Thursday 29th of October 2020

bushfire victims want Australia to know they are "suffering from climate change"...


Australia holds the potential to sit amongst the world’s renewable energy superpowers, but “unprecedented” bushfires across NSW reveal just how lacking the government’s climate change policy is.

Days after thousands of scientists from across the globe declared humanity was facing a climate emergency, scores of bushfires tore through NSW, so far killing at least three people.

It appeared Prime Minister Scott Morrison wanted to steer clear of another climate debate, dodging the topic on Saturday as fears grew more people may have perished.

But a local mayor, climate change policy expert, firefighter and resident whose father’s home was destroyed in the early-season fires have all told The New Daily they want climate change at the centre of the conversations about the deadly emergency.

Glen Innes Severn Council’s mayor, Carol Sparks, who lost her home, said: “There is no doubt about it, we are suffering from the effects of climate change and global warming.

“The trees are dying and they are so dry and volatile,” Mr Sparks said.

“We’ve got no water in our dams, no water in our rivers, no water in our creeks.”


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The NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) has warned Tuesday's bushfire risk for the Greater Sydney and Greater Hunter areas is set to be "catastrophic".

It is the first time the Sydney region has been rated at that level since the new fire danger ratings were introduced in 2009.

The RFS has issued a strong warning that "lives and homes will be at risk" as high temperatures, strong winds and low humidity combine to create fierce conditions.


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FREE ASSANGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Scummo government is a catastrophe brought upon this fair country... 

the worst of the G20...

Australia’s response to climate change is one of the worst in the G20 with a lack of policy, reliance on fossil fuels and rising emissions leaving the country exposed “economically, politically and environmentally”, according to a new international report.

Australia’s progress to meeting its already “unambitious” Paris climate targets was third worst, fossil fuel energy was on the rise and policies to tackle high transport emissions and deforestation were also among the worst across the G20 countries.

The Brown to Green report, now in its fifth year, takes stock of the performance of G20 countries on climate change adaptation and mitigation across key sectors, and in the finance sector.

The chief executive of Climate Analytics, Bill Hare, an Australian co-author of the report, told Guardian Australia: “Australia is behind [on] climate action in nearly every dimension. Australia’s emissions are increasing and there’s virtually no policy in place to reduce them.”

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we don't need a lecture on how bad scummo is...?

Mayors from fire-ravaged areas of New South Wales have said there is no doubt in their minds that the devastating blazes tearing through their communities are a result of climate change.

Key points:
  • Coalition politicians have criticised people for linking deadly bushfires and climate change
  • Mayors from fire-ravaged NSW have hit back at that, saying climate change is contributing to fires
  • Glen Innes mayor Carol Sparks says politicians need to believe the scientific evidence on climate change


Their comments are a rebuke to senior leaders within the state and federal governments, including Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Deputy PM Michael McCormack, who have criticised people for linking the current deadly bushfires to climate change.

Three people died in fires across the state at the weekend, with the State Government declaring a state of emergency amid predicted catastrophic conditions and predictions that the coming days will see "the most dangerous bushfire week this nation has ever seen".

"What people need now is a little bit of sympathy and understanding and real assistance, they need help, they need shelter," Mr McCormack said on ABC Radio National this morning.

"They don't need the ravings of some pure enlightened and woke capital city greenies at this time when they are trying to save their homes."


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Yes we need compassion, not a lecture on how this Scummo government and its deputy PM, Michael McCormack, are horribly worthless/useless about tackling the problem of global warming... which of course is going to impact bushfires...


they have tried to fight a culture war about climate change...

It has been a week of catastrophe in Australia. 

For so many people, and so many communities, there have been days and nights of sleeplessness, exhausting anxiety, and fear of monstrous firestorms; and for some, the destruction they have caused.

And now the oppressive knowledge that it is likely that this could go on for months.

It has also been a week of catastrophic failure of our political dialogue. It's easy to just express exasperation at the sniping of some of the statements made by politicians this week as they have tried to fight a culture war about climate change in the midst of such disastrous scenes.

But there is actually something much more alarming going on here. If our political conversation really is at a point when these cultural weapons can't be downed in the face of a crisis, we really are in a lot of trouble.

The widespread acknowledgement that this current fire season is something out of the ordinary, that it has no end in sight, and that in some cases there may not even be enough water to fight fires, is an opportunity of a lifetime for our leaders, for all its catastrophic costs, if only they weren't too thick, or too incapable, to seize it.

We don't need 'gotcha' moments

The starting point, after a week like this, doesn't have to be who wins the culture war on climate, who concedes the "gotcha" moment of shifting ground. The starting point is being able to shift to say "yep, things have changed and we need a strategy for dealing with it".



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Scummo is sitting pretty like a shag on a rock, drying its feathery hardware, because the Labor party ALSO supports the coal industry. And Scummo know it, so he is not going to rock the boat, and he will bullshit. And the action needed is actually MORE econocial than continuing on the same crazy path, which is purely POLITICALLY motivated rather than economically motivated.

smaller than nothing scummo...

Scott Morrison has slammed claims his climate change policies have contributed to the bushfire season, arguing Australia’s share of global warming is so small that nothing he did would make a difference.

While the Prime Minister said Australia was happy to do ‘its share’ to tackle global warming, the notion his policies would have any impact on global warming alone, without big polluters taking action did not “bear up to credible scientific evidence”.

“I am up for taking action on it, not just jabbering on about it,” he told ABC radio.

“But I think to suggest, with just 1.3 per cent of global emissions, that Australia doing something differently, more or less, would have changed the fire outcome this season; I don’t think that stands up to any credible scientific evidence at all.

“The suggestion in any way, shape or form, that … the individual actions of Australia are impacting directly on specific fire events, whether it is here or anywhere else in the world; that doesn’t bear up to credible scientific evidence either.”

The Prime Minister’s remarks were in response to revelations that former NSW fire chief Greg Mullins said that Australia could have been better prepared for the current bushfire crisis across Queensland, NSW and SA if the Morrison government had listened to the advice from emergency leaders.

Speaking on the ABC’s Radio National network on Thursday morning, Mr Mullins said he wrote to Prime Minister Scott Morrison in April and again “immediately after” the May election, warning him of the coming bushfire season and requesting an urgent meeting to discuss funding for firefighting and action to address climate change.

“In a nutshell, it has been difficult and the Prime Minister has seen fit not to meet with us,” Mr Mullins said.


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Howard, Turdy, Turnbull, now Scummo have had a disastrous effect on the "climate"... to say "Australia’s share of global warming is so small that nothing he did would make a difference" is gross, INCORRECT and irresponsible. This is the man who brought a lump of coal in parliament to show us how not dangerous coal was... Yep, a lump of coal is a lump of coal. Light it and try to hold it in your hand, you idiot... It will burn your fingers... Although coal "is coal", when burnt, it becomes CO2. Note: CO2 does not warm up at night. CO2 NEEDS THE SUN INFRARED SPECTRUM TO BECOME A WARMING GAS in the atmosphere.



let's hope it's the judas kiss, though it's the coal devil's....


Many political commentators tend to view Morrison as some political genius, the winner of the unwinnable election. But history may judge him differently: a Brezhnevian figure; the last of the dinosaurs, presiding over an era of stagnation at the head of a dying political class imprisoned within and believing its own vast raft of lies as the world lived a fundamentally different reality of economic decay, environmental pillage and social breakdown.

A corrupted, sclerotic system incapable of the change needed, surviving only by and through a dull repression of dissent and dissenters can, nevertheless, seem eternal – until the hour it crumbles. At some point something gives. Something always gives. The longer the impasse, the more denied the common voice, the greater and more terrible that future moment.

We still have other, better choices. We need leaders who will enable us to make them.

Morrison’s Pentecostal religion places great emphasis on the idea of the Rapture. When the Rapture arrives, the Chosen – that is, those Pentecostalists with whom the prime minister worships and their controversial pastor – will ascend to Heaven while the rest of us are condemned to the Tribulation – a world of fires, famine and floods in which we all are to suffer and the majority of us to die wretchedly, while waiting for the Second Coming and Scott and co wait it out in the Chairman’s Lounge above. Could it be that the prime minister in his heart is – unlike the overwhelming majority of Australians – not concerned with the prospect of a coming catastrophe when his own salvation is assured?

In any case, as a Christian whose faith is built on a direct reading of the gospels, the prime minister would know the most compelling and convincing form of betrayal has always been the embrace and kiss.


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Dear scummo....

The Gospel of Matthew 26:15 states that Judas betrayed Jesus in exchange for thirty pieces of silver. ... Matthew 27:1–10 says that after learning that Jesus was to be crucified, Judas attempted to return the money he had been paid for this betrayal and committed suicide by hanging...

Replace "Judas" with "Scott" and "Jesus" with "planet"... and of course "thirty pieces of silver" for "coal"...

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dry spring...

Spring 2019 was officially the driest of the Bureau of Meteorology's 120 years of rainfall records. 

Key points: 
  • The year-to-date rainfall is now Australia's second lowest on record
  • All capital city water storages are down on this time last year, apart from Melbourne
  • The BOM's outlook for summer suggests there is little chance of relief in the coming months


It comes on top of previous dry seasons, with the year-to-date rainfall now the second lowest on record. 

Western Australia was particularly dry, as well as hot, recording its lowest spring rainfall, highest average temperature and highest mean daytime temperature. 

It was the fifth-warmest spring on record for the country as a whole — mean maximum temperatures were 2.41C warmer than average, second only to 2014. 

Maximum temperatures were in the top 10 years of records for all states and territories with the exception of Victoria and Tasmania, which were still above average.


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Read about Scumdung-the-idiot at top.

granny's dump...

A woman has brought the charred remains of her bushfire-ravaged home to Parliament House in Canberra, accusing both major political parties of failing to act on climate change. 

Key points:
  • Melinda Plesman says there is a lack of leadership on climate change on both sides of Parliament
  • She says bushfire victims need more than the Prime Minister's prayers
  • Ms Plesman wants a bipartisan approach to addressing climate change


Melinda Plesman and her partner Dean Kennedy lost their family home of 38 years when bushfires tore through Nymboida, south of Grafton in NSW, early last month.

Today she took part in a Greenpeace demonstration calling for action from Australia's leaders.

The grandmother brought fire-blackened items salvaged from her burnt her home to Canberra to show Prime Minister Scott Morrison what she said was the direct result of climate change.


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