Tuesday 19th of November 2019

bushfire victims want Australia to know they are "suffering from climate change"...


Australia holds the potential to sit amongst the world’s renewable energy superpowers, but “unprecedented” bushfires across NSW reveal just how lacking the government’s climate change policy is.

Days after thousands of scientists from across the globe declared humanity was facing a climate emergency, scores of bushfires tore through NSW, so far killing at least three people.

It appeared Prime Minister Scott Morrison wanted to steer clear of another climate debate, dodging the topic on Saturday as fears grew more people may have perished.

But a local mayor, climate change policy expert, firefighter and resident whose father’s home was destroyed in the early-season fires have all told The New Daily they want climate change at the centre of the conversations about the deadly emergency.

Glen Innes Severn Council’s mayor, Carol Sparks, who lost her home, said: “There is no doubt about it, we are suffering from the effects of climate change and global warming.

“The trees are dying and they are so dry and volatile,” Mr Sparks said.

“We’ve got no water in our dams, no water in our rivers, no water in our creeks.”


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The NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) has warned Tuesday's bushfire risk for the Greater Sydney and Greater Hunter areas is set to be "catastrophic".

It is the first time the Sydney region has been rated at that level since the new fire danger ratings were introduced in 2009.

The RFS has issued a strong warning that "lives and homes will be at risk" as high temperatures, strong winds and low humidity combine to create fierce conditions.


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FREE ASSANGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Scummo government is a catastrophe brought upon this fair country... 

the worst of the G20...

Australia’s response to climate change is one of the worst in the G20 with a lack of policy, reliance on fossil fuels and rising emissions leaving the country exposed “economically, politically and environmentally”, according to a new international report.

Australia’s progress to meeting its already “unambitious” Paris climate targets was third worst, fossil fuel energy was on the rise and policies to tackle high transport emissions and deforestation were also among the worst across the G20 countries.

The Brown to Green report, now in its fifth year, takes stock of the performance of G20 countries on climate change adaptation and mitigation across key sectors, and in the finance sector.

The chief executive of Climate Analytics, Bill Hare, an Australian co-author of the report, told Guardian Australia: “Australia is behind [on] climate action in nearly every dimension. Australia’s emissions are increasing and there’s virtually no policy in place to reduce them.”

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we don't need a lecture on how bad scummo is...?

Mayors from fire-ravaged areas of New South Wales have said there is no doubt in their minds that the devastating blazes tearing through their communities are a result of climate change.

Key points:
  • Coalition politicians have criticised people for linking deadly bushfires and climate change
  • Mayors from fire-ravaged NSW have hit back at that, saying climate change is contributing to fires
  • Glen Innes mayor Carol Sparks says politicians need to believe the scientific evidence on climate change


Their comments are a rebuke to senior leaders within the state and federal governments, including Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Deputy PM Michael McCormack, who have criticised people for linking the current deadly bushfires to climate change.

Three people died in fires across the state at the weekend, with the State Government declaring a state of emergency amid predicted catastrophic conditions and predictions that the coming days will see "the most dangerous bushfire week this nation has ever seen".

"What people need now is a little bit of sympathy and understanding and real assistance, they need help, they need shelter," Mr McCormack said on ABC Radio National this morning.

"They don't need the ravings of some pure enlightened and woke capital city greenies at this time when they are trying to save their homes."


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Yes we need compassion, not a lecture on how this Scummo government and its deputy PM, Michael McCormack, are horribly worthless/useless about tackling the problem of global warming... which of course is going to impact bushfires...


they have tried to fight a culture war about climate change...

It has been a week of catastrophe in Australia. 

For so many people, and so many communities, there have been days and nights of sleeplessness, exhausting anxiety, and fear of monstrous firestorms; and for some, the destruction they have caused.

And now the oppressive knowledge that it is likely that this could go on for months.

It has also been a week of catastrophic failure of our political dialogue. It's easy to just express exasperation at the sniping of some of the statements made by politicians this week as they have tried to fight a culture war about climate change in the midst of such disastrous scenes.

But there is actually something much more alarming going on here. If our political conversation really is at a point when these cultural weapons can't be downed in the face of a crisis, we really are in a lot of trouble.

The widespread acknowledgement that this current fire season is something out of the ordinary, that it has no end in sight, and that in some cases there may not even be enough water to fight fires, is an opportunity of a lifetime for our leaders, for all its catastrophic costs, if only they weren't too thick, or too incapable, to seize it.

We don't need 'gotcha' moments

The starting point, after a week like this, doesn't have to be who wins the culture war on climate, who concedes the "gotcha" moment of shifting ground. The starting point is being able to shift to say "yep, things have changed and we need a strategy for dealing with it".



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Scummo is sitting pretty like a shag on a rock, drying its feathery hardware, because the Labor party ALSO supports the coal industry. And Scummo know it, so he is not going to rock the boat, and he will bullshit. And the action needed is actually MORE econocial than continuing on the same crazy path, which is purely POLITICALLY motivated rather than economically motivated.