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abortion and homosexuality revisited by religioso expert rod dreher...

abortionism   It’s heart-warming to talk to young people who have understood the religious con and the spirituality traps. No, they’re not caught in some pseudo-post-religiosity age. They understand the fluidity of thoughts and the necessity of uncertainty, which means they accept that OTHER people may not think the same. But they value their own search for purpose through the real sciences, while discerning the value of imagination and the trick of fantasy. 

Finding a place in the sun in this hot soup demands some compromises, not so much within themselves, but with the acceptance of others, while creating limits beyond which physical dangers, including the looniness of others, are kept at bay as much as possible. 

As well, survival demands to be part of the social context in which working and making money is the game to play, without turning it into a cult. It seems their youthful vision is towards the future, uncertain as it is, rather than using old walking sticks like organised religions — some devised 1700 years ago as clear-cut metaphysical doctrines and institutional hierarchies, when bits of beliefs were sewn together to suit the time of Constantine. 

Democracy has recently freed people from the constraints of this fake controlling status. O course some new “GURUS”, CHARLATANS AND SPRUIKERS will come and go with new schemes to take your cash. And this is where Gwyneth’s Goop has as much validity as Christianity, Buddhism or Islam — with various catches to keep you amused or entrapped. 

In regard to Rod Dreher, what is (his) Christianity, for example? It’s a delusion that demands you to believe that you were born with an “original sin” (WTF is a sin?) and that a guy-god died 2,000 years ago, painfully pinned onto a cross in dubious circumstances to erase this sin from your identity, as long as you believe this garbage to get a spot in paradise forever, because your life on this planet is crap so far… Gwyneth’s Goop could make more sense here in this easy-go modern world, with her own loony waters. Gwyneth’s Goop AND Christianity are designed to make money — one by making you avoid hell, while the other designed to make you feel good and exclusively part of a group… Take your pick which is which. Please, don’t tell me otherwise… Even the ascetic protestants value money — a system that gives us food, shelter, entertainment and companionship. 

If some of Dreher’s hard working dudes find young people are not as “dedicated” as his mate is in his own business, coud be that they have other “dedications” apart from (his mate's) business considerations — and the surrounding world has been complexed by varieties of things to do and through our exponential scientific knowledge. Dealing with this exciting lot, as compared to the boring mundanity of selling three candle sticks, is tiring by having to absorb complicated accuracies. We, old kooks, were not so pushed by such a massive need to learn. All we had was "god made the world, go to work and die well to inherit the upstairs... Stupido"...

While we were mostly made to “believe” we have educated our youth to seek… This is major difference in what traps we, young and old, will fall into — or not. We oldies were born in a world in turmoil with wars and ideals of glory, ideals made simple for simpletons, our youths are born into a world of technological props and of hard scientific discoveries — which we had no idea about then.  

So Rod Dreher brings the old chesnutted controversies about abortion and homosexuality… Let me say that according to the bible, humanity’s descendance was the product of incest and murder. A better start? Crap... Most kings and emperors “throughout history” (and in the bible) were sexual addicts with many wives and concubines — while many cardinals of the church(es) were homosexuals and warriors. Luther was a full-blown racist... 
Time to pack up the suitcase, Rod, and fold the umbrella… Selling religion on street corners, even like those of refined TAC, is a degrading activity — like selling fake watches.

Gus Leoniksy
Seller of nothingness...

of gay rights...

Jim Obergefell (born 1966 in Sandusky, Ohio) (/ˈoʊbərɡəfɛl/ OH-bər-gə-fel) is a civil rights activist known as the plaintiff in the Supreme Court case Obergefell v. Hodges, which legalized same-sex marriage in the United States.[1] After his husband, John Arthur’s, death in 2013, and his inability to legally be considered Arthur's surviving spouse on his death certificate, Obergefell took to court, beginning his years of fighting for same-sex rights.[1]


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please tell god that He (god is a male) does not exist...


From an imbecile believer, promoted as a spiritual guru on the ABC:



Anatheism has many mansions. One can be an anatheistic theist or an anatheistic atheist. I suspect many of us are often one and the other by turns. But whatever form it takes, anatheism is an existential wager to leap or not to leap, to believe or not to believe. In fear and trembling. In uncertainty and mystery. Let me end, then, by quoting my own description of the relationship between the secular and the sacred:

Anatheism is not an atheism that wishes to rid the world of God, rejecting the sacred in favor of the secular. Nor is it a theism that seeks to rid God of the world, rejecting the secular in favor of the sacred. Nor, finally, is it a pantheism, ancient or new age, that collapses the secular and the sacred into one, denying any distinction between the transcendent and the immanent. Anatheism does not say the sacred is the secular, it says it is in the secular, through the secular, towards the secular. I would even go so far as to say that the sacred is inseparable from the secular while remaining distinct. Anatheism speaks of inter-animation between the sacred and the secular but not of fusion or confusion. They are inextricably interconnected but never the same thing.

The ana of anatheism makes sure that the God who has already come is always still to come.


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BULLSHIT! Religions and this dung COME IN BIG and small crappy PACKAGES...  PLEASE GIVE UP THIS "idea of god" ASAP, in whatever format that you have been told to "believe in" by these highly focused educated morons with degrees in delusions... People like Richard Kearney ARE PAID TO SELL THE RELIGIOUS BULLSHIT AND THE DELUSIONS in spade, with big stupid ideas attached to arcane words that sound good. These people are versed in the art of deception, having joined universities, with degrees and professorship in full-blown religious crap, as grand-standing pricks who actually have never properly analysed the stupid things they say, and THEY often DON'T KNOW IT'S DECEPTION and that they are deceiving themselves.

God does not exist. The sacred is a fanciful notion. 

Stay clear, the anawhatever plop is landing...

If you are an atheist, this massive PSEUDO-RELIGIOUS looniness should make you angry. And I mean ANGRY. REAL ANGRY!....


So, let's go into some calmer philosophical hermeneutical semiotics... Here's some phenomenological bitsos of what I posted while in full control of my anal-atheism as contrary to his stupidness "anatheistic atheism"...:



The god of the bible is mad. Simply mad. 


He, because of course it's a HIM, shows extreme signs of madness. Imagine HIS perfection-ness being bored with HIS eternal-self, deciding to share HIS realm with creatures, 6012 years and 5 months ago precisely [update: 6019 years and a bit] ... HE wanted HIS own creatures made in HIS own image... To make HIS boredom less boring, the god-game has spit personality, where a devil is born from HIS own good self, as an angel of rebellion... Of course the angels of god and the angels of the devil fight it between each others but the battle is undecided... though god, knowing everything, knows the end game... More boredom... 


Yes, god is still bored... Yes, because HE knows everything so he already knows the result... Boring..!!!.  


He thus decides to create earth... with animals and day and night and people who could make the game interesting... But of course god being perfection and ultimate knowingness, HE knows what follows as well... that Adam and Eve will eat the apple and HE will make sure their descendants carry that sin — and are born with that sin... 


It makes no sense to me. It should make no sense to anyone. It's silly. 



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the infantile views of rod dreher...

Rod Dreher spews his Benedict dinner:

In a must-read Wall Street Journal piece, dissident academic Peter Boghossian explains how b.s. woke concepts like “fat shaming,” “patriarchy,” “whiteness,” “intersectionality,” and suchlike make it into everyday discourse, despite being sham ideas generated by the Grievance Studies industry. Excerpts:

The reason you’ve heard them is that politically engaged academicians have been developing concepts like these for more than 30 years, and all that time they’ve been percolating. Only recently have they begun to emerge in mainstream culture. These academicians accomplish this by passing off their ideas as knowledge; that is, as if these terms describe facts about the world and social reality. And while some of these ideas may contain bits of truth, they aren’t scientific. By and large, they’re the musings of ideologues.


We tend to think of propaganda as something generated by the state. This is a prime example of it coming from ideologues within universities, and making its way to the public via sympathizers in the mass media. Eventually, these lies become de facto truths, either because people really do believe in them, or the cost of questioning them becomes too great, so people conform. In time, younger people — those who grew up being socialized into the lie — don’t know any different. In my interviews for my forthcoming book on lessons we must learn from the communist experience, a Ukrainian immigrant named Olga Grigorenko, recalling her Soviet childhood, said “Nobody told me that I was living in a lie. I was just living my life in my country, the Soviet Union. Nobody said it was a lie.”

As she grew older, she came to see that in fact she lived within a system of lies. Her husband, Vladimir, spoke about how the ideology corrupted all knowledge. 


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Bravo Rod, for exposing what is the core of human delusions, including religious beliefs that to say the least are based on propaganda, untruths and lies written in the bible… Shooting yourself in the foot has become your pass-time at TAC. I would not call this serious employ as a journalist, more like a kiddie hobby horse, though you are lucky to have found a support group there. 
Capitalism is a lie as much as socialism. Passing the collection plate in a church is a discreet pressure from a bankrupt credo. So we live where we can, the best we can. For us, atheists, we try to limit the -isms and the wokes — and we overthink a lot.  
It can be said, as well, that the WSJ (Wall Street Journal) isn’t free of propaganda. It’s a RUPERT MURDOCH outfit that will try to undermine everything that is not in his favour, even using controversial academic such as Peter Boghossian, the author of A Manual for Creating Atheists, and evangelicals such as Metaxas
“fat shaming,” “patriarchy,” “whiteness,” “intersectionality,” are subject to interpretations and fortunately we have made progress on some of these new woke(?) issues (they have been with us for more than 10,000 years), though we have regressed on others. 
Go away, Rod, and rethink your "infantile views” (I was going to say your infantilism but I refrained on the -ism)... 

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the idiots save an eggadegg...

It would almost be funny if it weren’t real: a bill introduced in Ohio that would require doctors to attempt to re-implant ectopic pregnancies – a medical impossibility – or face charges of “abortion murder” (a legal invention).

But it is real. And it’s dystopian – a sign of the disturbing push from the “pro-life” right to treat women’s bodies as incubators, no matter what the physical toll.

The law would criminalize abortion and make it punishable by life in prison; “aggravated abortion murder” would carry the death penalty. That’s right: “pro-life” lawmakers in Ohio want to throw women and girls in jail for life, and even execute them, for ending their pregnancies.

It’s troubling that this even needs to be said, but because legislators in Ohio apparently don’t know: you cannot re-implant an ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancies are potentially life-threatening complications where a fertilized egg implants itself somewhere outside of the uterus, usually in the fallopian tube. As the cells multiply and the embryo grows, it can burst the tube, causing serious and potentially deadly complications. As a result, the standard of care for ectopic pregnancies is to dissolve the fertilized egg. Some self-styled “pro-life” healthcare providers refuse to do even this, and will instead remove part or all of a woman’s fallopian tube. The embryo still dies, and the procedure is more complicated, but hey, they didn’t directly “kill” a fertilized egg.

It’s this logic that Ohio’s anti-abortion legislators seem to be following: that a fertilized egg is a life, and therefore, it’s impermissible to remove it. So why not have a doctor scoop it out and stick it in a woman’s uterus?

Because, well, you can’t – there’s no procedure for it, and it’s not so easy to move microscopic fertilized eggs around, especially when they are implanted and growing in a woman’s body. Doctors can certainly try – and in doing so, put their patients through serious and unnecessary surgery, and put them at risk for catastrophic hemorrhage. That’s the choice that these Ohio legislators would force on healthcare providers: put your patients at risk for a made-up procedure that cannot and will not work, or face the rest of your life in jail. As for women, well, the bill treats them as mere incubators, not fully-fledged human beings who may object to having their organs sliced open and their lives put on the line so a doctor can go through the motions of pretending to save an egg.


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holy petrol...


A pastor confused gasoline with holy water during a healing service in a church in Lagos, Nigeria, causing a huge explosion and killing a devotee.

"The pastor took a canister filled with gasoline, thinking it contained water," said Ibrahim Farinloye, spokesman for the National Emergency Management Agency (Nema).


Read from top. And do not laugh when you find out that the fire blew up the local pipeline as well... Were there candles lit to the Virgin Mary?... Apparently there was one... The pastor is in a serious condition...

in the ditches of history...

I think that both Left and Right can agree that the fact that we have come to this point in American politics and society is a sign of profound decadence — that is, of the decay of the body politic. We are a culturally divided country, and each side fears and loathes the other. I can’t see how this ends well. And here’s the thing Christians should understand: the faith is in collapse among the younger generations. If the Left prevails, the core of the anti-Left resistance in the America of the near future will not be among conservative Christians. There won’t be enough of us remaining to make a significant difference. It is going to coalesce along lines of racial identity — “Back to blood,” as the title of Tom Wolfe’s final novel had it — because the Left has made a god of identity politics. Without a healthy sense of nationalism to unite this disparate country, and without a shared religion, it stand to reason that race is the only thing left. This is what I mean when I keep saying that the identity-politics Left is summoning up demons that it can’t control. Christians won’t be able to control them either. We are going to be marginalized, and faced with having to hold our own churches together, and keeping ourselves — white, black, Latino, and Asian believers — from descending into race hatred.

Earlier this week, I got a message from an East Coast journalist, someone I’ve never met, whose name most of you would know. He was commenting on some of the things I’ve been writing — most recently, my piece about the parallels between our time and place, and late imperial Russia. My correspondent said that he’s not one for woo-woo religious stuff, but “I can feel the demonic energy in this country right now, from all sides. There will be violence.”

You feel it too, don’t you? That growing sense of apocalypticism is a sign of the times. Pay attention.

Oh, dear Rod...

This sense of Apocalypse looks more like a common dunny flush than a godly raptures in the clouds… But is it so bad that “progressives” accepting diverse ideas are becoming more prevalent? The birth of Venus by Respighi is a musical sample of the great deception that has been with us for along time and illustrated by Botticelli. Conservative Christians are holding on to a hypocritical anachronism. I guess Conservative Christians do not sin apart from a bit of gluttony on Sundays and some tiny pornographic thoughts on Tuesdays… 

We’re not in the trenches of culture. We’re just living the way we can with a different view of life. No one is going to get hurt, except the gay people who get bashed verbally and physically for being so. Recognising their existence is not a sin nor a blight on society. Many people have suggested that Christ was a homo, because he only choose men as his companions  Women were relegated to second fiddles and repenting sinning whores. The men did the thinking, the women washed the sheets. 

The social decadence is racism, sexism and bellitling-ism of any kind. And this is not new. Actually, the “progressives” are trying to eliminate these profoundly ingrained social factors from years of religious bigotry and despotic rulers dictating the terms of one’s life at the mercy of a hierarchy of class. Even in the religious and royal ranks, homosexuality was common. Sometimes (often) royal/priestly rape was also common. 

What we’re seeing with the Epsteins of this world isn’t “progressive” nor new, what is progressive is that these guys are being exposed.

Being blind to sciences isn’t going to endear yourself with the future. The idea of god and sciences do not mix. Conservative Christians hold on to ideas that do not and cannot make sense of the world as it really is. Yet, you and your beliefs won’t disappear like the “Russian Imperial family”, but you could find yourself marginalised like the gays and lesbians have been for centuries, though the social network will protect you like it will now protect the gays and lesbians from your travails.

In regard to the “demonic energy’ in your country, blame the CIA, the FBI, the political system and a mediocre media that has failed to inspire people beyond going to bash anyone else we don’t like — including Russia, Iran and China, countries that are doing what they can to survive into the future in their own ways.

At this level, America deserves its first gay Christian president. The trenches may be no more than tiny ditches alongside the road to a bright future.

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the birds and the bees, with dreher...


From Rod Dreher


I mentioned on Twitter the other day a conversation I overheard in which an older woman was telling her friend that she doesn’t understand her adult daughter’s relationship to her chosen religion. The daughter and her husband converted to Catholicism. Her mom asked if she goes to confession. The daughter told her mom no, that nobody in their parish goes to confession. The mom (not a Catholic) said to her friend, “I told her that if you’re going to be part of a religion, then really be a part of it.”

I thought of that just now when reading Tara Isabella Burton’s wonderful essay about how she got off the fence and started to think and live as an actual Christian, not just an aesthetic pretender. Excerpts:

Throughout my childhood, I kept an altar that was a fusion of Roman saints’ icons and Wiccan candles I purchased on the internet. I was a little bit Catholic, a little bit Episcopalian, a little bit Jewish, a little bit pagan. Then, in my late 20s, I discovered I was a Christian.


She learned that saying yes to Christ meant that she had to say no to many other things. More:

But for me, the most demanding part of embracing Christianity was sacrificing the safety of in-betweenness. I could no longer be a little bit pagan. Halloween parties that ironically-but-not-really celebrated witchcraft, say, or other staples of my at-times aggressively secular New York life were no longer simply curious parts of my spiritual eclecticism. I had to pick a side.

For the first time, I had to ask myself questions not just about what it all meant in an abstract way but what each decision—from posting on Instagram to choosing an outfit to drinking too much to hosting a party to committing to monogamy to planning a wedding—meant for me, as a Christian, in the framework of my Christianity. If God was real, if Christ really did come back from the dead, then nothing else mattered except insofar as it reflected that one hideous, impossible truth.


Read it all. 

I had a similar realization — literally, a come-to-Jesus moment — in my twenties too. It was about sex. I finally quit lying to myself, and trying to convince myself that I could be fully Christian, except for that one area where I wanted to keep my options open. Not true. Either Jesus Christ is God, or he isn’t. If he is God, then that means he is the God of all my life, not just the parts I find easy to surrender to him. And despite what these liars (like the porn-supporting, lascivious Lutheran pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber in the present day) say, Christianity has never blessed sex outside of marriage. It’s just a lie — a lie that a lot of young Christians (as I was then) are prone to believe, but a lie all the same.



In regard to this crap, there has been some massive misunderstandings and fanciful tale spinning. As more than 44,000 year old paintings in Indonesia are revealed to the world, one cannot be of a limited faith that goes back to Eve and Adam, 6000 years ago. It’s ridiculous. The human species is an evolutionary branch of an accidental chemical nature that reacted upon itself — in satisfactory and sufficient environmental factors, such as elementary supply, including water, and temperature levels.  

Even the mother of god "did not have sex" to give birth to little Jesus… Jesus as a god is an idea. One could speculate that the “angel” that told Mary she was pregnant, was a hoax, designed to hide that fact that Joseph was not the father of her child. Did Jesus have sex? Who knows… Some of the bible has been expunge on this subject. The fifth book of the new testament tells a different story to the other four: Jesus got married, had progeny — a progeny that became the stuff of legend, the Holy Grail, like the rest of the narrative was reformulated to manufacture “a believable story”...

Sex is what other animals do as well. Some mate for life, some don’t. It’s a natural urge to propagate species. For humans, the reproduction boundaries are not as defined, BECAUSE WE, HUMANS, ARE STILL EVOLVING and we have reached a stage of uncertainty (stylism) in the existential value of “being” in which we impose and accept sexual restrictions, according to our beliefs and social moires and cultures... 

So you can delude yourself as much as you like, the sexual performance and management has nothing to do with god, sinning and confession….

And now for the high jump with Shane Miller:

In his 19th-century study of crowd behavior, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, the Scottish journalist Charles Mackay wrote: “We find that whole communities suddenly fix their minds upon one object and go mad in its pursuit; that millions of people become simultaneously impressed with one delusion, and run after it, till their attention is caught by some new folly more captivating than the first.” Looking at the contemporary political scene, this analysis holds up well.

For following in Mackay’s footsteps is the acclaimed British writer Douglas Murray, with his masterful book The Madness of Crowds: Gender, Race and Identity. Arguing that society is suffering from a “mass derangement” due to the social justice and identity politics craze, Murray says the purpose is to “embed a new metaphysics into our societies: a new religion, if you will.” To do this requires a new set of heresies, or “tripwires,” as he calls them. These tripwires are constructed around four main issues that make up the social justice faith: gay rights, women’s rights, race issues, and trans rights. The political culture this has created has led to multiple people being publicly immolated for the crime of transgression. 

The most plausible diagnosis for this cultural decay is that it’s a consequence of the loss of grand narratives and meaning that were once provided by the West’s religious and intellectual heritage. Murray also describes the astonishing appeal of these ideologies as a post-recession phenomenon, with the impact of the 2008 economic downturn having left young people feeling precarious and looking for ways to make sense of it all. As a result, politics isn’t a necessary nuisance; it’s the source of one’s purpose and meaning in life. 

Read more:


QUESTION: why did we loose the grand narratives and meaning that were once provided by the West’s religious and intellectual heritage
Answer: because none of it was ever “democratic”. The West’s religious and intellectual heritage, like the Islamic heritage, was (and is) an imposition of will by old deranged men and young perverted males, coming from the top down: hypocritical kings, deluded popes and ruthless despots. The religious views on marriage did not come from Jesus himself, but from the Synods some 300 years later. End of story…

We are NOT suffering from mass derangement. We are in a progressive flux, as we reassess our purposes, on a social and individual levels, through democracy. And it can be painful... But this is not new. History is full of lying loonies who have pushed values away from the people in order to stay psychopathic master of the mad masses, while claiming godly rights… If this is the West’s religious and intellectual heritage, it’s great time to get rid of it — and replace it with measured scientific investigations.

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not believing anymore...

in 1958, the Anglicans had a belief crisis... Here is an article found in Gus's collectable rubbish:




This of course to be found in the Salisbury Journal:




See also: for those who... 

and suddenly...


And suddenly, Rod Dreher has a nightmare... He's awaken by the news and he screams!!!!:


If this is true, it’s awful:

Norma McCorvey, the woman known as “Jane Roe” in the landmark 1973 U.S. Supreme Court Roe v. Wade ruling legalizing abortion, said she was lying when she switched to support the anti-abortion movement, saying she had been paid to do so.

In a new documentary, made before her death in 2017 and due to be broadcast on Friday, McCorvey makes what she calls a “deathbed confession.”

“I took their money and they took me out in front of the cameras and told me what to say,” she says on camera. “I did it well too. I am a good actress. Of course, I’m not acting now.”

“If a young woman wants to have an abortion, that’s no skin off my ass. That’s why they call it choice,” she added.

“AKA Jane Roe,” will be broadcast on the FX cable channel on Friday but was made available to television journalists in advance.

Is it true? Unless there are people from the pro-life side who did this, and who can confirm it, I guess we will never know for sure. The Reuters story (linked above) quotes an Evangelical pastor saying that the pro-life movement exploited McCorvey. He does not say that it was a conscious conspiracy, though — at least the Reuters story does not indicate that. Having not seen the FX program, I can easily imagine that professional pro-life activists saw McCorvey as a “get,” and treated her instrumentally. It was clear in the interviews she did after she came out as “Roe” that she had been beat up pretty badly by life, and might not be the most stable person. Her Wikipedia entry talks about how she was raised by a mother who was a violent alcoholic. Hers was a hard life.

Note well, though, that the pro-choice side will now instrumentalize her posthumously, not blaming her for pimping out her credibility to damage the pro-choice cause. She will be presented as a total innocent who was iniquitously exploited by pro-lifers.

Still, it would not surprise me to learn that some pro-life leaders treated her poorly. This is how political activists can be. They learn to see the world entirely through the lens of their cause, and whether they mean to or not, come to judge people by how useful they are to the cause.

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Oh Rod how can you say: "Still, it would not surprise me to learn that some pro-life leaders treated her poorly. This is how political activists can be. They learn to see the world entirely through the lens of their cause, and whether they mean to or not, come to judge people by how useful they are to the cause."

Yes? YOUR religious MOB DID, DO or WILL DO THIS type of political caper (the other side does as well) — so that the poor woman took her revenge at the end of her life — for being treated poorly by the people she supported the cause thereof, though she took the cash from them?... Come on... Sounds like a "mea culpa" from you...