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scummo explains the australian values of why refugees are treated like rubbish...


At the height of the au pairs affair last year, a Senate inquiry into the matter heard that between assuming the immigration portfolio in December 2014 and the end of August last year, Peter Dutton had exercised his ministerial prerogative to grant somebody a visa to live in Australia 4,129 times: a rate of three a day.

The ministerial power to grant visas is unchallengeable, it is extraordinarily broad and loosely defined. But its use is not novel.

For all of the Machiavellian manoeuvrings of recent Australian political history, an immigration minister remains the most powerful person in the Australian government: vested with extraordinary, unchallengeable and secret powers to control the lives of people in, or seeking to come to, this country. The powers held by those responsible for the immigration portfolio dwarf those vested in the prime minister, the attorney general or foreign affairs minister.


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the murdoch australian devalues australian values...

It’s not at all clear that there is a problem, but let’s say the Morrison government was, in fact, struggling manfully to defend Australia’s sovereignty in the face of a “Sri Lankan asylum surge” as The Australian reported on Monday morning.

If you are a government, and you face an actual problem, it’s generally best to be straightforward about it, releasing information in orderly and transparent fashion so considered judgments can be made, otherwise people might suspect you are fully intent on the selective presentation of information to try to control the narrative.

People might even (as one reporter suggested to Scott Morrison on Monday morning) get cynical about it, given stories about surges in boat arrivals do tend to arrive at politically convenient times; a happy sort of coincidence.

Anyway let’s lay out the facts as far as they can be known, or documented.


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to “keep the threat of illegal arrivals” alive...

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has conceded he ordered the release of new data on Sri Lankan boat arrivals to “keep the threat of illegal arrivals” alive.

The admission comes after the PM vowed he will not intervene to allow a Tamil family facing deportation to stay in Australia.

On Wednesday lawyers will make a last-ditch effort in the Federal Court to prevent the deportation of Priya, her husband Nadesalingam and their two Australian-born children Kopika, 4, and Tharunicaa, 2.

The government had struggled to fight off accusations it was playing dirty politics with the release of information on Monday that it has stopped a people-smuggling vessel from Sri Lanka four weeks ago.

When he was immigration minister, Mr Morrison refused to speak about “on-water matters”, but on Monday he conceded the government had released the information about the intercepted boat.


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what scummo does, clashes horribly with the biblical teachings.

Why do politicians get nervous about dragging Christianity into politics? 

Because so much of what they do clashes horribly with the teachings of the Bible. 

A quick check through the Ten Commandments, for instance, is definitionally uncomfortable for anyone in a profession where coveting, working on Sundays and bearing false witness against one's neighbour is pretty much a KPI.

The Sermon on the Mount — if delivered today in the House of Representatives — would occasion much nervous checking of Apple watches and shuffling of papers, as it would for many of us. Turn the other cheek? Judge not, lest you be judged? Blessed are the meek? Jesus was — if it's not too heretical to make the point — really showing his inexperience in Australian politics with those sentiments.

And at the parliamentary church service, where cameras are allowed, no-one ever reads out Matthew 6:5:

"And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you."

But nowhere is biblical teaching more embarrassed than when it confronts — in this country — immigration policy.


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reviving the white australia policy...

As the Home Affairs Minister continues to pinball the traumatised young Tamil family from Biloela right around the country, the amount of money being spent by Peter Dutton’s in an attempt to look busy is only growing.

After keeping the family-of-four locked up since the birth of the youngest girl, the cost to the tax-payer is nearing $10 million, after taking into account the thousands of public servants involved in the countless failed attempts to send them back to Sri Lanka where they face severe persecution and potential death.

This 18-month process has seen the family dragged out of their weatherboard home in Biloela, separated from each-other, transferred to a Melbourne detention centre for an entire year, where the youngest of the two daughters’ teeth became rotten because of poor dental hygiene in the facility, before they were put on a plane home and sent back to Sri Lanka. A last minute court ruling then demanded the plane land in Darwin until further notice.

The two-year-old daughter received a last-minute reprieve on Friday when the Federal Court determined her case for asylum had not been properly heard by immigration officials. They were sent back to Melbourne that, and then Christmas Island in the dead of the night, so as to keep them away from the lawyers, medical professionals and advocates. A process that has been a fuckload more expensive then just leaving them in the bush and letting the old man keep working at the abattoir.

However, these figures are not even including the $180 million Scott Morrison spent re-opening Christmas Island Detention Centre to house the family of four.

Earlier, this year, the detention facility was Frankenstiened back to life at cost of around in an erratic and extremely costly knee-jerk by the PM amid fears the passing of a medivac bill would see sick and dying asylum seekers be transferred to the Australian mainland – a risk that really is worth the nearly a quarter of a billion tax payer dollars that was spent averting it.

At least it is getting some use by housing this likeable Tamil family of four that everyone wants to stay in Western Queensland. 

Our reporters hit the streets to figure out what the average Joe and Jane are thinking.

Local tax-payer and swing voter, Cheryleen Grogan (55, Dental Assistant, Betoota Heights) says she’s torn on this particular issue.

“Look, I know Western Queensland needs to be protected from hard working immigrant families that just want to spend their life sweeping floors in a meat works and raise their kids without the fear of being killed by insurgents”

“But I also understand that spending up to $200 million trying to resurrect the White Australia policy is also a bit excessive”


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Unfortunately, the satirical Betoota Advocate full of fake stories is starting to tell the truth... Sad (not about the Betoota but about the truth being what it is)...

So now for the fake story:


waiving the fee to send you back to persecution..

Australia is prepared to waive the practice of charging the estimated $1 million deportation cost for the Sri Lankan family at the centre of national protests if they agree to return home and reapply for legal work visas.

The New Daily understands the automatic and punitive costs that Australia charges to failed asylum seekers attempting to return on migrant visas will be waived for the family as a show of good faith.

The olive branch offers no guarantees for the family, but would allow the couple and their two Australian-born children a chance to return to the town of Biloela on migrant work visas.

It would also allow the Morrison government a pathway to responding to community concerns without abandoning its hardline policy.

Waiting periods to reapply for work visas to Australia could also be waived.


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scummo and dirton are lying arseholes...

Some 52 refugees and asylum seekers in offshore detention have received temporary protection visas or safe haven enterprise visas, according to new statistics that fly in the face of the Morrison government’s refusal to allow the Biloela Tamil family to stay.

The home affairs department has revealed to a Senate inquiry that of the 3,127 people classified as “illegal maritime arrivals” who have been taken to a regional processing country since 2011, some 52 have received visas and now face legal limbo if banned from permanent settlement in Australia.

Fourteen families are set to be broken up by a government bill to prevent asylum seekers who were sent to regional processing coming to Australia, it said. The statistics also reveal that of a total of 5,191 asylum seekers who came to Australia by boat 2,074 people were never transferred to a regional processing country.


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you've been statisticised by dropkicks...



scumsmug troops are bullshitting...

There is no written record of the advice provided by the Australian Border Force commissioner that led to a family of Tamil asylum seekers from Biloela being kept in detention on Christmas Island for months while waiting for their day in court.

Priya, her husband, Nadesalingam, and their Australian-born children, Kopika, 4, and Tharunicaa, 2, have been held on Christmas Island on their own since the end of August after a court ordered an injunction against the government removing them from Australia back to Sri Lanka.

The court will decide if the government has properly considered whether the youngest child, Tharunicaa, is owed protection. The rest of the family has had their claims rejected.

The four asylum seekers are the only residents of the Christmas Island detention centre, which was reopened at a cost of tens of millions of dollars in response to the parliament passing laws allowing medical transfers for asylum seekers from Manus Island and Nauru to Australia.


Taxpayers' $20m spent to sustain 'patently political' Christmas Island move – ex-chief Read more


In late September, the federal court ruled the family could stay until their case could be heard by the court.

Prior to being moved in August, the family had been in detention in Melbourne, and before that had been living in the regional Queenslandcommunity of Biloela.

However, there is no written documentation to support the government’s decision to keep the family in detention on Christmas Island while waiting for their case to be heard.

On 19 September, the home affairs minister, Peter Dutton, justified to 2GB’s Ray Hadley the decision to move the family to Christmas Island. He said because activists “cut through the fence and chained themselves to the front of the plane” when the family was evacuated at Tullamarine airport, the advice he had received from the commissioner of the Australian Border Force, Michael Outram, was that it would be safer for the ABF and the family for them to be moved to Christmas Island.



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Hitler's Nazis would be proud...

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