Sunday 23rd of February 2020

a number one, a number two and a non-stick number 10...

boris  The toilet brush need never leave its holder again. Scientists have created a super-slippery coating that helps usher excrement on its way without leaving traces behind.

The spray-on coating, which is slipperier than Teflon, reduces adhesion of even tenacious faeces by up to 90%, tests suggest, so far less water is needed to flush them away and leave the toilet clean.

Researchers at Penn State University believe the coating could slash household water consumption and prevent odours and disease-causing germs from building up in toilets.

“I was very happy to see how easily the faecal matter slid off our coated surface,” Tak-Sing Wong at Penn State University told the Guardian.


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something is collapsing...

Lib Dem-SNP legal bid to enter ITV debate fails 

An ITV election debate featuring just Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn is due to go ahead on Tuesday night after a legal challenge from the Lib Dems and the SNP failed.


The two smaller parties both objected to their leaders not being included, but the high court concluded this was not a matter over which it could exercise judicial review and that, even if it could, ITV was not ignoring its impartiality obligations. The SNP says this means Scottish voters are being treated like second-class citizens. The ITV debate will be the first to feature just the PM and leader of the opposition and smaller parties argue this means voters are being given the impression that the election is a binary choice. There is some evidence to suggest that, in England at least, voters are already coming to this conclusion. Opinion polls may not be accurate predictors of final election outcomes, but they are seen as reliable guides to shifts in opinion during campaigns, and so far the GB-wide polls have been showing support for the two main parties rising since the campaign started, and the Liberal Democrats and the Brexit party seeing their vote squeezed (particularly the Brexit party, whose vote may even be collapsing.)


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he is genuinely a bad person...


On this score, Johnson, the posh, Etonian former president of the Oxford Union and scion of political insiders, has considerable vulnerabilities. Not least because some in his midst, including the Johnny-come-lately Farage, doubt he’s a true believer. Legendarily, Johnson in 2015 drafted two different columns for his weekly Telegraph bromide—one in favor of British exit, and one opposed, eventually going with the former, expecting, like the white, high school educated woman, for his vote to be on the losing side.

Trump, and to a lesser extent Johnson, may embrace publicly, but behind the scenes, it’s more complicated. A former senior Trump administration official told me Johnson, the erudite author of nearly a dozen books, hates being compared to the American anti-intellectual. “He is genuinely a bad person. Not an unlikable person but a bad person, as in he has no morals, no principles and beliefs,” a former close colleague told the New Yorker in September. “He would be whatever Prime Minister was necessary to maximize the chances of gaining and then maintaining power.”


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"No morals, no principles and beliefs" = a psychopath....

history in the making...



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