Saturday 6th of June 2020

inanities, embellishments and outright lies being peddled by the scummo government...


The Government has given the go-ahead for drug testing of welfare recipients despite expert advice showing its negative impact, writes John Wren.

I TYPE THIS while listening to the fractious and incoherent rabble that inhabits the Treasury Benches during Question Time. When one listens to the inanities, embellishments and outright lies being peddled by the Government in response to legitimate questions from the opposition and independents, it becomes obvious why Parliamentary sitting days have been so reduced this year. Even the Coalition Government doesn’t want its incompetence on such public display.

Today, the Government passed its drug-testing of welfare recipients Bill through the lower house. Labor opposed it but simply didn’t have the numbers to block it. It now moves to the Senate. The action to drug-test welfare recipients is Liberal Party ideology through and through. It assumes that many people can’t find a job because they are taking drugs.

This is in direct contradiction to expert advice and the experiences of other jurisdictions around the world that have tried it, including New Zealand. It stigmatises jobseekers as junkies. The real reason people can’t find jobs is that there simply aren’t enough to go around. It has nothing whatsoever to do with drug use.


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taking the piss out of the unemployed... and exposing the politicians pissing money against the porcelain...


a parliament about nothing...

The first parliamentary sitting week after a break is typically filled with a frenetic level of energy, like an electric field that propels all in its orbit into extreme and manic activity. 

But this parliamentary week was distinctively different. 

At times it felt like that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry and George Costanza come up with a pitch for TV executives, "a show about nothing" — no plot, and no stories.

and the music does not stop...

Today's cartoon in the SMH could the best ever for cartoonist Pope...:




and the score from paul keating...


from Paul Keating:

Innes Willox, the chief executive of the Australian Industry Group, a Liberal party loyalist and ex-Liberal staffer, this week decided to break ranks with other industry groups that form part of the industry super firmament.

Willox may have been responding to the slur cast on industry representatives of industry funds by Michael Stutchbury in his infamous Financial Review editorial of Wednesday 2 October, where he claimed that employer representatives on industry funds were “cowed” by their union collaborators.

Whether this explains Willox’s volte-face or not, Willox claimed that one of the things needing to be weighed up was the cost of the 2.5% increase in the super guarantee to business.

Willox is kidding us. Labour productivity has been running at 1.1% per year for the last five years and, by 2021, when the SG is set to rise by 0.5 percentage point, the accumulated labour productivity will either be 8.8% or 9%.

Not a dollar of this labour productivity has been distributed to wages over the last five years and is unlikely to be over the next three.

In other words, Willox’s members at AiG will have pocketed in their balance sheets at least 9% of their workers’ productivity, of which Willox now says they will have difficulty paying 2.5% back as extra super.

“Difficulty” paying a quarter of the undistributed labour productivity to their employees’ superannuation accounts.

Liberal and National party MPs who cavil at the prospect of ordinary people getting a further 2.5% of income into their super happily enjoy the government contributing 15.4% of their income into their parliamentary retirement accounts.


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