Thursday 23rd of January 2020

the exclusive role of a wormy-lure at the end of a fish-hook... this is america....

Will America survive this century? How can it channel its most brilliant qualities and suppress its worst pathologies? What has it still to teach the world, and what must it learn to learn?

America is not a country. It is a civilization – without a doubt, the greatest of the great civilizations of the last two centuries.

I write this tract, humbly, not as an American proper, but as an outsider sitting at the edge of American civilization. I write as an admirer and beneficiary of American civilization – the son of Jackson-Vanik Jews from the Soviet Union, who has prospered (thus far) in upper North America on the original strength of American political energy, imagination, magnanimity and moxie. And I write in the full certainty that while this American civilization will endure for the balance of this new century (energy does not, after all, die; it merely changes forms), it is by now fully legitimate to wonder whether America the country – the USA – will do the same. And if so, what kind and quality of American country will this be?


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Hold it… Stop the presses… The grand illusions of a crapper filled with gold are too bright for my old poor eyes… 
If lying, deceit and plunder are the summit of civilisation, I have no problem with this assessment. The USA has stolen more goods from around the world than the rest of the world combined has stolen from the USA. In order to achieve this feat, the US used slavery and had to impose their will like any other empire, with trickery and divisions.

Imagine the Soviet Union still being strongly united under a more flexible socialist ideal. This would be a powerhouse! And it could have been… 

But the US's story is that of McDonald’s and Coca-Cola. it’s a perverse invasion of other countries’ own culture with crap — including bang-bang Hollywood. Any other civilisation that could raise above the fray, is plunged back into cacadom by US actions that include illegal wars and financial robberies in which the US dollar plays the exclusive role of wormy-lure at the end of a fish-hook. 

"Will America be clever enough to anticipate, avert or otherwise thwart (emerge victorious from) such conflict? That much, again, is not obvious at the time of this writing. The incurious bombast of present-day Americana does not bode well. Much will depend on whether the US is able to improve hugely its analytics and – as part of its capabilities – its strategic and political judgement.” continues Irvin Studin.

One can say that since the end of WW2, the American dream has been to suck on lemons for a lot of people within and people outside the USA. For a long time, the decline of the American Empire has been on the card — and would have happened had the USA not have 80 per cent of the world weaponry in its lockers. The USA has had no good political judgement, especially since President Eisenhower warned about the over-strength of the US military, at the end of his tenure. 

On the social front, the USA is lacking in making its people into citizen. The way the American system works encourage people to be consumers — and irresponsible consumers at that. There is so much that can be achieve with brawn. When the system of choosing leaders give us Trump as president, one has to wonder about the sanity of this “civilisation” as Irvin Studin calls the USA. It is a civilisation because it has stained the rest of the world — rather than inspired it. 

The superiority complex of the USA in its “indispensable exceptionalism” is not worthy of a gloat. Presently other “civilisations” — often old ones that were suppressed by US actions — are coming to the fore with alternatives. Whether these are better or not is not the questions — as overall, the eventual feelings that rise to the top of humanity in flux are those of controlling privileges. 

The Lion King is part of the trickery of making kids accept the structure of sociopathic hierarchical success, like emperors, kings and despots, rather than participate in an equality seeking possible democracy where roles are defined by cooperation rather than by competition. 

I know cooperation can appear boring while competition is exhilarating for the winners, while the losers will live with their face in the mud. Competitive psychopathy defines the dangerous success of Yamerika and its laws. This is why they are vengeful against the people who expose the American trickeries: Assange and Snowden to name two.

the lion king is undemocratic...

lion kings


Poor kids.... brought into consumerland by a rubbery plastic wormy-lure at the end of a fish-hook...

the most expensive eduction does not protect us from trumps..

Harvard University has more money in its endowment than 109 countries have wealth, a recent report said, and it's not the only school with more cash than most nations. For the rich, maintaining the status quo doesn't come cheap.

"America's public schooling system may be in trouble, but its top universities are anything but," said a story by Stacker,  which compared the multibillion endowments of 50 American colleges to the "total wealth" of world nations as estimated by Credit Suisse. The list saw five universities – including Princeton, Stanford, Yale, and the University of Texas System – beat over half of world's 195 economies. Topping the list with its massive $38.3 billion endowment came Harvard.

Perhaps more than even the other Ivy League colleges, Harvard sells more than just a degree. A Harvard education provides entrée into exclusive circles populated by the very wealthy and very influential, and the school puts a lot of effort into nurturing this reputation. The quality of a Harvard education has somewhat dipped over the past decade, now occupying the sixth spot according to The Times Higher Education World University Rankings, but the same firm has invariably ranked the institution's reputation as pristine, scoring a perfect 100 on both research and teaching.

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did the US taxpayers pay for trump's education?

what did you expect? like religion, twitter lives only with cash

Now Twitter is just as corrupt as Google and Facebook and MSNBC and CNN and Fox and the Washington Post and The Atlantic and all the rest. Propaganda organizations all.

Caitlin Johnstone nailed it, on September 12th, under the headline “Have You Noticed How Social Media Purges Always Align With The US Empire?” and she opened:

Twitter has suspended multiple large Cuban media accounts for reasons the social media platform has yet to explain as of this writing, a move which journalist Dan Cohen has described as “the equivalent of silencing CNN, Fox, WaPo and NPR’s accounts” for that nation. The Union of Cuban Journalists has denounced the move as censorship.

Prior to that, on July 12th, she had headlined “Top Assange Defense Account Deleted By Twitter”, and she reported that, “One of the biggest Twitter accounts dedicated to circulating information and advocacy for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, @Unity4J, has been completely removed from the site. The operators of the account report that they have been given no reason for its removal by Twitter staff, and have received no response to their appeals.”

Four days later, she headlined “Twitter Restores Assange Activism Account In Response To Backlash”, and Twitter will probably do the same this time around, but what about all the times they do this against less prominent entities or voices than Cuba or Julian Assange?

Everybody knows — Google and Facebook even have help-wanted ads out for — America’s social media barons hiring censors to restrict what those ’social’ media (a.k.a. U.S.-imperialist propaganda-organizations) will allow from ’society’ (the billionaire-approved members of it, that is) to report.

And as far as the print and broadcast U.S. media are concerned, they all are peddlers of either the Republican National Committee’s propaganda-line, or the Democratic National Committee’s propaganda-line (each controlled by that Party’s billionaires, its mega-donors); and does it really make any basic difference whether one is seeing propaganda from Republican Party billionaires, or from Democratic Party billionaires?

Why isn’t the entire world now blacking-out those media — those agencies of the U.S. international-corporate empire?

Why aren’t China, and Russia, and Iran, and maybe even India, developing their own competitors against the U.S. billionaires’ media?

Okay, you might say, was already somewhat that (and more truthful than any of the U.S.-and-allied versions were), before the U.S. Government declared it to be a “foreign agent,” and yet the U.S. regime doesn’t do the same (in effect) banning against the BBC, or against other (U.S.-regime-allied) government-broadcasters. 

But what’s especially needed, all over the world, are non-U.S.-regime competitors (Russian or otherwise), against Google and Facebook and Twitter, etc., and not only against the U.S. regime’s ’news’-media (NYT, CBS, CNN, NPR, or other).

When are those start-ups going to appear — and why haven’t they appeared already? Wouldn’t the competition be terrific for the public! After all: RT is ‘banned’ but still can be accessed.

The U.S.-and-allied ’news’-media propagandized the entire world to invade Iraq in 2003 on the basis only of U.S.-Government lies, and repeated that evil performance for the invasion of Libya in 2011, and of Syria in 2012 till today. Doesn’t anybody get it? Those ‘news’-media are the master fake-’news’ propagandists of all — now decade after decade! 

Maybe some of America’s ‘enemies’ can produce alternatives that are far more trustworthy than the corrupt, lying, U.S.-and-allied, ’news’ and ’social’ media versions. Maybe they can all get together and try. And maybe, in the interim, everybody can just explore such non-U.S.-non-billionaires-controlled media as:

112 International
21st Century Wire
Alahed News
Aletho News
American Herald Tribune
Asia Times
BAS News
Caitlin Johnstone
Covert Book Report
The Duran
The Energy Mix
Eurasia Review
Eye on the Ties
Global Research
Greanville Post
Intrepid Report
Matt Kennard
Land Destroyer
Levant Report
The Liberty Beacon
Libyan War – The Truth
Modern Diplomacy
Moon of Alabama
Craig Murray
Nation of Change
New Eastern Outlook
The New Humanitatian (formerly
Off Guardian
One America News Network
Oriental Review
Public Intelligence
Russia Insider
The Saker
South China Morning Post
Strategic Culture
Syria News
Today Venezuela
Vesti News
Washington Blog
Zero Hedge

Here is another non-mainstream news report that, like Caitlin Johnstone’s, was published online on September 12th, and whose excellence demonstrates well the relatively trashy performance of U.S.-and-allied ‘news’-media: Boeing Foresees Return Of The 737 MAX In November – But Not Everywhere

If one compares that with what’s being published in the mainstream press on the same issue, is there really any comparison, at all? And such excellence is routine for the anonymous writer of that blog. 

Subscribers to U.S.-allied media are paying to have propaganda parading as ‘news’ fed to them.


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