Sunday 12th of July 2020


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Following a staggering blowout to $2.9 billion and close to a year of delays, Sydney’s new light rail is finally here.

The NSW government confirmed on Thursday the first of two tram lines of the troubled project will open to the public on Saturday, December 14.

Passengers will be able to travel between Circular Quay and Randwick on the first weekend free of charge, Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced.

The Circular Quay to Kingsford line won’t open until next year, with an unconfirmed date in March pencilled in for its unveiling – a full 12 months after its initial completion date.


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OOPS! I got the wrong picture at top... It has been Gus's advice to himself that ELECTRIC BUSES would have been easier, cheaper and more practical to implement in this city (Sydney).... The correct picture is:


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Hours into its much-heralded and delayed launch, the $2.96-billion Sydney Light Rail network came to a halt on Saturday afternoon due to technical issues.

Key points: 
  • A tram on the newly opened Sydney Light Rail broke down at Circular Quay this afternoon
  • Services were disrupted between Circular Quay and Central
  • Transport for NSW said at least 53,000 people were expected to travel on the service on Saturday


The service officially opened between the CBD and Randwick just affter 10:00am on Saturday, but by 1:50pm a tram at Circular Quay had frozen due to a mechanical fault. 

The tram was moved an hour later but services between Circular Quay and Central were suspended until 3:30pm.

Despite months of testing across the network, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian warned at the launch there was the expectation of "teething problems".

Passengers had been forced off the trams after the Circular Quay breakdown and George Street remained blocked, according to social media posts. 

(Multiple) [Several] passengers reported the issue on Twitter, calling it a "light rail fail" and a "joke".


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The state government has pledged to cut journey times for trams on Sydney's $2.9 billion light rail line over the coming months, following concerns they are much slower than buses.

After carrying about 115,000 passengers in its first 28 hours of operation, the new line between Randwick and Circular Quay faces another major test on Monday during the morning travel peak.

While delays and several incidents marred the opening on Saturday, light rail operator Transdev said trams operated smoothly on Sunday apart from one tram halting services briefly due to a mechanical brake failure while passing through Surry Hills in the inner city.

The government came under fire from Labor over the trams' average travel time of about 50 minutes between Randwick and Circular Quay, which is slower than forecasts several months ago of 38 to 40 minutes. Buses can take about 35 minutes to complete the same route.


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