Monday 26th of October 2020

the smoke is getting worse....

smoke...   Sydney lord mayor Clover Moore has announced that an extreme weather plan has been activated for the city’s rough sleepers. That means getting extra water out to people on the streets, and help for those with respiratory issues, and temporary accommodation.

Libraries and other community centres are also being opened up to accommodate people during opening hours.


More than 680 homes have been destroyed by bushfires in NSW this season, the Rural Fire Service (RFS) has confirmed.

Almost 250 houses have been damaged, while more than 2,000 outbuildings have been destroyed or damaged.

The updated totals come as three blazes burning north of Sydney this morning joined to create what has been dubbed a "mega blaze".


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Please note: with global warming, this situation can ease for a little while and come back worse... Nature is nature with "fluctuations", but adding CO2 in the atmosphere is changing its levels of reactivity. The major present problem has been THE LACK OF WATER. No rain. This was predicted by Tim Flannery about ten years ago, but most shock jocks laughed at him as it rained for a few years until his prediction of 40 percent less rain is now coming to be. Summer could be a long one.

more than bad...

pink sun

5:00 the sun has gone pink, the sky is murky orange and the air is suffocating...

see the plane....



Sydney air quality is crap... 


Sydney's air quality index (AQI) has reached as high as 11 times hazardous levels, due to bushfires on the city's outskirts.

Key points:
  • Dangerous smoke is choking Sydney particularly in Macquarie Park and Parramatta
  • Many believe they have never before experienced such poor air quality in Sydney 
  • The Bureau of Meteorology predicts a southerly change later will help dissipate the smoke


This level of air pollution means everyone, regardless of their health, should cut back on outdoor physical activity, NSW Health said.

The worst reading is currently at Macquarie Park in Sydney's north-west, which recorded air quality of 2,214 between 9.00am and 10.00am this morning.

Parramatta North has reached 2,024, with levels continuing to rise.

Any region with an AQI over 200 is considered "hazardous".

The high readings are largely due to poor visibility, although particle levels are also well into hazardous territory in several locations.



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time for change...

NSW Environment Minister Matt Kean says "no one can deny" that climate change is to blame for the smoke haze choking Sydney as bushfires burn across NSW.

In the state government's strongest comments yet on the link between climate change and bushfires, Mr Kean said: "This is not normal and doing nothing is not a solution".

Mr Kean, who spoke at the Smart Energy Summit in Sydney on Tuesday as smoke blanketed the city, said the weather conditions were "exactly what the scientists have warned us would happen".

"Longer drier periods, resulting in more drought and bushfire," Mr Kean said. "If this is not a catalyst for change, then I don't know what is."



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If NSW Environment Minister Matt Kean isn't booted out of his job soon, then the Libs (CONservatives) will find ways to shut him up... What was he doing at the Smart Energy Summit? Is he trying to rock the coal ship/boat and join Greta on the barricades? Is the the only sane person in that party (Libs — CONservatives) of gross idiots? We can see the angry smoke coming out Scum Dogshitson's ears (unless it's his arse that is on fire)...


But fear not... Scum Dogshitson will find a neat way to tell us that Matt Kean is expressing "his" own personal views, "not the official views of the government" or some similar shit, so popular with deranged psychos in this loony government...

they rather sink in their own shit than admit they're wrong...

NSW Environment Minister Matt Kean and his federal counterpart Sussan Ley have broken ranks with some Coalition colleagues and blamed Australia's devastating bushfires on climate change.

Key points:
  • Bushfires have so far destroyed more than 720 homes and 2.7 million hectares of land in NSW this season
  • Six people have also been killed
  • Mr Kean and Ms Ley are blaming climate change, but some of their Coalition colleagues don't agree


Speaking on Radio National this morning, Mr Kean, who is also the state's Energy Minister, used strong rhetoric to describe the blazes, that have so far destroyed more than 720 homes in NSW.

"We cannot deny that these fires have been going on for weeks and we need to address the causes of them," he said.

"We need to be doing our bit to make sure we mitigate or adapt to these more extreme weather events happening and we do our bit to abate carbon and reduce the impact of climate change."

His comments come after Prime Minister Scott Morrison was yesterday criticised on social media for announcing updates to his Government's religious discrimination bill in Sydney, as the city choked through air quality 12 times "hazardous levels" in some areas.

This morning, Ms Ley told ABC Radio Sydney: "The dryness of the vegetation, particularly in the north of NSW, and the reduced streamflow is creating unprecedented [conditions]."

"That's what climate science has told me and I completely agree with it."


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Yes, apart from Ley and Kean, the idiots of the Liberal (CONservative) party would rather sink in their own shit than admit the science of global warming is CORRECT... When next year (2020) could be a bit more wet/humid than 2019, they will tell us that they were right, but by 2021, worse will come a-crescendo... By then, we will be on the way to about 5 degrees Celsius above average for 2100, with all the trauma that this will bring to the planet in such a short time... And Albanese has no clue either... Sad.



Global warming is real and Anthropogenic


Print this on a self-adhesive paper and stick it where it's not illegal...