled professor Hawkins warned us just before his death that within 1000 years we would need to find another planet to live on, considering we would have destroyed the natural furniture on this one. On recent estimates, the more we tally the present damage, 30 years might do it. NASA’s got to put its arse into gear. Time is running out…

Some sour people point out that sustainable source of energy such as windmills and eco-transport such as electric scooters are not as “green-clean” as we could think they are — but the alternative of burning fossil fuels in 4WDs and blowing steam engines forever is not going to be ideal anyway. The equation is simple: we have too many people on the planet — all of them in need of stuff to survive, like water, and soon wanting more stuff to live better, like a smart television and a dishwasher. Vegetarian-meat burgers, here we come. Nothing wrong here as we all need the best, but even rats will commit suicide to help Ratworld during hard time. Unlike rats, we won’t know we’ve hit hard times until we’ve run out of everything or killed each other. We’re greedy beasts. And without explaining the full bore of why I say this, religions are also very greedy, despite teaching temperance and humility. Religions want to control everything with morality that did nothing to stop wars, did let inquisition go rampant and encouraged ignorance to flourish. Kids, don't despair though... You are the future. And you will make the future excitingly liveable.

We deserve a shot at scientific humanism — even if we deem it “artificial”. It’s better than delusional religious ritualised hubris — and we can let the robots teach us. At least the youth with their smart phone can understand the word “artificial” and "robots". They are there already.

God’s grand failure was to create us in His (god is a male, though some of us have tits) own image. Robots can soon sort this mess out. Imagine that a robot could actually reach the top levels of Scientology-Max in about 3 milliseconds while no human, unless he/she is a lizard or a thetis-butthead hiding in the bushes on tax evasion, can do this in a life-time. Am I going too fast for you?

Time to study how we’ve made the bee’s world completely toxic…

Gus is a fierce atheist...

(Note: ffs.... for fuck sake)...

more of us? are you nuts?...

Switching to a plant-based diet can help fight climate change, UN experts have said.

A major report on land use and climate change says the West's high consumption of meat and dairy produce is fuelling global warming.

But scientists and officials stopped short of explicitly calling on everyone to become vegan or vegetarian.

They said that more people could be fed using less land if individuals cut down on eating meat.

The document, prepared by 107 scientists for the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), says that if land is used more effectively, it can store more of the carbon emitted by humans.

It was finalised following discussions held here in Geneva, Switzerland.

Climate change: Where we are in seven charts

Twelve years to save Earth? Make that 18 months...

Meat, veg, nuts - a diet designed to feed 10bn



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amusing way to learn nothing...

The clergy at a cathedral has been accused of being unprofessional and "poisoning the medicine" a church offers by installing a fairground ride. 

A full-size helter skelter has been put in the nave of Norwich Cathedral to give people a different view of the inside of the building.

The Right Reverend Dr Gavin Ashenden, former chaplain to the Queen, said the cathedral had made a "mistake".

The cathedral said it was a creative way to share the story of the Bible.


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Slide from top: ridiculous way to try and catch young flies and Harry Potters...



viva sciences...



The answer to good cities is not to put retail everywhere to activate the public realm with commerce, nor to add cultural pleasures like parks and micro-breweries. It’s first to have a public realm that is worth visiting. That public realm must include our temples. And it must be architecturally expressed in a certain way. If churches and other civic buildings are invested with monumental architecture, they will become the focus of our streets and city squares. Adding a church to the mix does help. It helps create and sustain a vital public realm by serving people’s most fundamental needs for forgiveness, hope, and meaning in a way no other civic institution can do. And ironically, perhaps, temples will draw parishioners and tourists alike, resulting in vibrant commerce as well.

Duncan Stroik is a professor of architecture at the University of Notre Dame and an architect who focuses on church architecture.

This article was adapted with permission from Sacred Architecture Journal.

 Fuck temples. We need museums and science hubs. 

Stores like Apple have more people in a day than a church in a year… The importance of communication is with each other, not with the almighty who, to tell the truth, never saw us as a good creation of his since we mucked up with the "original sin"... I am not advocating an Apple store in the middle of the town square, this would be uncouth. What we need is a Science Hub where people can learn about the new reality. God is dead. 
Museums are mostly about dead things. New living ideas demand a scientific hub. Call the new thingster SuperHub, Science Space, Futuro, Scopus, Scientifica, Artoscope, et al...