Monday 26th of October 2020

for the #FridaysForFuture movement and climate activists everywhere...

time   Greta Thunberg, the Swedish schoolgirl who inspired a global movement to fight climate change, has been named Time magazine's Person of the Year for 2019.

The 16-year-old is the youngest person to be chosen by the magazine in a tradition that started in 1927.

Speaking at a UN climate change summit in Madrid before the announcement, she urged world leaders to stop using "creative PR" to avoid real action.

The next decade would define the planet's future, she said.

Last year, the teenager started an environmental strike by missing lessons most Fridays to protest outside the Swedish parliament building. It sparked a worldwide movement that became popular with the hashtag #FridaysForFuture.

Since then, she has become a strong voice for action on climate change, inspiring millions of students to join protests around the world. Earlier this year, she was nominated as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize.

At the UN Climate Conference in New York in September, she blasted politicians for relying on young people for answers to climate change. In a now-famous speech, she said: "You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words. We'll be watching you."

Reacting to the nomination on Twitter, the activist said: "Wow, this is unbelievable! I share this great honour with everyone in the #FridaysForFuture movement and climate activists everywhere."


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protecting the future...


rubbish headline at SPUTNIK....


"Not Climate Change, Greta... Origins of Deadly Heatwaves That Hit Countries Worldwide Discovered"


This is the DECEPTIVE headline used by Sputnik for a serious article that actually DOES NOT LINK global warming TEMPERATURE to HEAT WAVES



Authorities in the state of South Australia have issued a code red alert as the country continues to break temperature records with the mercury rising above 40 degrees Celsius. That’s just an appetizer as the country’s meteorological bureau has warned that the temperature may rise to 50.7 degrees.

A team of international scientists have discovered what could be behind deadly heatwaves that hit countries across the globe. According to a study published in the journal Nature, climate change researchers found a link between extreme temperatures and Rossby waves, giant meanders that warp air currents in a wave-like pattern and can be observed in the atmosphere as well as in the world's oceans.

The team of scientists analysed climate data from the past 40 years and found that when particular Rossby waves called – wave 5 and wave 7 - appeared in the Northern Hemisphere's jet streams, they sent hot air flow to North America, Europe, and Asia. The hot air, in turn, caused spikes in temperature making the weather extreme in different parts of the world.

These temperature fluctuations and ensuing heatwaves drastically affect agricultural regions, leading to crop failures. "In an interconnected world, this can lead to food price spikes and have impacts on food availability even in remote regions not directly affected by heatwaves", said Dr Kai Kornhuber, an Earth systems researcher from Columbia University.

"Two or more weeks per summer spent in the wave–5 or wave–7 regime are associated with 4 percent reductions in crop production when averaged across the affected regions, with regional decreases of up to 11 percent", the study says.

The team of scientists plans to study whether Rossby waves are linked to climate changeor greenhouse gas emissions.

Scientists hope their findings will help the international community prepare for future risks as they predict heat extremes will become more severe. "Even if the frequency or the size of the [Rossby] waves doesn't change, the heat extremes linked to the patterns will become more severe, because the atmosphere as a whole is heating", said Dr Kornhuber.

According to the World Meteorological Organisation, heatwaves kill thousands of people worldwide every year. They also trigger secondary events like wildfires, which have scorched more than 3 million hectares of land in the United States over the last two years.


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Let's analyse the caper:


"A team of international scientists have discovered what could be behind deadly heatwaves that hit countries across the globe. According to a study published in the journal Nature, climate change researchers found a link between extreme temperatures and Rossby waves, giant meanders that warp air currents in a wave-like pattern and can be observed in the atmosphere as well as in the world's oceans."


So far, there is nothing contentious here. Nothing to do with Greta Thunberg (and other Gus)'s fight to save the planet from global warming.


"Scientists hope their findings will help the international community prepare for future risks as they predict heat extremes will become more severe. "Even if the frequency or the size of the [Rossby] waves doesn't change, the heat extremes linked to the patterns will become more severe, because the atmosphere as a whole is heating", said Dr Kornhuber."


Here is the truth of the caper: heat extremes will become more severe... because the atmosphere as a whole is heating (DUE TO GLOBAL WARMING — due to added extra warming gases, especially anthropogenic CO2).


Sputnik has been deceiving with a rotten headline.


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why the russian media denigrates climate activists...

A warmer Russia


Why Russia is ambivalent about global warming

Climate issue: Global warming is not all bad, some Russians unfortunately reckon


Sep 19th 2019 edition

Sep 19th 2019



First came fires that turned the Siberian skies into a wall of solid smoke stretching for thousands of kilometres. Then came a drought that sucked the Lena river nearly dry, leaving boats marooned in the mud. It has been an arduous summer in Yakutia, an icy republic in Russia’s far east. Add to that the fact that the regional capital, Yakutsk, stands upon thawing permafrost that warps roads and buildings, and climate inaction becomes hard to defend. “I’ve lived here my whole life, I remember what the winter used to be like, and what it’s like now,” says Sardana Avksenteva, Yakutsk’s mayor. “I can confirm that global warming is a problem.”

Some 1,000km (600 miles) to the north, on the republic’s Arctic coast, the dying town of Tiksi would beg to differ. From its frozen vantage-point, warming has been a boon. Arctic sea ice is now receding at an alarming rate. In 1980 it covered 7.9m square kilometres (3m square miles) at its summer minimum, whereas last year it dipped to only 4.6m. So the Northern Sea Route (nsr) through once-impassable waters has emerged as a potential global shipping artery. The Russian government has pledged to direct some 735bn roubles ($11bn) over the next six years towards its development. The route holds the promise of cutting delivery times between Asia and Europe by weeks, compared with going by the much longer Suez Canal route—with Russia poised to take a healthy cut for helping the cargo through. Tiksi has seen a new military base go up. It is in the running for a 2.5bn-rouble port project.

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Here, Gus gaslights about some unprocessed rubbish by Professor Frank Furedi, a sociologist and author (His latest book How Fear Works: The Culture Of Fear In the 21st Century is published by Bloomsbury)

Furedi is well-known for stirring crap, usually to make us crap in the wrong direction. His many articles and haranguous sprouts (many appear in the merde-och media, some in the Guardian, and now into the anti-global warming RT) are loaded with colourful and loaded generalised stupidity as if the world was flat, or even one dimensional: his linear function of plop against something. 

His latest musing seems to be a disguised attack on Greta Thunberg, unless he is trying to get the adults to wake up, not to the fact that Greta is correct, but that she is a kid usurping their authority. It is typical of his other universal detritus, so prized by the right-wing of politics and religious loonies.

Furedi seems to attach a lot of his attention to kiddies “importance” in his rants and one Gussian idiot could worry that it’s a fetish bordering on sexual obsession… It seems Furedi does not like some kids having a clearer mind than his — their mind being different to those of adults who for all intent and purposes have been brainwashed with stories of little Jesus born in a manger from a virgin woman, and still "believe" — with parents burning coal briquettes in stoves, and still burn fossil fuels because — since they themselves were mischievous kids.

So when he headlines his article: "Greta Thunberg wins TIME Person of the Year: It’s a symptom of a sick & confused world when adults make children their leaders”, you should no worry about Furedi’s sanity… but about that of us. He could be as sane as the stupid leaders we elect such as Trumploony (US), Borisbumb (UK) and Scumbilious (kangarooland). Actually he’s right, the world is sick, and the child isn’t. 

But Furedi attacks Greta’s position via his pseudo-filosofie such as rolling out: The transformation of a teen schoolgirl into the global conscience for climate change is driven by the imperative of reversing the relationship between adults and children… throughout the Western world the authority of adulthood is in crisis

Oh no… This is below the belt...

There is a hidden perversion of though here. There is no imperative to reverse the relationship between adult and children. What is there, is a recognition by the kids that the adults have mucked up — AND WE, ADULTS, WOULD BE FOOLISH (some of us still are) NOT TO RECOGNISE THIS. And there is a good reason for this: we have educated most of our kids better than we old dumb kooks ever were. The kids are smarter than us. It’s not a crisis, IT’S A POSITIVE realisation by the kids that global warming is a serious issue! And our own scientific observations — mostly ignored by the majority of adults who still “believe” in Santa Claus' economics — have given the ammunitions for the kids to kick us in the arse.

Furedi should actually carefully read what he writes, to realise the enormity of his grotesque misunderstanding that grows larger and larger, the further he swims along his sewerpipe:

"That is why Western society’s depreciation of adulthood coexists with adulation of the supposed wisdom of children.

Arguably the most grotesque manifestation of this trend is the spectacle of politicians and dignitaries intently listening to Greta at high profile international meetings. A thunderous standing ovation is guaranteed by the mere appearance of this symbol of an infantilised political culture.

In making her TIME magazine’s Person of the Year or offering her a platform at a meeting of world leaders, children are in effect invited to condemn the older generation. And Greta has been more than ready to rise to the occasion. The theme of adult irresponsibility has been her most common refrain – appearing in her lecture to the United Nations climate change summit as far back as a year ago, and in every major speech she has made this year.

“Since our leaders are behaving like children, we will have to take the responsibility they should have taken long ago,” she said last December. “We have to understand what the older generation has dealt to us, what mess they have created that we have to clean up and live with.”

Green demonstrators have readily embraced the narrative of adult guilt. Posters declaring, ‘You’ll Die of Old Age, We’ll Die of Climate Change’ or ‘I Am Ditching School Because You Are Ditching Our Future’ point the finger of blame at slothful adults who are supposedly responsible for the imminent early deaths of their offspring. Recently, a placard screaming ‘Adults Ruin Everything. Stop Brexit’ at an anti-Brexit demonstration indicated that the spirit of adult blaming is not confined to the problem of planetary destruction.

Yes, Frank, do you think that with low grade supermonkeys like Trumploony, Borisbumb, Scumbilious and Jesus-Christ reinterpreted by the evangelicals, the world is led by responsible adults, zombies or dead fishes?

The kids are cleverer than we are? This is a possibility that we have to contemplate seriously. They can do "modern maths” while we have problems adding two and two without fudging the result to avoid paying taxes… This does not mean that the kids are not mischievous. This means we have to start to get our arse into gear — and do something about global warming urgently.



Yesterday was Australia's hottest day on record, according to preliminary data from the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM).

The average maximum temperature across the country was 40.9 degrees Celsius, breaking the mark of 40.3C set in January 2013, but it's a record unlikely to last for long.

Temperatures got up to well over 45C for much of the interior — the location record (50.7C at Oodnadatta) is still safe — but the wide spread of exceptional heat meant the national average record was broken.


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Mainland Australia is bracing for a heatwave so intense it could reset the history books, but it is not just the land that is sweltering.

Key points:
  • A heatwave that caused successive 40-degree days in WA is now heading east
  • The heat has caused sea temperatures to rise markedly off the state's coast
  • Fish kills attributed to the heat have been recorded from the Pilbara to the South West


Western Australia's coastline is in the midst of the most widespread marine heatwave it has experienced since reliable satellite monitoring began in 1993.

The warm waters are believed to have contributed to a number of fish kills in the past month.

"Particularly in the last two weeks or so the ocean temperatures have been increasing — they're about two degrees warmer than what is normal for December," University of Western Australia coastal oceanography Professor Charitha Pattiaratchi said.

"It's unusual weather because we have summer conditions that are usually experienced in February occurring in December."

A marine heatwave is defined as five or more days when sea surface temperatures are warmer than 90 per cent of the previous observations at the same time of year.

The waters off WA met that threshold this week.



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journos aren't doing their job...

In regard to simple., journos aren't doing their job. Some journos find Greta a bit too "grating". Well, this is the whole point. Greta is annoying because she tells an annoying truth, beyond inconvenient. Sure, some journos are annoyed that they were ignored when they pointed out the dangers of global warming and are also annoyed at Greta getting credit for what they feel was their "turf"...  Some journos will love the "Good Doctor" — a fictitious show about an Asperger's doctor doing good — while they'll be resenting a reality about an Asperger's kid telling the truth to the world in her own way — taking kids along with her towards the future.

Sum total? Journos weren't doing their jobs with enough on-going passion nor scientific accuracy. Time to push the barrow again, urgently.


It is not a question of fear, but of knowledge that should give us the means to avoid disaster. Simple? simple.




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an essential good "bad idea"...

Greta Thunberg's father has said he thought it was "a bad idea" for his daughter to take to the "front line" of the battle against climate change.

Millions of people have been inspired to join the 16-year-old in raising awareness of environmental issues.

But Svante Thunberg told the BBC he was "not supportive" of his daughter skipping school for the climate strike.

Mr Thunberg said Greta was much happier since becoming an activist - but that he worries about the "hate" she faces.

As part of the same broadcast, guest-edited by Greta for Radio 4's Today programme, Sir David Attenborough told her she had "woken up the world" to climate change.

She called Sir David on Skype from Stockholm in Sweden, where she lives, and told him how he inspired her activism.

The broadcaster and naturalist told Greta she had "achieved things that many of us who have been working on the issue for 20 years have failed to do".

He added that the 16-year-old was the "only reason" that climate change became a key topic in the recent UK general election.

Greta was nominated for this year's Nobel Peace Prize, after spearheading a global movement demanding world leaders take action over climate change. It led to co-ordinated school strikes across the globe.

She is among five high-profile people taking over the Today programme as guest editors during the festive period.

The BBC flew presenter Mishal Husain to Sweden to interview the teenager and her father. 

On the decision to fly, Today editor Sarah Sands said: "We just did not have time for other means of transport. But we met our cameraman there and the interview between Greta and David Attenborough was conducted by Skype, which felt the right way for the two of them to communicate."

Struggle with depression

Speaking to Husain as part of the show, Mr Thunberg said his daughter had struggled with depression for "three or four years" before she began her school strike.

"She stopped talking... she stopped going to school," he said.

He added that it was the "ultimate nightmare for a parent" when Greta began refusing to eat.

To help her get better, Mr Thunberg spent more time with Greta and her younger sister, Beata, at their home in Sweden. Greta's mother, opera singer and former Eurovision Song Contest participant Malena Ernman, cancelled contracts so the whole family could be together.

Over the next few years they began discussing and researching climate change, with Greta becoming increasingly passionate about tackling the issue.

As "very active" human rights advocates, Greta accused her parents of being "huge hypocrites", Mr Thunberg said.

"Greta said: 'Whose human rights are you standing up for?', since we were not taking this climate issue seriously," he explained.

He said Greta got "energy" from her parents' changes in behaviour to become more environmentally friendly - such as her mother choosing not to travel by aeroplane and her father becoming vegan.

Mr Thunberg has also accompanied his daughter on her sailing expeditions to UN climate summits in New York and Madrid. Greta refuses to travel by air because of its environmental impact.

"I did all these things, I knew they were the right thing to do... but I didn't do it to save the climate, I did it to save my child," Mr Thunberg said.

"I have two daughters and to be honest they are all that matter to me. I just want them to be happy," he added. 

Mr Thunberg said Greta has "changed" and become "very happy" as a result of her activism.

"You think she's not ordinary now because she's special, and she's very famous, and all these things. But to me she's now an ordinary child - she can do all the things like other people can," he said.

"She dances around, she laughs a lot, we have a lot of fun - and she's in a very good place."

However, since Greta's school strike stunt went viral online, Mr Thunberg said she has faced abuse from people who "don't want to change" their lifestyles in order to save the environment.

Greta has said previously that people abuse her for "my looks, my clothes, my behaviour and my differences".

Her father said he was particularly worried about "the fake news, all the things that people try to fabricate her - the hate that that generates".

But he added that his daughter deals with the criticism "incredibly well".

"Quite frankly, I don't know how she does it, but she laughs most of the time. She finds it hilarious."


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Thank you for motivating the kids and pushing the old foggies and stupid politicians out of their little comfort zone...


Beata, 14, has been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Asperger’s syndrome, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. She is already a fighter for the feminist cause and an aspiring singer. Greta has Asperger’s and OCD as well, but she referred to her autism as a “superpower” rather than a burden.

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fake news about greta...

Greta Thunberg never "called on the Chinese to stop using their chopsticks”
Once again, false statements attributed to the young Swedish activist were widely reported online.
"It's too good to pass up! On social networks, Greta Thunberg is again targeted by publications mocking her ecological positions. The latest text reports comments she made about the Chinese, who she asked to stop using wooden chopsticks to eat, in order to save trees.
Greta Thunberg never made such comments, however. This message is the latest in a long list of false hawking quotes to denigrate the Swedish environmental activist.

What the rumor says
Several variants of this call have been shared. Here is an example:
"It's too good to pass up! Greta Thunberg called on the Chinese to stop using their traditional chopsticks and save hundreds of trees.“
The publication does not contain any indication, neither on the date nor on the place of this pronounced appeal. She also reports that a Chinese person, whose identity is unknown, responded as follows:
"The Chinese have advised Greta Thunberg to go back to school, where she will learn that the sticks are made of bamboo, and that bamboo is a plant, not a tree. “

Errr... A tree is a plant, no? Read from top.

the power of indoctrinated youth...

From Le Monde:
(This reportage was made before the coronavirus crisis.)

It’s more than 18 hours by car from Rio de Janeiro that the Assembly of God’s Children's Congress opens in Salinas, in the state of Minas Gerais. The theme of this year: "Small builders for a great Work". The Assembly of God is one of the largest evangelical congregations in Brazil, with 22 million worshipers across the country. To open the celebration, the children sing praises and songs to Jesus. All equipped with construction helmets — an acknowledgement of the chosen theme — the young adolescents have worked on their show performance all year round under the leadership of Josyane, head of children in the church of Salinas — 1,500 faithful including 200 children, in a city of 40,000 inhabitants.

It is then that the person whom everyone has traveled for is invited to come up. Grabbing the microphone, he asks the audience in a confident tone if they are happy with Jesus. And repeat his question louder so that the clamour of the assembly rises in power. The tone is set. João-Vitor Ota, 10 years old, will be preaching for an hour.

Screaming in the microphone, the child does not hesitate to "give truths", the crowd answering him with "Hallelujah!", all people with hand on heart. Raised into the job, the young preacher shows how the Bible can solve everyone's daily concerns: marital problems, worries caused by children, and even suicidal thoughts. A universal solution for each problem: Jesus.

Read also: In Brazil, the spectacular rise of evangelicals

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