Thursday 28th of May 2020

he had no pencil either...


Barnaby Joyce hasn’t prepared a single report on the drought despite having been appointed the nation’s special drought envoy more than a year ago.

The revelation was unearthed when Drought Minister David Littleproud wrote to Parliament to say the Government would not be making any reports by the special drought envoy public, because no such report exists.

“The request for the former special envoy for drought assistance and recovery’s report cannot be complied with as he did not prepare a final report and as such, no document exists,” Mr Littleproud wrote.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison appointed Mr Joyce special envoy for drought assistance and recovery in August last year, when he unveiled his first Cabinet line-up.

Mr Joyce lost his envoy title after May’s federal election, with Mr Littleproud taking on expanded responsibilities for drought.

Mr Joyce told the ABC he “reported directly to the Prime Minister on numerous occasions” and had raised concerns farmers had dealing with government departments and charities.

“Mr Joyce met with the Prime Minister a number of times to discuss his findings and he also presented these finding to the Cabinet,” a spokesperson for Mr Morrison said.


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awful lot of invisible ink as well...

The Federal Government's former special drought envoy, Barnaby Joyce, says he sent "an awful lot" of reports to the Prime Minister about issues relating to drought-affected communities, during his appointment.

Key points:
  • Barnaby Joyce says he is unclear on whether he was required to compile a report
  • He says he sent frequent updates on the drought to the PM via text
  • A letter tabled in the Senate says no final report on Mr Joyce's time in the role exists


A letter from Drought Minister David Littleproud, tabled in the Parliament this week, said the Government could not comply with a request to release the drought envoy's report, because "no document exists".

The ABC approached Mr Joyce's office, seeking comment about the request to have the drought envoy's report tabled and it initially offered written responses, which failed to address whether or not the former Nationals leader had been required to write a report on his tenure.

Since publication, Mr Joyce contacted the ABC for an interview, and said he sent reports of the drought to the Prime Minister via text messages.

"I'm not going to tell you what they said, they were directed to the Prime Minister, if he wants to tell you what they said, that's up to him … I can assure you, I directly sent reports," he said.

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water vandals...

An irrigation channel used to release water into a forest along the Murray River in NSW has been filled with earth and rocks, with an irrigator saying the vandalism is a sign of frustration boiling over in the area.

Key points:
  • Dumped rocks and gravel is blocking environmental water from flowing into a forest along the Murray River
  • An irrigator says it is a sign of frustration at water management
  • Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder has ordered an investigation

It is illegal to damage irrigation infrastructure, but Southern Riverina Irrigators chairman Chris Brooks said he was not surprised it happened.

"I can see it. It's on the highway between Barooga and Mulwala," Mr Brooks said.

"It's a dire situation.

"Desperate men do desperate things.

"I see the look in people's faces and they are pretty angry. It worries me, but it is going to happen."

Irrigators in the New South Wales Murray region are facing their second year of no water allocations and crops across the region are currently dying or being cut for hay due to lack of rain and, in many cases, irrigation water. 

Mr Brooks said he had nothing to do with the vandalism, was not condoning it, but understood why it happened.


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the drought-smashinator...

Coalition MP Barnaby Joyce has rejected criticism from the Opposition about not compiling a final report for his Drought Envoy role.

"I actually sent heaps of reports to the Prime Minister," Mr Joyce told the Seven Network.

According to Mr Joyce, the reports were in the form of text messages sent directly to Prime Minister Morrison.

In a stunning development, Independent Australia was leaked these texts yesterday. We include a small selection of them below.


Tuesday, 28 August 2018

10.22 AM: Hey mate, no wucken furries about that drought envoy job. I'm all over it! Just one thing, Skiddy… WTF’s an "envoy"? I don’t need to do lapdances, do I? LOL!

10.39 AM: Nah seriusly, Skidmark, what the farks an envoy? It sounds a bit homo. Sorry mate, it does!

10.45 AM: Oh yeah? Right. Well, it still sounds a bit fruity to me. Can we make it a bit more manly? Y’know? How about Drought Killer? Or Drought Smasher?

10.46 AM: Oh wait! I’ve got it… “Drought Crusher”. How grouse is that?! Anyway, you know what you're doing Skid, I'll leave it in your very crapable hands. LOL!


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a barnaby religious christmas idiotic experience...

Labor frontbencher Joel Fitzgibbon says Barnaby Joyce's Christmas video - in which he urges Australians to respect God's plan for climate change - shows Mr Joyce is feeling "contrite" about years of government inaction.

Mr Joyce, the former deputy prime minister, posted a video of himself to Twitter on Christmas Eve saying Australians are "fools" who will "get nailed" unless they acknowledge there's a "higher authority" that needs to be respected.

The Member for New England made the comments while filming himself feeding his cattle.

Mr Fitzgibbon told The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age that no amount of prayers could change Mr Joyce's record of climate change denialism.

“For many, Christmas Eve is a time of reflection and regret and this is Barnaby Joyce feeling contrite about seven years of reckless inaction," Mr Fitzgibbon said.


Amid growing public anger against the Coalition's environmental policies, Joyce said he accepted the climate was changing but insisted the solution was to respect God, rather than impose a tax to limit emissions.



Says Barnaby:

"Now you don't have to convince me that the climate's not changing, it is changing and my problem's always been whether you believe a new tax is going to change it back," he said.

"I just don't want the government any more in my life, I'm sick of the government in my life.

"And the other thing we've got to acknowledge is there's a higher authority that's beyond our comprehension - right up there in the sky - and unless we understand that it's got to be respected, then we're just fools, we're going to get nailed."




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Contrite? More like CON-tripe... Get nailed?... Barnaby the adulterer should examine his out-of-control gonads before uttering stupidities while feeding his cows. despite "being fed-up" with the (any) government, Barnaby has no regret whatsoever about "his" Liberal (CONservative) government inaction about "climate change" (which is really global warming piggybacking on climate change). He's just confused about his bulls having out-of-control gonads in his dry paddocks and why the "higher authority that's beyond our comprehension — right up there in the sky" — created such things as out-of-control gonads... Start science lessons, Barnaby... you might learn something...


Idiot... And idiots like him get elected by idiots like him... That is really what's beyond our comprehension...


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