Thursday 21st of January 2021

circuses have become void of slapstick, replaced by daredevil acts — while politicians are long-nosed pinocchios...


With regard to your recent article and headline (Our elders are supposed to be older and wiser. But not these Brexit clowns,, 21 December), I am a prize-winning international musical clown, part of an honourable profession, and am deeply offended by the misuse and misrepresentation of “clown” in connection with parliamentary or other forms of chaotic behaviour.

The constant use of the word “circus” in the press to denote a mess or bad behaviour is also distasteful. Unlike the comparison the press constantly draws, a clown or indeed a circus must be orderly and efficient to work properly. And in the case of a circus, it takes teamwork – which is the opposite of the impression the press gives.

Please could the fourth estate find other words to describe political behaviour.

David Konyot
Tilney St Lawrence, Norfolk


Would Pinocchio do? What about RATS? Or deadshit?... What about "politician" as an insult?

horsing around...


no clowns here — just politicians...