Wednesday 23rd of October 2019

to PC or not PC?


Australia has become too politically correct and we are far too sensitive now, according to ABC chair Ita Buttrose.

Key points:
  • Ms Buttrose says PC culture took "spontaneity" out of the workplace
  • She urges Australians to reembrace a larrikin spirit
  • Says she resents ABC critics who "constantly harp" about the broadcaster


Australia also needs to bring back the larrikin spirit and display it proudly, she said.

The ABC has this week launched the Australia Talks national survey, which includes responses from 54,000 people about their attitudes, behaviours and experiences.

It includes a question about whether Australia has become too politically correct, and Ms Buttrose is adamant it has.

"I agree 100 per cent. I agree 100 per cent, that we don't talk to each other the way we used to," she said.

"Even in the workplace, the way men and women used to talk to one another, which was quite fun, I think, doesn't exist today.

"When I think of some of the conversations I used to have with Sir Frank Packer, for instance, they simply wouldn't happen today."


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political incorrectitudes...







strangling aussie incorrectness...



This is from Larry Pickering, c 1972, when the ACT wanted to tax toilet seats...


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incorrectness mad-inc.





And this one from Larry Pickering:




declare yourself a hate-filled bigot and be done with it...

Hoisted by their own petards: Trudeau and BBC stumble on their own liberal credentials

By Simon Rite — a writer based in London for RT, in charge of several projects including the political satire group #ICYMI. Follow him on Twitter @SiWrites

Racism is disgusting, deplorable, and indefensible, but with the way the rules of prejudice are changing, it might just be easier to declare yourself a hate-filled bigot and be done with it.

Take poor old Justin Trudeau, Canada’s liberal leader who definitely is not a racist, and I know that because he spends every waking moment telling anyone who will listen that he’s not.  

At least, he’s not racist now, but may have been in 2001, which is when he was photographed attending an Arabian Nights theme party wearing racist makeup which we now know as ‘brownface,’ but back then was apparently known as ‘a little bit of fun.’ 

Well, it turns out he was having quite a lot of fun, because hot on the tail of the ‘brownface’ controversy were more pictures of the Canadian Prime Minister in ‘blackface.’ How many times has he done this? Actually he can’t remember. Seriously.

This is awkward for any politician, but Trudeau defines himself by being ‘woker than woke’ so this is all particularly sticky for him. In response, he’s resorting to the surge tactics perfected by George W Bush during the Iraq War, although instead of a surge in the number of troops, he is surging his wokeness and blaming ‘white privilege’ for his indiscretions. I wonder whether it was his ‘white privilege’ that persuaded him to keep his racist party days quiet while he was asking voters to elect him in 2015?

The real victims here are the liberal voters (literally, they’re all victims of something) who had grown comfortable with Trudeau, who offered a virtue-signalling candidate they could put their cross next to in the ballot box, and then go home with a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.  

However, a number of polls after the brownface saga suggest Trudeau has actually lost support ahead of next month’s general election while the Conservatives are moving ahead.

That’s right, there are some liberals who are so angry that their champion has not been able to live up to the impossible standards they set, that they’re switching to the Conservatives. The left really does love to see its leaders hoisted by their own petards.

So, if the likes of Canada’s Woke Wonder get tripped up by these rules, then what chance is there for the rest of us? Perhaps the most fun to watch at the moment is the BBC constantly trying, and failing, to disguise its liberal bias.

For example, the British broadcaster found its presenter Naga Munchetty in breach of its editorial guidelines after she expressed anger at Donald Trump telling four ethnic minority congresswomen to ‘go back’ to their own countries.  

Munchetty said on air that she was furious and regarded the US President’s comments as “embedded in racism.” The BBC decided she had not been impartial enough and gave her a telling off. Only then, 150 ethnic minority broadcasters wrote an angry letter to the corporation saying Munchetty should not be required to be impartial about issues of racism and accused the Beeb of “racially discriminatory treatment” of its presenter.

It’s just exhausting, isn’t it?

In a nutshell, the BBC, a deeply liberal organisation, tries to cover up its bias by censuring a presenter who criticised what she saw as racism, only to end up accused of racism itself.

While in Canada, Trudeau fights back from claims that he was racist in the past by blaming his whiteness. 

These debacles show how few people are able to just be comfortable in their own skin without being attacked by their own side, let alone the opposition.

Life is so much easier for Conservatives as outrage culture ravages the liberal left. I point you to British Tory MP Sir Desmond Swayne, who in the wake of the Trudeau scandal has come out of the closet and proudly told the world that he too once blacked up as soul legend James Brown for a fancy dress party and would not be apologising for it any time soon.  


I would guess being unapologetic will be a vote winner too. 


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good reason...

non PC advertising in sweden...

According to the newly-founded company Etablissemanget, political correctness is harming clients and businesses alike and is about to “derail completely”.

Etablissemanget, a new Swedish advertising agency, is set to revolutionise the branch by intentionally avoiding “intersectionality, feminism, post-Marxism and norm criticism” and other “destructive ideologies”.

The company was founded by creative director Jonas WE Andersson, a former lecturer in graphic design at the Stockholm University of Arts, Crafts and Design (Konstfack) and Magnus Fermin, a producer and award-winning composer.

The agency's values are described as “conservative and humanistic” with “great love for Sweden and Swedish culture”.

According to Andersson, the world they both love, the cultural world, is completely closed to them and their likes. He described the entire industry as “ideologically poisoned”, admitting that his company is unlikely to get a single assignment within the culture sector.


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nuts about nutella...

The Ferrero group, which owns the brand Nutella, has decided to withdraw its adverts placed before the talk show Zemmour and Naulleau on Paris Première, after being remonstrated on Twitter. Right-wing personalities have now come to the fore to condemn the withdraw.

In a tweet published on October 7, the group Ferrero, owner of the brand Nutella, said it would not broadcast more advertising before the show Zemmour and Naulleau (Paris Première). "Due to recent events, we asked Paris Première to exclude this program from our avertising list," said the French Twitter account of the Italian agri-food group.

This decision follows a demand, on October 3, by the French Twitter account of the Sleeping Giants, which defines itself as "a citizen collective fight against the financing of hate speech". This injunction was part of the controversy provoked by the recent speech of Eric Zemmour during the convention of the right, dealing in particular with immigration and Islam and which indignant many journalists and Internet users.

"By placing your adverts on Paris Première this Wednesday, October 2, during [Eric] Zemmour's show, you endorse and finance it. Is this deliberate?", asked the Sleeping Giants, condemning the Ferrero group on Twitter.

"In no way do we endorse the words and statements of Mr. [Eric] Zemmour. We did have a spot before the show. Our media agency knew neither the content nor the programming at the time when it realized our media purchases with Paris Première", tweeted back the Ferrero group before announcing its decision to exclude the broadcast in question from his advertising.

Right-wing and RN personalities have called for the boycott of Nutella


Welcomed by the Sleeping Giants, the Ferrero group's decision, on the other hand, outraged officials and politicians on the right of the political spectrum — some of whom called for a boycott of Ferrero products — and in particular the Nutella brand.

"I prefer the courage of a [Eric] Zemmour even if I do not share all his views to your cowardice in the face of a pressure group that wants to muzzle freedom of expression in France! For my part, never again Ferrero products!" said, for example, the European Republican representative (LR), Nadine Morano.


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Translation by Jules Letambour.


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The killing of four police officers by a Muslim convert in the Police headquartrs in Paris did not help the discussion...


Remember when the Daily Telegraph was promoting Turdy Abbott as "Christ the Australian saviour" above an advert for a free jar of Nutella... The real headline was "Australia needs him"... modified by Gus as "Australia needs Nuts".... This lasted till this one:


The dope is gone...


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