Sunday 15th of September 2019

"aussie tony" & the value of empty threats .....

"aussie tony" & the value of fearmongering .....

‘Britain would be prepared to use nuclear weapons against countries who allowed their own nuclear technology to fall into the hands of terrorists, Tony Blair said yesterday.

The Prime Minister made the threat as he declared the government's intention to spend as much as £20 billion replacing the Trident nuclear deterrent with a new submarine-based weapons system.

Confronting head-on his Labour opponents who argue a nuclear weapons system is not relevant to the security threats of the 21st century, Mr Blair made it clear Britain would be willing to launch a retaliatory nuclear strike on "state sponsors" of nuclear terrorism.

"It is not utterly fanciful to imagine states sponsoring nuclear terrorism from their soil. We know this global terrorism seeks chemical, biological and nuclear devices. It is not impossible to contemplate a rogue government helping such an acquisition," Mr Blair told MPs.’

Blair: 'Trident Replacement Is Vital For Britain's Security

Well, “aussie tony” would certainly wind-up being a very busy boy indeed, if he was half serious about his threat to nuke states who “allowed their nuclear technology to fall into the hands of terrorists”.

Apart from the fact that Great Britain’s nuclear arsenal of 160 warheads wouldn’t be large enough to carry out his threat, bushit’s poodle would have to target just about every other nuclear state, including his own.

As most know, it was the British government that conspired to sell heavy water – a key element in producing plutonium – to Israel. Now whilst Great Britain & the US are Israel’s chief apologists, most of the world has a pretty good understanding of her record in “terrorising” her middle-east neighbours, including the peoples of Lebanon & Palestine.

And maybe “aussie tony” has conveniently forgotten that it was Great Britain & the US who sold Iraq the technology & materials it needed to develop nuclear, chemical & biological weapons of mass destruction? Wasn’t it the great deciderer who said that Iraq was a “terrorist” state?

And perhaps the British bovver boy will also zap Pakistan for its trafficking of nuclear technology to the other “axis of evil” members, Iran & North Korea; as well as to the recently “rehabilitated” Libya …. surely the acts of a terrorist state?

But maybe not, given that good buddies Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld & Paul Wolfowitz were also up to their little eyeballs in planning the sale of US nuclear technology to Iran, back in the days of the Shah, when Gerald Ford was President. Not to forget the little earners also being run by the USSR & France at the same time.

And then of course we have the actions of the US & Canada some 50 years ago in enabling India's nuclear weapons program, more recently an activity gleefully renewed by little bushit himself. 

Either “aussie tony” is seriously deluded or he’ll be shortly targeting pretty-well everyone in today’s busy nucular club …. most of whom, unfortunately for him, would inevitably fire back.

a sane voice .....

‘A senior Labour minister has broken ranks over plans to keep Britain's nuclear deterrent.

Malcolm Chisholm, the Scottish communities minister, voiced his opposition to the plans and spoke of unrest in the party over the proposals.

His comments come after the First Minister backed Tony Blair's view that the country needed to update the Clyde-based Trident system at a cost of £25 billion.

Mr Chisholm said: "I just think in the new world we don't actually need this kind of weapon. It's not setting the right example to other countries in terms of proliferation.

There may have been an argument 25 years ago. I don't think it does apply in the modern world.

"We ought to try to get rid of the weapons we have through multilateral disarmament rather than encouraging proliferation through new investment in armaments."’

Chisholm Breaks Trident Ranks